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Back writing again, now that my oldest is off to college, I have a bit more spare time. Stories may be a bit slower as I am trying to save enough to get a new laptop. Hope everyone enjoys
It was the end of school, which meant the start of the summer holidays! I had been waiting for this day as it meant waking up late, sleeping late and doing whatever I wanted to do without mom telling me off. Before I start , let me tell you a little about myself, I am a decent looking guy, and I am currently in my first serious relationship,my Mom Linda had me at the age of 20 and she is 38 now, my mom is one of those people that age the age of 38 she is still one very hot momma. She is 5 foot 4 , and is curvy in all the right places, I would say that her chest is either a DD or one size smaller, but I am not entirely sure. Her best asset is her ass, it's not big enough to get attention when walking in the streets, but boy is that thing big. After having me at the age of 20 , you would think that my father would leave and abandon us as most stories do, but this was not the case.My dad Greg is a little older than my mom, being 40.... I have a good relationship with all my parents, but I feel most comfortable talking about anything with my mom. There is also my little brother Shawn , who is currently 8 years old. Together, we make up the Ede family.

Anyway, getting back to the story , the first week of the holidays were spent playing video games, jerking off at least 2 times a day, and also hanging out with mates. I had a lot of time to jerk off because during the week, Mom and Dad were at work, and my little brother was still at school finishing his last week. This meant that from 5pm, the house was all mine. Both my parents had applied for a 2 week leave, so we were all meant to go on holiday on Monday. Monday creeped up, and with all our luggage in our car, we headed for the road. We were going down the country to our capital city, and it was supposed to be a 8 hour drive, which meant a lot of stops on the way. The entire boot of the car was filled with bags, but because we were going away for two weeks, we took more bags with us, this meant that we had to also use the back seat for space.... So to explain the scenario/ setting... My Mom Was driving the car, my Dad was in the passenger seat, I was sitting behind my Mom,and my little brother was sitting on the left off me, annoying the crap out of me.

After about 2 hours of driving, I had had enough of my little brother yelling and screaming in the back, so we stopped off at a cafe to a have a quick feed ,and to also switch seats. After the short stop we decided that it would be best for my brother to go sit in the passenger seat to stop the arguments and frustration in the back seat. My Dad was now driving and Mom hopped into the back with me, taking my brothers seat.
Now Mom was not big or fat by any means, but because she was obviously bigger than my brother , it was very tight in the back ,as my Mom was squashed in the middle between the bags and my self. "Are you sure your alright back there hun? " said dad. "Ye it's , it's not too bad" my Mom responded. Mom and I both knew how bad it was, as we were pretty much glued to each other, to make matters worse, the weather was hot as fuck, and the window on my moms side did not work at all.

After a small nap I woke up and looked at the time,we had been on the road for at least another hour, Dad was listening to a football match on the radio, and my little brother had fallen asleep at the front of the car. Mom finally hit her breaking point and quietly asked me if she could take my seat. It was only fair that my mom got a turn on the window seat too, but I decided to be funny and replied "nope", after a small pause she replied "well I am going to have to sit on your lap then aren't I" she said in her motherly voice followed by a laugh. " I don't care "I replied , "you think I won't?" Mom asked , then she took of her seatbelt and sat right on to my lap. " ok ok !! Haha I will switch" I finally said. She then surprised me by saying " I gave you a chance already, I guess we have to sit like this". Dad was at the front paying no attention to what was happening in the back, he had not just heard the conversation that Mom and I just had, and also the fact that his wife was sitting on his sons lap.

To be honest, this was a lot more comfier than the seating arrangement before, not only because I now had space to spread out my legs, but also because my moms ass was literally on top off my lap, this was going to be the comfiest ride ever. We arrived to a street where the ground was full of bumps, my Mom decided that because she had no seatbelt, it would be best if I were to hold her tight, and hug her around her waist. As I hugged her waste tightly, the pressure of her ass against my lap became greater, as we went up and down on the bumps, Mom would go up a tiny bit and then fall back down onto my lap straight onto my semi hard cock. After we got onto the motorway, it became normal again.

After a hour or so we stopped again to have lunch, and also to get petrol. We bought lunch at the cafe and all sat down on the window seat, I had a sandwich with ham and cheese and a hot chocolate which filled me up, however all my attention was focused on moms chest as her cleavage was on full display, she had a DD chest for sure, and due to the cold weather her nipples were poking out straight through her thin material. Luckily the table was hiding my hard on which was a huge relief , after about 20 minutes of conversation , my dad took my brother to the toilet and also to fill up the car with petrol. Mom and I were left sitting at the table, "you want anything else before we leave hun?" Asked mom, "nah Iam good" I replied. ", "well my face is up here" she said with a smile on her face, I didn't even know that I was still staring at her chest. "Sorry mom" I said with a embarrassed voice, "just don't make a habit off it, cause you don't want dad to catch you staring" she said with a wink and a smile on her face. "Oh and by the way Hun, take care of that before we get back into the car, Ial just tell your dad that your in the toilet ok". With that she got up and left the cafe to the car, her ass was on full view, and with each step, her cheeks swayed from side to side, did my mom just really tell me to go and jack off? I could jack off to her ass forever I thought to myself.

After a couple pumps in the bathroom of the cafe, I finished straight onto the bathroom floor and pulled up my pants. Once I got into the car I sat down in my usual spot, and mom sat down on my left, and off my lap this time, this meant that the soft cushions were not on my lap. "Let's get on the road "yelled dad, "we are already late to the hotel". With about 2 hours to go till the hotel, I could not stop thinking about moms big tittys and her heart shaped ass, dad was one lucky guy to bang her whenever he wanted to, the thoughts made me horny again, and a tent quickly formed in my pants, I didn't want mom to see so I covered it with a pillow that was next to my seat. DING, I got a text from mom who was sitting right next to me, why was she texting me when she could say what she wanted to say ?, as I opened up the message it said.

MOM: I thought I told you to take care of it
ME: I did, It just happened again
MOM: Jesus , well don't let dad see, or it's going to get very awkward
ME: ok mom

Wow, how did she know I got hard again, boy was I 10 times more horny now ,knowing that my mom knew that I was hard. All I wanted to do right now was jack off my load onto my moms ass or tits, moments later she texted me again.

MOM: why is it still there, what are you thinking about for you to be that hard hunny
ME: I don't know
MOM: come on, you know you can tell me anything
She then put her hand on my leg and moved the pillow
ME: your chest
MOM : your moms chest? Really?
MOM: well that's none of my business, but you have to take care of it right now while ur father is listening to the radio, so go ahead I won't look.

Thanks for reading, please give me any feedback you want, as I will take it on the chin ;)


2017-06-23 14:07:47
Love read more of this story


2017-04-24 05:05:26
Need more of this story. Please make it longer


2017-04-22 06:06:44
Where is the rest of the story?

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