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My wife and I began to explore with her dildo's and she wanted more!
In my last story, my wife Melissa and I began to explore our sexual fantasies.

One of them a simulated 3some with her new dildo's'

This installment deals with us going a little farther.

After the last experiment we returned to the sex shop looking for a dildo that was able to ejaculate. We looked through the shop and found a nice black dildo that had the ability to fill a reservoir with something and make it cum.

Melissa looked at it and said, "I like this, it's pretty big but I think it'll be fun!"

We left the shop and started for home and on the way Melissa reached over and undid my pants and began to stroke my cock and she started talking in a way very unlike her. "Baby, I can't wait for him to fuck my pussy and fill me with his hot cum!"

I was amazed, Melissa has never been one for talking like that, but I loved it. My cock grew as she stroked it. My pre-cum glistened as we drove under the street lights.

I looked at Melissa and as she stroked my cock, she was rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. She took my hand and put it at her pussy and she was so wet that her dress was soaked.

I had been telling her how sexy it would be if I could get her to squirt and I wasn't sure if she had done so on her own or not.

We arrived home and we quickly went inside and unwrapped her new lover. I have to say, I was impressed with the size and the look of it. Not that I have ever seen a black dick, but from the porn movies I saw it looked pretty lifelike.

Melissa said, "Honey, I've been doing some research and I can make fake cum from stuff we have in the kitchen and it'll be the same consistency as real cum and I can add a little salt to make it taste the same."

"Ok, make some and I'll wash your new lover and get things ready."

She mixed the "cum" up and warmed it and also the put the dildo's in warm water to get them close to body temperature.

I opened a bottle of wine, and I had bought some roses earlier in the day that she did not know about and spread the pedals all over our bed. I popped in the porn movie in with the white guy and black guy and woman.

Melissa came in dressed in a new red laced teddy and high heels. My cock grew in anticipation of our night of fantasy.

I started the movie as we sipped our wine and laid back to watch a little of it.

The woman in the movie was about the same size as Melissa and looked similar to her. That's why I got that particular movie!

As we watched the woman suck both guys cocks she purred, "That looks so hot, look at her suck their cocks baby!"

"Can I suck your cock baby?" Melissa said with an evil little grin.

I pulled my 8 inch hard cock out and guided her head slowly towards it.

Melissa slowly traced circles around the head of my swollen cock with her wet tongue. Then she sucked just the head of my cock salivating all over it.

She slowly worked her mouth down my shaft. I could hear the guys in the movie moaning at the same time as she sucked my cock deeper in to her warm mouth.

"I want you to cum down my throat baby!"

I was still amazed as Melissa had never talked this way or been this sexual, but I think I was because of our deep trust and love that she was able to express that dirty side of her that she had always kept hidden.

Melissa sucked the length of my cock furiously and gently played with my balls. "I am about to cum baby!" I stuttered.

Melissa sucked harder and faster until my cum began to spurt in her mouth and down her throat. She moaned with approval as my cock filled your mouth full of my sticky hot semen.

I am not sure but I think she came when I unloaded in her as she moaned and quivered as my cum spurted in to her.

Melissa leaned back and wiped her mouth and smiled at me. "That was good baby!"

I began to kiss her as her sexy breasts spilled out over the top of her teddy and her new teddy was soaked between her legs. She slowly peeled the teddy off and exposed a totally clean shaven pussy!

"Wow, that looks good enough to eat!" I stammered.

Melissa had always trimmed her pussy, but even though I practically begged her over the years, she would never shave it completely until now that is!

She watched the movie intently as the black guys cock penetrated the woman's tight pussy and as she sucked the white guy off.

I have to admit, seeing that big black cock next to that tight pink pussy was pretty sexy!

"I want my new lover to fuck me just like that!" Melissa groaned.

"Ok baby, after I eat your pussy some first."

I licked Melissa's drenched pussy, it was like a river flowing from her. It was so nice eating a smooth pussy. As I licked and sucked and nibbled her swollen little pussy, I slipped a finger into her ass!

It drove her wild as I sucked her clit and fucked her ass with my finger she moaned and groaned and ground her pussy into my face!

"Oh god baby, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!" Melissa screamed.

I could feel her orgasm as her pussy convulsed and her ass tightened around my finger as she exploded!

I pinched at her nipples as she squirmed and then I took her new lover that we named "James" and rubbed the big pinkish head up and down her soaked slit and then over her swollen clit.

Melissa purred, "Fuck me James, fuck me with that big cock!"

I slowly pressed James into her awaiting hole and she moaned softly as he began to penetrate her. "Oh James, your cock is sooo big, fuck me!" Melissa begged!

I put a little more pressure and James began to spread Melissa's tight pussy apart. She moaned as this strange cock began to explore my sexy wife's pussy.

Deeper and deeper James pushed in to her as Melissa's breathing became labored. I knew in her mind at this moment, a strange cock was invading her pussy and she loved it!

I pushed James deeper and deeper until I knew Melissa was experiencing a feeling that was totally knew to her, I began to slide James slowly in and out of her pussy and with each stroke Melissa moaned louder.

The black dildo named James looked so very real as my wife's juices made it glisten and I picked up the pace of James strokes.

"Fuck me, fuck me James!" is all Melissa could say as the big black dildo impaled her tight pussy!

As I fucked Melissa with James, I again inserted a finger in to her ass and this drove her over the edge and she began to scream, "I'm going to cum James, cum in me, cum in my tight pussy!"

I could feel her pussy clench around James as it became harder to slide him out of her pussy, so I started to squeeze the bulb filled with our fake cum and James began to fill my lovely wife's hole with his cum!

As the hot fake cum began to fill her Melissa screamed, "Ohh, that's it James cum in my pussy!"

As I pushed and pulled James, her pussy was locked around his big shaft and his cum oozed out of her pussy and down across her ass.

As her orgasm subsided she nearly passed out when James totally pulled out of her and his cum flowed from her tight pussy!

Melissa rest and then purred, "That is the hardest I've ever cum, I almost passed out from that!"

I just smiled and said, "I think James likes your pussy baby!"

Melissa smiled and then looked at me and said, "You don't think I'm a slut do you?"

"Of course not, I think it was awesome that you feel able to trust me enough to do this."

"Thanks baby." Melissa said shyly.

"It was sexy just watching you fantasize about another cock baby!"

Melissa said, "Well what about you, it's not fair for me to have all the fun?"

"I was just as excited as you, just to watch you enjoy yourself was fucking sexy!"

"Thanks" she said as she kissed me softly.

"I want to suck you cock now baby!"

"OK, since we are fantasizing, I'll lick you sticky pussy while you suck my cock!"

"Ohh, OK baby"

Melissa straddled my face as she began to suck my cock, I laid there looking at my wife's sexy cum soaked pussy and began to lick her!"

She must have liked the idea too as she sucked my cock she moaned and groaned and I have to admit her pussy tasted good all cum soaked.

Melissa sucked my cock and I slide one of the other dildo's to her wet pussy slit and slowly slipped it in.

Melissa moaned and I licked and sucked her clit and fucked her with the other dildo!

"Oh, this is incredible, sucking your big cock and being fucked at the same time!"

It did not take long for Melissa to have her second hard orgasm!

As soon as her pussy began to quiver, my cock began to shoot cum in to her mouth and she slurped my cock as it gave it's nectar to her!

After we both stopped cumming, Melissa rolled off and slide up next to me and we cuddled for awhile and drank some wine and rested.

"I want to suck James off while you fuck my pussy!" she announced.

"OK baby, whatever you want!"

Melissa filled James up again with hot cum and I watched as she slowly sucked his big black cock.

I could tell she was enjoying it as she looked at her new lover's cock as she blew him.

I slide in behind her and rubbed my big cock up and down her slit.

"Stick it in me baby, make me cum again!" Melissa begged!

I placed my cock at her hole and grabbed her sexy hips and slammed my cock in to her wet pussy!

She gasped as my cocked slammed all the way in and my balls slapped her pussy!

"Oh yes, fuck me harder and make me cum!"

I fucked her pussy each time slamming in to her a little harder, her pussy was squishing with each thrust as she sucked James.

"James, cum in my mouth" she begged!

I was pounding her pussy and she begin to squirm and her hips began to grind as she met each hard thrust of my cock!

It didn't take long and Melissa was moaning trying to suck James as her pussy clenched around my cock!

I knew she was cumming and I said, "James, she's cumming shoot your load in down her throat!"

"Yes James, cum in my mouth!" Melissa stammered.

Melissa squeezed the bulb and James let loose in to her warm mouth as she gagged and moaned simultaneously!

My cock was aching and I began to fill her pussy with my seed as she squirmed trying to milk my cock and James' cock at the same time!

Melissa could not take anymore and soon collapsed on to the bed. My cum was oozing from her pussy and James' cum was glistening on her lips!

After we caught our breath and drank some wine Melissa looked at me and said, "Baby, I know your fantasy is to fuck me and another woman, but I don't think our fake pussy would be the same."

"I want you to live you fantasies too, I would agree to sharing our bed with another woman to make your fantasy come true, but I would have to pick the woman."

At this point I'm thinking that maybe she wants another real cock to play with so she is offering this to me first to make that transition easier!

"Well baby, you're all I want, but if you want to try a 3some with another woman, I would consider it, but I am afraid this would change things with us."

Melissa smiled and said, "I love you and I am not ever going to leave you, but we have some fantasies and I want to do them while we are young and sexy so we can look back at them as we get older together and I want you to experience you fantasies too!"

"Is it that you want another real cock inside of you?"

"Not really, but if I told you I haven't thought about it, I'd be lying to you. I want you to have fun too and I don't think a fake pussy would give you the same pleasure as James and the other dildo's do for me."

"Ok, you find a woman and we'll try it!"

Melissa smiled and kissed me deeply and said, "I love you and I'll start looking."
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