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What is to become of Jake?
A Guy and His....53
Jake Freemon - Main character                                              Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters 
Gen - Jakes first Jinn                                                              Tina - Rita's daughter
Jinn - What the genies are called                                           Trully -  second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister
Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker           Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn   
Mary - Boss's daughter                                                             Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio     
Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father                               Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio 
Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns                                     Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio
Yasmen - Gen's mother                                                           Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents
Doctor - the Jinn doctor                                                          Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes
Rasmir - Gen's father                                                               Aalee - other twin Jinn prince
Rosalinda - Jake's second Jinn – Once called Dreama        Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins
Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn                             Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns
Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir                                            Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader
Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn                 Marie - Juno's ex - wife
Akeesha - Sheeka's twin sister                                               Kasha - Marie's powerful Jinn
Inger - Mary's Jinn, Akeesha's lover                                      Zahra - evil elite Jinn working with Marie

Tommy was really starting to worry about Jake, besides the headaches he was starting to look really old. "Jake buddy I'm worried about you. The Doctor's say that you are a strange case, unlike anything they have ever seen."
Jake was back in the same room that he'd been in before. God he thought I am so tired I wish... then he stopped as something was tugging at the back of his mind. The tugging start to increase the more he thought about the wish he'd been about to make. Staring at a blank piece of paper Jake felt the pain ease. Glad the Doctor told me about that he thought.
After the near abduction of Jake, Tommy had changed Jake's name to something altogether different. Now he was Benjamin Thompson. Tommy had gotten the hospital staff to agree when everything was explained about the abduction. Tommy was glad they were so understanding, now he wished the big boss was as understanding. According to what he'd heard Juno the big boss, had one of his daughters abducted also. Shaking his head he had to wonder what in the hell was going on?
Sighing Tommy told Jake he'd see him later as he left to go back to work. Jake nodded as he sat staring at the wall.

Juno was up in arms Mary had been returned safe and sound, he was sure Jake had something to do with it. Now it appeared that she was hiding out though for the life of him couldn't figure out how. Apparently even Nyrae could find her, again Juno thought this had something to do with Jake. Then again according to Nyrae, Jake was here in this dimension without his Jinns. Rather he was for a moment then he vanished also!
Juno had tried several times to summon the Jinn council, to no avail. Nyrae herself had tried to go to the Jinn dimension also to no avail. What in the hell was going on? A moment later Nyrae appeared in front of him.
"Master I followed her as you instructed hoping she might have knowledge where Master Jake was. She was at the hospital when an older man collapsed at the entrance. At first I thought it was Master Jake but the man was far older than Master Jake. I also could feel neither magic around him nor any Jinns. I am afraid, Master that there is no sign of him. And the war was about to start so I came back to inform you. I felt a great disturbance then nothing." Nyrae was crying unstopping tears. "I am sorry Master I am so lost without Master Jake.
"I know Nyrae, I am at a loss also. I have spent so long trying to locate and help the Ever Last Master. Now that this has happened I am unsure of what to do now. Has the baby felt anything?" Juno asked.
"It was the baby that felt him when he appeared briefly in this dimension. He was startled when Master Jake vanished. At first we thought there was magic involved as we appeared where we had felt him appear. Alas there was nothing there but a faint fading energy pulse. I have never felt anything like it. Without the knowledge of the Jinn dimension I can't garner an answer."
Juno watched as Nyrae erupted into another fit of tears. Juno felt for her he felt weak and useless for the first time in his life. If Jake were here in this dimension why in the hell hadn't he contacted him? Plus the fact that his Jinns were absent also. Then he remembered that Jake and his Jinns were linked, bonded. As he remembered if they were apart for too long they and Jake would die. Shaking his head he hoped this wasn't true or they all were screwed.

Gen was pacing the entire throne room as King Al-Mazhab, Aahil, Aalee and Amira were reaching out. As of yet they couldn't find a weakness to whatever was blocking the human
dimension from the Jinn. Finally an hour later, King Al-Mazhab shook his head. "I am sorry little one we have found no weakness to what is separating us from the other dimensions."
Gen nodded as she sat with a thud. She swore that she'd seen a portal closing when she had neared where Master Jake had been blown to when the army was decimated. Why had it seemed familiar to her? Thinking as hard as she could seemed to do nothing but make her head hurt. Mother! She thought as she bowed to the king and his sons then grabbed Amira’s hand as they both vanished.
Within the confines of the council quarters Gen and Amira appeared outside of Gen's parents’ room. Knocking Gen waited as she heard movement inside. As the door opened Gen threw herself into the arms of her mother as tears started to fall.
"Mother!" Was all Gen could get out as the tears came even harder. "I can't find him mother! I am so lost we all are! I saw... saw... I'm not sure mother. I went to where Master Jake was blown to but he wasn't there. I could swear I saw a dark portal close as I approached. Mother I am already feeling so weak, all of us are. Please mother, help us! Please, please!" Gen said as she collapsed into a pile of crying flesh against her mother.
"A dark portal? By the great Jinn it couldn't be!" Yasmen said as her mouth opened but nothing came out. Shaking her head she looked at Amira. "I must speak to my husband if what has happened has, we are all in trouble!"
Amira nodded in shock, what was Gen's mother on about? What was this dark portal that she and Gen were speaking of? They were all in trouble? Now Amira was starting to get worried herself. Now that she thought about it, she herself was starting to feel weaker. Had she in fact bonded that deep with Master Jake? Yes she nodded she had so it appeared she was as doomed as the others.
Yasmen hurried to the council chamber as fast as she could, she only hoped that they could rectify this before it was too late! Bursting into the room she ran straight to her husband Rasmir with an extremely worried look on her face. "Husband!" She was screaming as she flew into his arms tears starting to fall from her eyes.
"Yasmen?" Rasmir asked as he held his wife. "What is wrong?"
"Our daughter saw Master Jake blown away from the army right before it was destroyed. She said she went to where he was supposed to be but only saw a dark portal closing!" Yasmen was almost screaming.
"A dark portal? By the great Jinn it isn't possible!" Turning Rasmir quickly explained what was going on. A dark shell had enveloped the Jinn dimension. For now it wasn't bad though soon it would begin to grow bad. The only one that could destroy it was the Ever Last Master and he it appeared was back in the human world. They had to form a bridge to him or they would all die soon.
All of the council agreed as they all flashed out to the King's palace. After much discussion they realized what was going on. They had to send a Jinn after Master Jake but who? If he was as the legend said he was he was only a shell. There was nothing left in him at all. They'd be lucky if he remembered who he was let alone anything else.
Gen was brought before the king and the council. "My daughter we can send one Jinn to the human world. It has been decided that it will be you. You are the first of the Ever Last Master’s Jinns. You are also the first love he had. You therefore are deeper ingrained in his mind and will mean far more to him than any other."
Jinn looked up from the floor where her gaze had been the whole time. "Me? I am but a simple sex Jinn. I haven't the power to bring him back to here. Surely there is another?" Gen asked as she looked around the room.
All of her sister Jinns were shaking their heads no. "It has to be you dear sister," Rashala told her.
"Yes, please help our master," Sheeka told Gen.
"I feel so weak sister, I had just gotten used to having a real master. Bring him back safe my sister." Rosalinda said.
"I am not his Jinn but I carry a child of him I am proud to do this. You are his first, love and Jinn you are the only one that can." Akeesha told her.
Gen nodded as they all went to where Gen had seen the portal. "When we open this it will give us some more time but not a lot please hurry daughter. Bring him back safe." Rasmir told Gen.
"I will do all I can father, I just hope that I can reopen his mind." She told him.
Rasmir smiled as he hugged his daughter as did all the other Jinns. Lastly her mother hugged her and whispered in her ear. Drawing back with a shocked look, Gen nodded vigorously to her mother.
Standing back Gen watched as the council, the royal Jinns and her sister Jinns started to chant. For a few moments nothing happened then a small, very small portal opened. She could see all those chanting were starting to sweat as she flew into the middle of the portal barely getting through as it snapped shut behind her.
Gen tried to control her speed as she was shot out of the other end at an accelerated speed. Barely slowing she hit the ground hard as a huge crater appeared. Shaking her head she reached out feeling for Master Jake. At first she felt nothing then she felt a very, very faint trace of him. Appearing outside of the hospital Gen felt several pair of magic eyes upon her. This isn't good she thought as she vanished. 
Nyrae had to rub her eyes! That had appeared to be Gen! If she was here then there was hope
though as she reached out she couldn't feel Gen now either! By the great Jinn what in the world was going on? She needed to report back to her master now! With that she vanished.
Zahra, lips turned into a wicked smile, so one of the Ever Last Master's bitch slaves were here after all. Reaching out she was shocked when she couldn't feel the little bitch! She could swear it had been one of those weak and useless sex Jinns of his. She needed to tell her Mistress now! With that she also vanished.
Gen could feel that both pair of magic beings were gone. Breathing a sigh of relief she appeared on the floor that her master Jake was on. Yes she could still feel the faint trace of his love and energy but it was so strange. It was as the council and her sister had told her he was but a shell with everything masked and hidden by the dark magic.
Finally she felt that she was close as she turned into a room that a much older man was in. The man was staring at the wall as she walked in. "Oh I'm so sorry." Gen told the older man as saw the man's gaze snap up to her. "I'm so sorry I thought this was the room of a friend of mine.
The man's gaze traveled over her a moment before he spoke. "Your friend who ever he is, is indeed a lucky man to have a beautiful a friend as you."
"Why thank you sir. I wish I could make you more comfortable. That I could help you with whatever your problem is." Gen said as she actually blushed.
A startled look came over the man's face as his head started to hurt but nowhere near as bad as before. "What did you say?" He asked.
"Oh I am so sorry sir. You are so easy to talk to. I said I wish I could make you more comfortable. I know you are uncomfortable the way you look. I wish there was something I could do to help you with your problem." Gen repeated with a sad smile. She was upset having thought she'd found her master. Without him there wasn't much she could ...
"Gen?" She heard a whispered voice that rocked her to her core.
"Master?" She asked as she looked at the man in the bed.
"I remember this beautiful woman loving me. A complete loser, a nothing yet she loved me with her whole being." The man in the bed whispered.
Gen's mouth dropped open as she recognized the voice of Master Jake. Throwing herself into his arms she started to kiss him. "Master I was so afraid." She whispered as tears started to fall. "I was afraid I'd never see you again. Thank the great Jinn I found you!"
Jake held Gen tight afraid if he let her go that she would vanish again. He remembered her that was true. He remembered he loved her, though beyond that there was so much missing. "I have some of it back though I am afraid that outside of you I can't seem to remember anything else. Oh my god it is so good to hold you Gen!"
"It is so good to hold and be held by you again my dear master." Gen replied a huge smile on her face. He was on the way back but how to get the rest? Then she remembered what her mother had told her as she was leaving. Could it be that simple? "We need to leave here Master." Gen told him, "I have felt others watching I am not sure they are good or bad. At the moment we don't have time to find out."
Jake started to agree when Tommy walked in. Then he had to do a double take when he recognized the beautiful woman that was holding and being held by Jake. "I wanted to thank you Tom, for taking care of me. Gen found me a while ago. I got a piece of my memory back."
Tommy could only stare with his mouth hanging open as he nodded. Jake laughed as he stood and closed Tommy's mouth. "You think it would be ok if we crashed at your place a bit?"
Tommy could only nod as Jake got dressed. They all walked out the back of the hospital at the urging of Gen. Jake was a little confused but agreed, Gen hadn't steered him wrong yet, right? 
Both Nyrae and Zahra had returned at the insistence of their masters. For a brief very brief moment they both had felt Master Jake then he was gone again. Zahra started a search of every room in the hospital stopping at the room Jake had been in. Cursing she vanished going to report to her mistress. Nyrae had followed her remaining in the room after Zahra left.
<He was here mother, father was here! His energy feels so comforting! I can feel he has recovered part of his self. Mother! I can feel your sister Gen was here also! Oh mother it is so wonderful!> Nyrae’s baby said.
Nyrae nodded true knowing he was partially back was a comfort though she still felt so empty without him. She hoped that he was coming back they all needed him so desperately.

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