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An off duty stripper looking for a new idea of home finds it when she goes home with a mysterious bartender

She sat at the bar silently watching him watching her. The night had been long and hard, full of monotonous glitter laced bullshit from exotic dancing and she was drained. To leave might’ve not been the best financial decision she had made during the week but her mental state was soured and she needed a gin & tonic, that she had paid for, in a bar that didn’t smell like Victoria’s Secret body spray, old men and overpriced Moet, scents all numbed by the veneer of business class cocaine. Out of place, but it was nice. Not nice in the normal, polite, neat & tidy way you dress for relatives you never see on Christmas day, fain by the vanilla of ‘real life'. But rather, the way you used to feel when you were fifteen, sneaking out to fuck your boyfriend for the first time, whose name you can’t really stand to hear even now, but still you enjoy remembrance in some sort of smut ridden romantic sadism. And if you close your eyes and breathe deep long enough, you can almost remember the way he tasted of his fathers ‘borrowed’ whiskey. The way he used to run his bitten fingernails down your naked spine, as you straddled him in the driver’s seat of his beaten up death trap. Tearing your white sundress as he inhaled hard, cradling you as you whimpered softly in his ear, as he brushed your hair behind yours. 11:32pm and Semisonic ‘Closing Time’ faded in over the cheap speakers. And although she fucking hated that song, he had been polishing that glass for too long and she had been nursing her drink in turn, exchanging glances had been nice, neat & tidy, Christmas attire foreplay. No words really had conspired between the two but they both understood they’d be leaving together. She tipped the bottom of her glass into her lips, turned her head towards the door as she stared and smiled, his eyes suddenly wider, awake, he nodded immediately, tying back his dark hair, as if to say ‘enough is enough, I know, let’s go home’. And although she didn’t know his name, she wanted only to be at home with him tonight. She pushed against the heavy exit door and he joined behind her quickly, placing a warm had on her hip and one helping to push the weight of the door, it was like walking through a placid portal to ecstasy. So calm and quietly, they instantly melted, and it was nice, dirty smut nice, to walk home through the alleyway holding hands with a stranger as the lightest spring rain fell, landing in their hair, lighting up like fairy lights charged by moonlight as it burst down in waves onto the earth, guiding them both ‘home’. They shared a cigarette, blowing smoke in turns through the rain, taking pit stops in doorways to kiss as they inched their hands onto each other, unfamiliar skin like fertile land to conquer, it was naturally much desired. Their heavy breathing turned to frost in the air and he held her closer, brought her into his chest, protective as she ran her hands up his back. He kissed how cocaine felt, she was instantly enthralled. The final drag of the cigarette was there to see them off, as she flicked the dead ash, it floated through the air, waving goodbye into the drenched abbess they left outside. He guided her up the narrow staircase, red walls and black gloss stairs, orange glow buzzed from the lamps on the walls, it looked like a passage to hell and she wanted to travel it with him. His hand was giant on her small frame, as he led her to a door, a key clicked a blue door open, they entered the dark together, his lips breathing on her neck, reassuring he was right there with her. A dim light flicked on and the soft glow stained their bodies as they faced each other, undressing one another slowly. He smiled down at her softly, his long hair dripping residual rain on her naked frame, it was nice, just nice to be wanted sweetly, simply, whole. He was kind, gentle, this stranger she wanted more than anyone she’d been with, because of his sway, the way he moved into her space to catch her and hold her like he actually wanted her, unlike the rest she’d been with so far, often too far, too long. It started to make her sick, the thought that she had forfeited her deep soul desires for “friends with benefits” and fucking, when he had been walking the Earth, offering to hold her like this. They were naked, clothes scattered like a storm had messed them, he smoothed his hands over her skin and picked her up, cradling her as he carried her to his bed, her arms around his neck, she kissed his face quietly, more sweetly than ever as their energy connected, infused, bouncing off over the walls & ceiling. He placed her on the soft sheets, in the middle of the mattress and stood back smiling, she smiled up at him innocently in turn as she lay on her back, meek on his giant bed. He seemed to enjoy the sight of her there, just there, simply laying, it was nice to be admired purely. Raising her arms up to him slowly, as if to say “please”, he edged over her slowly, delicately, as if not to frighten her by going too fast, moving his hands up her body. Until suddenly he was towering over her, his skin warm on hers, inching closer to her, his eyes darting over her body, excited. Fingers running softly underneath her, down her spine, it made her shiver, a warmness filled her and suddenly she was awake, for the first time in what seemed to be an age. She arched her back and his arms tangled around her in unison, she moaned and his breathing grew heavy as he slid his hands over her skin, looking at her face seeking permission as she smiled softly, he motioned a move to dive deeper into the wading pool of desire and she granted him entry, please she thought, you no longer need ask. “You need no permission, do anything just don’t stop”, she thought, but she quietly enjoyed his manners. Her fingers gently drew lines down the sides of his body, from his shoulders, down his chest, to his stomach, tickling over his hips, he shivered with shock pleasure. There’s a particularly sensitive part of a man’s lower torso, just above his hipbone, that when touched, kissed, licked or bitten, gains the most gloriously surprising reaction from them, she knew this and smiled as she looked up knowingly at his response. He nibbled down the length of her body, his large firm hands gently spreading her legs as he traced his tongue up the inside of her thighs. She ran her manicured nails through his long hair, pulling away the elastic that restrained it, his dark long hair fell with weight and she combed it back with her fingers as she began to massage his scalp, drawing him in closer to her. He wrapped his hands around her perky butt and pulled her into him, his large pointed tongue began to whirl around in clockwise circles as he delved into her pussy, sucking and tonguing her deeper as his grip on her intensified and he pulled her in stronger. She was completely overcome, trying to sit up to see exactly what magic he possessed as he cast a spell so strong it transferred her to pure carnal paradise. He looked up at her as his tongue thrust deeper, her hands buried still in the thickness of his hair, their eyes met as the tip of his firm tongue unearthed her clit and suddenly she was out of her body. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she groaned and he giggled deeply, knowing his power over her was unequalled as he continued to press the spot as she began to roll her hips around in agreement. Her with fists full of his hair, he moved his hands up her smooth skin, cupping her full breasts in his hands, softly squeezing her pink nipples between his fingertips. His head lifted slowly as he began to kiss up her stomach toward her breasts, his hands tracing around to hold her smooth back as he wrapped his full lips around her nipple. His hands rubbed her back as he sucked and nibbled, his breathing heavier as he looked up to her face with unadulterated desire. He sat up on the bed, lifting her to straddle him as he propped himself upright against the headboard. Their bodies exchanging heat from their arousal as he cradled her, kissing her neck, his hands tickling up her spine, fingers running through her blonde hair as she clung to his neck, nibbling his earlobe and breathing humid sighs in his ear as his fingers inched down between her legs. One hand reaching around to her ass as the other moved fingers with purpose into her pussy, one followed by another as he stroked the outside of her wet pussy, spreading her moisture to her ass as he tickled her butthole, lubing it with her wetness. She looked down at his throbbing cock with longing as she bit her bottom lip, they stared into each other’s eyes as she began to slide her hot wet pussy along the length of his thickness, grinding up and down as they gently kissed, delicately caressing each other’s lips as they kept a trance like eye contact, building on the sensual energy sparking up from their bodies as it illuminated the opaque room. The rain began to thrash the windows, the wind howled faintly and the temperature dropped suddenly. All of this bleakness went overlooked as the two lovers dissolved into the madness of their supreme need for one another. Her pussy travelled up the length of his cock as she thrust her hips, the head of his dick inching into her as it pushed passed her pussy lips and despite her wetness, his girth was difficult for her to accept. He felt her tightness around him instantly and instinctively he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her pleasured pain as her eyes widened with discomfort as he slowly pushed his cock into her. He had to restrain himself from the temptation of pounding her to within an inch of her life, her pussy felt so good around him, he wanted to be balls deep inside her eternally, she looked so beautifully fragile as she gazed down at him, whimpering in half pleasure, half astonishment at his size. She slid deeper down his cock as he groaned with pleasure, her cum dripping down onto him, he grew increasingly wild, growling deeply like an animal as her wetness cooled in the chilled air as she began to grind deeply up and down the length of his cock. Her scent filled the air around him, roses and peach and tender feminine sweetness, so alien it was it instantly drove him insane with the animalistic need to possess her, to keep her, his previous restraint was failing with every lingering moment. He picked her up, still inside her and lay her on her back on the end of the bed, her golden hair slipping over the soft edge as he began to pound her uncontrollably. The weight of his body on her slender frame almost took the wind out of her as her nails dug into his back, ineffective in stopping his pursuit as he continued to grind her tight pussy deeper. His hand rose up to hold her face, his nose touching hers, he stared fiercely into her blue eyes as his pupils widened with adrenalin. He was establishing ownership over her, and she succumbed without contest. She began to feel like she was on fire, her stomach muscles tensed and she began to shake, she reached orgasm suddenly without prophecy. Moaning as she tossed her head into his broad shoulder and buried her teeth in his skin to muffle her screaming in his viscous conquest of her body, he continued unrelenting. He groaned, half growling from deep within as he pushed his rock hard cock into her soaked cunt. She was so tight it drove him insane with need, a need to have her all to himself. He was fucking her so intensely they slipped off of the bed onto the rugged floor, he was uncontrollable and she was reaching exhaustion from multiple orgasms. He rammed his cock as deeply as he could into her and began to fill every inch of her with hot fertile cum. His thrusting grew soft and gentle once more as he started to regain sanity, he was coming back down to earth with an angel straddling his lap. Picking her up, still inside her, he began to cradle her and kiss her sweetly as he placed her back onto the bed, still intertwined. They lay totally spent and gasping for air, intermittently exchanging kisses as the rain continued to fall hard outside. He lay inside her, placid now the beast had been subdued, his arm strongly wrapped around her to stop her from fleeing, he just liked having her and secretly he was hoping to keep her.

They slept for a few hours until the sun began to rise, she made pancakes in his kitchen as they listened to his records and talked complete nonsense and built a cave out of pillows and sheets in the living room. They passed a joint back and forth in complete contentment as she sat in the cave of the beasts own creation. She never returned to her old life.

A little pretend house for two, but she didn’t need to pretend at all, not when his touch brought her home.
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