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I've recently got pressured into writing a little bit of Erotica and I'm honestly curious on how to improve. I mainly just wrote sex because I'm trying to match it up to speed with my normal writing, I might try to write a full story later if I get an idea and can take what I learn from you all down in the comments and people enjoy it. Sorry for such a short story, but hope you enjoy! - W
I was shaking to say the very least as I unlocked the front door. She looked at me with a devious smile and grabbed my hand and dragged me up to my room. We both froze and while we were both at least somewhat experienced in this whole thing it just felt different than usual… something spectacular was about to unfold in this cramped little room.

She turned to me, stuttering, “W-well?”

Fuck it.

I picked her up and threw her onto the bed. She let out a short yelp which was quickly silenced with a quick kiss planted directly on her, going long and deep.

After the kiss was finally broken up she looked up into my eyes and groaned, “Holy fuck.”

I leaned over her shoulder and moved my mouth right next to her ear, “Anything for you princess.”

I bit down hard. She lost it and started moaning eccentrically.

“Holy fucking please don’t stop.”

I didn’t want to disobey my princess and bit down harder and sent her through the roof.

She pushed me off and slowly began to pull of my shirt slowing kissing up my chest before matching my original position at the ear and whispering, “Two can play at this game,” She paused for a second, “Daddy,” giggling she began to slowly massage my earlobe.

I felt every point of contact repeatedly made contact before she moved down to my neck causing me to groan in excitement. I couldn’t let her take control and pushed her over so that I was on top and pushed her down and slowly began to lift up her blouse to reveal what I so desperately craved underneath, all of her.

I kissed and caressed each and every part of everything starting from her arms, to her chest, to her stomach paying particular attention to her navel which caused her to gasp once again, moving down to her legs, kissing each of her feet, then finally making my way up to my final prize. Thankfully to say the least it was almost difficult to take off the sopping wet piece protecting what I wanted to make love to so dearly.

“Are you ready my princess?” I carefully asked planting a kiss before heading back down.

“Ravish me, for the love of god devour me please.”

Without another word I took no time further waiting to explore every section of her innards with my tongue. Making sure to pay particular attention to the places that made her groan the loudest. Eventually she pushed me away and looked deeply into my eyes, burning her words into my soul between gasps.

“Fuck… me… now…”

“Anything for you my princess.”

Again without another word I proceeded to slowly slide into her recently polished sex and began to slowly tread in and out taking careful pleasure in each of her quiet moans.

“How is this my dear,” I asked as I slowly kissed the bumps of her collarbone.

“More… please…”

“As you wish.”

Within the next ten seconds my pace went from a slow passionate lovemaking, to the most intense fucking of my entire life. I wrapped my hands around her mouth to drown out the screaming of her orgasms as she bit into my palms. I loved every second of it, every second of her. As I continued to put all of my energy into every thrust taking into account which thrusts made her bite down harder and which thrusts made her squirm the most in pleasure and focused more and more as our bodies further intertwined.

She finally broke free of my hold and began nearly screaming half a word in between each thrust, “Ho… ly… Fu… ck… I… Ca… n’t… St… op… Cum… ming!”

I once again was able to stop her speech by deeply shoving my tongue down her throat slowly intermixing our salivas as we continued to ravishly fuck throughout each and every moment of the next several minutes. Each second of each minute brought both of us closer to a state of ecstasy. Of pleasure. Of pure love. We both knew that we could never go back to anybody else, we were both addicted to each other's everything.

I stopped entirely and she looked up puzzled up at me with needing eyes, craving more, “W-why d-did you stop?”

I felt a smile crawl along my face, “Beg for more.”

She looked startled at this comment, but she also looked extremely pleased, “You understand too well,” She pulled her ravished hair back and gave me the most pitiful expression she could possibly put on, “Please fuck me, put you fucking cock so deep into me that I can never know anything besides you and your everything. I need you to fuck me until I go insane and want to fuck you beyond insanity. Please for the love of god FUCK ME.”

I grinned, “As you wish my beautiful, sexy, perverted princess.”

I can’t explain why we knew each other so well, we had never talked about sex before besides the fact that we both had experience, yet as I thrusted in and out of her everything felt perfect. The gears that we made up meshed perfectly into a machine purely meant for loving, for fucking. Each pulse in and out of her led me closer and closer to the edge of perfection for the perfect night.

I calmly massaged her ear once again with my mouth before harshly, and deviously whispering into her ear, “I’m going to cum inside you.”

She smiled pulling my mouth to hers, “Give me everything, fill me please. Please give it all to me.”

Pulling me in for an extremely deep kiss stopping me from escaping as I began to release by biting my lip and holding me tight as I completely filled her.

As I paused to process the pure intensity and pleasure that had just we had just proceeded I realized the extreme pain on either side of my chest, scratch marks, how did I not notice them before?

As I laid down on my back she giggled and curled up inside my arm, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, you were just so amazing and everything was just so amazing.”

I kissed her forehead, “It’s ok princess you can be as rough as you want, just let me return the favor.”

I could feel the heat of her blush even in the darkness of the room, “O-ok. that’s fine as long as you don’t hurt me.”

I was shocked, “I would never hurt you, only spoil you.”

“I love you.”

“As do I princess.”
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