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Tiel had just finished his first year at college. It had been the experience he had always been waiting for. He was free at college, free to be himself, but even so, he was still not out. Tiel had known he was bisexual for several years, however, he had always played the straight game. Having grown up straight, it was so much easier to just keep dating girls than have to admit to everyone that he had had plenty of crushes on guys too. To make matters worse, Tiel wasn't in the least bit attracted to his gay friends. He couldn't stand the stupid accent that many gay guys embrace or the feminity inherent to so many. He had the unique disposition of only liking girls that were unavailable and his straight guy friends. It made things easier that Tiel hadn't ever been attracted to his best friend at home or school, but his other guy friends, they were just so fucking hot he couldn't help but fantasize about them secretly coming out to him and the ensuing sexual escapades they would have. But in order for the right guy to find him, Tiel would have to put himself out there, which would mean explaining to his friends and family that he was bi. No one would judge him for it, in fact, many would be happy that they could go shopping with him, despite the fact that he hated shopping, yet he just didn't want people to look at him differently, to think he was a different person. He always had been and always will be, Tiel.

Freshman year was great, the girls were smart, pretty, and willing, and he had managed to get to get in with a bunch of different annoyingly hot guy friends, but he still hadn't found someone he was willing to risk coming out for...too many possible rejections. That is, until he met Jack. Jack and Tiel had around forty mutual friends but had never actually met. Of course, they knew who each other were cause Tiel had seen Jack act in plays and Jack had heard crazy stories about Tiel, but they remained anonymous strangers. However, that summer, a bunch of Tiel's friends were in town (New York) for the summer at various internships and they all got together for drinks at some random dive bar. They brought along Jack and Tiel and him hit it off immediately. They had hardly anything in common but conversation seemed to come naturally between them. They soon were pretty drunk and laughing their asses off as different friends left and showed up at the bar. That night they went their separate ways but certaintly didn't forget about one another. Tiel went home buzzed and thinking about Jack. He was so nice Thought, Tiel, and fucking gorgeous! Jack was one of those all american beauties, crew cut blond hair, blue eyes, and a great smile. It had been pretty easy for Tiel to guess at his body type through his clothes, muscular but with a cute little layer of baby fat smoothing the muscles out but not covering up the veins. Tiel was the opposite, a bit taller, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and more of a corded body with shapely pecs he was proud of. He liked to keep a little layer of stubble just to darken his features. But what Tiel was most proud of was his dick, 7.5 inches of cut Italian stallion meat that had never failed to impress the ladies. During the evening, Tiel had managed to sit as close as possible to Jack, every now and then their arms would touch and it would send a jolt of electricity through Tiel's spine. Jack didn't seem to notice, but it was enough to give Tiel plenty to think about sitting in the bathroom at home lightly rubbing his cock up and down. He imagined Jack following him home and speaking up just as Tiel unlocked his door. Jack would approach him nervously, not sure what to say, and Tiel would revel in the tension, closing the door and stepping closer to him. Jack would stand there, a couple inches below Tiel, his breath hot on Tiel's skin, he'd look up, and just grin saying, "Oh fuck it!" And go in for the kiss. That was about as far as the fantasy got before Tiel's eyes rolled back into his head and spurt after spurt of hot cum landed in the toilet bowl he was sitting reversed on.

Over the next month Tiel hung out with Jack more than any of his other friends. It didn't feel awkward though, they would both joke about how they'd only known each other for 2, 3, and then 4 weeks as they introduced one another to their friends. Most people couldn't believe it, they just seemed so comfortable around one another, they thought they were childhood friends. Tiel couldn't find it any more frustrating. As more and more time passed, he became more and more crazy about Jack. And yet, it seemed like he was hardly hiding it, but Jack didn't ever become standoffish, it was almost as if the feeling was mutual. When people joked about them, Jack would smile and laugh and just say, "Wouldn't we make a great couple?" It was a thing all straight guys like them did: try and out gay one another. So Tiel would just stand by Jack and whisper completely audibly, "Shut up, that was supposed to be a secret!" Jack would pretend to blush and they'd all share a laugh. But for Tiel, it was getting a little ridiculous.

One night, Tiel, Jack, and a cute girl friend of Jack's from work went out to this hole in the wall bar and started off the night with some good old fashioned beer pong followed by shots and drinks. Jack had prefaced the night by calling dibbs on the girl, Hannah, but it seemed as though Tiel was making much better headway as it got later. Eventually they were all shiny faced and wobbly when Hannah announced that she had to get home now if she had any hope of being functional the next day, so she bid then adieu and Tiel began to walk Jack cross town to put him on the subway.

"Yo, looks like your dibbs is worth shit." Tiel joked as they walked.

"Dude, you didn't have any luck either." Jack's voice seemed much clearer than it had ten minutes earlier when Hannah was around.

"Whatever, lightweight."

"Psht, you're just pissed I'm not drunk enough for you to take me home yet." Tiel was thankful that the dark streets concealed his blush. KISS ME!!

"Shhh" He recovered, allowing them to laugh a bit as they continued on.

The walk became silent after the last couple of comments and they both drifted side to side on the sidewalk. When stoops forced them to get closer to keep side by side their arms often made contact while swinging about. At one particularly narrow portion of the sidewalk, their hands brushed rather obviously, "Dude, we almost held hands there." Jack joked to himself giggling. Tiel closed his eyes, he was on fucking edge and Jack just kept pushing him. Finally, he opened his eyes again afraid he might walk into something and looked over at Jack, the kid was just staring at him and grinning. His smile was so seductive that Tiel couldn't help but smile in return, pissed the Jack had such an effect on him.

This was it, Tiel thought, his heart pounding, Jack was sending him all the signals, why couldn't he just act. "Oh fuck it!" He yelled exasperately and grabbed Jack by the collar throwing him up against a wall and forcing him into a kiss. Jack yelped in surprise when he hit the wall but was calmed by the sudden kiss. He parted his lips, allowing Tiel's tongue to reach back farther and they stood there for a full minute, Tiel pushing Jack up against the wall, probing his mouth as forcefully as he could, desperate to get all of the tension out of his system. Jack's hands wandered around Tiel's back until his right hand found Tiel's left arm (since his right was still holding Jack's shirt), sliding down the length of the arm, now propped against the wall, until he was on Tiel's hand. Not breaking the kiss, he guided Tiel's hand to his groin before doing the same. Tiel was plesently surprised to find a sizeable hardon throbbing in Jack's pants. After an amazing make out and rub session Tiel broke the kiss and leaned back, not letting go of Jack's bulge or his shirt collar, "You fucker, you wanted this just as much as me!"

"How was I supposed to know?"

"Could I have been any more obvious without holding up signs!"

Tiel couldn't restrain himself and pulled Jack in for another kiss.

"You said you were straight!" Jack retorted between kisses.

Another kiss. "I'm fucking bi man."

Tiel let go of Jack's shirt and bulge and wrapped his arms around him, grinding into him while their lips were locked. Finally saying, "Shit, I can't keep this up, I need to have you right now!" He fell to his knees and started to unbuckle Jack's belt before a worried hand clamped down on his,

"Dude, not right here, we're in the fucking street!"

"Then where then?"

Jack looked around, trying to find a secluded spot, deciding upon a dark playground surrounded by a high fence. Satisfied, he pointed it out to Tiel and they clasped hands and ran for it, eager to pick up where they left off. Tiel pressed him up against the fence for a quick kiss before scrambling over quickly followed by Jack. The playground's fence was surrounded by bushes so as long as they stayed low, there was little to no chance of them being caught. Hunger taking them once more, they ripped off each others shirts, stopping only for a second to admire one another's physique with their hands. Tiel's own chest had a light covering in hair that ran down the line in the center of his abs, but happily noted that Jack's chest remained hairless except for a dark blond happy trail leading into his pants. Desparate to follow the trail, Tiel pushed Jack onto his back on the ground worked off his belt buckle and pants, sliding them down his legs and off. Jack's penis had reached below his boxers and in its rock hard state pushed them up revealing a portion of his balls. Leaning in close, Tiel licked the top of Jack's dick before pushing it down and then yanking the boxers over it and off. Free to stand tall, Jack's cock sprung to life at a full height of around 7 inches with an ever so slight curve the left. Hungry for it, Tiel grabbed the bottom of the shaft with his right hand and swallowed the head, all the while cupping and rolling Jack's balls with his left hand. Jack moaned slightly and his dick spasmed causing Tiel to smile on it delighted that he was giving this adonis pleasure. Tiel's tongue danced around Jack's head as he pulled more and more into his throat, alternately pumping and squeezing the bottom of the shaft. Jack's breathing quickened, so Tiel, eager to receive his reward for hard work pushed Jack's cock as far back into his throat as he could without gagging, squeezing and pumping as fast as he could and abandoning Jack's balls to slip a couple fingers into his hot ass just before wave after wave of hot cum hit the back of Tiel's throat and mouth which he gobbled up. Pulling himself off of Jack's still mostly hard tool he licked every last drop from the shaft before lying down next to Jack, sated.

Jack's beautiful chest heaved up and down from the experience and he looked over at Tiel, grinning hugely, "You're not done yet!" He pushed himself up onto one muscled arm and then straddled Tiel, lowering himself onto him and a romantic kiss. Of their own accord, Tiel's hips pushed up into Jack, wanting attention of their own, and Jack pulled out of the kiss to Tiel's disappointment, which was soon replaced by ecstasy as Jack started to suck on his neck. Tiel had always had a weakness for someone kissing his neck, and Jack was exploiting that in the most unfair way. Leaving trails of kisses, Jack moved his way down Tiel's chest, nibbling briefly on each nipple before lightly blowing on them and working his way down the center of Tiel's abs until he was at his crotch. In what seemed like practiced efficiency, Jack unbuckled Tiel's belt, undid his jeans, yanked them off and had his boxers ten feet away in a matter of seconds. Tiel didn't even have time to react before Jack swallowed his dick whole. Jack's nose was in Tiel's pubic hair as Tiel's throbbing member took refuge in the back of his throat. Teasing him, Jack pulled Tiel's cock out of his mouth slowly before licking his way down to Tiel's balls, sucking on each one for a second. Jack suddenly sat up, locating his pants and pulled out his wallet and a condom. Throwing them back aside he pulled out the condom a quickly rolled it over his newly erect penis as he went back to work on Tiel's cock, pushing it back into his throat once more. Tiel had only a few seconds in his ecstacy before Jack sat back again, only to grab Tiel's ankle's in each hand and lift them and his legs forward over Tiel's chest. Pushing them both into one hand, he used to the other to center his dick on Tiel's asshole. Tiel winced as Jack began to push in, but the condom was lubbed and he had stuck enough random household objects up there to be prepared enough, but the first cock is always different. It was if a void he had never known was there was suddenly being filled and Jack sheathed his member balls deep in him. The feeling was amazing. Letting go of his ankles, Jack grabbed Tiel's hips with both hands and began to pound into him, flashing one of his amazing smiles. Tiel snarled in response and grabbed his own dick as his prostate received a deep massage. Jack pounded into him faster and faster in beat with Tiel's savage masturbating and they both began to pant heavily as they mutually approached orgasms. Suddenly Tiel unleashed wild spurts of hot jism all over his own chest and Jack followed seconds later by pushing in as deep as he could and slowing to a standstill filling up the condom with his own seed. Disappointed that the condom got it all, Tiel made a mental note that they would both have to get tested in the near future to see if those could be dispensed with. Jack pulled out of Tiel and toppled over backwards panting heavily, not bothering to take the condom off as Tiel's legs came down on top of him, in his own exhaustion.

When they both had recovered, they silently went about the playground collecting their things and pulling them on, Jack pulling off the condom and stuffing it back into the case to throw away. When they were dressed, they climbed back over then fence and recommenced their walk in silence.

It was Jack who first broke it by saying, "So, I'm not sure that I want everyone to know about this yet, I just don't know... you know?"

Struck by the blow, Tiel recovered, "Yeah, definitely, we can keep this between us, I mean, this being tonight, unless you want this to happen again..."

"Well, I just figured it would be a one time thing, unless–"

"–No that's cool...So listen, uh, I gotta get home, I'm gonna walk down this way, just take that street up and you'll hit the Union Square stop where you can just hop on the R back to your place."

"Sweet man, so I guess...I'll see ya around then."

"Definitely, peace."

Tiel turned down the 12th street allowing Jack to keep walking up University. His thoughts were racing, Holy shit, I just had sex with a man, Jack! Wow, he just fucked me. It was awesome, fuck, he's awesome! What the hell am I doing, we're just gonna leave it out that? Tiel couldn't go any further and just paced back and forth, a nervous wreck. Suddenly, I've got to catch him! He turned back towards University and ran as fast as he could, turning the corner he started sprinting towards Union Square before a familiar voice stopped him,

"Hey, where's the fire?"

Tiel turned to see Jack sitting cross legged at the corner he had just come across. Obvious worry across his face covered up momentarily by one of his trademark smiles. Melting where he stood Tiel approached him, sliding down the wall next to him, "In my pants you little fucker." They laughed together and Tiel leaned his head on Jack's shoulder.

"I thought you were gonna let me get on that subway..."

"I almost did."

"What now?"

"It's a long summer..."

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