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My name is Angelique.I am a 20 year old half English/ Half French, Bisexual girl living in London with my lover and partner Heidi. This is the true story of how, because of my Favourite Aunt's "Openness" towards Nudity and Sex and my incredibly high Sex Drive I Blackmailed the guy I chose to take my virginity during the Summer School Holidays. And how subsequently he taught me to be a true Sex Addict.
I am a very Petite Half French/ Half English Bisexual Girl.
And I am told I am quite attractive to both sexes.
I am 5 ft 2 inches tall, Brunette ,My measurements are. 32.B-22-34 ...I weigh 98 pounds....I am ALWAYS Shaved and I just got my Clit pierced.
This is the true story of how I lost my Virginity......I hope you all enjoy my story.
With Love.

When I was 13, I was sent to spend the summer holidays with an aunt who had a small farm in Dorset, South England about 30 mins drive from Southampton.
My family wanted me out of the way I think as there was trouble in their marriage. My aunt is an old Hippy from the 60's, free love and peace man, a really lovely lady who I love deeply. She seemed never to judge me and left me to learn and experience life for my self. I was there from July to September. Being privately educated at a girl's school meant I had longer holidays than the state sector.
There were 3 cousins there at the same time as me. They were then 12,14 and 16, and they were boys. My aunt had a home made pool in her garden and encouraged us to swim and play naked.
She was all for naturism and not being ashamed of our bodies.
We would often see her and my "uncle", the guy she lived with, wandering around naked as well. Even the visitors who came to stay would wander about naked and we would often all go to the stream that ran through the farm for picnics, where we all, including the guests would lay around and talk, swim, play and eat naked, and so I soon got used to being naked in front of anyone, even the delivery men whose eyes would pop out seeing me standing there in front of them without any shame.
We were all expected to wear something at meal times in the main house and so I had pinched a vest from my aunt's partner and got her to tie-dye it for me like she did in the 60's, when I put it on it was like a very short mini dress, I would just slip it on, no underwear, and go and eat. As soon as we had finished I would leave and usually slip it off and go nude again. I loved the feeling of the sun on my body and the freedom it gave me.
I slept away from the main house in a caravan that was connected to the mains from an out building, so I had all the facilities, but my own private space.
They had an old rambling farm house house, it was quite large with about 6 bedrooms, and people just came and went as they pleased. Artists, poets, writers and so on, no one famous though. They were both very Bohemian and "arty", my aunt did pottery, tile making and quilting. My "uncle" was an artist. He painted, drew, did etchings and sculpted and made bronzes. He wasn't very successful, but we all thought he was good. He would often ask me to pose for him for sketches,
I realise now that he always got me to pose naked, and as I did gymnastics and ballet at school he would get me to pose in some very exposed and uninhibited positions like the crab, doing the splits, or sometimes with things like a bow and arrow or spear, like a female warrior.
My uncle also got my oldest cousin and me to pose in erotic and sexual positions, as if we were caressing each other or making love, and then he would sketch us.
My cousin would often spend these sessions with an erection, but I never let him slip it into me, although he often tried.
And despite being permanently naked in front of him my this "uncle" never touched me in an inappropriate way.

There was an old out building at the far end of the Farm Yard that we called the "Wendy House", and me and my cousins would often go in there to play. It was in there things first started to happen. Remember we were all naked and the boys were fascinated with my nude body. I had no boobs, just "Bee Stings" as my aunt put it, and very little pubic hair.
I am not that hairy even now, so I am always smooth, I find it more erotic when I watch myself being fucked, and the guys I know love me smooth.
I was also fascinated with their bodies as well and the differences there were between a 12,14 and 16 year old boy. They would like to touch me all over, and I was happy to let them. In exchange they let me play with them, and I started to look forward to touching their erect cocks and stroking their bodies, while they played with me.
Then one day, my oldest cousin started to wank himself while we watched. I had never seen this done before and I couldn't believe it when he came. It shot every where, but mostly on me, as he was standing over me and my face was about 18 inches in front of his cock so I could get a good look. I got his cum all over my tits and face. They all laughed, and so did I. Strangely I made no attempt to wipe it off I just rubbed it into me. My other 2 cousins then did the same. The 14 year old managed to cum, but the 12 year old sort of came but virtually nothing came out.
Then they looked at me and asked me what I did.
I had been wanking for about a year. I had started at school. Some of the older girls at my school had seduced me in the dormitories, and they regularly used to get me to play with them and then they would play with me. I think I was one of only 3 younger girls that the 6th year girls chose for this.
So I laid back and wanked myself as hard as I could with my legs spread wide apart so the boys could see everything.
Christ it was so horny for me...and they couldn't stop touching me as I did it.
After that the boys would often wank themselves, sometimes I would help them and they would cum on me. I loved to feel them spurt their warm cum onto my body.
A couple of weeks later my oldest cousin produced a porn DVD he had got from my aunt's room. She hid them there from us, and we put it on the TV in the "Wendy House".It showed a girl and 2 guys, whose cocks she sucked before they fucked her. I was intrigued and wondered what it would be like to suck a guys cock.
A few days later when we were all in the "Wendy House" having a wanking session I put my oldest cousin's cock into my mouth and started to suck him off. The poor sod lasted about 30 seconds and came down my throat and all over my face. The others then asked for the same and so I obliged. The rest of the holiday was spent with me sucking their dicks in exchange for them licking my pussy.
My oldest cousin was always trying to fuck me but I wouldn't let him.

Later that year me and 2 other friends from school were staying with another friend from our class. Her parents were very wealthy and they had an indoor pool. We used to like to skinny dip and lay about around the pool naked together, her parents were cool about that, especially her father, and we used to giggle at the silly excuses hI soon found out.
He moved his hand round to my little pussy and started to discreetly stroke and play with it. I know I shouldn't have but I opened my legs slightly and he slipped his finger in. He started to give me the most fantastic under water finger fuck, I don't think the others were aware of what he was doing to me under the water, I didn't care, and I don't know how I didn't scream when I came. I just sort of shuddered. Later the other 3 got out and went to get a drink, but I deliberately hung around so that I was left in the pool alone with him.
He came over smiling at me and said. " You enjoyed that didn't you Angelique ?"
I looked at him and just said "Yes" and then he started to touch me again, all over this time, as there was no one else in the pool to see what was going on. By now I was really getting to enjoy letting guys touch my body so I was happy to let him feel me everywhere while I enjoyed the feeling of the water and his hands on me.
I admit I was really hot for it and was feeling a bit dizzy with all the feelings and emotions going on in my body and so as I let him feel me I reached out and started to touch his cock. It was now quite hard and so I started to wank him under the water. He seemed to get bigger and harder and the he stopped me and told me to get out of the pool.
He took my hand and we went over to a sun lounger on the side of the pool and told me to lie down, and all the time he kept telling me what a dirty little girl I was and how he was going to show me what it was all about, it was really exciting me.
I laid on the sun lounger and he knelt down and opened my legs and started to give me oral sex. He really knew what he was doing, not like my cousins. His tongue went up and down my slit and deep into my pussy as he licked it all over and soon he got me to come. Then he got up and got between my legs to fuck me. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my little slit....I was so wet. Then just as he was about to push his cock into my pussy I wriggled and quickly slid out from under him. There was no way I wanted to let this old guy fuck me.
He looked surprised and I knew I had to do something for him, so I quickly knelt down in front of him and started to suck his cock. He went on for ages and he pushed his dick as far down my throat as it would go. That was my first introduction to gagging at 13 years old with a guy of about 48. Eventually he started to make a grunting sound and his cock started jumping in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into him. His cock was rammed so deep down my throat I could hardly breathe, and he came what seemed buckets of cum. It made me choke and I coughed it up, His cock was so far down my throat his cum shot out of my nostrils. All the time he kept saying things like " Go on, take that you little slut " and " I'm going to fuck your throat you little whore". After he came we just sat there looking at each other.
He must have started to feel a bit guilty because he started to try to be nice to me, but I was in a state of shock at what I had just done and I just picked up my towel and ran back to my room.
That night I laid in bed and thought about it.
At first I was a bit shocked with what I had done, but then I started to get aroused at what I had done. I loved the things he said to me about being a dirty little whore and a little slut and telling me what he wanted to do to me. I got really hot , especially as the others didn't know, and I got so turned on I had to bring myself to a couple of orgasms before I calmed down enough to get to sleep..
The next day he spoke to me, and I agreed to meet him in the pool again when nobody was around.
By the end of the week I had played about in the pool a few more times with him, I couldn't seem to keep away from him and I started to look forward to it. Each time it was the same he would touch me all over and then play and lick my pussy and then he would try to fuck me. The only way I could stop him from forcing his cock into me was to let him gag me with his cock and pump his load down my throat.
I loved the way I could turn this mature man on with my little body, and the ability I seemed to have to keep him coming back for more of me each time. It made me feel that I had some secret power over him. I was also strangely turned on by his treatment of me. I liked to hear him tell me the things he wanted to do to me and I loved being called a slut, a whore a filthy little bitch and so on. The week went too quickly in some respects but thinking back if I had stayed much longer I think he would have fucked me.

The next summer holiday from school and I was sent to my aunt's again.
Now I was only just 14 years old. My cousins were there as well, and we soon started where we had left off the previous summer. Me sucking their cocks and them squirting their cum over me and then they would take turns licking my pussy and touching me all over. My oldest cousin and the middle one were now 17 and 15. The youngest was now 13.
Boy did they pressure me for sex. They kept asking me if they could take turns in fucking me, but I said no.
On a few occasions the 17 year old tried to hold me down and force his cock into me but I am quite lithe and would wriggle out from under him. They only stayed about 2 weeks and went home. I was glad and sad at the same time. I missed the attention they paid to me and I missed them touching an licking me and I missed sucking their cocks and letting them cum on me, but I was glad that they were not there to drive me mad for sex. Although, I was thinking about sex all the time now and was desperate to have a cock in side me but I just didn't want to do it with them.
I amused myself wandering around the farm naked all day. My Aunt encouraged me to be naked as she said it gave me confidence.
I would walk over the fields of my Aunt's farm to the small wood that was there and go down to the stream and swim or sunbathe on the river bank. I was wanking at almost every opportunity. I would stop in the wood and lay against a tree and wank myself. Then when I got to the stream I would lay on the river bank and have another wank. I was wanking myself constantly, I was always feeling so randy and hot.
My uncle was still getting me to pose erotically for him and I was so desperate to be touched by someone I some times hoped he would start to play with me but he never did. I was desperate to feel a guy, any guy touch and play with me.
When I was wandering about through the fields and woods on the farm I was always hoping that maybe there were guys hiding in the trees and bushes looking at me naked, and that they may grab me and force me to do things to them and then they would touch me all over and then force me to have sex with them and that they would all fuck me.... I suppose I was ripe.

My aunt had recently been given an old horse that a neighbour could no longer afford to look after and he lived in a small stable on the farm. I love horses and like riding but he was a bit too old for anything more than just a slow walk around with me on his back. Aunt had no saddle only a bridle so I put a blanket over him and rode him bare back. In fact we were both bare back. I used to ride him naked, I loved the feel of him between my legs and I rode him slowly all round the farm and then groom him in his little stable and some times I would ride him down to the stream and stand in the stream naked and wash him. I would then lay on the bank and let the sun dry my body.
I got to the stage where I loved to be naked so much the only time I wore anything was when I put on the Tie Dyed vest for lunch and supper.
My Aunt who was often naked herself had one rule about clothes, and that was that we had to wear something at the meal table.
But even that was too much for me.......I wanted to be naked at all times.......My aunt got annoyed because when I finished eating I would stand up at the table and take it off as I left. I sometimes tried to pretend I had lost it and would ask her to let me eat naked, but she always said no.

As I said my aunt was "An Old Hippy" and she always had lots of visitors to the house, and one day not long after my cousins left an uncle by marriage and his very young wife came to stay. He was mid 50's and she was about 32 and was stunning to look at and had a fantastic figure. It was obvious she married him for his money, he was loaded and not much to look at.
A few days later a guy turned up on his own. They all knew him but I didn't.
He was I discovered the son of one of my Aunt's Friends from when she was at Art College, and It turned out he was on leave from the Merchant Navy where he was an officer. He was hot. About 6' 3" ,dark hair,and well built and tanned. I found out he was 28 years old. His name was Greg.
I looked at him and my guts turned to jelly,
Oh My God!!!! I wanted him...... I was absolutely smitten.
I went up to him, I was as usual naked, I smiled my nicest smile and said " Hello, my name is Angelique." and held out my hand. He glanced down at me, I was almost 5 ft tall then, and just said. "Oh Hi" and walked off without even shaking my hand. I couldn't believe it, how couldn't he have noticed me. Now I was starting to want him.

Every lunch time my 2 uncles and my old aunt would get through a couple of bottles of wine, then they would sit on the terrace and talk and drink and then fall asleep in the sun. While this was going on I noticed Greg , the sailor, would go off for, I thought, a walk.
Shortly after he left and while they were sleeping my uncle's young wife would go off for a walk as well. I thought nothing of it at the time.
A few days later I was in the stable with the horse, curry combing him. Suddenly I was aware of voices coming from the adjoining hay store that backed onto the stable. I climbed up the ladder that lead to the loft which went over the stable and the store and looked I down through the gaps in the planks.
In the store was the sailor Greg and my uncle's young wife.
They were kissing and touching each other. After a short while they started to undress each other. I couldn't believe it. My aunt was naked first and even from above I could see she had a wonderful pair of tits, Greg was bending forward sucking on her tits as he struggled out of his trousers. As he stepped out of them and tossed them to one side my aunt pulled down his shorts and the most wonderful cock sprang out. It looked as hard as iron and my aunt grabbed it and dropped to her knees and started sucking it.
Oh God I thought I want to do that, I wanted to do that to him so much.
I was kneeling naked on all fours with my both my eyes straining to look through the largest gaps in the planks I could find trying not to miss a second of what they were doing. I had that deep ache that we get in the depth of our womb when we are starting to get horny and my hand went straight between my legs to my pussy. It was soaking so much it was trickling down the inside of my thighs. I started rubbing myself like a crazy woman.
Greg pulled her up and pushed her down onto some blankets that he had laid out on the straw bales before she got there. She opened her legs for him and his head was between them in a second. I noticed she had a "Brazilian". Within seconds she was moaning with pleasure. Then after a short while he got up and positioned himself between her legs. He rubbed the tip of his lovely cock up and down her slit and pushed it just between her lips and rubbed it about a bit more. I had a tightness across my chest and was almost panting with desire, I so much wanted it to be me down there with him. My aunt then said something like" Come on you bastard fuck me." He paused a few seconds and then in one push it was in her and they were fucking. I was sweating and dizzy with lust and excitement at what I was seeing. That deep ache in the pit of my womb that is a sign that I need it got stronger. I started wanking my pussy as hard as I could and I was soaking with juices. I wanted the ceiling to collapse and to fall through on top of them and for Greg to grab me and fuck me, not her.
He was pounding away at her pussy and getting faster, she was moaning with desire and then suddenly he let out a groan and jerked inside her as he came. He pumped a bit more and it was over. As they finished I came as well. It was so intense I collapsed on the floor as I came. Thank God they didn't hear me. They kissed a little and cuddled a bit and then got dressed. I heard them say something about being careful and did my uncle suspect anything, and then they agreed to meet the next day. My aunt left first and about 5 minutes later, after he folded the blankets and hid them, Greg left.
I couldn't believe it. I spent all that afternoon and night running it through my brain over and over. If I wasn't frustrated before I was now and I was wanking myself silly over and over thinking about them and what I had seen.

The next day as they finished lunch I was already in the stable hiding again and waiting for another show. I wasn't disappointed. Soon I heard the door open. I spied down through the planks and it was Greg. He came in and started to lay out the blankets ready for sex. About 20 minutes later in came my aunt. Within minutes they were all over each other. Pulling off their clothes and sucking and licking each other, and again fucking away like mad. It was obvious that they had been meeting up for some time even before they came to my aunt's to stay. I was again overcome with it all and I was on all fours again, naked and wanking myself. I had to have it and I had to have it with him. I really was determined to see if I could get him to fuck me, but how???
Again after they finished they talked about my uncle and whether or not was he suspicious, and then after agreeing to meet the next day she left. Then Greg tidied up and then he left.
I didn't stay in the main Farm House, my aunt had a small Trailer in the yard that was connected to the mains and I stayed there......It was MY little "Sanctuary"
I laid in bed in my little caravan that night plotting and planning, I had to have his cock inside me, and as soon as possible, but how??,
And then I had a brain wave... I would black mail him into having sex with me by threatening to tell my uncle what I had seen, and I would do it the next day after they had screwed and my aunt had left him alone.
I spent the day pacing about the place, I was really wired. The thought of what I was about to do made me restless and edgy and nervous, my plan HAD to work. My dear old aunt asked me if there was anything wrong. I was so tensed up I couldn't eat so I skipped lunch and went straight to the stable to wait for them. It seemed like a life time but eventually I heard someone in the store next door. Again it was Greg. By now I was beginning to think of him as mine and I resented my aunt getting his cock, no MY cock inside her. Aunt turned up and again they screwed themselves silly. Again I was in the loft spying on them and wanking myself. When they finished I climbed down from the loft and waited to hear the door close as my aunt left. I heard the door close. I stood there plucking up the courage to go in and carry out my plan. I had rehearsed what I was going to say over and over, and I knew that I only had one chance to pull this off. I couldn't blow it. Then suddenly I noticed the smell of smoke, Greg was smoking!! I thought "Is he mad" there is straw all around him and my poor old horse was in the stable. I was livid. All my plans and thoughts went out of the window. I stormed into the store and there he was sitting there smoking. I shouted at him to 'put that out' He looked at me shocked. I said how dare he smoke like that when there was a danger he could set fire to the place and endanger the horse. Put it out at once I screamed. He just stared at me while I shouted at him.
When I had finished he looked at me and said calmly and quietly "I am sorry, it was stupid of me and I should have known better." and he put the cigarette out and said "There am I forgiven??" I just stood there looking at him and I thought "Oh God fuck me now. Please" He was gorgeous. All I could say was a weak little "yes".
He kept looking at me, I was speechless being so close to the man I so desperately wanted to make me a woman.
Then he said "Don't you ever wear any clothes?" and then I realised I was standing there naked about 3 ft in front of him. I had intended to put on my little tie-dyed vest when I confronted him, but there I was naked as a Jay Bird, with dirty knees from kneeling on the floor of the loft to spy on them. Not a good impression, and for the first time in years I blushed. I kept looking at him and I just wanted to jump on him. Then after a few moments I went back to my plan, and I said "I know why you are really here" He said "Do you?" and I said to him " Yes. You are here because you have been screwing my aunt". He looked surprised for a moment and then he said that it was rubbish and that he had come in there for a smoke. I then told him about everything I had seen and about how I had been spying on them for the last few days.
He looked at me and after a while said. "O.K. what do you want?" I thought "This is it" so I looked at him straight in the eyes and said "I want you to do it to me." He said nothing for what seemed ages and then he said "No, you are too young" I thought "Oh No!!!" what shall I say, and then I said "No I am not. I am 16". He laughed and said I was a liar. I thought quickly and then I said O.K. I was only 15 but that my 16th birthday was next month and that if he refused I would tell my uncle what I had seen, I was babbling like an idiot. He waited and waited, and so I moved closer to him and I started to stroke his cock through his trousers and I said "Come on , don't you find me attractive, don't you want to fuck a hot little teenager? You will enjoy it I promise you." I could feel him getting harder through his trousers. Then he said exactly what I wanted to hear, he said "Yes, O.K. then, I will fuck you"
I nearly screamed with delight, "Success" I thought, but I had to keep calm. "Right" I said, "When are we going to do it?"
He told me the two uncles and aunts were going to drive up to London the next day and that we would be alone until they returned in the evening. He said "We will have all day on our own to do it without any risk of being caught" I said "O.K." Tomorrow, don't forget" and I turned to leave. Then I don't know what made me do it but I turned back and kissed him quickly on the lips. As I turned away he grabbed my arm, spun me round and gave me a deep French kiss on the lips, his tongue went down my throat and suddenly we were kissing passionately like lovers. His hand was on my little bare bum pulling me into him and I could feel his hard cock through his trousers rubbing against my naked pussy. I thought " Oh God this is it he is going to fuck me now" It seemed to go on for ever and I was desperately waiting for him to push me onto the blankets he had fucked my aunt on and for him to start fucking me. I was rubbing his cock through his trousers and it was really hard. I slipped my hand inside his fly and just as I gripped his cock he stopped kissing me.
He pulled away and said "Until tomorrow then" and he left me there and walked out. I couldn't believe it. I nearly pulled my hair out, I thought he was going to Fuck me then, and he just left me there, aching for it.
The Bastard.

He left me there at the point (in my mind) of being fucked, hot ,wet and mad with lust, and he just walked out and said "see you later". I was speechless. I sat there for ages, stunned. I was in shock. Then I got up and walked to my caravan. I sat at the window watching him on the patio talking to my uncles and aunts while I sat there naked and desperate for sex. It was terrible. Then after a little while I started to prepare for tomorrow. I tided and cleaned my caravan, I changed and made the bed. I took a lot of time over it and stood there for ages trying to imagine what he was going to do to me on that bed. Then I went up to the house, I had decided to prepare myself for tomorrow.
I showered, washed my hair and then, I decided to shave off the little pubic hair I had. I stood there looking at my tanned naked body in the mirror. Boy I looked good despite the fact that at 14 years old I was small, just a little under 5 ft tall with almost no tits, but my body, because of the gymnastics and ballet was lithe and toned and beautifully tanned, I even had a slight "Six Pack" and my tight round ass that all the guys love so much.. I looked so good in fact that I had a wank, and did boy did I cum hard, he had left me boiling.
I went back to my caravan and prepared for supper. I was going to show him what he had missed and what he had to look forward to. I brushed my hair and put on my make up. I then went to my wardrobe and took out my favourite dress. A bright red backless mini dress that barely covered my bum and was also very low in the front the neckline almost went to my Navel. It was also made of a thin fabric that clung to my curves.It was supposed to be "Taped" so my Tits were not on Display if I leaned forward.....But I wanted to show "No Tape" for me.
The first time my father saw it he went mad and said I was 'Jail Bait' and asking for it in that dress.
He told me never to wear it and to throw it out.
I didn't I hid it and and would put it on at friend's houses when I went out or was going to parties, and it always made an impact with the guys. This time I wore nothing underneath it, I am always the optimist, and got out my heels. I looked like a high class 'Teen Hooker'.
When later on I arrived for supper everyone stopped talking and stared at me. They were all shocked at what I had become from the little Teen Nudist they were so used to seeing either naked or in the Tie Dyed Vest.
Greg looked gobsmacked.
He couldn't take his eyes off me.
I decided to sit opposite him to eat my supper.
Only my aunt said anything and she told me it was nice to see me 'Dressed up for a change'.
When we had eaten and got to the coffee I slipped off one of my shoes, I then lifted my leg under the table and put my foot on Greg's cock. I saw him wince. I then started to rub his cock with my foot . I could see him getting aroused as he tried to talk to everyone . I was getting my own back for leaving me in such a state in the stables.
He sat there enjoying every rub of my foot talking and trying to ignore what I was doing to him under the table but he sometimes lost the thread of what he was saying so I knew I was turning him on.
After my coffee I told my aunt I was feeling a bit hot and I was going outside to get some air, and off I went.
Sure enough about 5 mins later out came Greg for 'a cigarette', I was leaning against the railings and he came straight over to me. He put his hand on my face and kissed me passionately, tongue down my throat and a hand up my skirt. As he found I had no panties on and a bald pussy he groaned and grabbed me passionately.
Now HE wanted ME.
He pulled up my dress and I thought "Christ he's going to fuck me now". His hands were all over me and I stood there naked with my dress pushed up under my chin.
He was rubbing my clit and slit like mad.
I got his cock out, it was as hard as iron, it was magnificent, and I squeezed and wanked it.
Then I dropped to my knees and sucked him for all I was worth.
I then let him gag me with his cock.
He seemed shocked that I could do it, then as I felt his "pre-cum" dribble into my mouth I stopped.
No way was I going to let him cum in my mouth.
Not then any way.
I was going to make him wait.
I stood up pulled down my dress and said " I'll see you tomorrow then" and I walked off to my caravan.
As I walked away I turned and gave him a wave, he was standing there with his cock out and his mouth open....
Got you back you bastard, I thought.

When I got to my caravan I locked the door in case he followed me, I was going to make him wait, he wasn't going to creep round later to get me. If he did I would have let him do anything to me. I undressed and looked at my naked body again. Tomorrow I was going to be a woman.... I went to bed, and despite what I had done to him I really did want it.
So I lay on my bed and gave myself a long slow wank, and went to sleep.

The next day I got up for breakfast. My aunts and uncles were ready to leave and said good bye. No sign of Greg, where was he ???.
He had to keep his promise to me......I NEEDED him to fuck me soooooo much.
I went to the stable and took off my little vest and went off naked for a ride.
After about an hour I came back and as I approached the stables, there he was standing there looking at me, Whit shirt and an slacks.
My heart and stomach churned and leapt at the same time. Here he is I thought, Oh God I am going to do it. In the next 30 mins or so we would be fucking and my pussy started leaking like mad at the thought of it. I stopped when I got to him. I tried to keep calm and casual and said "Hi" he smiled and said "Well are you ready?" I said "Yes" and slipped off the horse and led him to his paddock and let him loose. As I pulled off the blanket I had been sitting on there was a large damp patch where my pussy had been leaking so much with desire at seeing him. God I had it bad. I walked over to him, smiled and we went to my caravan.
Nothing now was going to stop me from fucking him even if my aunts came back. I was determined to do it now.
We went to the bedroom and I turned and faced him. He lent forward and kissed me his hands went to my waist and I shuddered with desire, he slid them round to my buttocks and pulled me into him and kissed me deeply. I slid my hand up to my prize, his cock, and rubbed it, he was hard. After a few minutes of kissing I pulled away and sat on the bed in front of him and I said " Aren't you going to undress then?" He then took off his shirt, trousers, shoes and socks and stood in front of me in his boxers.
The bulge of his cock was about level with my face. H e said " You can take them off"
I put my hand up and rubbed him and then I pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out like it was a spring. It seemed much bigger to me and angrier than before. I measured him at a later date and he had 7.75 inches measured along the top. I rubbed it gently and cupped his balls in my hands. I was enjoying taking my time and examining and caressing every inch of it. Then I took hold of the shaft, pulled his foreskin back as far as I could and gently put it between my lips. I sucked gently on the end of his cock and then after a little of this I ran my teeth around the groove between the shaft of his cock and the tip. He shuddered and groaned and said "Where did you learn to do that?"
I said nothing and carried on caressing and sucking on his wonderful cock. I was going to savour every moment, I thought if I could give him a good time he would want me again. I started to suck him up and down taking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth each time until finally I opened the back of my throat and let him deep throat me, I pulled back and let him gag me again and again then suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock as deep as it would go down my throat and held me there. I thought he was going to cum down my throat like my friend's father used to, but he didn't. After what seemed a long time he pulled his cock from my throat and mouth and stood looking down at me panting.
He said "Christ your'e a hot little bitch aren't you?". Again I got a thrill from this type of dirty talk, and I just smiled at him and got onto the bed and laid there looking at him. He got onto the bed next to me and we started kissing like we were trying to eat each other. His hands were touching me everywhere, he missed not one inch of my body. After a while he started to suck on my nipples, my tits were small, almost flat, but it was ecstasy, and then he kissed his way down my body and started to lick my navel. I was so wet, his fingers were soaking as he was caressing my pussy and he paused and licked my juices from his fingers. Then he went down and parted my legs. It was my turn now and he licked up and down my little slit and then his tongue went deep into my pussy. I was trembling with desire. He licked and licked and sucked on my clitoris ...Ohh, it was heaven. He sucked my juices and rubbed my clit with his fingers , I was almost about to cum and then he stopped, and looked down at me smiling. I was on fire and sweating with lust. He just kept looking at me until eventually I said weakly "Please fuck me". He kept smiling. HE had me in HIS power now, HE was in control of what happened now. Again I said, almost pleading with him "Please Greg fuck me". He knelt next to me and I opened my legs as wide as I could, my pussy was gaping open waiting for his cock. He put a pillow under my bottom to raise my pussy from the bed, to give him better access to it and moved between my legs. He rubbed my clit with his thumb and placed the tip of his cock just between my open pussy lips. I shuddered with expectation. He then pushed a little bit deeper, and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my slit. He was making me wait. The tension was exquisite, I love to be teased like that. Then he stopped, he paused and then....... He slid his cock deep into me, right up to the hilt without stopping in one gentle push. My pussy, my body and my brain all seemed to explode with I don't know what, and I had the biggest orgasm of my little life. I screamed out with the feeling of it all. Greg just held it there deep in my pussy so I could savour the feeling of his cock as deep in me as it could go. It was wonderful. Then he gently pulled back and slowly at first started to fuck me. I was in another place, a place of lust, desire and pleasure. I didn't want it to end ever. He gradually speeded up faster and faster until he was banging away like mad.I was groaning and moaning like mad with pleasure. My body was on fire and I came again and again, and each time I did I cried out and he seemed to fuck me harder and harder. The bed and caravan were shaking so much some of my ornaments fell off the shelves. Then just as I thought my pussy would explode he came inside me, groaning and grunting like a bear,he shuddered as he came and I could feel his cock pumping his seed deep into me and I came again. Then he collapsed on top of me and we lay there panting. IT WAS FANTASTIC. He lay there for a while still deep inside me and then after about 10 wonderful minutes he got up and pulled his cock out of my pussy. He looked down and then he saw the blood from my virginity mixed with our juices and cum on his cock, he looked up at me and said "Oh my God it was your first time, you were a virgin" I said "Yes but not any more. Thank you I will never forget today" I sat up and kissed him and then, and I don't know why to this day, I started to suck his cock and lick off the blood,cum and juices from our bodies. I wanted to keep them in me.
We lay there cuddling for about an hour stroking, kissing and caressing each other. He was so kind to me holding me in his massive wonderful arms. After a while I started to play with his lovely cock which was laying against my leg like a soft sausage. As I did I could feel it starting to spring into life again. Greg said to me " What do you think you are doing young lady?" I laughed and because I was studying 'Oliver Twist' at school for English 'O'level exams I said "Please sir. Can I have some more?" He laughed at me and said "You will have to earn it first". I said "How?" he told me I would have to get him hard again. I said it would be my pleasure. I got to work on him. He lay there as I fondled and played with his cock. I got to work on it with my mouth, it was soon growing and got as hard as hell. Then I had a brain wave. I would fuck him. I straddled him and pushed his cock against my pussy lips. I was wet again and I slowly lowered myself on his cock. I was impaled on it. I sat there for a minute or so enjoying the feeling of his hard prick deep inside me again. Slowly I started to lift myself up and down on his cock, trying to fuck him but I had no idea really. He sat up, flipped me over onto my back and bent me double so my knees were by my ears. He was deep inside me in this position and he was soon away fucking me as hard as he could. I looked up and behind him I could see the clock on my wall, I noted the time. He got into a steady rhythm and I could feel his balls slapping against the cheeks of my ass. He went on like this for ages, then as his orgasm approached he got faster and faster, pounding away at my little pussy for all he was worth, I thought "How much more of this can I take?" But I was enjoying it so much . Again Greg seemed to get a sudden burst of speed and each thrust got harder and deeper, he was cumming again. He let out a low groan , a pant and some more groans as he came inside me again. He collapsed on top of me again, we were both covered in sweat from our exertions. I looked over his shoulder at my clock, he had been fucking me constantly this time for just over 30 minutes, 30 minutes of pure ecstasy, I loved every second of it. We lay there smiling at each other. He said " My good you are a lovely fuck. So much better than your aunt and so tight, I have a job not to cum too quickly" I knew then I had him he would be back for more. We spent the rest of the day together we wandered about the place, swum and had lunch and I allowed him to fuck me again and again he couldn't seem to keep it down but I didn't care I wanted as much of his cock as possible before they came back from London.

It was early evening when they returned, we were in the caravan fucking again and my uncle as usual tooted his horn to announce their arrival, we didn't care we weren't going to stop for any one. Hearing the toot Greg speeded up and the caravan was soon shaking again. He pounded my pussy for all it was worth and then he came again inside me. We quickly got up and dressed. Greg waited till they went in and slipped out. I wandered out about 5 minutes later, and we acted as if nothing had happened. The truth was I had spent the day being fucked senseless by Greg. I walked to the house and made small talk. I was still naked, it was what they were used to, and I went and spoke to my aunt. She was looking at me as I stood there and she had a strange expression on her face. Later I found out why. At supper I sat opposite Greg. We couldn't stop looking at each other and I rubbed his cock under the table again with my foot. After supper I was told that they were all going to play cards and so I had to amuse myself as Greg was expected to play as well. I had wondered if he may get away to fuck me again but he couldn't, so eventually I went to bed and thought about my wonderful day. The day I became a woman.

As I got ready for bed I had a feeling , so I left my caravan door unlocked and lay there awake in the dark. After my day I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to. Then a bit after midnight I heard the door open quietly and someone stepped in.
I lay there waiting and then my wish was granted.
A voice said "Angelique. Are you awake?"
it was Greg... My lover had come for me. I said "Yes , come in quickly". He came in and said "I am sorry, I can't leave you here on your own" I said "Good get into bed with me" and we spent the night fucking and sucking and licking and anything else, we both couldn't get enough of each other.Over the next few weeks he taught me all he knew about sex, and believe me he knew a lot. He even introduced me to anal sex, Christ it was fantastic...He then postponed his next posting to stay with me. At first we had to keep our relationship a secret, after all I was so young, and then after a few days my dear old Aunt asked me to talk to her in private.
She said she had seen Greg coming to my caravan and staying the night, she also said she had seen something that had given the game away the day they went to London.
Stupidly I had wanted to keep his seed in me for as long as possible after the last fuck when they got back from London. So I left his cumin me when I went to talk to my aunt. I didn't realise it but as I was standing naked talking to her she saw some trickling out of my pussy.
It was then she realised what had been going on.
She then said"Angel, are you happy about what you are doing or are you being forced to do something you are unhappy with?"
I knew immediately she had guessed and so I said "Oh no aunt I am so very happy with what we are doing, in fact I can't get enough"..... She then asked if I was on the pill and I told her I been able to get it from the nurse at school, and satisfied she said OK she would explain things to her partner and she was happy for us to carry on, but to be discreet in front of any visitors. She then smiled and hugged me and said "You are growing up so fast. Tell me is he good.?"
I giggled and said " Fantastic". It was then my lies were to come out.
My aunt then asked me to get Greg as she wanted to speak to us both together.
I went and got him, he was worried about what she wanted but I told him it was OK. When we were with her she said "I know what you two have been doing. I have spoken to Angelique and she has told me everything. Don't worry I am not judging you but I want you to know Angelique is very dear to me and I don't want to see her hurt, she is still just a young school girl and you are a man twice her age. "
Greg then said that he wasn't twice my age. My aunt then said "Angelique only had her 14th birthday just over 4 weeks ago, how old did you think she was ??" Greg sort of gulped and stared at me "She told me she would be 16 in about 2 weeks time" he said, "If I had known I would never have had sex with her" My aunt looked at me and just said "Well?".
I felt ashamed that I had lied and a bit embarrassed, I didn't want to spoil the situation I wanted to tell my aunt the truth and I desperately wanted to have Greg continue fucking me, I couldn't give him up now. So I said " Yes aunt it's true. I asked Greg to fuck me and he refused at first saying I was too young. I lied and told him that I was 15 and would be 16 in a couple of weeks, I then sort of talked and seduced him into sleeping with me. I am sorry but please don't stop us, I am so happy with the way things are with me and Greg and I am getting so much pleasure from it. I am so sorry I don't want to lie to you and I hated telling lies to Greg but I wanted him so much"
She said "Well Angelique you really have been a naughty girl haven't you? And what about you Greg how do you feel now?"
He said "I have only known Angelique a few days now but she means the world to me. I promise I will never hurt her nor make her do anything she is unhappy with." He then put his arms around me and hugged me and kissed me on my forehead, I nuzzled into him. My aunt smiled at us and said "OK then you two love birds go off and enjoy each other with my blessing" and so off we went. Greg moved into my caravan with me and we screwed ourselves silly every day and every night. I have never had so much sex with one guy since .
My aunt was fantastic, she started to talk openly about sex with me, she asked about what we did and she even suggested a few things for me to do to please Greg.

I kept a list of the number of times Greg fucked me and by the end of the 7 weeks we had fucked over 200 times, and every one was amazing.
I still see Greg 3 or 4 times a year and we always end up in bed together I could never say no to him. He is the only guy who I can't say no to, even when he asked me to have some 3 ways with his best friend a year later in France............But that story will.....If this is a success.......I will tel, you all soon.

The only thing that has ever got me wondering about me and Greg was that after about 2 weeks after he moved into my caravan with me he said in the middle of a fantastic fucking session that he loved me.... How can a man of 28 love a girl who is only just 14 years old ??? He would often say at the point of cumming things like, "Oh God I love you, or I love you so much."

Does he love me ???? He often tells me he does but only when he is about to cum inside me.
Will I marry him, Who knows, I have a lot more things to experience first......


2017-05-16 06:33:16
Not bad. I was a bit like Angelique I had my first fuck at 13. He was older and knew what to do with a young girl like me. He fucked me two and three times every day for a week. After that I only had boys for a couple of years but nothing was as good as his big fat click.


2017-05-15 05:31:04
I have to admit, my expectations weren't very high when I started reading. "First time" is not one of my favorites. But, because it is so well written, and sounded believable, I read every word in one sitting. I was a little worried because yo didn't mention the pill until very late. That could have ruined the story, for me, anyway. Keep up the good work. I look forward for your future stories.


2017-04-30 00:07:48
I hope there will be more stories of Angelique. This was hot


2017-04-28 02:16:12
Hi everyone.....I have to apologise to you all.....I had to Copy and Paste my story to this site and I Fucked up with what happened at the Pool with my friend's father......So I will try to make amends by putting it here as I have found out I can't correct my story.......
So Here we go........Enjoy.

Later that year me and 2 other friends from school were staying with another friend from our class. Her parents were very wealthy and they had an indoor pool. We used to like to skinny dip and lay about around the pool naked together, her parents were cool about that, especially her father, and we used to giggle at the silly excuses he made up to come into the pool room when we were all there naked. If her parents weren't about we would play with each others bodies. One day when her dad came home when the 4 of us were in the pool. His wife wasn't home and he came into the pool room and stood talking to us for a while and then to our surprise, especially as his daughter was in the pool


2017-04-27 05:24:05
I am a blind man and your deion was like a movie playing in my head. I loved it and hope you write more.

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