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It's been twenty years
Why me? Why do I get stuck going to all these out the way places? We have thirty-two techs in this company and whenever something breaks in some backwoods little town that isn't even on the damn map, who gets called on to go fix it? ME!! WHY!? Okay, so I do like these kinds of places, but still, It would be nice to be able to go to a town with a decent strip club for once. Hell, most of the places I get sent don't even have a decent bar, much less a decent strip club. Most of the bars are fifty years old, falling apart, and filled with locals that like nothing better than to harass outsiders. Well, they would like to harass me until they see me, and then realize why I am there. That usually quiets them down pretty quickly. No one wants to piss off the guy that is in town to fix the ATM. Most of the work that needs to be done can be handled locally by a qualified technician that we train and screen beforehand, however, when it comes time to do a complete software update, the send me in.

I stopped on the side of the road to check my map,since I was so far out in the sticks of Montana that cell service was non-existent, and unfolded my map as I watched a very large moose make its way across the very narrow two lane road. I found the lake I was was looking for and then began to search for the little town around it. After staring at the tiny print for a few minutes, my eyes aren't getting any younger, I found it and planned my route accordingly. Four hours later I was pulling into Kings Point, Montana, or at least the intersection that had the sign. I looked around for business of some sort and saw nothing. I did, however, see a sign that pointed to a boat landing, so I thought I would try my luck there.

Sure enough, when I pulled into the boat landing I could see at least thirty trucks and SUV's with trailers behind them and knew that I could find out what I wanted to know here. I simply parked my rental, a truck of all things, and got out and wandered down to the dock. I didn't think I would have to wait too long for someone to either be coming or going so I sat down on the grass near the boat ramp and waited. Two hours later I was awakened by the sound of a boat approaching the landing. I got up and dusted the grass of my jeans as best I could and waited for it to arrive.

As they neared the dock I could see that there were three older men and one young teenager in the boat. I walked out toward the end of the dock, and as the approached I asked the older guy sitting in the bow of the boat, “How's it going?”

He looked at me kind of strange, since I am sure he knew that I wasn't a local, “Eh, not too bad. The fishing won't fer shit today though. Here, catch.”

He tossed me the bow line and I tied it off to the cleat near my feet as the boat drifted toward the dock. The teenager tied off the rear as the guys started unloading their gear. One of the other older men said, “Since we know you ain't from around here, what can we help ya with young man?”

“Well, I am looking for the Big Bull Campground. I am supposed to be installing an ATM there but I have no clue where it is.”

“You got a boat?”

“Uh, no. Should I have a boat?” No one at the office said anything about the damn campground being on an island.

“Well,” said the teenager, “since it is on an island without a bridge to get there, it would probably be help.”

“Fuck! Is there a ferry or something that goes out there?”

The first old guy that spoke to me on the dock said, “There ain't a ferry out there, but the lady that owns the place comes to town about everyday to get supplies. Maybe you can catch a ride with her.”

“Awesome, When is she going to be here?”

“Well, she has already been here today, but she should be to the Garrison Landing about nine a.m. tomorrow morning.”

Well that shouldn't be too bad. Now I just have to find a motel for the night and try to get up with the lady owner in the morning. Since I am here to do work at her campground, getting a ride shouldn't be too difficult.

I asked how to get to the Garrison Landing and if there was any place for me to get a room for the night.

The old guy that hadn't said anything up until this point spoke up, “I can give you a room at my place for the night. Me and the missus run a B&B just up from the landing. It's kind of out of season for anything around here so I am sure we got an open room. And, we are right across from the store where Hazel get's her supplies.”

“Sweet. Well, I will just wait in my truck until y'all are ready to leave and then I guess I will just follow you.”

They were okay with that idea and within ten minutes we were on the road. Twenty minutes later they stopped in front of a huge old Victorian mansion and the old guy that ran the place, I never did get his name, got out of the truck and told me that I could just drive around back and park. I did just that and sat in my truck until he came out the back door.

As he walked out to the truck I got out and stuck out my hand, “Ethan McCandles, nice place you have here.”

The old man smiled at me and said, “Nice to meet you Mr. McCandles. John Walker, and my wife is the one to thank for the place. She points and says do, so I do. But really, it is all her.”

We walked into the backdoor as he was telling me the history of the place and what the few rules were. As we entered the kitchen the smell of cooking food assaulted my nostrils and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I could smell all sorts of smells that blended together and reminded me of my grandmother's kitchen when I was a boy. His wife Ellen even reminded me of my grandmother, if she had been twenty year younger and hot. Ellen was definitely not as old as Charlie, but since I knew they were married I would keep my comments on her looks to myself. Instead I chose to compliment her cooking and the look of the place and she ate it up.

After a dinner of roast beef, collard greens, boiled carrots, pinto beans, corn, and corn bead, I made my way up to my room and promptly passed out. Before dinner was over, John had told me that he would wake me for breakfast at eight since I was the only guest they had and there was no sense getting up any earlier.

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, fried potatoes, biscuits, and gravy, I think his wife was originally from the deep south, John showed me the store across the street and told me that the lady should show up pretty close to nine. She was rarely later than nine fifteen.

I took out my wallet and handed him a one hundred dollar bill before he left.

“What's this for?” he asked.

“For the room and the awesome food.”

“Oh hell son, one off season room and a couple of meals isn't anywhere near this much.”

I had to tell him, “John, for a wonderful room and two delicious home cooked meals that really reminded me of home, I would have gladly paid twice that. I spend a lot of time out on the road and that was, honestly, one of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. Just take it, and if I am ever in the area again, I'll know where to stay.”

He smiled and said, “You do that. The wife will be happy to hear that you liked her cooking so much. You take care. Oh, and while you are out on the island, just leave your truck parked where it is. It'll be safe until you get back to it.” He turned and headed back to their beautiful B&B and I headed into the store to browse and wait.

At 9:05 the bell over the door tinkled and I looked up to see a short woman walk in. She had a wide brimmed hat pulled down low over her face so I didn't get a very good look at her but I did notice that she had a killer body. While she was short, probably around five feet tall, she had curves where woman are supposed to have curves and carried herself in such a way that I knew she wasn't afraid of hard work and was very sure of herself. She called out to someone name Pete behind the counter that she was there and I had a sense that I knew that voice. I don't know from when or where, but it was very familiar too me.

Pete turned out to be the teenager from yesterday. “Hi, Ms. Cooper. I got all your stuff loaded in the truck already. Anything else you need while you are in here?”

“Nah, I think I'm good.”

“Oh, ok. Oh yeah, this gentleman over here,” as he pointed to me, “is here to see you.”

Ms. Cooper looked at me and I thought I saw the look of recognition go across her face. “And you are?”

“Ethan McCandles, ma'am.” I stuck out my hand for her to shake and she said, totally catching me off guard, “Your mamma would be real happy with the way that you turned out, Jake.”

I stopped, dead in my tracks, and looked at her. There were only a few people in my life that had ever called me Jake. Most of my teachers called me Jacob, and most of my friends called me Ethan, only my mother, my grandmother, and Hazel Willoughby called me Jake. My mom and grandma did it to differentiate between me and my dad since I was junior, My teachers didn't use middle names or nicknames, my friends called me Ethan because I didn't care for Jacob or Jake, and Hazel did it because my mom did it and it made her conversations with my mom that much easier, instead of having to keep referring to me and then using a name that she knew.

I stared at the smiling woman before me, looking her over from head to toe. The hair was the right color, the eyes, too, were a match. However, that's where the similarities ended. The Hazel that I knew was a Willoughby, not a Cooper. Also, the Hazel that I knew, well, let's just say that she did not look anything like the curvaceous woman standing in front of me. I wouldn't have look twice at Hazel Willoughby, but Hazel Cooper on the other hand, well, I was hoping that I wasn't drooling and the tent that I thought was forming in my pants wasn't showing.

“Hazel? Willoughby?” I was such a wordsmith at times.

“It's actually Cooper now, but yep, one and the same.”

“What are you...How...?”

“It's a long story Jake. If you want to come out to where I live, we can catch up and you can tell me what you are doing here too.”

I couldn't speak, but somehow I managed to croak, “ATM.”

“Oh, well hell's bells. That thing has been sitting in my office for two weeks now. I was wondering when they were going to send someone to actually install it. I'll tell you what, you help me get all my stuff loaded on my boat and we'll just ride out to the campground and get you settled in then we can catch up before you get to work. Sound good?”

Of course it sounded good. I was going to be on a secluded, well I thought it was secluded, island with a girl, excuse me, woman, that I hadn't seen in twenty years and she was asking me if it sounded good. I couldn't wait.

We rode down to the boat landing with Pete and got all of her stuff loaded in her boat. Her boat also happened to be a WWII Higgins boat. A landing craft like they used to land in France on D-Day. It had more than enough room for the small stack of lumber and the few boxes of groceries the she had. After thanking Pete, we climbed into the boat and she expertly guided it out to the Island that she called home.

I was expecting a relatively small place, but when she told me that it was over three square miles, I about fell out of my seat. We pulled up to the floating dock nose first and she put the giant ramp down. From where I was sitting in the bottom of the boat I didn't get a good look at the dock as we approached. When I surveyed it after getting off the boat I was impressed. The dock had sides that tapered in toward the back, or the front of the boat as you exited it, that helped keep the boat from drifting side to side, making it much easier to load and unload using the ramp. The ramp itself lowered directly onto the dock so that you didn't have to wade through two feet of water to get to dry land. Pretty smart.

We loaded her stuff into a small truck that was waiting and headed for the campground office.
The office for the campground was actually located in the original house that was built on the island in the early 1900's. The front two rooms were the actual office and store and the rest of the house was separated from them. As I was looking around, Hazel mentioned to me that this was also her personal residence.

“The ATM is in here.” she said as she lead me to the room to the left which was also the camp store.

Sure enough, over in the corner, with my company's logo painted on the front, was a small crate. Inside was the latest, state of the art, stand alone ATM machine. It was one of the few on the market that used a satellite signal to connect so a land line wasn't necessary. Seeing where it was going to be located, I could see where that would be a good thing.

“Okay,” she said. “You have seen the ATM and where it goes. Everything in the truck can wait a few before we bring it in. Let's go into the kitchen, have a drink, and get caught up. Then you can tell me what in the hell you are doing out here.” She laughed when she said that and it sounded marvelous to me.

We went back to the kitchen which was fairly large and she got a couple of glasses out of the cabinet and told me, “You can have beer, bourbon, water, or sweet tea.”

“Well, since I'm apparently not going to be working today, and it is past noon already, let's do bourbon.”

She smiled and pulled out a bottle of bourbon and poured quite a bit in each glass. We each took a sip and then I said, “Cooper huh? Where is the husband, if you don't mind me asking?” As hot as I thought she now was, I wasn't about to encroach on someone else's woman.

She grinned and looked at me. “The was never a Mister Cooper. Cooper was my last name when I was born and up until my parents died when I was six. The Willoughby's adopted me shortly after. When I left home after I turned eighteen, since I remembered being a Cooper when I was younger, I changed my name back. I told my mom and dad, yes I considered them mom and dad, what I wanted to do and they were behind me a hundred percent. I didn't want them to think that I didn't appreciate everything that they had done for me, but I knew down deep inside that I wasn't a Willoughby.”

I was speechless. Apparently they had moved to town right after adopting her so I never knew that she was adopted. When I said as much, she told me that was what they intended. They knew that if everyone knew she was adopted she was likely to get picked on so they moved right after adopting her.

When I asked her how she came to own an island with a campground on it she literally laughed out loud. The woman that owned the island had left it to her in her will.

“After high school I came out here to go to college just to get away from town. I was going to be a geologist because I loved being outdoors. Well, one of the places we came to study rocks was this island. Since it hadn't been changed very much it was the perfect place. Well, the old man and lady that lived her sort of took a liking to me when we would come and visit. They started telling me their grand plans for turning the island into a rustic campground get away and I fell in love with the idea. Unfortunately he died shortly after that.”

That was such a sad story that I guess she could tell it affected me from the look on my face. I was expecting her to tell me that he drowned in the lake or something.

“Oh, he died a happy man.”

I was confused. She made it sound like he was eighty something and here she was telling me that he died a happy man.

“What do you mean he died a happy man?”

“Well, you see, he had a friend in town. This friend was not quite as old as he was and had a preion. Well, he talked the friend out of a pill and brought it home. His wife then told me that he was ready like he hadn't been ready in years. Well, to make a long story short, because she gave me ALL the details, and I don't want to have to recount everything that two eighty year olds were doing.”

“Well, needless to say, she was servicing him and he came and went all at the same time. She said when the paramedics actually got here, an hour later, they laughed when they saw that he still had a smile on his face and he was still hard.”

I laughed so hard that bourbon actually came out my nose and I thought I was going to die. I could almost see what she was telling me, and while it was somewhat disturbing, it was still funny as hell. When I die, I want to go just like that.

“Anyway,” she continued, “When Amelia died, she left her entire estate to me. Her and Luther had no kids and the campground had been his unrealized dream. While I was here when I was studying, I would come and talk with them and tell them all my ideas for the campground and they, Luther especially, liked them. She decided that after she died that I should have the place if I promised that I would open the campground.”

I was impressed. I was also worried that she was getting in over her head. I knew that you could make money from a campground if it was done right, but I figured it would also take a lot of money to get one to that point.

“Well, from what I can see, there isn't a whole lot of campground here. I don't mean to pry, but how are you going to afford to build a campground on this island?”

“Oh, when Amelia died, she left me set for life. I don't know what kind of work they did, it never really came up, but they were loaded. Even if I put all the money into building this campground that is needed and it is an epic fail the first year, I am still set for life.”

“Wow. Well, since we aren't planning on doing anything else today, why don't you show me around the place? So far all I have seen is your office, the store, and your kitchen.”

“Alright.” she got up and headed out the back door. Looking over her shoulder with what I would call a smoldering look, she said, “Come on.”

She lead me to a golf cart that was sitting behind her house and I climbed in beside her. I could smell her perfume since I was sitting so close and it smelled wonderful. She headed down a barely perceptible trail and I glanced at her from time to time as she was concentrating on where she was going. I couldn't help but notice the wonderful things her now, much larger breasts were doing as she hit bump after bump. Apparently she was enjoying it too, or it was just a natural reaction, but I started to notice her nipples were getting hard and starting to show through the thin cotton of her t-shirt and bra.

She drove for a few minutes, and when we stopped it was on top of a bluff that overlooked the lake. The view was breathtaking and the view of the lake was magnificent as well. Along the way she pointed out to me where each individual cabin was going to be and that the whole island was going to run off solar power. I wasn't a huge fan of solar power normally, but I could understand it being used here.

We got out of the golf cart and walked a little closer to the edge to truly get a better feel for the view. As we were getting close to the edge she slipped on a stray stick that was laying on the ground and fell back towards me. Instinctively I reached out to grab her and ended up with a large breast in each hand without meaning to. She never said a word, just stood back up and smiled over her shoulder at me and kept on like nothing had ever happened.

We still ha several hours of daylight left and she told me that she wanted to make sure that I saw everything the island had to offer before we headed back to her house. As we drove I told her about my life and how I came to be installing ATM's all over the country and that I actually owned the business. I also told her about the brief marriage that ended in divorce only six month in when I caught my now ex-wife in bed with the cable installer. She frowned at that but then smiled again when she continued to show me round. She showed me the large meadow where she was going to put the pavilion for hosting parties and such. She showed me where she was planning on putting a primitive spa with just a sauna and hot tub fed by a hot spring that was on the island, she also showed me where each of the twenty cabins were going to be located. The first one was already built and she told me that I should really see the inside.

The cabin wasn't anything spectacular on the outside. It was cedar siding and looked to be only big enough for one or two rooms. Inside was a different story. It was only two rooms and a bathroom, but it was all luxuriously appointed. A large stone fireplace took up on entire wall of the living room and one the other side, separated by a bar height counter, was a compete kitchen with all latest stainless steel appliances. Down a short hallway was the bedroom and bathroom. She showed me the bathroom first, with it's Jacuzzi tub and a shower big enough for six people. She then led me to the bedroom, the centerpiece of which was a giant California King bed. It was somehow relaxing, inviting, and sensual all at the same time. I couldn't help but think what I could do to her on that bed. As I turned to tell her how well I like the place, her smoky eyes locked with mine I felt myself being pulled into a tender but passionate kiss.

Not that I would have resisted her anyway, but any hope of that was gone when I felt her tongue brush my lips. From that point on I knew that she could get me to do whatever she wanted me to do. Her left hand pulled at the back of my head and her right hand found it's way down to the bulge that had mysteriously appeared in my pants.

I reached down and grabbed her by her well rounded ass, and without ever breaking our kiss, picked her up and turned us around and laid her gently back on the bed. She moaned as I let my body settle on hers for just a moment. I took one hand off her ass to brush her dirty blonde hair back out of her eyes so I could see them as I grabbed hold of her left breast. Her eyes lit up when I tweaked her nipple ever so slightly. I pulled just a little harder on her nipple at the same time I squeezed her entire breast and her eyes got wide with excitement.

I broke our kiss and stood up. I looked at her and she was undressing me with her eyes. I began to remove my clothes and she started doing the same. I was about to say something when I thought better of it, I didn't want to spoil this moment with words. We were both fully naked at about the same time and she reached out to grab my hand and pulled me back into a ferocious kiss.

Our tongues danced as I let my hands roam around her beautiful body and take it all in. I could feel her hands rubbing up and down my back and pulling occasionally at my hair. I could sense that this wasn't going to be a long drawn out affair so I moved my hand down to her hairless sex and could feel the wetness nearly pouring out. I slid a finger inside her velvet furnace and was surprised by how tight she was. Upon entry her hips raised up trying to get my finger deeper. I quickly withdrew my finger and grabbed my rock hard erection and aimed it for her tunnel. Despite how tight she was, I slipped in without much resistance thanks to how wet she was.

Her legs immediately locked behind mine and she began to try to pull me deeper. I wasn't able to withdraw very far so I made up for it with slamming back into her as hard as I could. Her breasts bounced with every thrust and she grunted every time I bottomed out. She was fucking me back nearly as hard as I was giving it to her. Her pelvis would raise every time I thrust forward and I was afraid she was going to end up bruised from the ferocity of it all. For several minutes we rutted like wild animals, neither speaking or slowing down. As I could feel my climax approaching I wanted to make sure she got hers as well so I took what I learned earlier and sucked one of her succulent nipple into my mouth and bit down. The sudden shock seemed to send her over the edge and as I felt her pussy massaging my cock I let loose deep inside her as well. Our bodies seemed to tense up and locked together at the exact same time. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I think she passed out briefly. When we finally came down from our mutual orgasms, we rolled to opposite sides and then looked at each other. Without another thought we both cracked up laughing at what just happened.

After we caught our breathe from laughing hysterically for about a minute, she jumped up, grabbed my hand, and led me to that giant shower. We took turns washing each other and made sure we were both extremely clean before we got out.

As we got dressed she said, “I want to thank you for not freaking out on me earlier. I needed that.”

I couldn't believe she was thanking me. I should have been thanking her and told her so. “I should be thanking you. Now I don't have to hide the fact that being this close to you is giving me a nearly constant hard on. I know that it has been nearly twenty years since we last saw each other and that truthfully, I didn't pay much attention to you back then because you were so small, but now that you have filled out in all the right places, you have all the things that turn my head.”

“I always thought you were a sweet girl, you were just so damn tiny that I was afraid of breaking you if we ever did get together so I chose to ignore you. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I know that makes me sound like a total shit, but I never wanted to hurt you.”

She continued to surprise me every time she spoke. “I knew you liked me and I guessed why you never tried anything when I was around. Believe me when I say, I tried everything I could to get your attention back then. I knew I was short and that you would never try anything.”

“Well,” I said. “That's enough reminiscing for now.” I was a little embarrassed that she had figured it out so easily. “Let's get on back to the house since it is starting to get dark and I don't know how well you know these trails in the dark since that golf cart doesn't have any lights on it.”

“Good point, “ she laughed as we stripped the bedding off the bed since she had erupted during her orgasm and it was all going to need washing. We piled the bedding in the back of the golf cart and headed back to her house. It was just about fully dark as we arrived and it was a good thing we left when we did. She told me that in her hurry to get to town this morning and with all the other things she had going on, she forgot her contacts and was nearly blind in the dark.

We managed to avoid any catastrophes on the trip back and when we did finally make it we had to unload all her stuff from the truck as well. With everything unloaded and put away, she showed me to the bathroom and then told me I could either take the guest room or share her room for the night. Since we had showered in the cabin I stripped down to my boxer briefs and slid under her comforter. She stripped down to just her panties and pulled on a thin t-shirt that she slept in and crawled in beside me. She gave me a quick kiss and then turned over and pushed back against me. I draped my arm over her voluptuous body and rested my hand on her magnificent bosom and we both quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, when I awakened, it took me a moment to figure out why I felt a breast in my hand, who's it was, and why it was there. After remembering the events of the day before I smiled and gave said breast a small squeeze before I got out of bed and took care of my morning routine. When I came out of the bathroom I could smell coffee and followed my nose to the kitchen. Sitting on the counter was a steaming hot cup for me with all the possible stuff I could possibly want to doctor it up. After fixing it to my satisfaction I walked out the back door to the picnic table in the yard where Hazel was sitting, still in her night clothes.

She smiled when she she saw me and asked, “What have you got planed for the day?”

I knew that I had to get her ATM installed, but I also knew that it would only take about an hour or so. Most of that would be un-crating it and getting it to sync with the satellite. As it was, it was ready to go. I just had to open the cabinet, anchor it to the floor so it couldn't be moved, and plug it in. It was her responsibility to fill it with money.

“Well, since I don't have a lot to do to install that your ATM, I thought I might ravage your body before I get started and then help you with whatever you have planned for the day.” I was joking of course, well maybe only a little.

When she said, “We'll have to wait until we are done with our coffee for that. I don't want it getting cold,” you could have knocked me over with a feather. My cock sprang to attention immediately and I downed what was left in my cup, grabbed hers and poured it out in the grass and the turned and grabbed her around her waist and hoisted her up onto the picnic table. She squealed at this and then giggled just before our lips smashed together.

I knew that we had more time today so I broke our kiss and began to nibble on her neck. She placed her hands on the back of my head and rubbed gently, but still pulling me closer. I reached down to pull her shirt over her head and was surprised to find that the underwear she had on when she came to bed was no longer to be found. I smiled at that and went back to kissing her neck and nibbling on it. I trailed kisses down her neck to between the swell of her breasts. I kissed each nipple before nipping it, causing her to giggle once more. I then sucked each nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I could feel them harden at my tough and could hear hear breathing a little deeper each time I switched. I gently squeezed her wonderful orbs and lightly bit each nipple in turn and now she arched her back and moaned. Her arousal was rising and I wanted to see how far I could get it without getting her off.

I left her nipples for the wind and continued to kiss my way down toward her hairless sex. Though I had been in it yesterday I had yet to taste it and, now, that was at the top of my list of priorities. I paused briefly to run my tongue around her belly button and that brought on more giggles. I felt her tense up slightly as I continued my journey south. I kissed the top of her hairless slit before grabbing her ankles and pushing the as far up and forward as I could. I then ran my tongue from her pucker hole all the way up to her clit. I could feel her shiver from the sensation. I proceed to lick an kiss random points around her pussy and ass, never getting to close to her prize after that first long lick.

Every time I got close to her dripping wet slit or her clit, she raised her hips trying to get me to make contact. Each time I denied her what she wanted. I could feel her shaking with nervous anticipation each time I got close. Her pussy had blossomed with her arousal and I could see the wetness inside inviting my tongue in. I pushed my tongue into her folds and tasted the sweetness of her nectar. I couldn't resist sucking some of it out before moving on and driving her that much closer to her first orgasm. I pulled back long enough to rub my engorged cock along her wetness and her her moan when my swollen head made contact with her swollen clit.

Her head was actually hanging off the opposite side of the table when I had a grand idea. I licked from her asshole to her clit once more and then drove my tongue as deep into her depths as I could manage. I licked and sucked her juices as fast as they were pouring out of her. I moved up to her happy button and took it in my mouth. I flicked it a few times with my tongue and her hands shot to my head and tried to pull me into her further. I sucked it into my mouth and was rewarded with a primal scream of release as well as a gushing cascade of her cum. I sucked and licked as much of it as I could get before standing up and shoving my entire length into her in one swift motion. After just a couple of strokes I pulled out and went around to the other side of the table. Her chest was heaving and her mouth was wide open presenting me with the target I was hoping for.

With her head back and her mouth open, I drove my cock, covered with her essence, balls deep into her throat. I began to stroke in and out of her mouth as fast as I dared, my balls literally slapping her in the face with each stroke. After a few strokes I would pull out completely to let her take a breath and go right back to it. Her saliva coated my cock and I grabbed her awe inspiring nipples and used them to pull myself into her face even harder. While, at first, I thought she wouldn't care for this, I noticed that her hand was furiously strumming her clit while I abused her face. Suddenly she moaned around my cock and set me off as she sprayed the lawn with her latest eruption. I pumped shot after shot directly into her stomach, as I had erupted with my swollen member lodged firmly in her throat.

More surprising to me than her second major orgasm, was the fact that I had not even begun to go soft. With that bit of knowledge I quickly turn her over and drove myself back into her waiting pussy from behind. She was now on her knees on one of the benches and had her hands propping herself up on the table top. Her tits were hanging and her nipples were rubbing across the top of the table. Into an animalistic mindset now, I grabbed both of her wrists and caused her to fall flat on top of the table. I am sure that the rough texture of the table would leave marks on her wonderful breasts, but I didn't care at this point. All I could think of was getting her off again while I was still inside her. I puled her arms back behind her and she groaned. In pain or pleasure I wasn't sure until she started slamming back against me before I began moving. I pulled as I thrust and she began to grunt. For what seemed like an eternity I slammed into her sloppy wet hole. She continued to grunt every time I drove into her and finally her body let go with another screaming orgasm.

Miraculously I wasn't even close to cumming yet, so I decided to go for a hole that was a little tighter. Before she had come down, and with sweat dripping from both of our now well used bodies, I slipped my raging erection into her perfectly position posterior. It entered with little more than an incomprehensible grunt from her. I pushed forward slowly until I could feel the wetness of her pussy against me swinging balls. In one smooth stroke I backed out until just the head was inside. I ushed forward slowly again until I was sure she could take it all. I gradually picked up speed as she began to urge me on.

“Ungh...faster....ungh.....harder, harder!”

If she wants harder I felt like I could give her harder. Instead of her arms this time, I grabbed a handful of her hair and drove my cock home. She mewled at that so I carried on. Since she seemed to like it rough I decided to add a little something extra into the mix. As I pulled back I brought my hand down on her lily white ass cheek. I alternated which cheek I smacked as I plowed into her depths. After only a couple minutes I felt my impending orgasm. Just before it hit me I pulled out and got in front of her. I stroked my cock furiously and erupted all over her face. The first shot landed across her right eye and into her hair. The second shot hit her nose and some of it went into her open mouth. The third shout scored a direct hit in her mouth and at that point she reached out and grabbed me by the ass and pulled me completely into her mouth.

She drained whatever I may have had left in me out and then proceeded to clean me up with her mouth. With a wet plop she let my spent member fall from her mouth and looked up at me with an enraptured look in her eyes. Still smiling she said, “Now that is the kind of cream I should have with my coffee every morning.


2017-04-22 17:15:55
A wonderful, well written story. I am waiting for the many ? chapters to follow. THANK YOU !!!!!

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