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Helen wants just as much as her sister, even more.

The texts continued from the sisters. The first time with them was lots of fun. I truly loved big tits and the sisters had BIG TITS. Rose their mom, built the same asked me to help control them, to keep a balance, after all both sisters were married to cuckolds.

I had been with Ester twice. So, it was fair to be with Helen again. I got a text early in the morning. I responded saying, how soon can you come to my house, and don’t say anything to your sister. An immediate text back asked for the address and said she would be here in 30 mins. “Good”, I responded.

She was early. I opened my front door, Helen stood there, in tight pants and a blouse that showed off lots of cleavage. “Helen, you look absolutely eatable.” I said as I opened the door ushering her inside. “I hope so Mike, I want you so much. You have a nice house sir, where is your bedroom?”

I pointed down the hallway. Helen was undressed quickly, and opened my robe to grab my growing cock. She was sitting on the edge of my big King bed naked holding my cock and stroking it. She pulled me forward and started to used her 40 DDD tits. I wanted to immediately cum all over them like I had done to her sister’s 40 DDDs in the bathroom of the Home Improvement store just two weeks earlier. She used her tongue to lick the head each time my cock move up between her tits.

I told Helen to lie back. I spread her legs wide as I got down on my knees. She moaned loudly as my mouth contacted her pussy. My licking was deliberate. It didn’t take long for her to cum. “Oh Mike!” I kept licking and then sucking on her clit. I love the feel of my mouth on a hard clit. With an occasional lick, it drives a woman crazy. Helen came again. I then added a finger inside her, moving it in and out, Helen had another orgasm. I pulled her up, she kissed my lips which were covered with her own juices. And I pulled her into the bathroom.

In the shower our kissing continued and my hand was rubbing her pussy. After another orgasm for her, I soaped up her big tits. Washing them was wonderful. I am a big man, with big hands. But, Helen’s tits made my hands look small. She love the attention paid to them. I was very careful to wash every part, top, under, and sides, before I gave special attention to her nipples. Her hands were washing my cock. “Mike, I need this inside me now! She said. I turn her butt to me and quickly slide my cock deep into her. Bending her all the way over, my cock got deeper. I loved the swaying of those big tits as I fucked her. I made her cum 2 more times before I pulled out. Helen wanted my cock in her mouth to make me cum. “I want to taste your cum Mike.” “Later tonight Helen.”

We turned off the water, stepped out and dried off. She was up on the bed on her knees and I entered her again from behind. Helen loved being fucked in this position. She told me it was the only position she allowed her cuckold hubby to do her, with his small cock. My 7 ½ x 2 ½ was so much more, hitting bottom made her cum. I reached for her tits. Squeezed her nipples and she came again. I joined her on the bed. Invited her to get on top. She was riding my cock like a wild woman. As she was going to cum again I shot my juices deep inside her, which made her orgasm last longer.

Helen got dressed and I told her to clean my little swimmers out of her as soon as she got home and to bring her sister back with her later tonight, and bring dinner too.

That evening

I got a text, and told Helen that 5:30 and food from Olive Garden was good. I meet the ladies at the door. Both kissed me passionately as they came into the house. Ester was looking around. She saw the spa outside in the back. Can we use the spa Mike? I asked if she brought a bathing suit. No! And I don’t need one, she shot back at me, giggling.

I headed to the backyard to pull off the spa cover, and yelled for them to get 3 big bath sheets. As soon as I had the cover off, I looked up and saw the sisters at the sliding door with bath sheets around them and obviously, nothing else on. Helen was holding one for me. As they came out of the house, the let the bath sheets fall into a chair. Both now completely naked, their big tits swaying with each step. I help them step into the spa, telling them to be careful.

I started to take my clothes off. Ester was saying to Helen, “Mike is putting on a strip show for us sis, we need music for this.” I was naked and stepped into the spa. The girls side by side, for the moment were sitting on the edge with feet in. I stepped all the way in, to the bottom. As I did, Helen moved to step deeper into the spa and turned her butt to me, she was one step higher, and perfect for me to enter from behind, which I did. I stepped forward and shoved my cock deep inside her as I had don’t earlier in the morning. I knew she loved to be fucked from behind. Ester’s face showed she was not happy with my cock inside her sister. But, Helen moved to her, as I was fucking her, and started licking her sister’s pussy. I was pleasantly surprised. Ester’s hand went back, her legs up, and she was encouraging her sister to lick her deep. I kept pounding Helen and feeling her body begin to tense. I reached forward and squeezed her nipples to make her cum. Right after Ester gushed cum all over her sister’s face. Ester pull her sister to her, and started to lick her sisters face. It was very erotic.

I asked them change positions. Helen was now sitting up on the edge of the spa and Ester standing, bent over with her tongue in her sister’s pussy. I step up and slide my hard cock into Ester from behind. Ester’s body immediately started to shake again in an explosive orgasm. “Babe, you have been saving up all of your juices for your sister and me, haven’t you?” I kept pounder her ass. Helen was out of control as her sister’s tongue was deep inside her pussy and her mouth sucking her clit. Soon they both had orgasms, which caused my cock to unload inside Ester. Ester loved my hot cum filling her pussy. “Yes, Mike, I love your seed inside me!”

The 3 of us collapsed in the spa kissing and holding each other. I was smiling. Ester looked at me saying, “don’t worry Mike, I will clean out your swimmers as soon as I get into your shower.” “You brought it with you?” “Can I watch?” “Sure lets go.”

We all got out of the spa, dried some with the bath sheets and went inside my house. Helen said she would get our dinner ready in the kitchen. Ester grabbed her bag and followed me to the large shower. With the water on, we stepped in. Helen’s device had been around for decades. (I remember seeing one hanging in my parent’s shower when I was just a kid.) A rubber bag would be filled, a small hose with a plastic end having holes.

I told Ester to let me help. She help the bag, hot water entering from the shower head. I was down on my knees in front of her, holding the hose ready to put the end inside her pussy. My other hand just above her pussy, using my fingers to help spread her pussy lips. Of course, her clit was being rubber in the process. The plastic tip went inside, I was moving it in and out and around. Ester was loving it. I was flushing her pussy of my little swimmers, my cum, and getting her off and the same time. It didn’t take long for Ester to have another orgasm.

The noise her sister was making brought Helen to us. “Hey you guys, the food is going to get cold again.” “Let it sis, this is lots of fun!” Ester said, cumming again. “Can I have the same fun? Helen asked.

I stood up. “Ester, let Helen come into the shower, and why don’t you call your mom to come join us for dinner if she wants too, I said. Ester was out, drying off and Helen came into the shower. She purposely brushed my cock with her ass as she came into the shower. I cock was growing. Again down on my knees I started cleaning Helens pussy, while fingering her clit. It didn’t take long for her body to shake and her pussy to gush her juices. She pleaded with me to fuck her again. I stood, shoved my cock into her pussy. Facing her, she had one foot up on the bunch inside the shower. I entered her face to face, my mouth on hers, my hands all over her huge tits, and my cock deep inside her pussy. Fucking her hard and fast. Soon she had another orgasm.
We dried off, and heard Ester calling out that “mom will be here soon.”

Rose showed up. We had a great dinner, lively conversation, and good food. Rose asked the girls if her and I could talk alone. Ester looked at her sister and said they should get home.

Rose and I talked, Then, we fucked. And I agreed to help her out.
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