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From lonely Bi-Curious to Fag in a year
This story continues on after the Buckley's Gay.Club stories ended.

With no sign of R-V, or any of the other members of his crew or of Zeb and Flabs I decided to take my hunt for cock elsewhere.
I didn’t feel the friendly vibe at Buckley’s anymore, with Elijah busting my chops and making feel unwelcomed.
With Elijah the security boss, I came to realise after spending five minutes inside the Buckley’s was now a dive.

So, I decided to take my business elsewhere.
I spent the rest of that night in Gypsy’s.
The Gypsy bar or Gypsy’s, was now my new home to drink and chill out.

It was when I went to Gypsy’s tranny bar that; I would dressed more draggy.
I would wear a black tank top, black mini skirt, a basketball top, tiny knickers, socks and Dr Martin boots; just to fit in with the crowd.
The first few times; I felt threaten dressing like a girl but not anymore.

The usual tactic was for me to go to Gypsy’s (which was basically a Tranny bar 80% of the time); until I got bored and then check out the other clubs.
This happened a few times; until I started looking for action in the bookshop scene.

The first three were busts; neither had nothing but toys and books.
Then when I almost gave up; there was on my way home.

It was Ritchie’s XXX-Club; it had a small video and toy store in the front with a little turnstile.
Curiously I entered the turnstile and paid the $10 entry fee.

Ritchie’s also had a familiar face on the door: a security guard from Buckley’s named Kareem.
He always greeted me with a wink and friendly smirk.

Then a path led into dark hall with tiny red lights: that took time some getting use too.
When inside the labyrinth of room; I found my way into a larger room that was surrounded by many small curtained booths.
Some had glory holes; some didn’t.
There were all sorts of noises coming from inside the occupied booths; that some guys were cueing to enter.
While walking around some more; I found some more private booths near the restrooms.

After spending my early evening at Gypsy’s and dressed semi; I decided to go inside the restroom to re-apply my make-up (red lipstick and eye liner).

As I walked around I noticed I was receiving some looks; as I felt the odd grope of my ass.
Then I walked by a private booth; with the door wide open.
Inside was young bald black man with a few tattoos; stroking his cock slowly.
He noticed that I snuck a peak at him.

“Want some bitch,” he asked, looking dead at me.
I said nothing; but entered his booth and went on my knees in front of him.
As I glance at his thickly veined cock; it ended up in my hand in no time.
I then opened my mouth and let his reddish coloured head slide over my lips and onto my tongue.

The thing I liked about sucking cock was: the moment when the warm spongy head hits my tongue and the shaft goes in.
He had his hands on my head and he slowly pumped his cock into my mouth.

“That’s it; suck my cock like a bitch,” he grumbled, softly.
“Oh yeah, suck on it good and maybe I’ll fuck you too,” he pledged.
With nasty talk like that; all it did was made me more eager for cock in my ass.

So I sucked his cock and balls for a good five more minutes; before he suddenly stood up.

“Maybe later,” He said, and kicked me out.
By now I was horny as hell after having cock in my mouth; as I tried controlling my breathing again.

I noticed some more glory holes room; nearby.
I went inside one and closed the door.
Suddenly I was in darkness and could barely make out; where the holes had gone.
So squatted and removed my knickers.
Soon I was slowly stroking my cock and trying to peer into the vacant holes; willing some activity.

Ten minutes went by; without action.
I was tempting to leave; when there was a sound to my left.
The door next mine closed; impatiently I snuck a peak thru one of the big holes.

There were two guys in the next booth making out; like wild animals.
I couldn’t tell what they looked like but; they were taking their pants and undies off.
Then in an instant; one of them dropped to his knees and hungrily started eating his buddies cock.

He moaned with dick in his mouth; I wasn’t aware but I was slowly stroking my cock watching.
“Suck his dick and make him yours,” I suddenly bleeped out.
“You’re a good sucker! Umm; eat him up good,” I encouraged.

I then heard a “psst” sound.
When I turned towards the sound; I saw a cock in the wall to the room on the right.
I was all caught up watching the room to my left; I didn’t hear the right room being entered.

By now I couldn’t resist any offered cock and quickly flew to it.
I had his cock engulfed in my mouth and sliding; in and out of my throat.
So I stroke his shaft; while licking his head before engulfing it again.

After close to five minutes he too; pulled away from me.
I thought here we go again.
No, but this time with a finger he motioned me to stick my cock thru the hole.

This glory hole action was all new to me; so I nervously put my cock thru.
I was now uncontrollably horny as hell; as he slobbered and sucked on my pre-cum coated cock.

His tongue started licking my shaft and he sucked my balls.
I fell into the wall by trying give him as much of my 6 inch cock; I could.

While getting a blowjob: I could hear the noise the guys in the other room making.

Then I sensed another cock and when I looked around: I saw another cock peaked thru another hole.
It was a big cock too; I reached down and felt for it.
I then rubbed his pre-cum around his big mushroom head.

While I was getting a suck job; I played with this other cock.
That was until I had to pull out; seeing’s I felt the urge to cum soon.

After pulling out I dropped to my knees and took the big cock into my mouth.
I quickly waffled in and out as fast as I could; which caused him to start humping the wall.
It was hot, big and fat; as my mouth struggled to with it.
He tried fucking my tonsils out; I now had slobber over my face and dangling down my chin.

I took a quick breather and pulled off his cock; just to see what the guys in the next room were up too.
One was bent over with his hands pressed against the wall facing me; with his cock flopping from side to side while getting his ass fucked.

Once I’d watched enough; I went back to the first cock (who had started to suck me) and let him fuck my mouth thru layered plywood.
He must have been stroking it; while I perved at the other two.
He shot his hot cum into my mouth; after only a few quick strokes.
I wasn’t ready for it and didn’t swallow it; but I held as much as I could in my mouth until he finished.
Then spat it out.
Most of it still managed to dribble out and onto my basketball top; but I still spat more out before swallowing the rest.

I took a deep breath and then; I went back the black man big cock.
As I swallowed; most of his cock forced its way deep in my mouth.
I sucked with ease; as my mouth was still wet from cum and spit.

After a few minutes; he too thrust his cock hard into my mouth without pausing.
Then blasted a big wad of cum; before finishing with three more tremors.
I swallowed what I could; before he pulled away and more cum leaked out onto my top.

Catching my breath I squatted down; licking my lips.
I then rolled around and watched the two in the next room.

They were still fucking but really hard.
The guy getting fucked was moaning but had already cum; strings of cum dangled from his cock.
This brought a smile to my face.
His mate was calling him names, which made me licking my lips again.

“Fuck him good, fuck his ass,” I began to slobber, as if drunk.
My mouth was half asleep.
“Make his cock cum again,” I encouraged, while stroking my cock.
“When you do cum, let me feed on it buddy,” I pleaded.

Just then he groaned and pulled his cock form his mates ass; and the passed it thru the hole to me.
He let loose before I had him in my mouth and sprayed my face; before I feed on it.
I managed to swallow the rest; as I sucked him flaccid.
Then his buddies cock tried to replace his.

He didn’t get it thru the hole; when his legs gave way and he slammed into the wall.
At the same moment he blasted his cum; it missed my mouth and spattered near my eyes.
He squirt two more time before; I had him in my mouth.
When I engulfed his cock; I took the rest of his cum.

Once they were drained; they both left the booth.
I sat on my ass; with cum in my eyes, face, chin and god knows where else.

Five minutes I kind of staggered from my booth and bracing the walls.
I had cum on my face and over my shirt.

There were guys standing around; just staring at me.
Coming from me; I felt embarrassed and quickly fled the area.

I made my way to very back of the venue; where it came to a sudden halt.

I bumped into a few other guys there.
Most of them had all their cocks out and were stroking each other’s cocks mutually; while others just stood there.

I found an empty booth with no glory holes and went inside; to collect my thoughts.

Then after a minute there was a tap on the door; so I opened it slightly.
There was a black guy standing in my view; as I peered thru the door.
I wasn’t really feeling like sucking anymore; as my mouth was sore and I felt like going home.

“Remember me,” said, a black tattooed guy.
It wasn’t until I saw his cock; that I suspected it must have been the guy who had kicked me out from his booth.
I paused for a second or two.

“Hmm, so now you’ve come to finish the job and fuck me,” I said, in a raspy voice.
“Oh not just me but I will go first,” he said, and pushed the door open wider.
There was a bunch of guys standing around; all eager to fuck me.
“Fine; go for it,” I said, semi annoyed and semi wanting it.

So I dropped down to my knees and crawl back inside my booth; on my hands and knees.
I faced the wall with my ass facing them.

Someone slapped my ass; but it was a slap with a big glob of lube.
Then it was worked around my asshole and inside it.

Then a cock was soon entering.
He was struggled to ease it in; he got the head and that was all.
So he pulled out and spread more lube around my hole; he forced a bunch of fingers inside and fucked me with them.

His next effect buried his black inside my ass; it hurt my lower back.
I lowered my arm down and crossed them; then I rested my head on them.
This eased the pain in my lower back; then he slowly started fucking me.

In time he built up speed and was fucking the hell out of me; so hard that I couldn’t hold my joy in anymore and couldn’t help myself and squirt out my own cum.
He kept fucking me; which left me moaning.

“Are you going to cum inside me?” I questioned, in a soft raspy voice.
“Fuck yeah, I will be cumming inside you,” He blurted out.
I heard some laughing somewhere outside.
“I’m going to make you have my butt baby,” He grunted.

He kept fucking until he thrust deep inside me, then once more.
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” He repeatedly said.
“Oh god, I’m still cumming,” he panted.
He then slammed on more time inside; letting out a loud grunt.

Then I felt him let go and knew his seed was entering me; from the slight spreading feeling inside my ass.
He kept fucking his seed into me; even after he had cum.

Eventually he withdrew and I felt; his cock leave my ass.
When the head of his cock left; I heard sound like a wet sounding pop.

In the past few months I had been fucked several times; but why did I only hear the pop today?
Before I knew it; he was replaced by another guy and then by another.
I lost count somewhere after the forth guy.

By that time I no longer could feel them slide and enter into my ass.
All I felt was them bracing my hips and them moving my body.

By now I couldn’t hold myself up on my own; after cum had trickled down and under my knees.
My knees started sliding and doing the splits; until I was flat down on the ground.
That didn’t stop them fucking me; they either fucked me like that or held my hips up.

I was cumming as well; either by getting fucked or my cock rubbing on the floor.

Then it all stopped; I had cum leaking from my ass and made me feel slimy.
As I attempted get up; my knees did the splits.
I couldn’t feel anything from my waste to my knees.

By now there was cum running out of my ass and down my balls, inner thighs and splattered over my boots.

When I had thought they’d finished; I felt a light kick to my leg.

“Remember me I’m back,” Said the familiar voice of that black guy.
Before I could answer he dragged me up by a leg and then an arm; until I moved myself to be kneeling in front of him.

I stared at his red veined cock; that he was swaying in front of me.
When he started hitting my head with it; I moved and attempted to suck it.

The moment I moved and tried; he reached under my armpits and pulled me up.
He braced his arms around my lower back and lifted me up; without any effort.

My feet were barely touching the ground; when he lifted me up further and put his cock in my ass again.
It slid in without effort; I was so fucked that by now my ass had gone to sleep.
I couldn’t feel anything even his big cock in my ass.

So I crossed my legs behind his ass and gripped his shoulder from under his armpits; as he started pounding into me up against the booth’s wall.

My ass may not have been able to feel a thing but my back sure did; as he fucked me up against the wall.

“You’re my little cocksucking gangbang cunt! I swear you must have taken at least ten to twelve dicks in your ass tonight,” He said, attempting to belittle me.

“You liked it didn’t you, you love having dicks in your ass, don’t you?” he said, while thumping his dick in my ass.

“Oh God yes, gimme more, more dick, more, gimme more! Fuck fuck me!” I cried out.
He was really ravaging me; I couldn’t feel it but my dick did.
I spewed another load out between our chests.

He fucked me for eternity it felt; I was by now delirious.
I imagined that I was going to be fucked all day and all night.
All it did was make me cum again; I was starting to lose my grip and control when he grunted.

“OH FUCK! I cumming bitch,” He grunted, with that he filled my ass up with more gooey cum.
He forced his cock deep into me; and held me in that position while his cock pulsated.
“Oh fuck,” he said, exhausted.
Then he collapsed into me and the wall; with his cock slipping out.
We both hit the ground with a thud.
I patted his head to see if he was ok; he slowly moved his head and smirked.

He reached down and pushed himself up.

While I lay against the wall he watched me; I watched him stand up.
“Fucking little bitch!” he said, with a smirk.

With that he walked away; leaving me there in a mess of cum.
God, I thought.
God I loved tonight.

It was almost a half hour before I attempted to stand.
My body was asleep but I knew I had to gather my things; and leave.
Oh god was it hard to walk; it felt like I had ridden a horse today.

I walked into the restrooms and washed my body down; then my face and hair.
Then I put on my make-up and got dressed.

When I left I felt drunk.
My legs were wide apart; my ankles kept rolling as if I had heels on.
Plus I had to touch walls to walk.
I hailed a taxi home; he could smell cum on me but said nothing.

That morning cum spewed from ass all morning; especially when I farted.
I never left my bed all day.

More coming soon>>>

More coming soon>>>
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