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I've put this under fiction because most of this story is true, but I prefer the ending I dream about every night
Marley and Lily

It is the summer before sophomore year of high school. It has been an awesome summer. I became officially single again just before the beginning of summer, and so have been busy trying to get naked with any female I could for the whole summer. Luckily for me that worked out pretty well. I had a couple of girls who I spent a lot of time with over the summer, as well as one or two quick hookups that turned out to be a lot of fun. I wasn’t really looking forward to having school interrupt my fun.

My friend Kassidy was finally home from summer camp and was having an “end of summer” party, the first of many. Kassidy had been at summer camp for six weeks with my ex-gf Alyssa, and I have to say, I missed them both. Now Kassidy throws one hell of a party. Her and her brother usually team up and invite all their friends. Kassidy provides all the girls for her brothers friends to hit on, her brother provides tons of beer and other assorted “party favors”.

Since this was the first time I had seen Kassidy since the beginning of the summer, she welcomed me with a huge hug and a kiss that made me want to throw her on the ground and take her right there in front of everybody. Unfortunately her boyfriend was there so I had to settle. Still, I managed a good hard grope of that fabulous ass. I wanted to fuck that ass so bad. Sigh.

Kassidy and I went over and pulled up a couple of chairs so we could chat and catch up on the summer’s events so far. She told me about all the guys at camp constantly hitting on her and Alyssa. I asked if either of them had hooked up with any of those guys but she said no they hadn’t. She said yeah they were both horny as hell, but the camp guys were clearly just looking for someone to fuck for the summer and neither of them had any interest in being summer toys, so they just teased all summer. Poor guys. In the end, the answer was always “sorry, I have a boyfriend back home”. Kassidy of course had her huge gorilla of a boyfriend, John. Alyssa used me. Aint that sweet! She still had pics of the two of us that she put up in her cabin as proof of the “boyfriend back home”. I know we were broken up, but damn I missed her.

About that time, more and more people started arriving, among them was Marley. Marley was an incoming freshman. I had known her from gymnastics when we were younger but she had moved or changed her program or something and so I had not really seen her for quite a while. Now however, wow! She had grown up since last I saw her and was looking gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Marley is a black girl, very light caramel mocha colored skin that is just so smooth and delicious. She had a great body, small, tight, toned, with a great little ass. She had a big frizzy head of hair that was almost blond from a summer spent in the sun, pulled back in a ponytail. She had the biggest smile. Big cheeks, a smile that just spread from ear to ear, and braces that just made it stand out even more. But what really held me were those eyes. Marley has the biggest brightest, green eyes. Absolutely dazzling.

I gravitated to Marley immediately, struck up a conversation and found out as much as I could straight away. Her and her friend Lily were incoming freshmen, and were going to be on the gymnastics program. This was great news to me since I was on the gymnastics team as well and so anticipated spending a lot of time in the gym with her. It was going to be a good year!

Eventually, after watching me stalk my prey from afar, Kassidy made her way over and joined the conversation. She kept asking questions that very delicately provided me with information, while at the same time dropping hints for them to “watch out for this one” Honestly it was kind of pissing me off because yeah, I wanted to get me some of this! I couldn’t figure out whose side she was on. Finally I asked the two girls if they wanted something to drink, to which they both responded yes of course, and I dragged Kassidy away with me to shut her the hell up.

We went over to get drinks and Kassidy started right in on me.
She said “So, you gonna nail the little freshman girl?”
I said “Did you SEE the little freshman girl? You’re damned right I am”
She just laughed at me and said “Yeah I did see them. This is probably the first high school party they’ve even been to. You’re just gonna scare them away. Poor little freshies”
I said to her “Look at that ass, look at those eyes! That smile! Mmmm I wanna just pin her down and fuck her silly.” I looked at Kassidy and said “I’m gonna use your bedroom by the way”
She said “Oh come on not again! You’ve fucked more people in my bed than I have!” That was true.
Kassidy said “It doesn’t matter anyway, you’re not gonna get nothing. Sweet innocent little freshie girl. The first time you try anything she’s scream and run away. you wait”
I looked at her and said “Wanna bet?”
She said “Bet what?”
I said “I’ll bet you anything I can get her naked in your bed by the end of the night”
She said “What, you’re not gonna fuck her?”
I said “Of course I am, why do you think I want her naked?”
Kassidy asked “Okay, what are the stakes?”
I said “Anything you like. I don’t care”
She said “Fine, if you lose you have to do whatever I say”
I said “Fine, but WHEN I win, you have to do whatever I want”
Kassidy just laughed and said “Oh this is gonna be fun!”
I said “Wait a minute, you have to keep your mouth shut. You can’t say anything to her”
She said fine.
So the bet was on. I looked at Marley from where we were. At this point she was wearing just a small bikini top that pushed her little tits up nicely, and a loose fitting pair of tiny shorts covering her bikini bottoms that I was hoping were tiny tiny tiny.
I turned to Kassidy and said “You have beer right?”

One look at Marley and her friend and you could tell that they were freshman. Naïve little things eager to play in the bigger world of high school. Just like I was the year before. From looking at them I had to think that they had probably never even tasted beer before let alone drank any significant amount. Along with the fact that they were both maybe five feet tall and a hundred pounds, I figured one can each and they would be flying. So I took one can and filled a cup for me, and with the second I half-filled two cups for them. My plan of course was to keep refilling Marley’s cup from my own and really loosen her up.

Kassidy and I walked back over to the girls and handed them the cups. They were both surprised to find beer instead of soda or whatever.
I acted surprised and said “Oh I’m sorry, you guys do drink beer don’t you? You want me to get you some sodas instead?”
Lily spoke right up and said “Of course, Every St. Patricks day beer is practically the only thing to drink in my house, the parents never notice if some of it comes up missing.”
They both lifted their cups and drank. Marley did make a bit of a face at the taste but Lily just sipped it right down. I was surprised. Marley was the older of the two of them, but Lily seemed much more adventurous, she didn’t even hesitate to just drink it right down.

We sat for a while and talked, and drank, and every time Marley’s cup got a little empty I would pour some more from my own cup into hers. Lily went right through the half cup I’d given her, so I refilled her cup and mine. Marley’s cup never seemed to get any emptier with me refilling it every time she wasn’t looking. I was fine. The two of them were starting to show signs of the alcohols influence. We got up peeled off their shorts to reveal some very hot little bikini bottoms. Marley’s were the string bottoms to match her string top. Very small and revealing, tied with little strings. Lily had on a nice little two piece bikini that accented her little figure perfectly. When you got her down to almost naked, she really had a pretty hot little body, and when you got her tipsy she liked to show it off.

I should describe Lily at this point. Lily was pretty much the opposite of Marley. Lily is a very Irish little white girl. If she laid out in the sun for the entire summer she MIGHT turn a little bit darker white. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, big beautiful smile. She was also small like Marley, maybe 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, a nice curvy little body. In the little bikini she was wearing, all those curves were accented perfectly. At first I had hardly even noticed her, my mind all over Marley, but when you took the time to check her out, Lily was a nice little piece of ass.

So we all jumped in the pool and just had a ball. Piggy back wars, I made sure to have Marley on my back most of the time, although Lily climbed up on me a couple times. I loved the chance to hold onto those smooth sexy legs, and feel the heat of that sweet young pussy against my neck. Mmmmm. We played lots of Marco Polo allowing for lots of groping and grabbing and touching. The two girls were definitely feeling the influence of the beer at this point so whenever I had the chance I had my hands all over them. I would grab Marley from behind and slide my hands over her tits. I could feel her nipples harden. After a while I would linger and tease them, she never pulled away, never tried to stop me, and made a few grabs herself, which I naturally encouraged. Lily, in the meantime, was continuously grabbing ME. Coming up behind me and grabbing my ass, once in a while sliding her hand across the front of my suit, she seemed to be pretty brave when she’s drunk.

Finally I said to the girls “Ugh, I need another drink, want some?”
Marley didn’t say anything at first, but Lily looked at her, they looked at each other, shrugged, and then said “Sure!” and then started climbing out of the pool.

The three of us climbed out and headed over to the patio area to get more drinks. I caught Kassidy watching and just smiled at her. She smile back and just shook her head as if to say no, no way. As I led the two of them inside to where the booze was, Kassidy made her way over and started making chit chat. I really have no idea what she was saying, I wasn’t really paying attention. I grabbed more beer and filled Marley and Lily’s cups, maybe half filled my own. Kassidy was talking with Lily, every few moments she would sip her drink, and then Lily would take a big sip of hers. Crafty girl that Kassidy was. Lily was pretty buzzed at this point. I just figured this was Kassidy helping me to get her away from Marley, so I took advantage of the opportunity and led Marley over to the couch, where we sat down, nice and close.

As we sat on the couch Marley and I were cuddling up nice and close. I had an arm around her, kept giving her sips of beer. Heh heh. I would put the beer on the table and then put my hand on her thigh. She was only wearing her little bikini at this point and I was just a hands’ width away from just pulling those strings. Marley put her hand absent mindedly on my leg as well, just because there wasn’t anywhere else to put it.
Finally I looked at her and I said “You know what?”
She said “What”
I looked at her and said “I wanna kiss you… can I kiss you”
She hesitated for a moment, trying to process that through the booze, she was getting pretty drunk at this point, and she said “ummm… okay”
So I leaned forward and put my lips on hers. Oh they were perfect. So soft and perfect. I pulled back, looked at her and said “You taste like beer”. She laughed.
I said “mmmm… more” and then leaned in and started kissing her properly. Slowly I probed her mouth open and pushed my tongue in her mouth. She was just as good as I had expected. I moved my hand up to start caressing her stomach. Just as I did, Lily is standing there in front of us. She chugged down the rest of the beer in her cup, looked at me, and said “Hey, where’s mine?” I looked beyond where Lily was standing and saw Kassidy just give me a look and start laughing. Dammit! That bitch told Lily what was up, and now she’s gonna cock block me all night. I was pissed, she promised not to interfere.

I wasn’t sure exactly what Lily was asking, but then she sat down on the other side of me and cuddled up close.
I asked her “Your what?”
She said “My kiss!” and then she leaned over, took hold of my head and planted her lips on me. In seconds she had her tongue in my mouth and her hand all over my stomach. I was shocked. Wow. She was good. And eager! At that point Marley put her one arm around my back, leaned into me and started rubbing my abs as well. I was getting confused. I stopped kissing Lily, turned, and went right back into it with Marley. In no time at all I was switching back and forth between the two of them. I couldn’t believe it.

Regardless of how things seemed. Marley was still my primary target. I really wanted to fuck this girl. As we kissed, my hands would be wandering over her body. I slid them up over her breasts a number of times. I could feel those hard nipples under her tiny little bikini. Once or twice I slid a finger under her top to tease them. She responded perfectly every time letting out little gasps as she thrust her chest forward against my hand. I wanted to lean down and put my mouth on them, but not here in the living room.
In the meantime, Lily was still cuddled up close to me, kissing my neck and ears, her hands doing some wandering of their own.

I stopped for a moment, looked at Marley, looked down at those tits trying to poke their way out of that top. Then I turned and looked at Lily trying to glue herself to me from the other side, and I figured to myself they’re both pretty drunk, now’s a good time. I stood up, held my hand out to help Marley up, Lily followed on her own. I figured screw it, if she wants to tag a long I’ll fuck her too! I looked around and then discretely led Marley down the hall and snuck into Kassidy’s room. Lily followed right along.
Marley asked “what are we doing?”
I answered “I just thought we could be a little more alone in here” and then turned and gave Lily a look that was supposed to say get the fuck out of here already girl!
Lily just looked at me, looked at Marley, smiled and said “Good idea!”
Very awkwardly, I sat Marley down on Kassidy’s bed. Luckily it was a big one. We sat up on the end with all the pillows so that we were sitting up. I wasted no time in leaning over her to get right back to the kissing. I felt Lily climb on the bed and scooch up tight and close to me. I tried to ignore her, I was still going for it, I had them both in bed, what the hell. Eventually Lily demanded some attention too. I relented and switched off between them. When I was kissing Lily, I started to get really aggressive, figuring I could scare her out of the room and then be able to finesse things more with Marley. What a stupid plan. As Lily had her tongue in my mouth, I ran my hand straight up to her tits and started fondling like crazy. She loved it! I couldn’t believe it, but now her nipples were trying to rip through her swimsuit too. I slid my hand from below and started pushing her top up and over her breasts to my surprise she just lifted her arms over her head and let me pull it right up and off! I leaned down and attacked her small breasts, sucking and teasing and licking. Fondling and squeezing. There wasn’t much there but she loved having me pay attention to them.

I could feel Marley pulled up close over my shoulder watching my every motion. Her hands were caressing my back and body and then, my ass. I felt Lily reach her hand behind my head, then behind Marley’s neck, and then she untied Marley’s top. Holy shit! Did I just see that? I pulled my self away from Lily’s tits and turned to Marley, I said “Your turn” and then reached my hand right into her top. I pinched and teased her nipples and then, as I leaned down and put my mouth on one, reached around her and untied her top from in the back. It pulled right off.

I couldn’t believe this. Was the girl who I thought Kassidy sent in her to cock block me actually HELPING me get her friend naked? I leaned down and started sucking on Marley’s breasts. Licking and sucking and teasing and fondling. They weren’t big, maybe a B cup, but still a bit more than Lily. Either way, they were both beautiful. Marley leaned her head back and started to moan. My hand slipped down to her thigh and started caressing. Her one hand reached up above her head, then over, and clasped hands with Lily. I couldn’t believe this. But I liked it.

Lily pulled up close and was kissing my neck and nibbling my ears and just generally driving me crazy. Her hands were all over me and more and more often, kept finding their way across the front of my swimsuit. I stopped, turned to Lily, and said “If you keep that up you’re going to be in trouble” She smiled, said “Stop what” and then kissed me. I switched directions and went back to kissing and sucking on Lily’s tits for a while. The difference between them was amazing, but wow was this fun. I’d had two girls in the same day before, but I’d never had two naked in the same bed! At the same TIME! My mind was reeling.

Marley had cuddled up close to me from behind and now her hand was roaming about and finding my cock more and more often. I stopped and sat up between them. I looked at one, then the other, and said “do you really want to see it?”
Marley said “What?”
Lily said “Yes!”
I turned to Marley and said “My cock. You’ve been trying to grab it for the last half hour” At that, Lily in fact reached right down and wrapped her hand around it through my swimsuit. I looked at Marley, took her hand and slid it inside my suit, and wrapped it around my cock. Her mouth opened wide as she took hold and started to softly and gently stroke. As she continued, she bit her lip, it was so cute. Lily’s hand found her way into my suit and soon they were both stroking my cock. I almost came in their hands right then and there. I leaned my head back and just enjoyed while the two of them continued to stroke me off.

Soon I felt Lily’s hands trying to pull my suit down. I let it get just so far, just to the point where my cock popped out. I knew once they saw it they would want more. They always do. I stopped them and pulled my suit back up.
I said “Wait a minute, that’s not fair. If I’m going to be naked then you have to be too”
Lily didn’t even hesitate. She just lifted her ass up and pushed her bottoms right down and off. Wow! This seemingly innocent little thing. I couldn’t believe it. She had a beautiful little pussy that you could barely see. A light patch of bright blond hair, and just a little slit visible below.
I looked at Marley, she was hesitating. I leaned over to Lily and kissed her hard.
I figured at this point that she was definitely not trying to stop me from anything, so I leaned down and barely whispered into her ear, “if you help me fuck your friend then I’ll do you too”
She kissed me back and then whispered into my ear “I will, but you may have to do me first”.
DAMMMMM! I didn’t really think this sweet innocent little girl would go for that!
Lily directed my head down to suck on her tits and I could tell she was leaning over me whispering to Marley. The next thing I know, she reached down over me, untied Marley’s bottoms, and pulled them off. Wow. Both of them lying naked beside me. I let the two of them pull my swimsuit off and my cock just sprang right up to meet them. Lily’s hands were on it immediately, while Marley watched. Soon Marley’s hands joined Lily’s and I had all four of them stroking me and fondling my balls. They were talking like a couple of drunk little girls with a new toy. They touched and teased and just explored it. Stroking the shaft, playing with my balls. Touching the tip, feeling the slick pre-cum oozing out because of them.

Finally I sat back up on the bed and asked them “Okay, who’s gonna put their mouth on it?”
They both sat up and just looked at each other. You could feel the silent drunk conversation going on between them. I said “Girls c’mon you’re in high school now. You’ve come this far, it’s time you learn to give a blow job”
They gave each other a pair of scared drunken smiles. Then Lily said, I’ll go first this time. I wasn’t exactly sure what “this time” meant, but I didn’t care. Marley and I both watched as Lily bent down and wrapped her mouth around my cock. Oh my god it was awesome. She immediately started sucking and licking. She was a tiny girl and so could really only got the head in her mouth, but with a little coaching, and my hand on the back of her head, I got a little more in there. I told Marley to stroke what Lily couldn’t’ suck, and she did. I had both of them working my cock. It was incredible.

Finally Lily’s mouth was sore so she stopped and Marley took over. She was very at first but once she got to sucking she just went after it like she’d been doing it all her life. What an amazing sight to see this beautiful girl with her head bobbing on my cock. I pulled Lily up close to me and started kissing her. I had her get up on her knees and slipped my hand up between her legs. Slowly, I started to caress her tight little pussy until I pushed a finger up into her. She let out a little scream. Marley stopped sucking and looked to see what was happening. I started moving that finger around inside her tight wet pussy, and with the other hand I pushed Marley back down on my cock. I was ready to cum any second.

Just at that moment, with my cock in Marley’s mouth, my hand on her head, and a finger up Lily’s pussy, I saw the door to the room crack open. Kassidy poked her head in, saw what was happening, and her jaw just dropped to the floor. I just smiled and kept on fingering Lily. Kassidy whispered at me “NO FUCKING WAY!” I just smiled. Without any warning, I held Marley’s head in place, leaned back and let out a huge moan as I started to cum in her mouth. It took her by surprise and she tried to pull off, but I held her head there. I shot another rope into her mouth. Finally she pulled her mouth off me, I said to her “swallow it!” She made a disgusted face and it stared to leak down her chin. Lily turned to see what was happening and I shot another rope off that almost hit her in the face. Kassidy had closed the door and slipped out.

I reached up and pushed Marley’s chin up, closing her mouth and said again “swallow it”. She made the same disgusted face, and swallowed. I shot a couple more times and got it all over all three of us. Lily was fascinated by it and started touching it. I reached down and scooped up a couple fingers full and reached them up to her mouth, I said “Your turn” She made the same nasty face Marley had made but then leaned forward and sucked it off my fingers.
She tasted, made another face, and then swallowed it down. She looked at Marley and hesitantly said “not so bad”.
Marley said “You didn’t have it shoot down your throat, you didn’t swallow as much as I did”.
I pulled Marley up for a kiss and said “You were awesome. Next time she gets the first shot” and smiled.

I pulled them up so they were both laying on either side of me. This was the most amazing thing of my life. Lying in bed naked with two beautiful girls, and now it was time to fuck them both. My cock had deflated somewhat after giving Marley a mouthful, so I had to kill some time while they got me hard again. I knelt between them and told them to both to pull their legs up. They did, and I reached a hand down to both their pussies at the same time. I directed both of their hands to my cock, to work it and get it hard again. As they did, I reached down and started to rub their pussies.

They both started to moan at the same time. My cock responded instantly. I slipped a finger into Lily, and she started to respond the same as she had been before. At the same time, I slowly slipped a finger into Marley, as I pushed it into her she let out a little yelp. You’d think she’d never had a finger up there before, not even her own! Both of them were so tight! And SO wet. I watched their faces and was loving the reactions. Lily threw her head back and was moaning with every thrust. Marley had her eyes wide open, jumping a little every time I pushed into her, and was letting out a little chant of “oh oh oh oh oh”. Both of them looked so amazing. Eventually they both let go of my dick and found each other’s hands. They were laying there holding each other’s hands as I fingered them to orgasms. Once again, my cock was rock hard.

Once they let my manhood go and linked hands I decided to step it up. I took my thumb on each hand and felt around until I found their clits. Marley screamed and pushed back hard against my thumb. Lily’s eyes popped open and she let out “oh my god oh my god oh my god” After just a few short minutes, Marley started to moan and almost cry from the feeling, and then started to gush all over my hand. She was certainly wet enough now. She leaned back on the bed with her eyes closed and her legs spread, coming down from the feeling.

I continued to work my fingers and thumb on Lily, but she just wasn’t getting there. I reached up and grabbed her other hand, pulled it down to her pussy, and encouraged her to keep working on her own. While Lily’s hands were working her own tight pussy, she watched me slip between Marley’s legs and pull myself up close. Marley still had her eyes closed and may not have realized what I was doing, but I reached right down, took hold of my cock and started rubbing it along her dripping cunt. She opened her eyes, looked up at me, looked down between her legs, then closed her eyes and laid her head back again. Lily was watching every movement. At that moment, I pushed gently into Marley’s pussy. Her eyes opened. I pushed some more, there was a little resistance but I just pushed right through, and soon was well inside her.

I could see that she was squeezing Lily’s hand so hard it hurt. But Marley just closed her eyes, leaned her head back and started making little sounds. Not quite moans. Not quite screams. Definitely not words. Just little grunts. Uh, uh uh uh with every thrust. She was so tight, and wet, and with every thrust into her it was like every muscle in her pussy clenched and grabbed onto me. Oh my god she was amazing. I could fuck this girl all night. I just kept pumping and pumping, feeling her pussy spasm on my cock. It was awesome. Lily sat up, watching my every stroke sink deep into her friend, watching her friend’s face as I fucked her.
Finally Lily grabbed my arm and said “Me Me! It’s my turn! Put it in me!”
I hated to pull myself out of Marley, but I did promise I would do Lily next. I pulled out, moved between Lily’s legs, which she had spread as wide as she could, and pushed right in. Again, I felt a little resistance right at the beginning but just pushed a little harder and broke right through. She let out a yelp, wrapped her free hand around me and pulled me close and hard to her. I stopped when my cock was all the way inside her. All of it. She was breathing so hard. Marley was lying beside us, holding Lily’s hand and watching every moment, her own legs closed now and her other hand down between them touching herself.

I started to pump into Lily. She didn’t seem as tight as Marley, but definitely was as wet. It was easy to get a motion going deep up inside her. I pumped her hard and as deep as I could. Every time I got in as deep as I could she would just tighten up and grip me hard. What a feeling. I couldn’t get enough of it. I pumped and pushed in all the way, pumped in all the way, and she clenched every time. In no time at all, I was ready to shoot another load. I pushed all the way into her again, felt that grip on my cock.
I turned to Marley, just like Lily she was watching every single stroke as I sank my cock deep into her friend, I said “You remember I said she gets the first shot next time? Well her it comes”
I pushed into Lily again, as deep as I could, and the minute her body clenched around me I just exploded a huge load of cum deep up inside her. I let out a loud moan. I pulled back, drove into her again, and once she clenched, another huge load up inside her. Oh my god what a feeling.
But I didn’t want to leave Marley out, I wanted to leave my seed inside her too. I pulled out of Lily, clenched my cock as hard as I could to keep myself from shooting off the rest of it, and got back between Marley’s legs. I don’t think she understood what I was doing. I pushed her down, pushed into her again and drove as deep as I could into her. I managed to pull back and thrust into her one more time as deep as I could, I felt her muscles spasm and grip me, and then I let the rest of what I had go inside her. I could feel it filling her up. I pulled out and pushed into her once or twice more and made sure she got all that I had left inside her. She wrapped both arms around me and pulled me tight to her body.

I collapsed and fell between the two of them. I could barely move. Every muscle in my body just relaxed.
“Holy shit that was amazing” I said.
Lily said “That was the most intense feeling of my entire life”
Marley just kept breathing really deep and hard. I put my arms around them both and pulled them tight. They both cuddled up to me. I could feel their naked bodies against my own and suddenly remembered how beautiful they looked naked. The contrast of their dark and super light skin against my own. This was easily the most amazing thing ever. How could I ever top this? Lily reached over me and grabbed Marley’s hand again.
She said “I can’t believe we did this together!” Marley agreed. They started talking right over me about how it felt, and what it was like watching me drive my cock up into each other’s pussy’s, and Oh my god we’re not virgins anymore! Then they got onto how they could feel the cum inside them still, and OMG you came inside us!
I said “Yup. Now you’re mine. No one else will ever be able to say they were the first to fuck you, or to cum inside you, only me” and then I kissed both of them.
Lily said “I don’t care, that was still so amazing. I want to do it again”. Marley laid quiet for a few moments but then agreed.
“Me too” she said, just not right now.
I knew it was getting kind of late. I suggested we get dressed and sneak back out of the room.

Once I was back outside Kassidy cornered me.
“There is no way you fucked BOTH of those girls!” she said.
“Both of them” I replied. “I guess I win the bet” and I smiled at her.
Kassidy just shook her head in disbelief.
I said “I guess you could ask them but I don’t know if they’ll tell you the truth or not” The two of them had disappeared into the bathroom and hadn’t reappeared yet.
I said “We’re probably going to want to change your sheets too, sorry, I’ll help.”

Kassidy disappeared. She went back toward her room. I went back out to the patio and had to have something to drink, and snack. I worked up an appetite. After a while Kassidy and the girls came back out all laughing and smiling. They all joined back in and the party continued for the rest of the evening. Marley and Lily stuck close by where I was and we all talked and laughed until finally they had to leave.

Kassidy could not believe what she had just heard. I reminded her that she had seen the three of us naked on her bed when she stuck her head in the door earlier, so I won the bet.
I said “Now you have to do whatever I want you to do”
She groaned and said “After that, what else could you possibly want”
I said “I’ll think about it” and I did.

I asked her what the girls said, since she had obviously talked to them. She said that they told her they had both just lost their virginity. They talked a bit about how it felt and how it happened and why they did it. Apparently Lily said that she was going to cock block me like Kassidy had told her, but every time she saw me doing something with Marley, it just turned her on so much she wanted to try it too, and that just made her want even more. Marley didn’t really want to go all the way, but with all the booze, she wasn’t really thinking about anything but how it felt every time I touched her. When I told Lily that I’d fuck her if she helped me fuck Marley, her pussy just set on fire and she just had to go for it. Kassidy told Lily that she didn’t really have to give up her friend, if Marley had run out of the room, I would have stayed in there and fucked her instead. She guaranteed it. To be honest, she’s right.

I found out later that Marley and Lily had made some silly deal at some point to “lose it” together. Some stupid little pact they made with one another during some summer camp sleepover. Of course they were thinking it would be with two different guys on the same night, not with the same guy, at the same time, in the same bed. Personally I think it worked out best for everyone, especially me. Plus now I have an “anything I want” to hold over Kassidy’s head. I’m thinking next time Marley and Lily visit, Kassidy may have to join us!

Author’s note
Most of this story is true. Right up until Marley’s first orgasm, granted by my fingers. I just find it so much more satisfying when it ends the way I dreamed it that night.
In reality Kassidy poked her head in the door just after that and told us that the girls’ ride was looking for them because they were getting ready to leave. That brought and abrupt end to our fun that night.
I did eventually sleep with both of them, just not together. They were both as amazing as I thought they would be.
And yes, I did win my bet with Kassidy. I’m still thinking about what I’m going to demand of her.


2018-05-23 18:50:48
But you didn't eat them out to compare their tasty juices when you finished!


2017-04-29 21:03:11
I love this serie, can't wait till next chapter!

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