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From the Diary of a very Happy and Fortunate man
By: teufelturm© (First-time, Anal, Mature,)


Date: 11th December 1965. (A date I shall never forget)

I came home from work to find Granny and my mother, whom I shall refer to as Pat from here on in, setting the table for dinner. This was a surprise, as I had no idea that she was even in the country.

After the meal, and usual chit chat that goes with visits, Granny said that she had to get us all 'on the same page', so we settled down in what she liked to call the 'drawing room' and I call a living room, then all was made clear.

"Tim, there has been a lot going on behind your back these last few days and now is the time to get everything out and sorted. I've been thinking for a while now about Jean's situation. You and I rattle around in this huge house, we hardly use any of it and Jean is desperately trying to keep a roof over her and her husband's heads, well I can and will fix that. I'm wealthy, healthy, and you've gone a long way to making me happy. I don't see why we can't use what good fortune we've got to help someone else be happy as well."

"Pat has some news as well and it was her telling me the news which made up my mind for me. I've decided to turn that unused second drawing room into a long-term care room for Jean's husband, and then she can give up renting that hovel they're living in and moves in here with us. It's large enough to put two beds in there as well as all the furniture she'll need. Before any of this can take place the three of us need to talk about our own situation."

Pat then spoke up to tell me that she had recently lost her job, details would come later, but she had asked Granny if she could come and stay until after Christmas then she could seek another post. Granny picked her up at the station and together they'd sorted out the details of the proposed new arrangements.

Pat then went to Granny and kissed her.

"Granny, I already know you two are screwing each other silly. Thanks to the remote for the drive gates, I actually arrived here one day about an hour before I announced myself, I heard a great deal and I'm green with envy, I never knew he preferred older women. I certainly never expected him to be able to make a grown woman squeal as he did with you. I'm not his real mother, you don't have to explain anything to me, but I give you fair warning, if I can bed him, I will."

"Err, can I say something?"

"What?" "What?" From the two women who have been closest to me in my life.

"I know I'm only a sex object now, but there was a time not all that long ago when I thought of you as my mother and now I find that you are planning to have me in your bed, I'm getting an erection at the thought, I am to say the least, confused, but incredibly aroused."

"Are you embarrassed?"


"Are you shocked?"

"No, why do you have to be in bed? I'm all for wherever, whenever and I'll certainly encourage you."

"Is that a promise?"

"Yes Pat, that's a promise and as soon as this pow-wow is over I'll be happy to honour it."

We laughed and relaxed over a glass (or two) of wine and I found that Pat was indeed going to be living here as she was to be the care assistant for Jean. I also learned that Jean had no inkling of any of this, but as Granny pointed out Christmas was coming, and it would be good to have a full and happy household at this time.

Granny said that tomorrow we had to plan the move of Jean and her husband. She then stood and smiled.

"I do believe I am tired out from such a busy day so if you will forgive me I'll say goodnight and leave you two to talk!"

Talk? Ha! It wasn't long before Pat had my jeans open and was hauling my erection out of my boxers.

She stared at what she'd got hold of and then looked me in the eyes and said:

"I knew you were going to be well hung, but I never thought I'd brought a horse up!"

She stood up, and started to remove her dress, revealing what a ripe body she possessed.

"Please, fuck me, now, here."

She would never be able to wear any of those clothes again and once I'd got her breasts out of her bra', I was lost. She really did have beautiful, full, firm breasts. She was obviously ready for sex, but she wasn't ready for ten inches of swollen cock being shoved into her in one thrust and she squealed in much the same way as Granny does, we then settled down to some very enjoyable, inventive and athletic fucking.

After her second climax I confessed that my knees were getting sore and pulled out of her, she sighed and said that that would keep her happy until the morning and stood up. Big mistake, she was on her back on the table before she could blink with my face pressed into her sex. I sat on a dining chair at the end of the table with my arms wrapped around her thighs holding her tightly as I spent a noisy thirty minutes licking and nibbling her clitoris.

My cock was beginning to throb again so I stood up and inserted it into Pat's soaking sex tunnel then slowly, very slowly, eased it into her until she once again had all of it inside her. I slid gently in and out of her, savouring each fantastic sensation of her vaginal muscles squeezing me as I did so. I could also caress her gorgeous breasts and nip her nipples as well as stroke her tummy.

Eventually the fingers of my right hand wandered down to her clitoris as my left hand continued to tease her erect nipples and soon she was panting and moaning, a glazed look in her eyes as she started to buck uncontrollably before emitting an enormous yell and clamped her legs around me as she climaxed.

I had been surprised by at the eagerness with which Pat removed her clothes and asked me to fuck her. I was certainly surprised that I didn't feel at all guilty in doing it.

We called it a day at that point and crawled upstairs to our respective bedrooms, Granny was in mine!

I honestly didn't have the energy to do much, but I needn't have worried, Granny just masturbated me until I was semi-rigid then climbed on top of me, inserted my cock into her very moist sex tunnel, (she must have been diddling herself as she waited for me) and then leant forward to whisper "Isn't Pat a noisy one? I'll always know when you're in her and that's for sure!"

She then forced herself down my shaft and rode me, I really didn't need to move, but the urge is strong and it wasn't long before I was thrusting upwards to meet her coming down until she started moaning, I had to clamp my mouth on hers until she came. As she slowly subsided onto my chest she told me that if she'd met me when she was forty she'd have left her husband and to hell with the money. I think I was asleep when she left my bed.

I slept late the next day and came downstairs to the aroma of bacon and eggs, but said I had to pass as I was late for work. It was Granny's week for surprises, she calmly informed me that she'd already rung in to tell my boss that I was having to take extended leave because of unexpected family problems and wouldn't be returning for some considerable time. That was when I found out just how much I had been appreciated. Granny was told that if I didn't return to work on the 28th of December, my employment would be terminated.

Before I could react to any of this Granny put a letter in my hand.

"Have your breakfast then go into the study and read that, then we talk!"

I did as she asked but I was not happy. Then I read the letter.

When Granny set out to surprise people, she did not mess about. The letter was from Granny's solicitor informing me that my salary was £40,000 per annum with a bonus of £25,000 payable each anniversary of my employment commencement subject to satisfactory achievements. All I had to do was stay with Granny and look after her and the house until her death.

When I'd recovered my composure and went in search if her and found her with Pat on the back porch.

"Granny; what is going on? What's all this about salary and bonus payments. What are you up to?"

The story finally emerged. Granny was not rich, she was astronomically wealthy. She had been lonely and alone after her husband died and then Jean, me and then Pat had arrived on the scene and her life had begun humming again. We never asked anything of her or from her, but we restarted her zest for life and especially in the area of sex.

Apparently, she and Gerald had led a very busy sex life, which included couples from the upper strata of society occasionally coming to their house for weekend orgies.

All that stopped suddenly on Gerald's death. Granny had decided to restart it except that this time the participants would not have to travel anywhere.

"Tim, you need to have an income and be financially secure, well now you are now a man of leisure, with a house and grounds and a Harem to look after. Pat, have you ever slept with a woman?"

"OK, time for secrets to be aired, yes, twice, she blushed, once a long time ago, never to be repeated. Then not until last September, twice a week after that up to last week, always the same person."

"What then?"

"Husband had been trying to get into my knickers, but his wife had beaten him to it by two months. We had regular sessions, Tuesdays and Fridays. It kept us both a little less tense. He used to go riding on those days, but one day he fell off his horse, came home early, and caught us in the act. I got my marching orders and I think she got fucked, which is what we'd both been missing. Why?"

"We are going to be living in close company with each other for some time and I really do think we should be open about ourselves, Tim has fucked all three of us and Jean and I have enjoyed each other a fair number of times, I was wondering if that would give you any problems."

"Granny, take me to your bedroom and let's see how we get on, I had a wonderful long fucking from Tim yesterday and I'm still a little tender, a woman's gentle ministrations is just what I need right now."

I was left to mull over the days startling events. It was hedonism for me from now on.

Two hours later, sated and showered they returned to the kitchen for coffee and more 'chat' from Pat along the line of: 'how fit and gorgeous Granny's body was, how sore their vagina's had been after last night's debauchery' and just how much she hadn't known about having sex with another woman.

"Tim, you've never told me about any of your sexual conquests and I'll bet Granny would like to learn what you got up to."

"I never had any ‘conquests’; I couldn't afford to take girls out so that possibility never arose."

"You never had any sexual contact with girls?"

"That's right"

"No it isn't! I remember the time I caught Alice giving you a blow job!"

"She wasn't giving me blow-job, she was trying to find out what a boy's cock was like up really close, what it felt like and what happened if you did suck it. I think she was getting ready for a date with some boy from her school; I never got the chance to refuse and never really knew what was going on. I was only eleven!"

It was then that I realised that Pat was blushing again. Things started to drop into place, why I never got into any trouble over the incident, just told to pull my pyjamas up and get to sleep as she ushered Alice out of my bedroom with the promise of a very serious chat tomorrow, which never came.

"Pat! What did you do after you left my bedroom?"

Deep blush, "I took her to my room and got her tell me why she did what she did. She was being pressured by her school mates about discussing sex and experiences and she knew nothing, so she decided to use you to work it all out and you were right, there was a boy she was keen on, I think he'd seen his chance to score and he was leaning on her for a date."

"We talked about sexual feelings and the dangers of unprotected sex and being pressured to 'do it' without a condom. I am ashamed about what happened next, but there I was in bed with a very soft body alongside me. Even at thirteen she had an amazing figure and I hadn't had any sexual activity for over four months because 'he'd' stopped showing any interest. Of course we know why now."

I started out merely explaining to Alice that it was natural for her to feel the way she did but it would be a lot safer if she found another girl who had a similar situation and together maybe they could find out about their sexual needs. It is quite a common thing these days and could be good fun."

I was guessing as I'd never done it with a woman myself!

Then I blew it, I asked her if she ever played with herself and she started to cry and said she'd tried but didn't really know what to do, so never felt anything. I asked her if she'd like me to show her how it all worked and, if she did find a good girlfriend, what they needed to do.

Of course she said yes and all I'm saying now is that she had her first orgasm and I had to stuff my knickers in my mouth to muffle the sound of mine! And before you ask we never had a repeat performance, but I think Alice didn't waste any time finding, if you'll forgive the pun, a bosom friend."

"While were asking questions do you mind telling me why you prefer older women?"

"I don't mind, I don't prefer older women, I like them at all ages, it's just that since I met Granny I've been in the seventh heaven. She likes me, she wanted sex, and I certainly did. It was presented to me on a plate; I certainly wasn't going to turn it down. Granny taught me all I know, she's also been the cause of getting my cock into two more, very desirable, and available, women. Why would I have wanted to go looking for someone younger, even if I did have the stamina I certainly didn't have the time or money."

"Right, Time for lunch, we've got to get going if we want to go to Jean's house and tell her what we want to do."

"She already knows what I want to do!"

"Behave and set the table."

We spent nearly three hours convincing Jean that her problems regarding her husband’s care and well-being were over and that she would be amongst friends who would look after them both.

Granny had one final item to attend to; she told Jean that she didn't want her to have any misunderstandings about moving in with us.

"I'm probably looking at ten to fifteen years of being fit and healthy, then things will start to deteriorate. I intend to see that I enjoy every minute of that time so that means a lot of sex. I know Tim will fuck me silly any chance he gets, but I've also enjoyed you and want to keep on doing so, I reckon Tim will be close behind me, if not in front, and believe me when I tell you that Pat can hold her own, or anybody else's, when given the chance."

"So, are you prepared to come into a house of debauchery, there will be no half measures, it will be sex on demand and you of course will be able to do your own demanding?"

We moved Jean and her husband in over the next few days and guess who got her in bed first, not me, Pat.

I spent the night pleasuring Granny.

Date: March 1972

Jeans husband died following another stroke so for two or three days the mood of the house was low. Things got back to normal when Jean came into the kitchen one morning in the nude and asked who would be first, I was, and she never did get breakfast, or lunch.

We had an idyllic life. All the sex and love you could handle, and although we were always together we never argued over anything.

We took holidays to warm countries in winter and loafed about our own house and grounds in summer especially round the pool, although the rule was still no sex outside the house, you never knew who might be watching.

Jean turned out to be a real sex fiend once she had no worries. One of her inventions was to conspire with Pat to put me through a bondage session every so often. The one I liked the most involved strapping me to a chair and then taking it in turns to arouse me. They would then mount me and ride me until I almost came, but then stop for a short while. This would be repeated until either they became so sore that they could no longer take my cock or I was unable to produce any more cum juice.

Mind you, with all the fun I was having with soft bouncy breasts and erect nipples I wasn't about to complain at the treatment I was receiving.

After they'd done that I was invited to take retribution, if I had the strength!

One day I had, I did, and Jean learned all about anal sex. It took the whole of the day for her to experience a large chunk of me inside her anal canal, but I had been in no rush, I wanted her to really enjoy the experience and be amenable to more of the same. It became obvious that she most definitely was.

Another reason for the length of time was that I kept getting distracted by other bits of her body. I learned later that Granny had warned Jean that I would probably have her backside fairly soon because she was asking me not to do it to her as often anymore and she knew I'd got a taste for it now and I'd already said I couldn't contemplate trying Pat in that way.

Date: June 1978

Granny and I did have sex almost every day, until she passed away at the far too early age of 73, after a heart attack following a fall from a bicycle. She had obviously loved me more than a little. She left the whole of her estate to me, her house alone was worth over six million on the open market, and there was a great deal of money plus other financial arrangements. I was a seriously wealthy man.

I would much rather that Granny was around, even if we'd never had another sexual encounter. She was the most wonderful person I ever knew and did more to shape me as a person than anyone else did.

I moved into what had been Granny's bedroom and Pat moved in with me. I was tired of having to go visiting either her or Jean whenever I felt in need of sex during the night, mind you, in view of the amount I got during the day it didn't happen all that often. The end result was that Jean sometimes came and visited us.

When Pat moved in with Granny and me she'd written to Alice and made sure that she knew her new address, so she was beside herself with joy when she got a letter telling her that she was now living in Australia, was married, and had just given birth to a daughter, so Pat was now a grandmother.

The letter contained Alice's telephone number. Pat rang Alice immediately and it took a long time to prise them apart. (The bill for that call was astronomical but it was worth every penny just to see the happy smile and gleam in her eyes). I knew that it would be no more than a few days before she was telling us that she wanted to go and see her daughter and granddaughter. To celebrate the news, Jean and I took our new Granny to bed, so I am still happily pleasuring Granny.

Three weeks later Pat flew to Melbourne, It was two months before we saw her again, but what a reunion that was. She had really enjoyed being with her real family, but her having to be celibate for that length of time was not easily endured and by hell did we have to make up for her abstinence.

Date: August 1982

Jean had spent a great deal of time searching through 'contact' magazines for, as she put it, 'soul mates'. People like us who think and feel as we do! I wasn't so sure this was a good idea, but she wanted to look, so she did. She struck 'gold', and I do mean 'gold'. It had taken her about three months to find what she wanted but the time did seem to have been well spent.

She had found a married couple who wanted to 'expand their horizons', but in a limited, and of course safe, fashion. She: 32, 5ft.8ins, 8st 10lbs slim body, auburn hair, 36-24-36. He: 6ft, 12st 6lbs, slim & fit.

Over the next month some details were exchanged. It was a slow process, as all mail had to go through the magazine’s post box system to ensure security of personal addresses. She was the personal assistant to the MD of an electronics company and He was a building maintenance manager for a housing association.

Telephone numbers were exchanged and things began to move. They said that they were quite happy with their sex life with each other, but she had been looking at some porn that he had obtained, and she ended up desperately wanting to experience lesbian sex. He was all for it as long as he could watch and if this meant finding a couple as 'swinging partners' then so be it (I'll bet he was salivating at that possibility!)

They had been looking for a couple who were 'clean and discreet' and had had no luck. Lots of response but nothing they fancied chancing their luck on. What was nice was that they were in the same region of the country as ourselves so travel would not be a problem for them and it was certainly not a concern for us.

Jean asked them to pick somewhere they were comfortable with where we could have an initial meeting. She also asked them for the name of a large hotel where we could stay 'should the need arise'. We would be happy to meet in a public place any day/time they chose and only once we had met and learned a little about each other would we move on to the next stage. We did suggest that Friday evening would be a good time for the first meeting, because if we did feel that we were compatible, the hotel would come into play.

It all went surprisingly smoothly: name, and location, of hotel, name, and location, of large pub, and time of meet came almost immediately, as did deion of husband, he would not be hard to find.

We met. She was a pretty woman, demurely dressed, but very obviously shapely. He was a handsome bloke. Two hours in and we knew it was going to be a success. It really wasn't hard getting them to accept the fact that there were three of us. Pat and Jean were the prizes for both of them and she seemed quite relaxed at the prospect of eventually being a prize for me.

They were a little uncertain about moving to the next 'stage' immediately until I revealed the rest of the agenda. We were going to pay for them to stay at the same hotel that we had booked into some three hours before our meeting time. If they agreed, I would give them two hundred pounds to cover the bill, they could book in while we remained outside the hotel so we would still not know their names, nor would we be associated with them, we couldn't be more discreet. I would also give them Pat & Jean's room number so that they could contact them if and when they were ready to move on. I had booked into a separate room, one floor down but, such is life.

At 10:30 that evening the 'phone rang in Pat & Jean's room, It was he. "My name is Brian and my wife's name is Sally. We'd like to go ahead, this evening." This did surprise us a little as we thought we'd hear nothing until the morning. I was in Pat & Jean's room for what-ever was on offer, so at the moment the 'phone rang Pat was astride me and just inserting the head of my cock into her lovely warm and wet vagina. I knew it was warm and wet as I had very recently had my tongue deep within it.

Sally was to come to Pat & Jean I would go to Brian if he would please reveal the number, he did, and the move went ahead. Once with Brian I explained that as this was about Sally's sexual desire being realized, we would stay away for an hour to give them time to relax her and prepare her, then we would join them so that he could watch his wife being taken up to a full, woman on woman, climax.

I did remind him that the second half of this evenings event was that he was getting the opportunity to fuck either, or both if he had the stamina, of my companions while I enjoyed his wife and I certainly did have the stamina.

He got his wish. When we entered the room Sally was writhing and bucking on the bed. I was right in my observations in the pub', she had a beautifully shaped body and lovely thighs. We undressed and watched for a while, Brian's cock grew to a full erection and he was having trouble breathing normally then, with Jean's soft breast pressed against her mouth, Sally came against Pat's mouth.

As she shuddered to a more relaxed state Pat moved away and both Sally and Brian were surprised as I immediately climbed on to Sally, inserted my cock into her dripping sex, and slid slowly into her. I heard Brian exclaim that Sally wouldn't be able to take all that, then, as my cock slid further inside her, Sally opened her eyes wide and said "Fucking hell! How big are you?"

"Big enough to make you come again and cum again, I hope."

We took each slowly and gently, Sally so that she could adjust herself to my width and rhythm, and me because Sally really was something to look at and, me being a breast fanatic, her breasts really were peaks of perfection and I wanted to fondle them for a long time.

Brian didn't get chance to watch for long because Pat and Jean dragged him to the other bed, Pat lay down and demanded to be fucked. She was, but Brian had a lot to learn about pacing himself so poor Jean had to wait until I recovered a little from sorting Sally's sexual demands out, then I fucked her as they watched, because Brian had been well and truly drained by Pat.

All lust sated, we discussed the next step. Were they up for more in a long-term relationship with us? It was a very definite, yes. Then we would like to exchange full names addresses. We found that they lived just over 10 miles away from us; they were a real find.

We told them that we were quite happy to pay their travelling costs for this weekend as they had had to travel fifty miles to ensure their anonymity in this first meeting. We would also like to take them to our home and ensure one day of complete privacy, and anything goes with anyone. We were offering sexual freedom without having to worry about noise, or clothes. They could then really appreciate what we were about to offer them in terms of sexual experiences.

They agreed. We managed a short sleep and then we took them home and indulged in a good fuck-fest, Brian even managed to enjoy both Pat and Jean, but I knew he wanted to do all three. He did eventually but it took him five weekends of practice before he achieved it. It was OK by me; I got to screw a gorgeous creature all to myself until he was able to keep his erection after nailing Pat & Jean.

Date: September 1987

Brian rang, He'd been made redundant and so had to start job hunting which meant they couldn't afford the time or money to come for the, now, routine, weekend visits. We now treated Sally and Brian as part of the family and we really did enjoy their company, on more than just a sex and lust level.

I told Brian to stay near the 'phone and I’d call him back, called the ladies, told them the news and then asked them what they felt about me getting them to come and live here. We could set Brian up in a self-employed roll as our house maintenance manager, to make him feel better, and Sally could commute each day or, even better, she could be our house administrations manager.

We always hated the hassle of organizing maintenance and house cleaning when we travelled abroad for the winter. We could afford any amount of staff, but for rather obvious reasons we chose not to!

Brian was almost crying with gratitude when I put it to him, he knew finding another job was not going to be easy, but he had to wait until Sally got home and then ring me back.

Date: October 1987

Sally and Brian were installed. Sally did a marvellous job of ensuring that the house would be properly maintained when we were on holiday. She set up accounts for Brian's business, as my estate manager. She managed all the boring details of running a household and life was great.

We indulged in sex at the drop of a skirt, or whatever else was impeding progress to ones intended target, breasts were fondled, cocks were sucked or masturbated on request, similarly, vaginas were stroked, licked, chewed, and impaled whenever someone's inclination arose.

Date: November 1987

We took our 'contractors' with us for the winter break. A proper management company had been hired to oversee the work that Sally and Brian had ordered to be done. We had a huge villa to ourselves. We were supposed to have staff to look after us, but we gave the four of them the equivalent of a months' wages each and told them what day of each week they should come and clean. No cooking, nothing. The villa came complete with car, so we ate out when and if we felt like it.

During that time Sally was introduced to anal sex. This started with gentle kissing and licking at her little puckered hole, then a little more, gentle, teasing, this time with a finger coated in lubricating oil, to finally watching her anus open thus allowing me to get a finger inside her took two days, but I was in no rush, I wanted her to enjoy the experience. Two more days of constant attention and finally I was allowed to insert my condom-covered cock into her delicious bottom. I was aided in all this because Pat and Jean wouldn't leave Brian alone, they screwed him silly.

He was in heaven and didn't know that I was there as well! I restricted my activities to only having anal sex with Sally, no vaginal activity at all, for a week. By the end of this period she admitted that although she'd been intrigued at the prospect, she had been extremely reluctant at first, the slow build-up before any penetration had actually been really pleasant and now she wanted it on a regular basis, but would I now, please, fuck her brains out?

She was a busy woman, Brian had been taught all about anal sex by Jean, with Pat's help, although Pat didn't do anal sex she certainly knew what went where, and when. So first chance he got he dragged Sally into an empty room and showed her what he'd learned. He was happy, she was delirious, and I fucked Pat to her climax before putting Jean on her side, lying behind her, sliding my cock into her bottom and then playing with her breasts until my cock went really rigid and I came inside her rectum and then went to sleep.

It was time for Jean's birthday treat. I sat on an upholstered, tall-backed chair, Brian and Pat hauled Jean over to me, turned her back to me, then positioned her anus over my cock and forced her down on to it. As soon as they were satisfied that my cock was firmly inside her they brought Sally in to the room. She watched as I put my arms around Jean and fondled her breasts then slid my legs forward slightly so that Jean was now leaning back against me, Brian and Pat parted Jean's knees and Sally was asked to kneel between them, the rest was left to her imagination.

It wasn't long before I was fucking Jean's bottom as Sally ate her vagina and then inserted fingers into it as she chewed on Jean's clitoris. Pat was lying on her back behind Sally with her face hard up against Sally's vagina until suddenly both Jean and Sally were moaning and writhing. Pat got up, pulled Sally away from Jean and told Brian to get his cock into Jean and give her all he'd got.

He did, Jean lasted all of fifteen minutes before she screamed and forced herself off my cock to a standing position. She pushed Brian away, grabbed my hand, hauled me upright, shoved me onto a sofa, got astride me, and lowered her vagina down my shaft until it was completely inside her. She told me to slide my backside forward, then she leant forward onto my chest and told Brian to fuck her anus; He did.

It was wonderful to be inside a woman with the pressure of another cock against mine as she came and came and came, until finally she was spent and so was Brian, he'd been Cumming as she did.

Sally said that was what she wanted for her birthday treat. She got an early birthday present two days later!

I came across Sally reaching up to a bookshelf to take a book down. She was barefooted, standing on tiptoes and stretching for the book, the hem of her, already short, skirt was half way up her buttocks and she was most definitely not wearing anything under that skirt.

I reached round her and fondled her breasts and suggested that she should hold onto the shelf for a moment, which she did, I suppose she’d guessed what was about to happen because she spread her legs, making it easy for me to release one breast so that I could release my cock from the confines of my shorts.

I released the other breast and then spread her soft bottom and inserted my offering into her back door. Once I was comfortably inside her, I returned my hands to her breasts. She would never wear that blouse again because I wanted to feel flesh and I already knew that there was no bra’ under the blouse and the buttons offered no resistance when I pulled.

I now had Sally impaled on my cock with her breasts firmly gripped, so I took a step backwards to remove her grip on the shelf. I now had the full weight of Sally’s body bearing down my erection and she was unable to do anything about it.

“Oh fuck, that is such a fucking turn on, turn round Tim.”

Brian had entered the room and seeing his wife dangling from my cock he was about to join in. In a few seconds, he was naked and standing in front of his wife who was asking him not to do what he was so obviously about to do.

There was no way he was about to stop and Sally became the centre part of a sandwich as he entered her vagina. Brian is the same size as me so he put his arms around Sally and my and we began to fuck her. Her feet were off the floor and two erections were pumping in and out of her passages.

The feeling of his cock rubbing against mine through the membrane separating her vagina from her anal passage and rectum was fantastic and if anything, it made me even more rampant. I now know that he experienced the same sensations.

I had been forced to release Sally’s breasts and put my hands round Brian in order to be able to thrust up into her bottom, it was worth it for the extra sensations my cock was receiving. Pat and Jean came in from their shopping trip and merely stood to watch for a few minutes before disappearing into the kitchen and preparing afternoon tea and cakes and then smacking both our bottoms to ‘encourage’ us to stop.

We did as ordered and Sally immediately went upstairs, reappearing some ten minutes later in a dressing gown.

“Nobody gets any sex from me for the rest of the day, I have never before, climaxed so often in one session and I couldn’t think or speak, all I could see was waves of colour. It was wonderful, but it will be a long time before I want to experience it again, and I am so sore, neither of you apes thought about lubrication.

Holidays don't come much better than that.

Date: April 20th 1999

Jean died in her sleep, Pat found her this morning when she went to see if she would like breakfast. She'd been in bed with 'flu for three days and just never recovered.

It was a very quiet and sober house for the next three weeks, but, we move on and Jean will never be forgotten.

Date: May 2002

Sally and Brian are still our contractors but no longer live in the house or participate in the 'normal' household activities as they are preparing to turn themselves into parents.

Date: September 2011

Pat was quite agog at seeing her story in print, she is 85 years old now, but still appreciates being invited to watch and give me an occasional hand job. She now has her own bedroom again in order to make room for her (divorced) daughter to share mine, and, as her daughter is living here with her daughter, I am still pleasuring Granny.

End of Chapter 2

I am uncertain if I should write part three up to the present day as all the people concerned are very much alive. Sally and Brian are quite happy about my writing Parts 1 & 2 as they can't be identified from the contents, but, I don't know if I should put the remaining characters in the position of having to decide. -- We'll see.
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