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Pet was a bad girl, and bad things happen to bad girls
This is my first submission away from my home site. I may not leave this up long, so please enjoy while it is here
Milik the Red

I Am Pet

There is only darkness. I am immersed in it, surrounded by a deep and enveloping blackness that is unbroken by even the slightest sliver of light. I can hear no sounds, not that I expect to. Our basement Sanctum is completely soundproofed. Master has ensured that no one on the outside would ever be able to hear my screams.

‘Silent! I need to be silent.’ I remind myself as thoughts both fearful and erotic flash through my mind. I want desperately for my fear to escape through my whimpers, but I know He would only consider this to be a weakness. That is the one thing I will never allow. So, I make no sound at all, save for my breath. This, too, I try to control. In this, at least, my efforts fail, and my breath comes deeper and more frantic as the moments continue to pass.

Soon, my toes grow numb as the unrelenting cold of the basement floor begins to suck the warmth from my feet. I am unsure of how long I've been down here. Not long in minutes perhaps, but long enough for my heart to race, and for my fear to rise in my belly. Despite this, and my natural urge to flee, I remain, unmoving, in the center of my circle. At least I desperately hope that is where I am. Considering Master’s mood, failing to follow even such a simple command would be… painful.

I am terribly afraid, but beyond my fear is a growing excitement. It is bubbling quietly in my blood for the moment, but I know it will soon be boiling hotly in my veins. I am like an addict, and my craving for what is to come, holds me in place despite my terror. It is then I feel the first trickle of moisture form in my cunt. 'My Master's cunt,' I remind myself.

As always, I am shocked that my body might react this way to what will soon happen to me. It is there though, hot and wet, and I almost whimper at this undeniable sign of my need. ‘Oh, my god, I’m such a fucking slut!’

Those words exist only in my mind. Forbidden to speak, I remain silent, moving not a muscle as I wait for Him, and for my punishment.

‘I am Pet. This is who I am.'

I had another name once, a name like other girls have. It was a name given to me by a mother who didn’t love me, and another inherited from a father who loved alcohol more than he loved his own daughter. It was a real name, but it had no real meaning, not to me anyway. Now, I am Pet. It is beautiful in its simplicity and rich with its meaning. I try not to think of the name I had before.

I am Pet now, and despite my failure, I know with absolute certainty that whatever happens to me, it will be only as much as I need. He will be sure of that. It is a calming thought. My trust in Him is absolute. I know that as much as my body belongs to him, so does my faith. I allow my mind to go quiet and I breathe in deeply.

Yes, it is still there. It is fainter now, but when I try, I can still smell the aroma of man-cum. I can still feel the thin residue on my face where I wiped it away. I feel it more thickly on my breasts and thighs, and on my back.

On those parts of my body, only my thin shirt and leggings have lifted the cum from my skin. I am not sure how many loads I wear. Three? Four? More? The number doesn't matter. What matters is that none of it is His. I have allowed myself to be defiled. I am certain that is why Master allowed me to wear my clothing when he sent me down here. I am sure they too will be cleansed, just as my body will be.

I have betrayed my Master!’ The piteous thought echoes in my mind. He, who saved me from myself, and from a life of unhappiness, and all because I chose to provoke his anger.

‘Oh, god! What have I done?!’ A better question at that moment might be, what was He going to do to me?

It is then that I hear the metal door clang open and the harsh, undiffused light flashes on from a single bulb. My eyes suddenly burn from the brightness, and I squeeze them shut for a moment, careful to keep my hands at my side.

Master grants me not a word as he walks toward the wall where a number of medieval looking cuffs, shackles and other binding devices hang upon iron pegs. A great sense of dread comes over me as I watch him impassively inspect the collection. I follow his gaze as best I can as it roams from one evil looking device to another. Possibilities play out in my mind as to what form of punishment I am to endure. Each dreadful scene spawned again and again by the particular type of binding that would be needed to secure me in its execution.

My heart races and my belly twists in a nauseating cocktail of fear and lust as I watch Him choose the device He will use to bind me. Finally, he lifts a set from its peg.

Silently, and showing no sign of mercy, he approaches and motions for me to hold out my wrists. My eyes plead piteously for mercy, and a quiver of fear crosses my lip as I behold what He carries. Each cuff is three inches wide and a quarter inch thick of stiff, black leather. I know from experience that they will offer no forgiveness when they are stressed and taut. Moreover, the fact that he chose this particular set, with its short connecting chain, speaks volumes about His intentions for me this night.

"Hold out your wrists, Pet," he says calmly, as if it means nothing. His tone carries a certainty that I will obey.

"Yes, Master," I respond meekly. I lift my arms and hold them close together in front of me, proving that he is right.

Silently, he draws each cuff so tightly around my slim wrists that I am wincing in pain before he even finishes lacing them. My heart pounds in my chest and the first tremble of the night runs through me as I feel their grip on my wrists. Swallowing nervously, I know it was but the first tremble of many I will feel before this night ends.

I watch as Master walks away. My nervous trembles turn to a stomach-wrenching fear as he begins to unspool a length of heavy chain from the mechanical winch mounted to our basement floor. My eyes must be wide with fear, and I almost make the mistake of whining out-loud, but I catch myself in time. Somehow, I manage to remain silent and still as he goes about his work.

Wordlessly, and seemingly without concern for my fear, he loops the chain from the winch through the wrought iron loop mounted in our basement ceiling. Outwardly, I remain passive as my training demands, but my heart is pounding in my chest as he draws it down and clamps the end to the center link of my shackle's short connecting chain. His dark and noble face is blank and emotionless as he goes about his task, but his choice of the whipping ring for my punishment tells me everything I need to know.

'I’ve really done it this time.'

The mechanical click-clank of the locking bolt slipping over the gears reverberates right into my bones, and I watch in morbid fascination as my Master calmly turns the handle. As the wooden spool goes round and round, the chain pulls back, dragging me under the Ring. My arms are drawn irresistibly upward and over my head until I am barely able to keep my feet on the cold, concrete floor. The final clank of the bolt dropping into place seems to pierce my skin, but after that, there is only silence.


I have been here before, of course. I have been a particularly difficult slave for Master to train and have often forced Him to punish me. Usually, my transgressions do not merit such… extreme measures. Only three times in the years I have been His, has he used the Ring.

The fact that I am here again brings these memories back, and my stomach swirls with conflict as I remember how this punishment felt. More worrisome to me is that in none of those times was Master so personally hurt by my failure.

My Master is a very wealthy man. When he discovered me, I was but a wretched, if attractive young woman, working at a meaningless job in my efforts to live an even less meaningful life.

He watched me for a time each day as I brought him his meal. He was polite and guarded, but something about him made my heart flutter. He is a man of few words, and that day, like the many days before and since, he spoke only when he had something to say. Even still, I felt as if I'd fallen into his orbit, and knew I could do nothing to escape his attraction. It was only when he finished his meal that day did he grab my arm in his powerful hand.

His touch was hot, and I felt as if an electric charge were suddenly flowing through me as he held my gaze. I did not resist or try to pull away. From the start, we both knew that I could never deny him.

"I am leaving now," he said calmly. "and you are coming with me."

I was thunder-struck. I should have laughed and told him, no! How could he even think I would just leave my job and follow him out? Yet, I could only nod. My entire body became a mass of nerves as I followed him out of the restaurant.


"Speak, Pet. Why do you reek of cum?"

Master's strong baritone snaps me out of my memories, and I resist the urge to meet his gaze. "Because I have allowed other men to use me, Sir." I respond honestly.

Lying to him now would be worse than useless. Besides, I had never intended to keep the truth from Him. That is why I didn't clean up before presenting myself to him in his study.

Master doesn't touch me, but I can feel his gaze burning into me. I can almost taste his anger, and his disappointment. With a single finger under my chin, He raises my head, forcing me to look into his dark and brooding eyes.

"This is my fault, isn't it, Pet?"

Instead of the anger I expect, there is only a sense of sadness in his voice. It is a mournful, pained tone that strikes me far more deeply than merely being cursed by his rage.

"No!," I protest, rebelling against the very idea that He might have caused my infidelity. "It is my failing, Sir! I am a worthless slut. I gave myself to those men!"

Master looks at me and a shadow of doubt darkens his already stern and stoic visage. "Really? So you are telling me you went to the spa and let more than one man fuck you? By the look of it, you were used quite roughly. I'm sure you were willing. Such an extreme act begs the question, Pet. Why? Why would you do that? If you needed to be used, why not come to me?"

The question pierces my heart and I freeze, unable to say the only answer I can possibly give.

Master takes my face in his hand and squeezes my cheeks between his fingers. "I won't ask again, Pet. Tell me why."

His touch sends me reeling, and my mind swims against the rising tide of conflict swirling in my heart. I could never deny his demands, yet in telling him the truth, I risk doing the one thing I've never dared do before. Question his need for me. Finally, unable to bare his displeasure, hot tears begin flowing down my face as the words spill uncontrollably from my lips.

"Because you have been so busy, Master. I needed your touch, but you have spent so many days working in your study. I needed to feel your love, even if it meant feeling your anger first."

Master sighs and steps back. His normally proud and confident air is lost, replaced by a look of sorrow I have never seen so pronounced on his face. Pulling his kerchief from his breast pocket, he wipes away my tears, along with the slight residue of cum from my lips.

"You see, Pet? This is my fault. I have a responsibility to provide you with all of your needs, yet I have failed to supply you with the love and attention you crave. I assure you, Pet. I will not forget my responsibility to you again, if you choose to remain with me."

A sudden terror fills my heart. "If I choose to remain, Sir? I have no desire to leave. I love you, Master!"

"Shush, Pet. I know how you feel, but you have done something today I cannot ignore. If I were to overlook your transgressions, our relationship would be forever changed. You would believe there was room for defiance. For deceit. This is something I cannot tolerate. I may have caused you to act out, Pet, but you still must accept punishment if you are to remain with me. So, the choice is yours. Do I release you now and have Jerome take you home to your old life? Or will you remain here and accept the consequences of your actions?"

I am instantly struck by his words. I was prepared for pain, I even crave it from him, but the thought of being cast out is more frightening to me than any punishment he might inflict on my flesh. "Please, Master!" I plaintively beg him while hanging by my arms. "Let me stay! I will accept my punishment! I need it! I need the pain and the pleasure you give me."

It is the simple and honest truth. To me, the pain of the whip and the pleasure of his touch are one and the same. Without one, the other is far less intense. Even before Master allows a smile to form on his lips, my nipples have hardened to solid little buds under my top.

"I believe you, my sweet girl. Still, I am going to do things to you, tonight. I am going to hurt you, but only as much as I feel you need to be hurt, do you understand?"

I pull on my restraints, subconsciously testing them as past memories of my punishments rush through my mind. Stinging pain. Aching muscles and the torment of cold and heat, all of these things I've endured, but none of it will equal what I'd earned this night. My pussy is actually dripping with moisture as my body reacts to the promise of so much stress, and my breath heaves in my chest as my lust becomes a fever. "I understand, Master. I want to be punished. I need it so badly."

Master nods as he removes his suit jacket and then his shirt. His powerfully muscled chest flexes under his smooth skin, making me whimper as I remember the raw strength of his body.

"I know you do, Pet." He replies. "You still have your safe word, but I caution you, using it will mean you've failed, and I will send you away. Are you willing to accept that?"

A shiver passes through me at his threat, but I swallow it down and nod to Him, determined to survive the night. "Yes, Sir. I won't fail you again. I promise." I am almost crying in fear, but not of the pain. My only fear is of losing my Master's love, and I am determined to prove I am worthy to serve Him.

"Very well, then let us begin." Master circles around me with his hands clenched behind his back. I am sorely tempted to turn and follow as best as I can with my feet barely touching the ground. I do not, though. I know any move I make without permission will only anger Him.

Already, my arms are beginning to ache. I can hear him moving behind me, gathering something from the rack. Is it a cane? A whip? My body trembles again, and I suppress another whimper as I hear him approach. Then, I feel him pull my shirt away at the small of my back, followed by the touch of cold steel on my skin.

"You are covered in their cum, Pet. Your clothes are soaked in it," he says as I hear the sound of shears cutting though the baby-blue cloth. "I'm going to cut them away, and then I will cleanse your body."

I say nothing as he cuts my tee up the middle of my back, following my spine upward to the nape of my neck. I feel the cloth part, and the rush of cool air is on my back. When he cuts though the top, his fingers brush my leather collar, the symbol of his ownership of me.

"I see you haven't removed it. Tell, me, Pet. Were you wearing my collar while these men fucked you?"

I shiver at the memory and a feeling of shame heats my cheeks. "Yes, Master. I was wearing your collar. I never remove it from my neck. You placed it there and only you may remove it."

Master nudges my shirt apart, baring my naked back without touching my skin at all. "It's good that you remember that."

I find myself wanting to lean back, craving the touch of his hand, but I sense I won't be allowed this until the residue of another man has been purged. When He moves away again, I feel bereft and alone, and I long to have him hold me. That's when I hear the hiss of the flog cutting through the air.

"Ahh, fuck!!" I scream as I feel its many tendrils fly across my back. My body jerks as the stinging pain surges through me. The sudden burn is greater than I expect and my legs fail, leaving me hanging by my wrists. I dangle there for a long moment, but then the warmth on my back melts into me, merging with a darker, more feral need. I'm suddenly burning with arousal, and I stand, offering my back to Him with a hunger I cannot control.

I hear the flog cut the air again and I brace myself for its bite. To my shock, it doesn't come. Instead, Master caresses my reddening skin with his hand. Oh, God, his touch is like a balm and I whimper in gratitude for his caress.

"Tell me, Pet. Tell me what those men did to you. I want you to tell me everything."

"They fucked me, Master. What more is there to tell?" The whip hisses again and this time it doesn't miss. I feel its kiss from the middle of my back all the way down to my ass. "Ahh, ouch!," I wince and I swallow my scream as my heart pounds in my chest.

I hear Master sigh. "No, that's not it, Pet. Let's start with where it happened. You are going to tell me every detail, and anytime I think you are hiding something, I'm going to mark your beautiful skin."

"Oh, God. Please. I'll tell you! It was in the sauna. I met them in the sauna!"

It's almost impossible to explain how his threats, threats of delivering the very pain I crave, affect me. It becomes a game, me daring him, yet trying to deny him reason to strike, while He, who would prefer not to raise his hand, seeks reason to make me writhe in pain. 'So, this will be my true punishment,' I realize. 'I will be forced to share with my Master every detail of my defilement.'

"It was after I had finished my laps in the pool, Master." I say, letting the memories flood back into my mind. "I wanted to spend some time in the sauna, warming myself. I should have kept my bikini on, under my robe, but I did not."

I feel the cold steel on my skin again as He finishes cutting away my top. Reaching from behind, he cups my firm breasts and pinches my nipples hard, making me hiss inwardly, sucking in my breath.

"The sauna is not a private place, is it, Pet?" He taunts me, digging his nails into my tender buds.

"No, Sir, " I gasp as the sting in my nipples spreads through my core. "Unh, fuck!" I say in a long moan. "Anyone could have come in while I was inside."

"This did not occur to you when you went in there, virtually nude?"

Masters voice is even, but I can sense something else in it. He is becoming aroused, and my body flushes with hot desire as I sense his need.

"No, Sir. I... Oh, God!" My explanation falls off and I clench my ass tightly as the cold steel of the scissors slides between my cheeks. I feel the soft embrace of my yoga pants fail as Master begins cutting them away.

"You're lying to me, Pet." He says as his hands caress my exposed bottom. "You were hoping a man would come in and see you, yes? Tell me why." He pushes the remains of my pants away, exposing my naked ass to the cold, basement air.

"Yes, Master. I... I wanted to been seen. I needed to be wanted." A hiss in the air follows my admission and I scream again as the flog bites into the tender flesh of my ass.

"Ahh! Ow! Oh, God, that hurts!" I scream as I again pay for my deception. My bottom is burning with heat, and I pull up hard on my restraints as, too late, I try to dance away from the blow.

"I see, Pet," He replies as if he hadn't heard me yell. Then he gently caresses my inner thigh with the soft leather, causing my pussy to clench in lurid frustration. "Continue, please. I assume a man did, indeed come into the sauna with you?"

"Yes, Sir," I reply, breathlessly, trying to control my excitement. "There were two. They came in wearing only their trunks. I could feel their eyes on me, Sir. I could see them undressing me with their gaze."

Master rubs his hand over my crimson cheeks, cooling the heat left by the flog. I try to spread my thighs, hoping He will grant me His touch on my sex, but I am denied. His fingers only dance near my slit, ripping a frustrated moan from my throat.

"So, what happened next, Pet?" Master asks, seemingly unimpressed with my pleas.

"They asked me my name." I gasp as Master's hand brushes lightly between my lips, letting my dew leak out onto his fingers.

"And how did you respond?"

"I told them, I am Pet."

Master responds by thrusting his fingers into my hole, making my legs tremble as he fucks me with them. The sudden penetration makes me moan as my muscles contract around his stiff digits.

I feel my lips being parted and suddenly I am being filed and stretched as his fingers slide into me. My thighs grow tight and my hips roll uncontrollably as I clasp desperately around him. "Yes, yes, please, Master, don't stop! Oh, fuck, please don't stop touching me."

Master's lips brush my ear and I can feel his hot breath on my neck as he whispers to me. "Then continue with your story, Pet. Or must I whip you again?"

"No, Sir! Please, I'll tell you! The man was shocked. They both were. I could see that in their eyes. One of them, his name was Rich, asked me if my collar belonged to my Master. I told him, it did."

"You told a stranger of our arrangement? You do remember that I have forbidden you to reveal your position to outsiders, do you not?" I can hear his anger return and he pulls his hand away from my sex, leaving me feeling empty and desperate for his touch.

Being denied his touch hurts worse than the flog, and my voice breaks as hot tears form in my blue eyes. "I remember, Sir. I... Just couldn't resist him. He asked me if I was a submissive, a sex slave and I told him I was. Please, forgive me, Sir. When I am like this, I- I cannot lie to a man."

"Forgiveness is for tomorrow, Pet," The threat starts as nothing more than a whisper in my ear, but I catch just a hint of exertion as his voice pitches up and my heart skips a beat as his hand lands with a hard slap on my ass.

"Unh!" I cry out as his fingers dig into the soft flesh of my bum. My body shakes under my restraints and a fresh sting etches the shape of his palm into my mind. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Sir!" I beg, but all the while, my nipples remain hard as bullets, and all I can think is that I want him to spank me again.

"Tonight is for amends," Master finishes, rubbing my other cheek. "and by the time I'm done with you, Pet..."

His hand leaves my ass before He finishes speaking and comes down hard, filling the room with the loud crack of another hard slap burning into my bottom!

"Ahh, ow! Oh, my God, thank you Sir."

Master slips his arm around my bare waist while his other remains on the burning rise of my ass. "You like that, don't you, Pet?"

"Yes," I reply, trembling at the unfulfilled promise of his touch.

Master turns me toward him and tenderly kisses my lips. I am swooning into his embrace when he rakes his fingers hard over my clit, making me moan deeply into his mouth. I'm dying to hold him, to slip my arms around his neck, but instead, I can only hang helplessly by my wrists.

Bringing my thoughts to my arms, to my bondage, reminds me of my plight. I feel so much pain from the stinging redness in my skin and the growing ache in my shoulders that I can focus on nothing else, nothing save the strumming touch of his fingers on my clit. The dueling sensations war in my mind, melting together until I cannot tell one from the other.

Master's lips suck on my throat as his fingers ply through my wetness, and I feel a delicious pressure building in my core. He is playing my body like a violin, creating a symphony of sensations that wrack me so hard I can barely stand. "Please, Sir," I beg, "Please let me come. I need it so badly! Please, don't stop!"

His fingers slide away from my pulsing button, leaving me so frustrated I almost scream. "You haven't answered my question, Pet. I've asked you what happened in the sauna, but you don't seem to want to tell me. Maybe these will help convince you to behave." From his pocket, He dangles a pair of nipple clamps in front of my eyes. They sway before me on their golden chain and my nipples throb at the memory of blissful torture they bring.

I feel myself trying to pull away, but the shackles on my wrists pull me back, and I can only dance uselessly as Master clamps first one and the other to my stiff and sensitive nips. I whimper as I feel them bite and then I gasp out loud as He fingers the chain, causing them to pull painfully on my distended buttons. "Ow, shit, that hurts, Master!"

"I know, Pet. Do you want to tell me now? Or should I attach some weights to the chain?"

The clamps bite harshly, sending bolts of electric pleasure racing through me. I can no longer tell where the pain stops and the pleasure begins. I want to scream and shake until my whole body explodes in orgasm, but I can only stand there, almost hanging by my arms as Master again drags the leather of the flog over my inner thighs.

It takes all my strength to take my mind off of what's happening to me and focus on those men in the sauna. Deep down, I know Master is aware of how hard this is for me, and I realize this is as much part of my trial as is my torment. I swallow hard and close my eyes, bringing my thoughts back to those men, and to my defilement at their hands.

"Rich told me to let him see my breasts. I knew I should not, Master, but something inside me snapped, and knew I couldn't resist. I felt compelled, Sir, as if I could not refuse. I shed my robe from my shoulders, letting it slide down around my waist."

Master stands so close to me as I speak that I can feel his chest brushing my nipples. My breasts are large, and he mashes them between us, causing the clamps to bite painfully into me. The pain is delicious and I press back, trying to feel anything that might take my mind off my shame.

With his arms around me, and his hands resting on my ass, I can feel the leather of the flog brushing the backs of my thighs. Master grinds his erection into my belly, showing me how aroused he has become.

"Continue," He commands, sliding his fingers under my ass until I feel him slipping inside me.

"Unh, yes, Master. They came to me... Oh God, Sir, please touch my clit!"

"Earn it, Pet. Tell me what they did." His fingers delve deeply inside me, making me want to rise up on my toes.

"Ah, fuck... They began touching me, Sir. They fondled my breasts, playing with me! They were squeezing them. Oh god, they sucked them until I couldn't take it anymore."

"How did that make you feel?" He whispers, rubbing a single finger over my clit.

His touch sends a hot jolt through me and my eye glaze as I concentrate on his touch. "Good, Master. It felt so good!" I feel my body heating as his fingers brush over my clit. The pleasure overwhelms my aches, and I gasp as the first stirrings of my orgasm surface, but just as I feel it rise in my core, Master pulls away.

"No!! Please let me come," I beg, but Master just glosses his wet finger over my lips, silencing me.

"Shush... You are a bad girl, Pet," He says and begins flicking the flog over my thighs, making my skin burn in dozens of places. I squeal and jerk, dancing under my restraints as he tenderizes my skin, until I'm beside myself in pain and frustration.

"What happened next!" He snaps, bringing the flog up and laying it hard across my sex.

"Ow! Fuck." I yelp as the leather snaps against my wet flesh. "Please, Master. Not again. Please no more. I'll tell you, I promise, I'll tell you everything!"

Once again, Masters tone changes, becoming sweet and understanding. "I know you will, Pet," He says, shushing me. Then he brushes my matted, dark hair from my face.

Kissing me softly, He removes my clamps, causing me to gasp. before he sucks each into his mouth. Oh, God, the sweet relief of his mouth on my nipple makes me swoon. I long to wrap my arms around his head and hold him to me. Remembering his command, I continue my story.

"The other man, Allen, I think he said his name was, he pulled out his cock and put my hand on it. He was so hard, Sir... Ahh yes, bite me like that, Master," I yelp as his teeth sink into my nipple.

Master kisses my nipple again and then he turns and walks away. "I can taste his cum on your skin, Pet. You must have done more than hold his cock."

"Yes," I tell Him as he goes to the basin and soaks a sponge in the cold water. "I... I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth." I suddenly feel the cold as I watch Him wet that sponge. My heart skips a beat and my belly knots as Master returns.

"You sucked his cock?" Master asks as he squeezes the sponge over my breasts,

I shiver and gasp "Yes," as the cold water runs over my skin, shuddering from the frigid bite. I can feel my aching nipples harden, and I moan helplessly as He wipes my chest clean. Then, with my nipples hard as pebbles, he clamps me again, making me cry out against their bite.

"Ahh! Fuck," I plead, but a fresh burst of moisture fills my sex, and I find myself panting, no longer able to distinguish the pain from the pleasure.

Master slips his hand over my cunt and begins rubbing my clit with an insidious rhythm that soon has my legs trembling.

"And then?" Master asks, plunging his fingers deeply into me again.

"Oh, my God... " I gasp, trying to focus. When I try again, I can barely speak. "Rich, the other man, he came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on me, on my ass." I swallow hard, trying to concentrate as Master inches me closer to my release. I hurry my story, trying to be good so that He might finally let me come.

"Were you on your knees, Pet?" He asks as his finger continues to flick over my clit.

"Yes," I gasp, feeling my juices seep out. Warm pressure is building in my belly and my head falls back as I try to embrace the sweetness of his touch.

"Did he pull your hair? Was he rough..." Masters touch becomes heavy, and he slaps my pussy hard, making me shudder in his grip.

"Ah, God, yes! He pulled my hair, Master. He held me while his friend fucked my throat!"

I'm literally shaking as I re-live the moment, and my whole body is buzzing with sensations. I remember how it felt as his thick head flowed over my tongue, forcing its way down my throat. I felt helpless, and used. I could hear him grunt each time he sank into me, and each time I choked or gasped, he just shoved himself deeper into my throat.

My body rocked as each man used my holes. One, driving me forward, pounding his hard cock into me and forcing me back, only to be speared, in turn, by the other. My throat was being chaffed by Allens's thick, bulbous head, while Rich rammed his cock into me so hard my entire body quivered under his powerful thrusts. My knees were scuffed on the floor and my face was flushed red. I was being the slut I was born to be, and I loved every brutal minute of it.

I feel so raw and tender as I tell Master of my defilement. Every touch on my skin, and every ache in my body is etched in fire in my mind. I need to come so badly that I feel like I'm going to scream. Breathlessly, I watch as Master fumbles with his belt.

"Don't stop, Pet, he snarls as he pulls out his cock. "Tell me more! I want to hear how they used you."

"Allen, the guy I was sucking, he came first, Master. He pulled his cock from my mouth and jacked off on me until his cum splashed all over my face. I rose as he came, and it dripped down and ran all over my breasts."

Master is stroking his cock as I speak, making his organ long and hard as it throbs in his hand. My pussy is clenching as I watch, drooling with need as masters fingers rake over my clit.

Masters voice became strained and I could feel his lust begin to override his gentleman's restraint. Through clenched teeth, his next words came as more a growl than speech. "Is that when the other man came, Pet? Did he come all over you?"

"Yes," I moan. "He- he pulled out of me... Oh, God, Master... He shot his load all over my back. It felt so hot on my skin. I could feel it all pooling on me, and dripping on my ass. The scent, Master. The smell of their cum was everywhere."

"Then he slid his cock back inside my cunt. He didn't get soft, Sir. Not that time. His friend made me suck him again. They... They took turns on me... Fucking me, and making me suck them until they got hard again. They came all over me, Sir, and then they came inside me."

By the time I finish, my whole body is aching with my need to peak. I'm like a bitch in heat, and more than anything, I need to be fucked. My eyes are fixated on Masters cock and I scream as he lifts me and slams his raging erection into my hot, clenching hole.

"Yes! Fuck me, Master!" I groan as his cock forces its way into me. My arms ache, and my shoulders burn as I hang from my restraints. I can only lock my legs around him as he grips my hips, pulling me down hard onto his invading shaft.

Master's eyes are filled with lust as he drills into me. I can see the feral need in his face and he holds me so tightly that I know He will leave me be bruised when He is done with me. He doesn't come easily. His lust is too great to be sated so quickly. I feel him plunging into me, fucking me hard and using my sheath to masturbate his cock inside me until I feel I may pass out. I'm coming hard on him, panting and writhing until I feel him pulse and throb in my cunt. With a low, animalistic groan, Master cums, filling me with his seed, and reclaiming my body as his own...


I must have passed out, for when I awaken, I am in my bed, nestled in the cool comfort of my sheets. I ache all over, but it is a warm pleasant ache that only reminds me of my ordeal. When I open my eyes, I see my Master sitting in his chair, smoking a cigar. He sees me and a caring smile appears on his beautiful face.

"I am proud of you, Pet," he says. "and I forgive you, my precious." Then He leans in and kisses me softly, before saying those words I long to hear.

"You are such a good girl..."


2017-05-17 03:15:34
Hoo boy. That was just perfect. This is exactly the kind of story that I absolutely love to read. And it's very well written too. Plus it has an interesting perspective and does the 'show, don't tell' so very very well. No introduction needed, the relationship and background is nicely woven into these characters themselves and the little flashbacks at appropriate times, just perfect. Well done, truly.


2017-05-16 10:34:23
I loved this story. I've reread over and over. It is the perfect mix of pain and pleasure without losing what is so special about these relationships. Please write more I look forward to reading more of your work


2017-05-08 23:58:09
Thank you, asha. I have many more and shall post them should the readers here continue to enjoy my work.


2017-05-08 11:13:46
I want this as a book! You are an amazing author! Dont stop!

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