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Mistress joins the case
Author's Note: Apologies for the delay but I've been preoccupied with some work related problems. The kind of problems that take up alot of your spare time. But I haven't forgotten about the story. On the contrary I've been writing a little everyday. At the end of this series I have plans for a whole new series that I am excited to write and even more excited to upload. Since the private heroes series hasn't been as successful as I'd hoped. Please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments as I need it to build my skills as a writer. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

I'm standing in Rick's office, having just got my ID as a Private Hero. And now Rick's placed what looks like my Crossblade uniform on the table but there's something different about it. I take it and examine in. It's the same black skin tight suit. But instead of a crossblade symbol, it's a bright silver x that goes across the chest from my shoulders across to my hips. Rick also places a belt on the table and what looks like a set of goggles. "Go ahead try them on." I excuse myself to the bathroom where I put on the suit. There's padding on the suit. On the chest where the x is, on the shins, the thighs, and the arms and on the knuckles. Bad for anyone I need to punch. I put on the belt and I notice there are clips for attaching what I need. Finally, the mask. It's basically a ski mask but then I put the goggles on. They're slim with a strap that goes around my head across my eyes and another strap that goes over the top of my head. It looks like camera lenses on my eyes. Not sure what they do but I guess Rick will explain. Holy shit! I look awesome! I think as I look in the mirror. It's like Spiderman's suit crossed with batman's suit. I can see clearly through the goggles like I'm not wearing anything on my eyes. The silver x across my chest looks awesome, the padding looks awesome, this suit is awesome.

When Rick look's at me he smiles. "Looking good buddy!" "I feel indestructible!" I say and he laughs. "Sadly the padding isn't that good but it's strong enough to stop a knife. It's placed around you're body so you can still move easily. Unfortunately that means there are blind spots where someone could get you but you're defense should compensate for that." I practise a few punches and kicks. Sure enough I can still move easy enough. "The goggles are fitted with a zoom lens, night vision and infrared so you can use what ever you need on a job." It's so cool. I am set for the world.

"Daniel have a seat." Rick says going serious. I sit in the chair opposite him and pull the headwear off as Rick start's to speak. "By giving you this suit. I'm placing my trust in you. Daniel Green is a Private Hero, Crossblade isn't." Ok now I'm confused. "You're a Private Hero. We do what we can to help people but sometimes the law stops us from doing what has to be done." Ok now I'm starting to understand. "So if some sort of vigilante who's not associated with you were to step in." I say and he smirks at my understanding. "Well let's just say his actions might save lives. And a certain employee may get a bump in his paycheck." He says which makes me grin. "So!" He says in a professional tone. "Are you ready for your first job?"

Later that night............

I'm hidden on the roof of the building next door to Richard Parker's last known address. It's an apartment building he stayed at after Sarah threw him out. Rick wants me to investigate his apartment. Since it's a police investigation, we can't legally enter the premises unless we're on the case. But the process is too slow and according to Rick, the police chief is a massive butthole. I have a bug in my ear through which me and Rick can communicate.

After my briefing, we went home and both mom and Jodi were ecstatic when I gave them the good news. Holly came down from our room and asked what the commotion was. I put on a stern face and flashed my badge at her. "Daniel Green, Private Hero." I said. She jumped in my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist and gave me a deep kiss. That got everyone giggling. Sarah gave me a hug which surprised me and said congratulations. Later that night, I showed Holly my new suit and she laughed. Once I told her I'd be going out later for a job, she pulled my mask off and kissed me passionately. "Please be careful." She said. I kissed her again and told her I'd be fine.

Back to current events. "Ok I'm moving. Which floor did he live on?" I ask Rick. "The 5th floor. Be careful." I take the grapple gun from my belt and shoot the cord to the open window on the fifth floor. I know what you're thinking. Why not just going in through the main door like a normal person? Well firstly, I can't risk being spotted by nosey neighbours. Second, I have a fucking grapple gun! Rick gave it to me for the job. I pull the trigger on the gun and I'm pulled up to the window. Pulling myself through the window results in falling through flat on my back. I hook the gun back to my belt and start to work.

We talked a great length about the job. Listing all the exits, safest way in an out. Chances of someone coming in are slim but not impossible. So we have a plan for uninvited guests. I'm to hide in the kitchen and wedge the door with whatever I can find before slipping out. To anyone who manages to get in, it'll look like some clothes were dropped and wedged the door. I'm looking for anything that might tell us where Parker might have gone. Yes, Rick explained everything to me. This asshole is really starting to piss me off.

I decide to start in the bedroom. The lights are off so I flick the switch on my goggles and the night vision comes on. It's a little weird. Everything's green but I can see much more clearly. Once I'm inside, it looks like Parker came and left in a hurry. The draws are open and empty. The closet is empty too. Nothing useful. "Anything?" Rick asks over the radio. "Nothing! Looks like he came back to pack a bag and left." I tell him unsure of what to do now. "Check the living room." He says. Nothing special. A small room with a tv, small couch and a small table. On the table is a note pad. It's from an office because it has a company logo that I don't recognise. One of the pages has been torn off. There's a number on the number the bottom of the page, so I take down the number on my phone and leave.

Having changed out of my uniform somewhere secluded, I arrive back at the office. Rick and Katy are the only one's here. Everyone else has gone home. I walk to Katy's office where I find both of them waiting for an update. "Not much except a sad single guy atmosphere. But I found a number from an office. Might turn up something, might turn up nothing." I say as I pass my phone with the number to Katy and she goes to work with her computer magic. "The number is from a bank. Woodchip International. I'm trying to pull up Parker's account but the security's too good." She says frustrated. "What the computer sorceress can't hack in?" Rick says being funny.

"I can hack in easy enough but it's hooked to a digital sync, the minute I break through there'll be red flags all over the place." I don't understand Katy's computer talk, thank god she's dumbing it down for me. "We need to get into his account." Rick says and I have an idea. "We need to go to the bank and get them to show us his account details." Rick shakes his head and says "Forget it. They won't show us shit without a warrant!" "Okay so get a warrant." I say like it's obvious. "We can't without telling the police we've been investigating. Then there's obstruction of justice charges, corrupting evidence and loads of other headaches."

"So we're fucked?" I say simply. "Afraid so." Rick replies. "Katy go home and get some rest we'll figure something out tomorrow." He says and we all leave the office.

Happy to be home. Jodi and mom are still awake and waiting for us. Sensing our frustration they ask us what's wrong. Rick starts from the beginning for mom's sake. She doesn't know anything about what we're dealing with. He tells her about Maximus Price, Tommy Bishop, Vincent Carter, the girl who was murdered and The brainwashing drug. Once mom is up to speed, Rick tells her about are predicament. Both women sit there and listen as we complain about our work day. "I might be able to help with that." Mom says suddenly. Me and Rick look at her skepticism. "The bank manager, what's the name?" She asks. "Elizabeth Bark." Rick says and mom smirks. "I can get you the information you need. I just need to arrange a meeting with her." "How?" I ask her in disbelief. "Don't worry honey. Momma's got this." No more is said as we all turn in for the night.

Holly's already in bed as I crawl in beside her. She's pleased I'm home as she smiles and we have a kiss and she cuddles up to me.

Jade's POV the next morning...........

My meeting is set for 12:00pm. I'm in my room with Jodi and she doesn't understand how I'm gonna pull this off until she sees how I'm dressing. Then she just smiles wickedly. My outfit is professional but in no way conservative. A white office shirt, short office skirt with stockings and heels. I had to borrow these clothes from my little sister. Since she's smaller then me the clothes are a tight fit, which is perfect. They wrap around my body showing my curves. The shirt is tight and I have to leave the top three buttons undone. Which shows my cleavage nicely. Looking at myself on the mirror, I lift my boobs up a bit. "You look so sexy!" Jodi says behind me as I examine myself. "Is it making you horny?" I ask looking at her in the mirror. "Yes mistress. Very." She says smiling. Walking to the table where Jodi keeps her makeup, I lift my skirt to reveal no panties. I snap my fingers at her and point to the floor in front of the table. "Eat me slut while I do my make up!" I order her. "Yes mistress."

Jodi kneels in front of me and crawls backwards under the table. I sit in the chair in front of her and open my make up box. Jodi eagerly laps my pussy with her tounge as I apply my make up. I'm finding it hard to concentrate as my legs start shaking and I start grinding my pussy into Jodi's face. I can't do it. "Stop slut! You're going to make me mess up mh make up." Jodi stops and just stays there under the table on her hands and knees until I finish.

I'm irritated and horny as I'm driving to the bank. I had told Jodi that we "Would" be finishing what we started later. For now I just hope my irritated behaviour doesn't ruin my plan. Once I'm at the bank, I see its a small place. Help desks on the left, counters on the right. At the far end is an office with "Managers Office" written on it. "Hello can I help you?" I look behind me and see a young brunette, probably mid twenties. Her eyes flash from my cleavage to my face. "Yes I have an appointment with the manager?" I say sweetly. "Please come with me." The brunette says and I follow her to the office. She knocks four times and I hear someone say "Come in!" The brunette pokes her head in and announces my arrival. "Send her in!" The manager says and the brunette holds the door open for me. I walk in and see a beautiful blonde woman sat behind her desk. I put her age at early thirties. Dressed in office clothes. White shirt, black office pants. Very professional. I see no wedding ring which makes me smile. That should make this easier. I look around and see no cameras. Good.

The brunette closes the door, leaving the two of us alone. The manager stands and extends her hand to me. "Elizabeth Bark." I shake her hand and introduce myself. "Sophia Stark." I say smiling. I bend down to put my bag on the floor, giving her a nice view of my cleavage and sure enough, her eyes are glued to my chest. I smile and sit in the chair across from her. "So you wish to start an account with us?" She asks. "Yes. I'm new in town and someone I met last week recommended this place." I say smiling. Elizabeth sneaks glances at my boobs when she thinks I'm not looking. "Well we'd be happy to have you. What kind of account were you looking to make?" She asks shifting I her seat. "Well I want to open up a savings account. My husband recently passed and didn't leave me much." I say grumpily. Elizabeth looks uncomfortable and says "I'm sorry about your husband." I wave her off and say "It's fine, financial needs weren't the only needs he couldn't take care of." Elizabeth gulps and I decide to push it a further. "To be honest I think I'm better off with women." And just like that, Elizabeth's face goes the brightest shade of red I think I've seen in my life.

"So umm....about you're accountant." She says desperately trying to change the subject. As she turns to her computer I see her sneak a glance at my boobs again. "You were staring at my boobs just then!" I say not accusingly. Just stating a fact. "What! No...i wasn't!" She says quickly but she's shitting herself. "Yes you were I just saw you!" I say casually. She's starting to shake and I bet her panties are soaked. "I'm sorry I... I just think you're really hot." She says with her head down blushing. "Stand up." I say with authority and unsurprisingly she slowly rises to her feet with her head down. "Have you ever eaten pussy before?" I ask standing as well. Her eyes go wide and then she blushes. "Not since college." She says not facing me. "Look at me when I talk to you." I say sternly. She obeys and her eyes are locked on mine.

"On you're knees." I order her. "I can't... I shouldn't." She says and I think its time to reel this one in. "Are you're panties wet?" I ask and her face goes red again. "Would you rather I check?" She looks at me with unsure eyes and says nothing. Without a word, I slip my hand into her pants, past her panties, to her pussy. Holy shit! She's drenched. Inserting a finger in to her pussy makes her jump and gasp. I curl my fingers inside her and her eyes are closed as she bites her lip. I'm smiling the whole time. "Do you want me to stop?" I ask her and she shakes her head frantically. "Answer me!" " don't stop!" She gasps. "You're a slut aren't you?" I ask and she ignores me.

With one hand I grab her throat and push her against the wall. I pull my hand out of her pants and she looks at me with pleading eyes. "do you want to cum?" I ask and she nods. "What are you!?" I ask her with a menacing tone. "A slut!" She gasps. "my slut!" I say. "Yes....yes you're slut!" She says. "What am I?" I ask. "My mistress!" She says quickly. "Beg you're mistress to make you cum!" I order her and her eyes go wide. "Please mistress, make me cum!" My smile is a sadistic one. As I put my hand back down her pants and start to rub her clit. She starts to cry out loudly and I take my hand from her throat to her mouth to shut her up. She's looking at me with wide eyes as she starts to orgasm. She cries into my hand and her legs are like jelly, barely holding her up.

Once I release her, she collapses into her chair, panting. I take a notepad from her desk and push it towards her. "Write down you're address!" I orders her and she looks confused and worried. "How am I supposed to enjoy my new slave if I don't know where she lives?" I say with a sadistic smile. She looks unsure but takes the pen and writes her address. The information I'm trying to get is for Rick. The address is for me. She pushes the note over to me and I fold it up and put it in my pocket.

"Good slave, now I want you to go to the bathroom and write "Whore Slave" across your tits. I watch as her face goes bright red and she slowly rises to her feet and leaves the office.

Good, some alone time at last. I sit at her computer and go though her computer. Lucky for me she left it logged in. There's a file containing a list of clients. I type in the search bar "Richard parker". Sure enough his name comes up and i click on the account. It's strange, Parker's account was made 3 days ago, but he was in jail at the time? Someone came in and set this up for him. Someone who had access to his apartment. How else would they be able to get all the information needed.

There's something else. According to the dates, a very large sum of money was delivered into his account right after he escaped from a second account. I click on the link to the account and see the name Maximus Price. Looking further into his account, I see he's delivered over a million dollars to over 5 different accounts in the last year. Vincent Carter, Richard Parker, Amy Trent and a few others. Maybe Rick can do something with this. I take a picture of everything on my phone and close the page down and return it to the menu it was before.

Just as I take my hand off the computer, Lizzy comes back and i don't think her face could be any redder. I stand with my usual seductive smile and pull her blouse open to see the words "Whore Slave" are written across both breasts. "Good slave, there will be a very special reward for you're obedience tonight." I say as my face moves close to her. I can smell the arousal on her as she tries to kiss me. I don't give her what she wants. I just turn and leave the office.

Rick is over the moon with what I've found and keeps pressing me for details about how I got the information. I just smirk walk away. Once back in my room, I'm about to get undressed when I hear a knock on the door. "Come in." The door opens and Daniel steps through and shuts the door behind him. "Hi honey, you ok?" I ask sitting beside him. He has a curious look on his face as he asks "How did you get that information?" Again I smirk and tell him not to worry.

"Mom i just wanna make sure you won't get in any trouble." He says with a tone of concern. "Sweety I appreciate your concern but I'm fine honestly. Me and Elizabeth became friends." I tell him. It's not really lying. "Ok just don't get involved in this anymore." He says half asking, half telling. I could argue but I don't want to with my son. "Ok sweety, I won't." He smiles at me and we hug it out.

Rick's POV......

Katy's on the phone with me about what she's found. Apparently, Jade has uncovered a gold mine. Based on the information, Vincent Carter was paid to hold the mind control drug we're calling "Devils Breath". Price's men would pick it up when needed and use it to acquire new properties, businesses and other ventures. This is fantastic, we have everything we need to put Price away. I ask about Amy Trent, our murder victim. That's where Katy's knowledge ends. Regardless we can prove that Maximus had her killed. But still I want to know why.


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