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classified experiment on making the perfect war machine
The classified project was going on for several decades. The initial serum killed most of the male test subjects. For a decade scientists tried to improve the formula, until they tried a female test subject. Due to female biology, lethality rate was way lower among female test subjects, than among male test subjects.

Also female test subjects were more acceptive of hypnosis and were more controllable than male subjects. The board decision was immediate - all test subjects should be female from now on.

Lesser physical strength in expense of much bigger obeyance was an obvious trade off when creating a mindless killing machine.

Much progress was made during next years of research, nearly perfecting the formula. The female super soldier was the perfect war machine. A mindless killing machine, with no concept of self preservation, driven only by orders.

Test subjects were taken at the age of 18 and when they reach 25 they are completely transformed. Daily brainwashing, hipnosis, serum injections and trainings was their routine.

Not only the serum was improving with time, but also the hipnosis and brainwashing techniques, and their results.

When the board of directors heard that significant breakthroughs were made in both the chemistry of the formula and mental preparation of test subjects, they requested a demonstration.

From the beginning the project was government founded, but with time passing, the board now consisted mostly of private investors. The viability of the projects was in question and the good news were just in time.

Immediate demonstration of the current project achievements was scheduled, and it must be very good to convince investors and generals to fund the project further.


Suited men and uniformed generals sat in silence when Sergei, the lead scientist has entered the meeting room, followed by a test subject. The test subjects didn't have names, this one just had a number, 230.

The test subject acted as a normal female. If asked, it would respond and was able to communicate normally.

230 was 24 years old, about 175cm high, dressed in a military uniform, consisting of khaki colored pants, white tshirt and a khaki jacket.

"Gentlemen, i present you test subject 230".

"230, remove your uniform."

"What? Are you crazy? Im not doing it!" - 230 responded.

Then Sergei approached the test subject and whispered something in her ear. Immediately she stood in a military pose.

"230, remove your uniform."

230 without hesitation removed her jacket, boots, pants and her tshirt, remaining only in a black lace boyshorts and matching bra.

Years of training and regimen made a perfectly sculpted body.

"The test subject leads a normal life and cannot be distinguished from a normal person, until they hear a certain phrase, that activates the sleeping agent in them.

Test subjects have their free time at our facility, where they lead a casual lifestyle. Test subjects dont even know that they are our test subjects. Upon activation, they show complete obedience to the person who activated them. Also physical strength, endurance and pain tolerance are unlocked at activation.

Other than that, they are normal people, with their own dreams, lifestyles, habits and preferences.

During activation a test subjects consciousness falls asleep. Sometimes they remember their activated time as if it was a dream. In some cases, they might show some emotions or signs of consciousness during activation, but non of the documented cases hindered their obedience or other attributes.

This minor obstacle on road to perfection will be eliminated in further research

Allow me to continue the demonstration" - Sergei continued.

Two tough guys entered the room. They started pushing and slapping 230. The test subject didn't react.

"The test subject is in idle mode. It will do only what it is told to. The default mode is only to protect the person that activated them"

One tough guy approached Sergei and pulled out a knife, attempting to stab him, when 230 immediately reacted. Disarming the tough guy and easily bodyslamming him into the floor with a loud noise.

Observing a fragile female frame throwing a 100kg marine like this was impressive.

Then other marine performed a powerfull kick to 230's abdomen. 230 didn't even move.

"Again" - commanded Sergei.

Marine kicked one more time, even harder this time. 230's reaction was the same, although some pained emotion was visible for a split second on her face.

"230, defend yourself" - commanded Sergei.

Marine tried to kick her again, but 230 evaded the kick. The second marine joined the attack and they proceeded into a hardcore fight. 230 easily disabled the marines without getting touched and stood back in a military pose.

The board was impressed.

"Sergei. I saw pain on her face. You said they are completely emotionless."

"Sir, these occurrences will be hard to eliminate, but they pose completely no thread to the program"

"I am concerned that even the slightest emotion can make a killing machine unstable. How can we be sure that some deeply personal part of her will never mutiny?"

"Gentlemen, this can be easily demonstrated" - stated Sergei.

He took a knife from the floor. "230, take this knife". 230 obeyed.

"230, cut your underwear off"

230 pulled her panties with one hand on the side and cut them with one stroke of the knife. The lace panty fell down to the floor, revealing her perfectly shaven pubis and petite pussy lips. Same was done with her bra.

230 now stood completely naked in front a room of generals and other board members. Her toned athletic legs revealed a beautiful thigh gap, silhouette of her shaved lips was obvious. Breathing calmly, her perfectly shaped D-cup breasts were raising and lowering in a steady fashion. Medium sizes areolas housed her beautiful nipples.

"230, put the knife to your right nipple" - commanded Sergei.

230 took her right nipple with her right hand fingers, stretching it and her breast out, positioning the knife blade near her fingers on the nipple.

Slight emotion of fear manifested on her face. "The phantom emotion, gentleman. It is just her body's response to danger, in this case. She is still as obedient as ever.


Cut it off, 230"

In a single stroke she sliced her nipple off and just continued to stand there. She held her cut off nipple in front of her and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Complete obedience, gentlemen, as you see. The emotions might appear, but they are just phantom emotions. Her consciousness is deeply asleep. Surely, she will wonder where did her nipple go when she awakes, nothing more." - explained Sergei, as she just used a turbo-lighter to burn her cut off breast to stop the bleeding.

"Sergei, please deactivate her" - the biggest investor said.

Sergei did as was told. He whispered the deactivation word to 230.

230's pose changed. She immediately grabbed her belly, still hurting from the kicking, and screamed at what she was holding in her hand - her own nipple. When she realised, she screamed in a madly voice: "WHAAT WHAT IS THIS?? AA!!"

Then Sergei activated her. 230 immediately straightened up and stood in a military pose. Tears still rolled from her cheeks but her breathing was calming down, until she was completely focused.

"Sergei, tell 230 to take the rubber bat from one of the marines?" - with an evil smirk the investor acquired the rubber bat. It was just a rubber pole 50 cm in length and 5cm in diameter.

230 took it and stood up.

"Sergei, tell her to climb the table and stand in the middle"

230 obeyed. She was now standing in the middle of the table, so close to every man at the table.

"Sergei, i want to test her pain tolerance". The investor tossed a bottle of lube to the center of the table.

"Lube up, 230". She took the lube, gushed some amount on her hand and started smearing it on her crotch and on the bat.

"230, position the bat vertically on the table, and sit on it. Penetrate your vaginal entrance with it"

230 positioned the bar, made a step to position herself above it and lowered until she touched the lubed bat. She then proceeded lowering herself until about 15 cm of the bat was inside of her, leaving 35 outside.

"Fuck the bat, 230" - 230 started moving up and down in a steady fashion, almost like a metronome.

"230 has no desires right now, gentlemen. She will not change pace, as she will not stop until instructed. She is also incapable of having an orgasm in an activated state.

Though her body will react eventually to the stimulation."

The board remained silent as they witnesses 230 fucking the bat right in front of them on the table. Her remaining nipple swelled up and evidence of her natural lube was visible on the bat. Also audial evidence of arousal was heard in form of slight gasps and heavy breathing.

"Sergei, she must go lower" - the investor commanded.

Following Sergei's command, 230 started going lower when going down, now bottoming at 20 cm inside of her when she lowered herself on the bat with endless endurance.

"Lower" - said the investor.

Now trying to bottom out at 25cm, 230 has obviously reached her vaginal capacity limit, as she was correctly lowering her body 25cm down below the height of a standing bat, but last few cm made the rubber bat bend sideways.

It was obsious that 230's vagina was straining with tension in the lowest point, as the tension manifested on 230's face.

230 was nicely sliding 25cm up, almost off the bat, and then sliding 25cm down, slamming the bat and making it bend, the sight was extraordinary.

Sergei approached the investor and now sat close to him, while they conversed.

"230, hold the bat straight, dont let it bend in the bottom position"

Following Sergei's command, 230 grabbed the bat with her both hands, attempting to hold it still and continued her movement. Now the bat was not bending sideways, and 230 was forcing her limits to stretch to take the bat.

Short gasps were heard when she reached the bottom, and then pushed a bit further, beyond her capacity.

"Sergei, i want to test how far the test subject can go, in regards to its self preservation instinct"

"Sir, the subjects instincts are overridden, she has no instincts now, other that to follow orders, allow me to demonstrate

230, go down on the bat as far as you can"

Immediately 230 started slamming all her weight on the bat, in the lower position making the bat bend, but trying to hold it still. At first she was not making any progress, and then Sergei whispered something in her ear.

"Each subject has hidden potential, that can be unlocked in dire situations by certain keywords" - stated Sergei, as 230 started furiously dropping her weight on the bat, now screaming from pain and tears rolling down her cheeks. At upper amplitude her feet even lifted from the table.

Several cunt-splitting body slams later, she was now impaling herself on 35cm of the bat, wild screams and grunts filled the room.

Then Sergei ordered 230 to stop. She slowly slid off the bat, gasping and revealing an astonishing length of the bat, covered in her juices.

Members of the board applauded. The project will be funded further.
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