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A fantasy brought on by seeing some good meat on the internet.
"You stupid bitch, what did you expect?" I punctuated my words by slapping her hard across the face.

She sat there on the floor, dressed in her tight white t-shirt and short-shorts, her legs tucked under her body, and gave me that same idiotic look. A look like she didn't really comprehend what was happening to her.

I mean, really, there's only so far you can bring a person before reality sets in.

Just a minute ago this girl was crawling across the floor on her hands and knees, desperately trying to tempt me to fuck her. Now that I've called her on the promises she's made, she doesn't know how to react.

"You said you gave yourself to me, body and soul. You said that you'd be mine for the rest of your life. Did you thinking I was joking? Did I fucking stutter?" Another slap on the opposite cheek barely changes her expression.

Leaning in close I hiss in her ear, "I'm going to butcher you, cunt. I'm going to cut you up while you're still alive and squealing and there's nothing you can do to change that."

Her eyes widen a bit, which makes her look even stupider. I swear, this girl has taken so much of my time over the past month, and this is what I get in return.

I grab her by the hair and hold her face up towards me. "I think we need a little focus here," I say as I pull back my fist and punch her square in the face.

That gets her attention.

As the blood gushes from her nose, her eyes focus on me and tears begin form at their corners.

"Tell me, bitch." I growl. "Tell me what you are."

She sniffles a bit on the blood leaking down her face and finally replies. "I'm your property, master. I give you my body and soul. I only want to please you."

Grinning maliciously down at her, I say, "Yeah, well you aren't worth that much to me. You're an average fuck, a poor toilet, and can barely fit one of the dogs inside you. You pull away when I hurt you, and bother me too much when you're in heat. I've been annoyed with you for quite a while. I think now it's time to prove what you really are: just another piece of meat."

By the tears forming in her eyes, I can tell this hurts her. I've told her all along what I was going to turn her into and it's about fucking time she got used to it.

Pulling her close, my eyes bore into hers and the last shreds of her self fall away. "I am meat for you, master," she whimpers. "I want you to butcher me, to turn me into scraps. If I'm worthy eat me, otherwise feed my pieces to the dogs. I... I want you to use every part of me as you see fit."

For a second there, I thought she was going to tell me she loved me. I guess the last girl's mistake left an impression on this one. Even a stupid bitch can learn.

I release her hair and she falls backward on the floor, her white top and pink shorts barely cover her soft skin. I can feel myself getting harder and, despite her pain and fear, I notice the tips of her nipples pressing against the fabric of her shirt and a damp spot forming between her legs.

"Follow me, bitch," I growl.

Leading her on her hands and knees down a hallway, I open one of the doors and motion her inside. The room there is bare, but functional. A bed occupies the center of the room, with a small trunk at its base.

I close the door behind us, leaving it open just a crack. "Get on your hands and knees on the bed," I command her.

A little light of hope appears in her eyes and I sigh inwardly. The dumb bitch still doesn't get it after all.

I rip off her shorts and put the tip of my hard cock up against her wet pussy. She knows enough not to move or push back against me and I leave it there for a minute or two. I can feel her getting wetter and growing more and more impatient but she remains still.

At last I let it slip inside an inch or two and I feel her body shudder in response. Maybe she thinks I'm going to fuck her? That's not what this is about. I'm not going to get off inside a worthless piece of meat like this. This isn't about pleasure. This is about dominance.

Even with what I'm going to do to her she still gives me this willingly. That is what gets me hard, not her cute face or toned body. Well, that and how good it will feel to tear this girl apart.

When I've savored the feeling long enough I push her away, sending her sprawling out on her front. Her breath is coming in deep pants now, and her wet, gaping pussy expands and contracts with it.

Climbing up on top of her on the bed, I rip off her shirt and leave her bare beneath me. Her labored breathing causes the muscles under her skin to flex nicely. I run my hands over her the supple flesh of her back and savor how it feels before climbing off.

My beds are made in a very specific way, for the very specific uses I have for them. This one is an absorbent, disposable mattress on a very heavy, sturdy metal frame bolted to the floor. The frame has loops built into that I use now to tie the girl at her wrists and ankles, stretched out and spread-eagled.

She does not resist.

I tighten the ropes and pull hard, hearing her cry out as her muscles are pulled to the breaking point. She's been held like this before, but never this taught. I can almost hear the tendons in her joints creaking, but it's not like damaging her now will affect anything. As long as she can't twist or writhe, it serves its purpose.

Butchering a girl can be a very messy experience and losing too much blood will make the girl pass out. I want her to feel this all the way through, so I take zip ties out of the trunk and tie off her arms and legs close to her body. She whimpers a bit when they tighten, but I think she's coming around to her fate.

A soft noise at the door makes me glance back and I see an eye through the crack in the door. One of my other girls has heard the noises and come to investigate.

Good. Let her watch. She'll know what it's like soon enough and watching another girl in pain always gets them excited.

Taking some ropes out of the box, I make sure the zip ties are also secured to the bedframe. Soon they'll be the only things holding her down.

With the meat girl stripped and firmly restrained, I'm ready to start. The trunk has a selection of knives in it and I lay them out on the bed. Knives for deep cut, shallow cut, peeling, and more.

I don't waste any more time on the bitch and take one of the deep cutting knives. The muscles in her legs are taught enough that I can see exactly where they are without removing the skin, so plunge it straight away into her leg. Her scream of pain is indescribable.

I hear the girl by the door start making noises as well. Masturbating, I assume. I've trained them well like that.

Drawing the knife slowly down the leg, I separate the muscles in her leg one at a time. She's made herself lean for me, so there is little fat above it, just muscle.

Each piece of meat comes apart under my sharp blade with delicacy and precision. There is minimal bleeding, but much pain. I feel the restrained tremors in her body and hear her hoarse screams each time I use the knife.

Piece by piece my little meat puppet is pulled apart like the animal she is. Each muscle and piece of flesh is pulled away and tossed in a pile on the floor near the front of the bed. I want her to see what used to be part of her.

I strip the meat from her thigh first, then her calf. Using a small hacksaw, I cut off her foot and add it to the pile. She's crying and babbling now, but to her credit she's talking about being meat for me, so I can't complain.

With the useful bits of her leg taken, I use the hacksaw and a chisel to separate the femur as high up as I can and discard it.

Then I start on the other leg.

The pile of meat has grown significant and the girl less so. After 30 minutes she has been made completely legless but has avoided unsustainable blood loss. I want her to remain conscious of her lessening state.

I move up to her arms next, and I take great pleasure as I cut away each piece of flesh from them: Being near her head, she can turn and watch as I do this.

Lingering with the blade before each cut, I make sure that her anticipation and fear is heightened. Her screams are like music to me and together we are making a symphony of her deconstruction.

With her bones stripped, her hand are cut off and added to the pile. The girl that only an hour ago was crawling around trying to tempt me into sex is now an armless, legless torso begging to be butchered. This is what she was always meant to be.

My erection has only grown harder while butchering and I take advantage of the fact I haven't cut her throat yet.

Yanking her head back, I thrust my cock into her mouth. I feel her licking and sucking on it, carefully avoiding touching me with her teeth. Even in this state she still knows how to treat a man properly.

I let her continue for a few minutes, showing me her complete submission even in the face of death before pulling out. A ribbon of saliva connects us for a moment before that bond is also broken. We're entering the final phase of our relationship now.

I untie her from the bed and flip her over onto her back before restraining her once more. Her stomach rises and falls with a fluttering motion and her breath has become irregular. The amount of pain she's in is something only the other girls who've been here must know. I smile knowing how much I'm hurting her.

For this final phase I get up onto the bed and sit on her face, looking down towards her flat stomach. I feel her open her mouth beneath me and start to lick and suck on my balls. Knowing that she is spending her last moments before death pleasing her master is a special thrill that I always enjoy.

The smaller cutting knife in my hands, I slice delicately up her belly, watching it split open like ripe fruit and revealing the pulsing mass of organs within. I feel the quivering of her breath on my balls, but she doesn't stop licking even for a moment.

Reaching in with my hands I pull out ropes of her slippery guts and toss them to the side. Her body convulses each time I remove a piece of her: intestines, stomach, liver, uterus. I don't stop until she's been almost completely hollowed out.

Slicing up further with my knife, I cut between her breasts and pull the flesh away revealing her ribcage.

This part is delicate, since I want her to survive as long as possible and feel as much pain as possible before she dies. Using a heavy pair of shears, I begin to crack her sternum, carefully avoiding touching her heart. I can't count how many girls I lost too soon before I mastered this step.

Of course I complete it flawlessly and pull away her ribs to reveal her still beating heart. As she sucks on my testicles I see the motion of her heart begin to slow. I know there isn't a lot of time left for me to finish.

"Come here, slave," I call out to the girl behind the door.

Gingerly she enters the room and stands before the bed. I can see the wetness between her legs and on her fingers that she's used to touch herself. Maybe this one has more potential.

"Crawl onto the bed. I want you to feel this girl's life end."

"Yes, master," she replies. I can hear a lustful tremor in her voice. This one at least knows what to expect.

"Stroking her hair I tell her, "Touch her heart, slave. Gently. Feel how it fades? That is the essence of my pleasure."

She stares into my eyes and I see her pupils widen with excitement. Looking down at the remains of the girl on the bed before her, I see her shudder. This girl used to be like her, and she will become like this girl in time.

She reaches out her hand to slowly touch the dying girl's heart. Its beat has slowed and it's starting to become irregular but she'll live long enough.

I put my hand on the back of her head and push it downwards towards my throbbing cock. She knows what to do.

While still stroking the heart she takes me in her mouth and sucks it deep. I feel the rolling of her well-trained throat along the length of my shaft while the dismembered slave beneath me still sucks my aching balls. This is the bliss I was looking. This is what drives me over the edge.

Yanking her head back, I grab my dick as I feel the semen boil up and begin to spray out the end of my cock. Angling it downwards, spurt after spurt lands on the beating heart of the butchered girl, coating it in white.

As I relax in that moment of satisfaction, I push the other girl's head down and watch as she runs her tongue over the heart, lapping up and swallowing the cum of her owner. The man she knows will end her life.

Having had my fun, I toss the fed girl aside. Feeling the feeble sucking on my balls still, I know there is one last thing I need to do: Taking the large knife in my hand, I plunge it into the living heart of the dying girl. One last suck and she falls still.

I leave the knife there and climb off her, satiated for the moment.

"Master," the girl kneeling by the bed asks, "what should we do with this meat?"

"She was barely even able to die right," I scoff at her, "but she did try. Feed her to the other slaves and make sure they pick her clean. The dogs will have to settle for bones this time."

"Yes, master," she says as she bows face down to the floor.

I leave the room and walk back down the hallway. To either side are doors that lead to rooms full of other delights, but I don't feel the need to use them yet. My girls know who they serve and what fate awaits them. I am content with my emptied balls and the memories of the pain I have caused.

For now.


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