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So, there I was, sitting at the breakfast table naked, as Mom had requested, eating my cereal. With her mug of coffee, Mom came and sat down at the table. As she stepped to the table, her cotton house dress did nothing to hide the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, her tits swaying as she took the few steps to the table. When she sat down opposite me the its top, with the first three buttons undone, gaped open to reveal a glimpse of her tits as they hung there, invitingly. Just seeing that sight made me begin to engorge and I could feel my penis rise off of the chair seat.

"What are your plans for today, Mom?" I asked.

"Oh, not much. I need to go out for a bit, and I think your aunt is coming by after lunch," she replied.

"So I should get dressed before she comes over?" I asked.

"No, I doubt that's necessary. She changed your diapers and bathed you many a time when you were little," Mom corrected. "When she calls, I'll check with her to make sure it's not a problem, though, OK?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Do you mind going without clothes?" Mom asked.

"No, not really. I'm beginning to enjoy it," I answered a I stood up from the table. Mom's eyes stopped at my partial erection.

"Oh, I see you are," she chuckled. Finished with my cereal, I rinsed the bowl out, put it in the dishwasher, and headed dwonstairs to the den to watch some TV. Later I heard Mom call, "I'll be back in a little while." Sitting there thinking about things, I began to get another erection.

It just popped up suddenly and I figured, "What the hell, might as well enjoy it," as I wrapped my fist around it and began to slowly stroke it, planning for a nice, unhurried, leisurely wank as I watched mental images of Valerie, Denise, and Becky forcing me to eat them to orgasm the previous night. Looking back on it, they didn't have to force me, "I'd have done it willingly," I thought.

Sitting there totally absorbed in my wank, I apparently didn't even hear my sister Becky come down the steps and she walked in on me in midstroke. "Enjoying yourself, Joey?" she asked with more than a little sarcasm in her voice. "Do you just sit around naked now beating your meat whenever?"

"Mom told me not to dress, just to stay naked. It's kinda' nice. Maybe you should try it," I replied.

"Not today," Becky replied, "Maybe some other time." Coming over to sit next to me on the couch, she asked, "Didn't you get enough of that last night?" Though I'd stopped stroking, my fist was still wrapped around my penis.

"Actually, I was thinking about you and your friends sitting on my face. That's what got me going," I replied, matter of factly. She stood up, pulled down her shorts and panties together and kicked them off.

"You mean like this?" she asked as she swiveled her hips around, showing off her neatly trimmed, dark brown bush. I hadn't noticed it the night before in the dim light but she had it trimmed into a perfect 'V' pointing the way to her pussy like a road sign arrow might point you toward an entry ramp. Staring at that, about two feet from my face, sent me right over the top. Feeling my testicles tighten and my penis begin to pulse, I shot two healthy ropes of splooge onto my lower chest followed by a couple of smaller spurt that landed on my abdomen and some final dribbles on my hand as I continued to stroke slowly. "Feel better?" Beckie asked as I stood up to go into the bathroom to wipe myself off. When I returned to the den I found Becky lying naked on the couch, her shorts, shirt, and bra in a little heap on the floor. "If you liked eating us so much last night, maybe you'd like some more?" she asked. "Watching you beat off made me want it, too." As I went to sit down, she dropped one foot to the floor while draping her other leg up on the back of the couch. "You want to eat some more pussy, Joey?" she asked. Up off the seat of the couch, I kneeled down on the floor and Becky put both legs around my neck, a thigh on each shoulder as she swiveled her body to offer up that perfect 'V' marking her target to me. I looked up at her and saw a funny little grin on her face. Her tits, which took after Mom's, flattened on her chest, each sagging slightly toward its side of her rib cage, a large areola floating, jiggling in the middle of each mound topped by nipples standing at the alert. I was getting hard again already.

Diving into her neat little brown muff with my nose, I began searching with my tongue, finding her lips, licking each one from front to back. Becky moaned very softly, under her breath to herself and I drove on, probing between her lips with my tongue, deeper and deeper with each trip from front to back, back to front, until it reached as deeply as it could into her warm, wet pussy. Using the leverage of her thighs on my shoulders, she was beginning to thrust her hips into my face as I licked. Searching forward I found her clit, circling it with my tongue repeatedly before wrapping my lips around it to suck on it gently. It seemed to get harder, larger between my lips as I sucked it, tongued it. Now she was moaning but there was nothing soft or under her breath about her moans. She began to buck her hips, shoving her pussy into my mouth so hard repeatedly that I had difficulty keeping my lips on her clit. Shaking suddenly then stiffening, she moaned loudly and crashed through her orgasm. I stopped sucking and just continued to lick her pussy gently until she came to an end. "Oh damn, Joey." she said as she swung her legs off my shoulders and put her feet on the floor on either side of me. "Stick that damn dick of yours in me, now!" she demanded. I raised myself up on my knees to reach that wet entry and slipped my penis inside. Sliding in easily, I began to thrust slowly but she reached and grabbed my ass in both hands urging me faster. Harder, I hammered her as she pulled on my ass with each stroke, slamming me into her. I could feel my testicles slapping the front of the couch cushion beneath her ass with each pounding of my penis into her pussy.

Nearing my peak I groaned, "I'm gonna' cum."

"Do it, do it," was Becky's reply and I complied, rushing headlong into a sweet orgasm, plunging as far as I could into her, stopping there as felt my penis pulse, ejecting its full load deeply within my sister. Shaking and trembling as I did, I felt Becky cum again, her pussy alternately tightening and loosening its grip on my penis, feeling like it was milking me dry.

"Rebecca, Joseph. What the hell are you doing?" I heard Mom yell behind me as I finished my orgasm. Jumping, I stood up, my still mostly erect penis flopping out of Becky's cunt as I did.

Still lying back on the couch Becky calmly replied, "Nothing any different than what you and Joey were doing last night, I guess, Mom," with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Looking at her I saw defiance in her eyes and my cum beginning to leak from her pussy. Mom simply turned on her heels and stomped up the steps. "She's just jealous she doesn't have her 'little boy' to herself," she told me as she got up off the couch and headed into the bathroom. Back from the bathroom, Becky picked up her clothes and walked out of the den and up the steps. As I stood in the bathroom, milking the last of the semen from my penis I heard their loud voices as Becky and Mom argued upstairs. Unfortunately, they weren't loud enough for me to understand what they were saying. As I went into my room and pulled on a pair of shorts, the yelling upstairs faded and I could no longer hear them at all. I went up and out onto the carport, sitting in a lawn chair and watching the clouds scudder across the late-morning summer sky, wondering where this all was headed now.

I sat there until Mom came to the door and called to me, "Joey, come on in for some lunch." I got up out of the chair and headed into the house. When I'd come into the kitchen, Mom looked down at my shorts and said, "I thought we agreed that you'd stay naked today."

"Oh, okay. I figured after before, you might have changed your mind about that," I told her.

"No, not at all," she replied. So I pulled my shorts down, kicked them off, and stood back up straight.

"There, how's that?" I asked.

"Just fine, honey," Mom replied. "Now sit down and eat your lunch." While I was sitting there naked eating my sandwich Becky came down from her bedroom and into the kitchen. She was wearing a very short pair of cutoff jeans shorts and a button front shirt with only a couple of buttons about midway down buttoned and the tail of the shirt tied up high, just under her tits which were obviously unrestrained. Sitting down opposite me at the table the top of her shirt gaped open and I caught her giving me a funny look with a slight grin on her face. I could feel my penis engorge slightly as it rose from the cool wood of the chair seat. Mom sat down at the table and told us, "Your Aunt May should be along any time now. You two see if you can behave while she's here."

"Sure, Mom," we both said, almost in unison. When I'd finished eating, I took my plate and glass to the sink, semi-erect penis waving back and forth in unison to my steps. I was truly enjoying this being naked around the house now. Finished at the sink, I trotted down the stairs to the den, penis and testicles flopping around as I did. In the den I sat down with a book I'd been trying to read to make an attempt to plow through another chapter. Soon after, Becky came into the den with a magazine and flopped down on the couch opposite me to begin thumbing through the pages.

"What did Mom say, before I mean?" I asked her.

"Just a lot of bullshit about how 'it wasn't right' but I just threw that right back at her until she gave up," she replied. With her legs propped up on the coffee table in front of the couch it made it pretty obvious she wasn't wearing any panties under those short short cutoffs. "Mom wants you to stay naked when Aunt May comes?" she asked.

"Yeah. I don't mind, though. I've gotten so I'm enjoying it," I replied.

"Maybe I'll join you then," Becky told me. We sat there reading until we heard the doorbell upstairs. Aunt May had arrived and we heard Mom welcome her in. Becky stood up untying the tail of her shirt as she did. Two buttons undone and she shcked it off her shoulders and down her arms to drop it on the cushion at the end of the couch. Her tits, swayed as she moved to unbutton and unzip her cutoffs then hung away from her body as she leaned over to pull her legs out of them one at a time. Those tits swinging like that brought me to an immediate erection, penis standing at attention, up near my abdomen. Undressed and natural again, Becky sat back down on the couch and started flipping through her magazine as Mom and Aunt May came into the den.

I could see Aunt May look at each of us as Mom explained, "I can't seem to keep clothes on them now. They just want to be this way around the house."

May just laughed and said something like, "Well, I guess it's no big deal. It's all in the family, right." I could see Aunt May's eyes focus on my erection, standing there saluting the world.

I chuckled to myself as I thought, "She has no idea of what's all in the family."

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