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Long ago when I was only 19 years old college student I was renting a room in a house, it was much cheaper than living in the dorms. In that house, besides other residents, lived the owner of the house himself. We had to share a kitchen and bathroom, just as you would expect if you're renting a room. I and the house's owner were on friendly terms. He was a nice man. The thing is he had a hot daughter of the same age as I. She looked younger than me though. She came to visit her dad a lot.

She had dark hair and very beautiful dark eyes. She was about 5'5 tall, skinny, and had a really amazing butt covered by tight denim she usually wore. I got to know her a bit too, she was very verbal, playful, and laughed a lot. I'll refer to her as Stacy. We talked about school and how hard it is to study all the time and stuff. We didn't get any personal in our conversations because we weren't classmates or anything, I was just a tenant in her dad's house. In time I've developed serious hots for her. I mean she was really hot and playful, how can any guy not be horny. Whenever she turned her back to me I took the opportunity to admire her ass. I swear, I would be just eating her with my eyes. I never suspected that I would get lucky. Her dad wasn't always at home, but she visited his house anyway. She just sat in his room doing homework or just reading,

I could see her because we often left the doors open in this small house. I came into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich, when she came in too to get some water or something like that, I don't remember clearly. We started to talk as usual. She asked me how my classes were, how are you? and other stupid cliches to keep the conversation going. This day she seemed more easy going than usual. I don't think she was drunk because then I would notice, I think it's because her daddy wasn't home.

At that time I wasn't thinking about any sex, so I just talked with Stacy normally. We started to talk about my architecture class and the drawings I had to do for it. She asked me if she could see them and of course, I replied sure. We went to my room. It was a cold day outside, so I was heating up my room with my heater all the time, so inside my room it was always warm and cozy. The yellow light from my electric table lamp covered the walls with warm glow that complemented the warmth coming from the heater.

I showed her the drawings and she just said "oooh, nice, blah blah blah" She looked around my room, just looking at the stuff I had there, my radio, TV, furniture. Then it started to get really weird, I don't know if she was just really horny or what, but she really looked at me for long time into my eyes, I looked at her. Nothing happened. She looked into the window and said it was a nice view. "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked spontaneously. "No, not now" I replied quickly. I turned my back to her to search for a better radio station, because the stupid country music really got on my nerves. Then as if out of nowhere, her hands are on my shoulders!! She is trying to massage me!! I was so astonished, and at that moment I understood that she was making an advance on me, and she might be wanting more than just to see my architecture work.

I asked "What are you doing Suzy?" In response she just moved her hands to my chest and shirt and said "What do you think I am doing? Isn't it obvious..." I didn't say anything but just turned around. We started to kiss. As we kissed our tongues kept feeling each other as if they were having their own mini-sex. I slid my hands down to grope her butt that I always admired. Stacy began to moan quietly as I began caressing her neck with my tongue. She put her hands on the back of my head and neck and tried to keep me close to her.

I realized that this is going somewhere. I walked and closed the door lest someone pass by and see us in the act. She sat on the bed and pulled her sweater off. Then she proceeded to pull off her shirt. I sat closer to her and started to kiss her again. As our bodies became closer we could feel each other's heat building up. At that moment I was in heaven, such an unexpected encounter in my room. I unzipped Suzan's bra to reveal her two succulent teenage breasts. I must have played with them for ten minutes, they were so soft and yet firm. I can still feel her erect nipples on my tongue. I would suck on them making her moan louder. They were all wet with my spit after kissing them. Stacy laid on her back as I continued to caress her sweet body.

I took off my shorts and shirt and let her touch me. "Stacy? Could I please put my cock in your mouth?" She just stretched her hand and pulled my cock to her mouth as I was on top of her. She tried really hard as she tried to get as much of it as possible in her mouth. My seven inches almost fit there the full length. I helped her move it and stroke her lips with my head as the hairs of my balls rubbed against her chin.I would playfully slap her face with my cock when I took it out, just to insert it back into her young face.

I could not wait any longer and went lower towards her waist line as she smiled at me. My hand was on her jeans, I unzipped them and pulled them down to reveal her sky blue panties. They went down next. To me was revealed Stacy's beautiful pussy. I think this must have been the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. She had a nice little bush of black hair around her slit and the look of it got my testosterone levels rushing.

She asked me to suck her and I agreed with pleasure. It's unbelievable feeling to feel a girl's pubic hair brush against your face. I had the most important purpose in life, to bring this female pleasure. I licked and sucked and stroked her hole while my hands were on her titties as I slightly pinched them.

"Please fuck me" Stacy asked. "Fuck me now!" She was looking at me said "Aren't you gonna shove that stick in me?"

I said "Oh yeah you little daddy's girl, this stick will be in you in no time"

I took my cock in my hand and before actually sliding it through, I moved it up and down and touched her pussy with it, just to make her feel good. She moaned like a baby. I got hold of her feet and shoved my cock in her hole with one strong thrust. She gave out a quick "Ah" as her face contracted with an expression of pleasure.

I could feel her muscles twitch as I pushed deeper and deeper. I could feel my balls slap against her ass. I started to go faster and faster as the splashing sounds filled the room. The wetness inside her made the movement easier . As I fucked my landlord's daughter, I saw her breasts move in unison with my movement, they moved like waves on the sea. We kept saying stuff to each other as we did this, we said things like you would hear in porno movies "oh yeah" ,"that's good baby", "Oh god god oh God" whatever, I think our wild lustful natures really came out as we fucked.

I humped Stacy for about five minutes until I could not hold it in any longer. At that time condoms weren't popular and I didn't have one, but I was aware of girls getting pregnant so I tried to pull out as early as possible. I gave this slut a few more thrusts, few more moans, then when I pulled it out, she helped me finish with her hand as I shot a hot stream of white cum on her stomach. I was suddenly in a coma like state of pleasure and fell right beside her. She just said "oh man!" and giggled like a little girl as she smeared my cum over her tummy.

We slept for about 20 minutes. When we woke up we talked about what we did, and of course agreed that it was just a one time thing. We kissed some more. She got dressed and we both exited my room. Nothing can describe the fear that ran through me when I found out that while we were fucking her dad came back home. I thought he would suspect something for sure!! But I later found out that my fears were in vain, because when I went to the kitchen I saw him walk into his room, he just greeted her, and looked very preoccupied with something. I heard her tell him she went outside for a walk. I will never forget this.


2007-08-02 16:23:11
That happenned to me once. She was 18 and OMG.
I didn't need to pay to stay in my room from then on.


2007-04-01 17:21:15
Zipper names, so what I liked could blonger especially the fucking. give us more and make sommore little Stacv's


2006-08-16 16:02:38
Not bad CA, I did not think it was confusing. It was actually pretty good. Keep writing, just proofread a little more.


2006-08-16 02:40:33
The bra with the zipper part is a little weird. But other than that, good story.


2006-08-16 00:22:39
not bad i had same thing happen though

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