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I've posted this story in smaller chunks on the forum. My post there includes a bit of background info on the setting and some of the more unrealistic aspects (of which there are many). Tagged 'dark fantasy' because there is a strong D/s vibe and some extreme sex; the setting overall is not supposed to be particularly dark.
"He is here!" someone shouted.

The entire Nordish royal family, along with a stream of several dozen local nobles and officials, streamed out to the castle gate. Tetenia, the princess, walked briskly alongside her father, King Ulsan, and her mother, Queen Verena. Dozens of high-ranking nobles and other officials were behind them.

Someone opened the gate and His Supremacy entered. The whole lot of them - Tetenia, the king, the queen, the dozens of people behind them - bowed down before Him as He approached.

His Supremacy was flanked by two of His ten Queen Priestesses, around twenty of His concubines, term servants, guardians, and some other officials in His Sacred Orders and the imperial government.

His Supremacy was wearing a simple, but luxuriant, red robe. The two Queen Priestesses, Karina and Anya, were each wearing nothing but a bra-and-panty set studded with diamonds and rare gemstones. The concubines were all wearing nothing but bras and panties, as well, each made of the finest silks, but with no diamonds or gems. Karina and Anya and each of the concubines were beautiful and voluptuous, their bodies glistening in the sun as they followed His Supremacy to the prostrate crowd of Nordish officials.

His Supremacy strode up to them, and stopped mere feet from King Ulsan. The moment He stopped, His entire entourage - Queen Priestesses, concubines, all of them - bowed down behind Him. He stood, surveying the courtyard and the assembled crowd for a few minutes.

He was handsome, Tetenia thought - lean and muscular, though not too muscular, and fairly young. She noticed a slight bulge in His robe. And He certainly knew how to make an entrance.

Ever since His Supremacy had informed them that He would attend Tetenia's wedding - now scheduled for the day after tomorrow - the king seemed more concerned with His visit than with his daughter's pending nuptials. He added several magnificent rooms to the castle to house Him and whomever traveled with Him. People talked about things they had heard about Him. One of Tetenia's uncles had performed the Term of Sacred Service last year, and said that His Sacred Estate was larger than any city he had ever seen. One of Tetenia's friends said that He had over 200 concubines. Her cousin told a rumor of a time that He had visited a neighboring kingdom and removed the king due to some minor intransigence.

While these thoughts were swirling through her head, His Supremacy addressed the king. "Speak," He said.

The king, still prostrate, replied. "Thank you, Your Supremacy. It is an amazing privilege for you to grace us with your sacred presence and to bestow upon my family the honor of your attendance at my daughter's wedding. Words cannot express our gratitude and the gratitude of our entire kingdom. This is truly a great day for us. Thank you, Your Supremacy."

His Supremacy did not respond to this, but stared directly at Tetenia. She was beautiful - with red hair and soft curves and large breasts. He then scanned the assembled crowd one more time and said, "you may rise."

The Nordish crowd and His Supremacy's entourage behind Him all stood up. The king said, "Thank you, Your Supremacy. We will show you to your quarters. They are not worthy of you, but we humbly hope that you may tolerate them. Thank you, Your Supremacy."

The crowd filtered into the castle, with His Supremacy, the Nordish royals, and His Queen Preistesses and concubines leading the way.


Later that evening, there was a banquet to celebrate His arrival. The hundred-plus assembled guests in the hall had to bow down as He entered the room until He gave them permission to stand. Tetenia wondered how this banquet would compare to her wedding - it seemed to require more preparation.

His Supremacy was seated at the head of a long table with Anya and Karina on either side of Him. The rest of the table largely consisted of the highest-ranking Nordish royalty and some of His top officials. Tetenia was seated partway down the table, next to her betrothed, Lord Daymon, the son of a major noble house in the kingdom and a key political ally for her father. Daymon was handsome and the heir to a significant fortune, and a respected scholar of Nordish history and literature. The union of Tetenia and Daymon would bring together two of the greatest families in the kingdom.

But while Tetenia was eating, she kept glancing at His Supremacy. It was difficult not to. He was being served by his concubines, rather than the normal household servants who attended to the rest of the guests, and she counted ten concubines lined up behind Him. The concubines served no one but His Supremacy. In accordance with the rules for dining with Him, the number of concubines serving Him was two greater than the total number of servers for all of the other guests.

Equally difficult to ignore was the fact that they were all stark naked. His Supremacy wore a robe which appeared to loosen at the front. He fondled the concubines' breasts and grabbed their buttocks and made no effort to hide any of this, while the rest of the guests tried their best to ignore it. She also noticed that they appeared to thank Him when serving Him, rather than the other way around.

A couple of times, Tetenia thought she saw Him looking at her, but she wasn't sure. She tried to participate in the nearby discussion - something about the colors of the table setting for the wedding - but kept being distracted.

At one point, she glanced over at Him and there was no doubt - He was staring directly at her. As He did this, He cupped one of His concubine Jyushka's ample breasts, and half a smile crossed His face. Tetenia tried to pretend she didn't see this, but kept glancing at Him out of the corner of her eye.

Still staring directly at Tetenia, His Supremacy squeezed Jyushka's breast harder and she moaned in pleasure. He then put His hand on her head and guided her down. Jyushka knelt and swallowed His Supremacy's cock. His Supremacy guided her head further down on His cock and she gagged a little and He smiled. The entire time He was staring at Tetenia.

The rest of the table clearly was aware of what was happening, but they did their best to ignore it. His Supremacy grabbed the ass of another concubine while He fondled a Queen Priestess's breasts. He looked again at Tetenia, but then looked away. The gurgling and gagging noises that Jyushka made as she pleasured Him - she was essentially deepthroating Him nonstop - could be heard behind the din of conversation.

Tetenia kept looking at Him out of the corner of her eye, but He seemed not to notice. He looked down at Jyushka on her knees, sighed contentedly, and stared off into the middle distance. He took a small bite of food, and called another concubine over, seemingly to say something about it. As she left he fondled her breasts, too, and Tetenia heard her let out a squeal of delight. He put His hand on Jyushka's head and sat back. Pleasure washed over His body as Jyushka choked on His cock.

Tetenia thought about what her friend Katda, who had also performed the Term last year, said about being in His Sacred Presence - the massive power differential between Him and literally everything and everyone else was inescapable, unavoidable.

It was also undeniably sexy. Tetenia's pussy began to throb a little. She wondered what it might be like to pleasure Him. She had heard that many of His concubines were drawn from the nobility, and that some had begun to offer Him women as a way to curry favor. Tetenia herself had never done what Jyushka was now doing before, as it was fairly taboo in Nordish culture. The thought of it both intrigued and repelled her in equal measure - it was something that was done by common harlots, if at all, not princesses. Yet there He was, being pleasured openly, in front of the highest-born people in Nordland. Nobody complained. Nobody said anything at all - in fact, they all would grovel before Him if given the opportunity. She tried to throw herself back into the conversation, to distract from these thoughts.

Just as she was doing that, she felt His eyes on her again. His hand placed firmly on Jyushka's head, and He pushed His cock down to the back of throat, impervious to her gagging and struggling for air. He looked so powerful like that, Tetenia thought. He arched His back slightly, still looking directly at Tetenia. All of His tension was directed towards His erect cock in Jyushka's mouth and throat. His body was totally relaxed. He was cumming. He continued to stare at Tetenia, who realized was was going on and blushed a little. His cum shot directly into the concubines' throat, and He just kept cumming - His orgasm lasted (as they normally did) for over two minutes. Cum shot out of Jyushka's nose, and dripped out of her chin, her mouth and throat totally overwhelmed by His massive cock and His even more massive orgasm. Jyushka struggled to contain it, struggled to breathe, but she had no choice. His Supremacy grabbed Anya's breasts and stared at Tetenia, still pumping cum down Jyushka's throat, making no effort to hide any of this.

As His orgasm subsided, Jyushka's lips popped off His cock, her eyes watery and her lungs gasping for air. She said the only thing she could say in this situation: "Thank you, Your Supremacy." She meant every word.

He looked at Tetenia through nearly the whole orgasm, and she was tranfixed. Had He really been cumming that whole time? Her whole body felt flush. She thought briefly about excusing herself to go masturbate in the washroom, but thought better of it.

His Supremacy did not look at Tetenia again for the remainder of the banquet, and He did not speak to her at all.


Later that night, Tetenia was in her bedchambers reading, when Leshka, her servant, walked in. "Someone is at the door. He says you should go."

Tetenia looked on quizzically. "I think he is from His Supremacy," she sad in a hushed voice.

Tetenia walked to the door, and there stood a man wearing the armor of His guardians, and another man wearing a plain brown coverall. "His Supremacy commands your presence," the man in the coverall, whom she guessed to be a Term servant, said. "Follow me."

The two men led her around several corridors, until they reached one with two kneeling guards and two kneeling Term servants. They all kneeled. "Tetenia is here," the Term servant said to one of the other kneeling servants, who scurried off into another room.

Tetenia realized that they must be near His Supremacy. She moved forward and bowed down. All who are within one-hundred feet of His Sacred Presence must be bowing down unless given permission otherwise. The guards and Term servants were kneeling at the perimeter of this zone. Tetenia knew it was customary for other guests to move into the zone and bow down. However, she would need His permission to go any further.

Several minutes later, the other servant reappeared. "You may enter," he told Tetenia.

Tetenia walked forward, and opened a door into what appeared to be an anteroom, with more kneeling guards, and then opened another door. The room inside was magnificently apportioned, certainly more impressive than Tetenia's bedchambers. His Supremacy sat, about twenty feet in front of her, in a sumptuous chair, being fellated by Queen Priestess Anya and the concubine Mia. There were a couple of other concubines prostrate on either side of where He sat, although they were not doing anything.

He did not look at Tetenia, but He addressed her. "On your knees," He said, and Tetenia immediately bowed down before Him. Tetenia had not really noticed His voice before this. It was low, deep, somewhat slow - probably only a few octaves or so above a whisper. But it exuded power and control. It was a voice that took it as a given that it would be obeyed.

For nearly twenty minutes, He did not say anything to Tetenia. The only noise was the gurgling and slurping and gagging of the blowjob that Anya and Mia were giving Him. Tetenia recognized the noises from earlier, although they were clearer this time, in a quiet room.

Suddenly he looked at Tetenia. "Come forward fifteen paces. Crawl," He said. He pushed Anya's head down on His cock and she began to gag loudly, almost choke. He sighed contentedly, and removed His hand from Anya's head, as she continued to gag on His cock. Her comfort, even her ability to breathe, did not matter. Only His Supremacy's pleasure mattered. Anya knew that.

Tetenia stopped about five feet from where He sat. Another minute or two passed, and He said "Stand up. Take off your clothes."

Tetenia did as she was told. "Turn around," He said. Tetenia turned around.

He sat back, enjoying Anya's mouth on His cock and the concubine's licking His balls, as if to consider what he just saw. "I like that," He said. "Come here."

Tetenia walked towards Him, hesitantly but with excitement. She was very turned on, but her stomach was tied up in knots. When she got close, His Supremacy pulled her in and began intently rubbing her breasts. He ran His hand up and down the small of Tetenia's back, and down her thighs. He reached over to her ass and slapped it, and Tetenia squealed. He put a finger in Tetenia's pussy, briefly. Her head felt like it was about to burst, her body a maelstrom of sexual excitement. His Supremacy was hardly even trying to do anything to her, but Tetenia's pussy was dripping wet and she was almost dizzy. She used all of her concentration to hold back an orgasm - a massive orgasm - unsure if it would be appropriate.

At the same time, Tetenia noticed that He was relentlessly shoving His cock down Anya's throat. There was a noticeable bulge. Her eyes were very, very watery and her face was a little pink - she was obviously having trouble breathing and struggling to continue. Tetenia could not see His actual cock, as it was entirely enveloped in Anya's mouth and throat. "That's good, Anya," His Supremacy said as Anya squirmed and choked. "That's so good." Meanwhile, Mia was busily licking his balls.

Suddenly, He relaxed His body and sat back. Anya was still struggling on His cock, but He appeared totally relaxed. "Yeahh," he moaned, as he sunk a bit into the chair.

He cupped Mia's breasts, then He cupped Tetenia's breasts. "Kneel before me," He said to Tetenia.

After she kneeled, He looked down directly at Tetenia. A shock went through her spine and her pussy throbbed. "Have you ever sucked it, Tetenia," He asked.

Anya and the concubine were still dutifully, almost heroically, pleasuring him. "No," Tetenia said. She wondered how Anya managed to breathe. She couldn't see His Supremacy's cock, but seemed to be quite large, if the bulge was any guide.

He said nothing for a minute or so, and He looked straight ahead. "I am about to give you a great gift," He said to Tetenia. "I hope you are grateful."

"Yes, Your Supremacy. I am grateful, Your Supremacy. I will always be grateful, Your Supremacy," Tetenia said. She had never wanted anything more in her life.

He tugged Anya's head a bit, and His cock exited her mouth. She immediately thanked Him, gasping for air. Mia began licking the shaft a little, but for the first time, Tetenia could see it. It was enormous - around ten inches fully erect, and with considerable girth.

"Tetenia, put my cock in your mouth. Mia, kiss my feet then move to the side," He siad. Mia - the concubine who had been licking his balls - thanked Him for the privilege of pleasuring Him, kissed His feet, and then thanked Him for the privilege of kissing His feet. "Jainee, lick my balls," He said to one of other concubines. Jainee, who had been bowing down a few feet away, crawled to Him, thanked Him, and began devotedly licking Him.

Tetenia took Him in her mouth. She got the tip in with relative ease, but began to feel a little uncomfortable once a few inches of the shaft got into her mouth. How did Anya do it? She wasn't even sure she could take half of it.

His Supremacy moaned a little, and put His hand on Tetenia's head, softly but firmly. "Anya," He said. "Praise me."

"You are God, Your Supremacy. You are all-powerful."

He tightened His grip on Tetenia, and pushed her down a little.

"You are greater than God. You are the God of Gods, the personification of power, a sacred being in the flesh."

He pushed Tetenia down further. She had taken a little less than half His cock and she began to gag. She was still incredibly horny, but she was getting quite uncomfortable. His hand remained firmly on her head.

"I am humbled by your sacred presence. I am not worthy of your sacred presence." Anya was working herself into a frenzy. "No one is worthy of your sacred presence. This is why we worship you. This is why our blessed and fortunate and grateful Queen Priestesses and concubines pleasure you. But nobody is truly worthy of worshipping you and pleasuring you."

His Supremacy pushed Tetenia deeper, and moaned lightly. Tetenia squirmed.

"Words cannot describe the gratitude that I feel towards you every second of every day. Your power over me, your power over everything, is so overwhelming. You are greatness. You are greater than greatness. You are all-powerful. You are more powerful than all-powerful."

At this point, His Supremacy shoved Tetenia's face further down His cock, until there were only a few inches left. She was gagging uncontrollably now and she began to resist Him as He pushed harder. She knew she shouldn't do it, but it was a reflex. Her face started to hurt and her eyes began to water.

"Your power is all-encompassing and never-ending. You are everything, Your Supremacy. You are everything, and I am nothing. The gifts that you give me are unbelievable and indescribable and there does not exist enough gratitude in the universe for me to ever express it properly. I am humble, Your Supremacy. I am humble before your greatness, Your Supremacy. I am a speck of dust and you are the whole world."

"Deeper, Tetenia," He said. "To properly express your gratitude for the gift I am giving you, you have to go deeper." She was starting to have difficulty breathing. She tried to push up to get some air, but He resisted her. He moaned lightly in pleasure.

"We are all specks of dust compared to you, Your Supremacy. We are specks of dust who kneel before you, prostrate, in awe of your incredible, overwhelming, endless, limitless power."

He pushed Tetenia down further. She moved about a half inch, then started to choke. It didn't matter. "You're going to take the whole thing," He said. He pushed her down, almost violently, and her lips were suddenly at the base of His cock. Her face was stretched out on its girth, the tip was deep in her throat. Tetenia squirmed, her body writhed, she gagged and gagged some more.

"We are in thrall to you."

His Supremacy held Tetenia firmly in place, and sighed contentedly. She began to massage the base of His cock with her lips, almost instinctively. He pushed a little further back in her throat, choking her again, but through it she began working her lip on the shaft inside of her mouth. "Yeah," He said. "That's good."

Tetenia essentially couldn't breathe anymore. She flailed her arms around. Her eyes were wet with tears, and she had quickly developed a pounding headache from a lack of oxygen. Her body and muscles ached, her knees ached on the cold floor.

His Supremacy's cock was enveloped in pleasure inside Tetenia's mouth and throat. He kept His hand firmly on her head, and smiled and sat back in the chair.

"You own us. You own everything. Everything is yours. You have all the power, and we have none. We must thank you. Thank You, Your Supremacy. You are God, Your Supremacy. You are greater than God, Your Supremacy. Thank You, Your Supremacy. Thank You so much, Your Supremacy. Praising you is a tremendous, indescribable privilege. Thank You, Your Supremacy. I am eternally grateful, Your Supremacy. Thank You, Your Supremacy."

"Quiet, Anya," he said, almost like it was an afterthought. "Yeaahh," He said, lightly shoving His cock down Tetenia's throat as her body writhed.

Tetenia tried to take small breaths out of the side of her outstretched mouth to prevent herself from passing out. This helped, but it didn't really soften the pain. He loosened His grip a little and she shot up about an inch, but He quickly pushed her back down. "Stay down, Tetenia," He said. Her throat hurt.

Jainee continued licking His Supremacy's balls while Tetenia struggled to pleasure Him with her mouth and throat. Sometimes He looked at them, or grabbed their breasts, and sometimes he stared off into space.

He removed His hand from Tetenia's head. She shot up, and popped off His cock, gasping for air. He looked straight at her. "Are you going to thank me?" He said.

"Thank You, Your Supremacy," she said, struggling to speak. She barely had time to breathe. He pushed her back down to the base of His cock.

"Yeah," He said softly. "That's good, Tetenia. That's so nice. Worship me."

Tetenia's body squirmed again as she choked on his cock. Some drool left her mouth and her headache began was getting worse. Her back and neck and knees ached and she was gagging every few seconds. Her actual face hurt, her head hurt, her body hurt. She wondered when this would end. She was ashamed for wondering - pleasuring His Supremacy was a gift, a privilege, and she should be grateful.

Again He relaxed his grip slightly, and again she tried to move, and again He pushed her back down. She was totally overwhelmed. She had no control over her existence. Her will was worthless. His Supremacy's cock dominated her will. "You have to stay all the way down," He said.

Anya and Mia and a couple of other concubines were prostrate before Him, as Jainee continued to lick Him with an adoring look on her face. The chair He sat in was plush and made of the finest materials.

He let Tetenia come up for air. "Thank You, Your Supremacy," she said. This time she immediately put His cock back in her mouth, and began bobbing up and down the shaft.

After a few minutes of that, He placed His hand on her head again. "Take the whole thing," He said. "Show me your gratitude."

He pushed her down, and Tetenia's pain and discomfort - which hadn't really gone away - had gotten worse. She gagged loudly in an attempt to breathe. Her head pounded. Pleasure radiated out to the rest of His body from His cock. He buckled His knees and pushed His cock deeper in to Tetenia's throat and moaned. The aching in her knees and back was getting worse, almost distracting her from the rest of the pain she was experiencing.

"Ahhh," His Supremacy said, and smiled. The blowjob felt wonderful. He loved being worshipped.

His Supremacy then gestured to one of the concubines bowing down before Him. She left and returned with two small cushions. As He moved His hand, Tetenia popped off His cock for a moment, but He pushed her back down yet again. "I hope you are grateful, Tetenia," he said.

The concubine placed the cushions directly under His Supremacy's feet. Tetenia's knees were on the cold marble floor. His Supremacy sat back and sighed in pleasure.

Tetenia thought the cushions might be for her, but no. She should have known better, she thought - inasmuch as she was capable of having thoughts with His cock overwhelming her. She knew His Supremacy was right. She should be grateful. She should not desire cushions for her knees, or for anything else. Pleasuring His Supremacy, having His cock her mouth, was its own reward. Nothing could compare to it. Nothing else matters.

He relaxed His grip on her somewhat, but she struggled remained all the way down. She gagged loudly as he arched His back to shove His cock even further down her throat.

"Yeah," he said in that, low, deep, control-as-a given voice. "I'm gonna cum." He tightened His grip on Tetenia's head as she choked yet again. "You better be grateful."

His cum shot directly down Tetenia's throat and into her stomach. She thought maybe that was it. It wasn't. He gripped her head with incredible force, moaned "Oh yeah, yeah that's good," and shot more cum into her, overwhelming her throat and coming out her nose and bubbling out of her mouth. He held her down, and moaned, and just kept cumming. There was nothing she could do. The orgasm lasted for four minutes. When it was over, she felt like her entire self had been obliterated.

Tetenia had never been so exhausted in her life. She had never been so horny in her life. She was His. Even if He never encountered her again, she would be His.

Releasing her head from His grip, she came off his cock and immediately said, struggling through gasps, "Thank you, Your Supremacy."

"I have given you a great gift," He said to her. "You did not receive all of it." He looked straight at her, and she realized there was some cum on the floor. She immediately knelt down and licked it up. "Thank You, Your Supremacy," she said again.

"Kiss my feet," He said. She kissed them both, and thanked Him for the privilege of kissing them.


Part Two

The next day was a whirlwind. Tetenia was sore - her legs and back hurt from being on her knees for over an hour, her throat hurt from intensely deepthroating Him.

There was a lot to do to prepare for the wedding. A tailor was working on the final alteration for the dress, people asked her to decide on shoes and desserts and tablecloths. She made the decisions, oddly quickly, without thinking about them. Her head wasn’t in it.

Later that evening, there was to be a smallish dinner - about 20 guests - with Lord Daymon’s family, her family, and a few close relatives and friends. His Supremacy, of course, was also supposed to be there. She wondered how she would react when she saw Him. She kept expecting Him to show up and and shove His cock down her throat, but the day wore on and she had not seen Him at all.

She was nervous about consummating her marriage with Daymon. Part of her wondered whether the marriage would happen at all - maybe she would become one of His Supremacy’s concubines - but she tried not to think about that. But how could she go to Daymon when she had experienced…God? Or something like God.

It was funny. She had never had oral sex, or penetrative sex, with Daymon, but they had done other sexual things. Once, Daymon rubbed her pussy for over half an hour, switching positions until she found the spot she liked and she came. His Supremacy’s finger was in her pussy for what - thirty seconds maybe? He was mostly fondling her body. And while she did not come, because she stopped herself, if she had come it would have been more intense than anything she could have ever imagined with Daymon - or anyone else, for that matter.

But His Supremacy showed no regard for her pleasure - what pleasure she had with Him was entirely incidental. He showed no regard for her comfort. He showed no regard for her very ability to breathe. But he was so powerful. They say power is the greatest aphrodisiac. Being in His presence, with the massive, mindbending, unfathomable power differential between Him and her, between Him and literally every other living thing, hanging in the air, was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

During Ceremony, they say that everything exists, ultimately, to serve and please His Supremacy. Last night, she fulfilled her purpose. It was frequently very unpleasant, but what did that matter? During a moment alone, her servant asked her what it was like being with Him. She struggled to answer. Should she say she was in awe of His power? That after awhile, she felt like nothing, like an actual, literal, speck of dust in comparison to Him? She didn’t really know how to describe it. She merely said “it was incredible.”


It was about a couple of hours before the dinner, and Tetenia was trying to focus, trying to think about the wedding and Daymon and her family when all of that seemed so distant, even though the wedding was the next day.

“Should I wear the purple dress or the yellow,” she asked Leshka, her servant.

“I like the yellow. It’s bold.”

“Father prefers purple.”

“Wear the purple, then.”

“I don’t know. It probably doesn’t matter.” That’s how she felt, honestly: it didn’t matter.

She stared at herself in the mirror, pondering her future as the eventual queen of Nordland. Someday, Daymon would be king. The castle would be theirs. They’d need to produce heirs, set policy. Her father was fairly popular with the people - albeit not as popular as His Supremacy - and Daymon was pretty intelligent, so he seemed like he would make a good ruler. Although calling any king a “ruler” nowadays seemed like a bit of a stretch, seeing as they all, ultimately, had to grovel to His Supremacy. His Supremacy really did have all the power. Her father’s crown was an empty crown.

There I go, Tetenia thought - thinking about Him again.

Just then, the door swung open and a guard said “bow down, for you will soon be in His Sacred Presence.” Tetenia and Leshka immediately bowed down, as did a couple of guards who had entered the room.

His Supremacy walked in, with four concubines - Karla, Sumca, Tanya and Jyushka. All of them, including His Supremacy, were naked. He stopped and looked around the room. There was a large bed, a desk and mirror and a couple of dresser drawers, a chair near the mirror where Tetenia had been sitting, and another, more comfortable chair, by the wall beside the bed.

His Supremacy looked at the chair by the bed. “That won’t do,” He said. He turned to the guards. “Go back to my chambers. Get my chair.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy,” they answered. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He then sat in the chair beside the bed, which confused Tetenia. He motioned to Karla and Tanya and they began worshipping Him - or sucking His cock, which was the highest form or worship and, as Tetenia learned last night, a tremendous privilege. He sat back on the chair as they knelt on the ground and got to work. The slurping and gagging sounds were the only noise in the room. Tetenia looked at Leshka and blushed - she was getting a little turned on. His Supremacy shoved His cock into Tanya’s throat and rubbed her breasts a little. He did not pay Tetenia any mind.

Probably ten or fifteen minutes went by like that. Karla and Tanya pleasuring His Supremacy, Tetenia and Leshka bowing down with Jyushka and Sumca in silence. His Supremacy moaned or expressed approval of Tanya’s cocksucking from time to time. It was abundantly clear who, in this room, was the one with the power.

The guards returned with another chair, and placed it next to the one He was sitting in. They bowed down behind the girls. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. It is a privilege to serve you, Your Supremacy,” they each said.

The chair they brought was slightly bigger than the one in Tetenia’s room that He was using. Tetenia looked at it, somewhat puzzled. It did not look that different from any other nice chair, despite being a little bigger than the one that was already there.

His Supremacy gestured towards Sumca, then gestured towards the chair. She knelt behind it, facing away from the chair, then leaned her torso back. Her big tits had to squeeze under the seat as she maneuvered her head into a cubbyhole that was lowered under the seat. She turned a handle and her head moved up a little.

Tetenia watched quizzically. The contortions Sumca was forcing her body into were hard to imagine. She was kneeling behind the chair, with her back stretched out and her head, face-up, pretty much buried in the seat.

Tanya and Karla popped off His Supremacy’s cock and thanked Him. His Supremacy sat in the other chair, and the moment He settled into it a contented smile crossed his face. Tanya and Karla crawled towards him.

“You may resume worshipping me,” He told them.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. Worshipping and pleasuring you is the greatest privilege in the universe,” Tanya said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I am unworthy of Your Sacred Presence and will forever be grateful for the gifts you give me,” Karla said.

His ten-inch cock immediately disappeared into Karla’s throat, as Tanya licked his balls.

Tetenia stil looked a bit puzzled as to what the whole thing with the chair was about. Sensing this, Jyushka, who was bowing down beside her, whispered to her: “His Supremacy has granted Sumca the honor and privilege of licking His ass.” She said it in a reverent tone.

Tetenia suddenly realized why Sumca was contorted into such an unusual, and probably highly uncomfortable, position. Her mouth was facing upwards right where His asshole was. That’s why He smiled when He sat down. That’s why this chair existed. It existed so that He could sit in comfort while having His ass eaten and His cock sucked.

Somehow this hammered home to Tetenia, yet again, the pure dominance and power that He enjoyed. This entire contraption was built to facilitate His pleasure and comfort. In order to achieve that, a concubine would have to contort themselves in knots, strain her back and legs, and place her head in a little space from which it was probably not so easy to breathe. She would be forced up against His asshole, which she would have to pleasure. He would sit in the chair, fully comfortable, enjoying her labors.

And he would be very easily able to enjoy the labors of concubines sucking His cock - worshipping Him - at the same time. And the concubine whose face was pressed up against His ass, boxed in with her back probably in pain, would have to grateful for this. It was a privilege. An honor. A gift.

He pushed His ass down into the chair - into Sumca’s face - and pushed Karla’s face all the way down on His cock. “Mmmmyeah,” he said, sounding relaxed, almost bored. Sounding immensely, unbelievably, powerful.

Some time passed like this - Tetenia couldn’t figure out how long - until He finally called her to Him. He simply said “Tetenia, come forward,” while staring off into space.

Tetenia crawled towards Him and looked up at Him. For a moment, she wondered what it was like to be that powerful. He said nothing for a few minutes.

When He spoke, He said “I hope you are grateful for the gift that I gave you yesterday.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia replied. “Words cannot express my gratitude.”

Karla gagged on His cock, and He pushed her down again. He still was not looking at Tetenia. “Your gratitude is not sufficient, but I will tolerate it for now,” He told her.

“No amount of gratitude is sufficient,” Tetenia said.

“Worship me, Tetenia,” He said. “This is why you exist. I am allowing you to fulfill your highest purpose.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy. You are God, Your Supremacy. I can only hope to serve and please you. Thank You, Your Supremacy.”

Karla popped off His cock. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said. Tetenia put Him in her mouth. She knew she had to do better this time. She went all the way down almost immediately, but couldn’t hold Him there for very long. She gagged a lot, but she did not need Him to force her as much as before. She supposed that was progress.

As Tetenia pleasured His cock, and Tanya pleasured His balls, He sunk his ass back towards Sumca’s face. “Yeah,” He said, and smiled. This was the pleasure of God.

After fifteen or twenty minutes, He tugged at Tetenia’s head. She popped off His cock, with a “Thank you, Your Supremacy.’ Tanya immediately swallowed His cock whole.

He looked at Tetenia. “Karla is going to prepare you for me.” He placed His hand on Tanya’s head. “Stay down, Tanya,” He said. He looked back at Tetenia. “You must control yourself while Karla prepares you. If you can do that, you may lick me.”

Tetenia was, again, confused as to what he was referring to. Still, she knew that gratitude and adoration were the only possible responses. “Yes, Your Supremacy,” she said. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. You are the Supreme God of Gods, the Supreme Ruler of Men, and the Supreme Being of All that is Known and Unk….” At that moment, Karla’s finger, which was dipped in lube, entered Tetenia’s asshole. She swirled it around and gradually put another finger in. Tetenia grimaced with discomfort, but continued praising Him. “Unknown. It is a sublime hon” - she let out a brief yelp of pain as Karla’s fingers went a little further up her ass - “honor to be in Your Sacred Presence and worship you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

With that, Tetenia began dutifully licking His Supremacy’s balls, powering through the sharp discomfort coming from her asshole. She noticed that Tanya’s eyes were watery, and realized she had not come up for air the entire time. Tetenia wondered how she managed to do that, as His cock bulged through Tanya’s throat and her face reddened a bit. Sumca continued to lick His ass.

“She is ready, Your Supremacy,” Karla said, removing her fingers from Tetenia’s ass. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He stood up, Tanya thanking Him as she popped off His cock. “Tetenia, go to the side of the bed. Lay with your face down and your ass up.” He paused for a second. “You may walk.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” Tetenia walked over to the bed. Her ass hurt, but only a little. It began to dawn on her what was about to happen.

Once she was settled in, His Supremacy walked over to her, and stood by the side of the bed. Karla and Tanya crawled and kneeled on either side of Him, as Tetenia’s ass pointed out from the side of the bed. He motioned for Jyushka to come over to Him and begin licking His asshole, and He shoved His cock down Karla’s throat, facefucking her.

“Sumca, kiss my feet and thank me,” He said. Sumca removed herself from the chair, and said, through heavy breaths, “Thank you, Your Supremacy. Pleasuring you my greatest purpose and my only purpose. My devotion to you knows no bounds. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He began violently facefucking Karla, as Sumca crawled over and kissed His feet. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. Nobody is worthy of kissing your feet and yet you have bestowed this honor upon me in in your greatness and generosity. Yours are the feet of God, of Sacredness. I would spend every moment of my life kissing the ground you walk on if you gave me permission to do so, but I will not ask as I am not worthy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He held Karla’s face close to His cock as she gagged and squirmed. “I hope you’re fucking grateful, Karla,” He said. “Choking on my cock is great privilege.” He pulled out of Karla’s mouth.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Karla said, looking at him adoringly, with tears around her eyes from the brutal, if brief, facefuck. “I exist to please you. My gratitude knows no bounds.”

His Supremacy turned to Tetenia, whose ass was still hanging there. Jyushka followed Him, still licking His behind. Karla and Tanya each grabbed one of Tetenia’s ass cheeks, and spread them.

“There it is, Your Supremacy,” Karla said.

“It is yours, Your Supremacy, as everything which exists and does not exist is yours. She is yours, Your Supremacy, as everything which exists and does not exist is yours,” Tanya said.

“I hope she realizes the honor you are about to bestow upon her. She is about to feel your power. It is greater than the whole world,” Karla said.

His Supremacy pushed the tip of His cock into Tetenia’s asshole. She squirmed, He grabbed onto her ass, and Tanya and Karla retreated a little. He pushed it a little further in, and pain shot through her body. This was way worse than Karla’s fingers, she thought. But there was nothing she could do. His will was all that mattered.

Suddenly, with a great thrust, he pushed all ten inches of His cock into her asshole. She moaned in pain and her body quivered and shook. He slapped her ass, pushed down the small of her back, and pounded away with powerful thrusts. Her ass was so tight - she had never had vaginal sex before, let alone anal. This was considered a rather degrading activity, especially for a princess, but then again so was oral sex and He made her do that and she acquiesced.

The degradation was part of the fun for Him, of course, but it wasn’t just about degradation. Fellatio represented worship, it was worship, the highest form or worship that existed. It was s symbol of His power, because it represented how the world falls to its knees before Him, in an effort to please Him. But only a select number of beautiful women may engage in direct worship, in sucking His cock. They were engaging in their highest purpose, and they must be grateful. The act itself had historically been considered degrading, and may have been degrading, but He could degrade the world if He so chose to, because He owned the world and all things were powerless before Him.

Oral sex was about worship. Assfucking was about domination - His domination. When He fucked the asses of His concubines (or of any woman - Tetenia was not a concubine), He overwhelmed them the way He overwhelmed everyone and everything. He took over their bodies and used them for His purpose, for His pleasure, the way He took over all that exists.

In this way, His relations with concubines and Queen Priestesses - and with any woman whom He blessed in this manner, such as Tetenia - were the purest expression of His true dominance and power over everything, and the true purpose of all that exists - to serve and please Him. These women were blessed to experience His power in a way that no one else did. This formed the core of their gratitude towards Him, and was why they were held in very high esteem in society despite being His personal pleasure slaves.

Tetenia’s asshole was warm and very, very tight, and His cock thrust in and out of it, overtaking Her asshole, overtaking Her very self. The pain was almost unbearable for her. He fucked her ass with complete and total abandon, with no regard for how it might feel for her or for whether or not she was enjoying it. Indeed, the thought would never have even crossed His mind. Karla’s earlier ministrations with her fingers were really about lubricating it to ease His cock’s path in and ensure His pleasure. It was not about her.

His Supremacy pushed Tetenia’s body down and began thrusting even harder. “Yeeeahh,” he said. “Fucking take it. It’s so tight. Just take it and be grateful.” Tetenia was, at this point, squealing in pain and grimacing. The pain shot up through her ass to her back and down to her legs. She felt like her ass was literally being torn apart. She began to sob a bit through the yelps and grimaces, hoping it might stop soon. But she knew she had no control over that.

His Supremacy slapped Tetenia’s ass, hard. “Are you going to thank me, Tetenia?” He said to her.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia replied through tears. Karla and Tanya began egging Him on.

“I hope she is grateful. I hope she is grateful that you are overwhelming her.”

“Your cock is so powerful, Your Supremacy. You are dominating her the way you dominate everything.”

“She is blessed. You are giving her a blessing with your Sacred Cock, Your Supremacy. This had better be the greatest moment of her life.”

“You are all-powerful, Your Supremacy. You are all-powerful and you own everything and everyone.”

Greatest moment of her life? Tetenia wasn’t so sure, but she couldn’t really think about it. She couldn’t really think about anything. He was overpowering her, overwhelming her. He is inevitable, she kept thinking. His cock, His will, is inevitable.

Tetenia’s ass was big, but not huge, and jiggly and pale and firm. Her asshole was so tight and His Supremacy felt the fullness of His power taking it over. He was everything and she was nothing. He began to come in Her asshole. Like His prior orgasm with Tetenia, this one was even longer than his normal, preposterously long, orgasms (the length of His orgasms and the amount of cum He produced was taken as further evidence of His Godliness and power). Cum spilled out of Tetenia’s asshole, and Tanya, Karla and Sunca began licking it as it came out of her ass and licking it off the bed and off the floor. They thanked Him with nearly every lick. He kept thrusting, and kept coming.

Tetenia was, yet again, overwhelmed and obliterated. Her body hurt, even worse than it had last night, and her ass hurt so much she almost thought she’d never be able to walk again.

His Supremacy pulled out of Tetenia’s asshole, and collapsed into a chair. The concubines were still licking His cum off the floor.

He instructed Tetenia to come and kneel before Him. Delirious, she turned around and crawled to him with great effort. He looked at her, but did not say anything. She was quivering and tears were drying around her eyes.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said, her voice strained from screaming. He continued to stare at her. “I….I am not worthy of being dominated by you. I am not worthy of being overwhelmed by you. You are everything and I am nothing. Please accept my humble devotion. I know I am nothing, I know I am less than nothing, before your greatness.” She was groveling and dizzy and aching. He was powerful and in-control and comfortable.

“For you to properly express your gratitude, you have to suck it,” He said.

It was then that she realized His cock was still completely erect. Resigning herself to her fate, she tentatively put her mouth over the tip. It tasted awful, and she gagged almost immediately. She struggled to get down further, but she knew she had no choice. She gradually took the whole thing, struggling the whole way, her entire self sore from the ass-fucking she just endured. But she kept worshipping Him. It was a privilege, an honor. He sat back, relaxed, and put His hand on Tetenia’s head as she gagged. “I hope you are grateful, Tetenia,” he said.

The four concubines, at this point, had lapped up all the cum and were quietly bowing down. His Supremacy wanted to relax after fucking Tetenia’s ass and enjoy her blowjob. Tetenia, of course, was entirely subservient to His will and whim.

So He sat there, lazily, with Tetenia dutifully sucking His cock, worshipping Him, for another forty-five minutes. She gagged a lot, and made heroic efforts to deep throat even though she was not as advanced as His longtime concubines, many of whom could deep throat Him without stopping for thirty minutes or more. Tetenia moved up and down, gagged, deep throated for awhile, gagged, deepthroated, then gagged again. She felt like a toy, a plaything, at this point, something that only existed for Him. Because she did only exist for Him. Everything existed for Him, she was just fortunate enough to be among those chosen to fulfill that purpose at its highest and purest.

After forty-five minutes, He came again. The orgasm was shorter this time, but still insanely long by anyone else’s standards - nearly two minutes. Tetenia, somehow, swallowed all of it. It came out her nose and she almost passed out from inability to breathe. But she didn’t, and when she was done, she thanked Him and and kissed His feet and thanked Him for the privilege of kissing His feet.


By the time His Supremacy finally left, Tetenia was nearly an hour late for the dinner. She stood up, and barely able to stand, had to lean against a table. Her body was still quivering and shaking. At this point she wasn’t even sure what from.

“What…..” Leshka was shocked. Literally, her face looked shellshocked.

“This is why I can’t describe it,” Tetenia said.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, I think.”

The two girls looked at each other. Tetenia was in no condition to go before everybody. Even Leshka, who was just bowing down the whole time, doing nothing, knew the thing she had just seen would never leave her mind. Not in a bad way, necessarily, though not necessarily in a good way, either. It was just….she felt overwhelmed by Him just having been in the room. She can only imagine how Tetenia felt. Actually, she couldn’t even imagine.

“We’re late for the dinner, aren’t we?” Tetenia said.

“Yes,” Leshka replied. “By about an hour. I was looking at the clock. “Well,” she giggled, "I tried to look at the clock.”

Tetenia smiled. The truth was, for all the pain, she liked being overwhelmed by His Supremacy. Just not in a way that she had liked anything ever before in her life. She suspected that this liking was somehow more important, more real. It felt like a fulfillment of purpose. Despite her utter exhaustion, she was almost a little turned on again - how could she marry Daymon now?

“I should…try,” Tetenia said. “Let’s get cleaned up, but I’ll take my time.”


By the time she got cleaned up and dressed and left, another half an hour had passed. Tetenia was embarrassed to be showing up so late, but she wasn’t sure what else to do. And while she had stopped shaking and calmed down somewhat, she still couldn’t walk normally. She wondered if people would suspect anything. Probably not that, but something.

She also wondered if His Supremacy would show up at the dinner. Would He be there already? How would He react to her, so soon after their encounter? What if He took her again - this time in front of Daymon, in front of everyone? She knew He’d do it if He wanted to. She also knew she was starting to like that He would do it if He wanted to. Daymon, her father the king, her mother the queen - ultimately, they were all as powerless as she was. They were nothing. He was everything.

Considering this, she was actually a little let down to discover that His Supremacy had not, in fact, arrived at the dinner. She awkwardly sat herself next to Daymon. A few people looked at her and muttered, but nobody asked about her lateness or her pained gait.

Looking at the food on her plate, she suddenly realized she was quite hungry. She grabbed her fork and began to cut into a piece of lamb when she realized her father was glaring at her.

“His Supremacy is not here yet,” the king said sternly. “We cannot eat.”

That’s right: while His Supremacy was busy fucking Princess Tetenia in the ass, the royal family and the soon-to-be crown prince were sitting around awkwardly, letting their food get cold, hoping He’d show up soon. She didn’t even think about this until her father reprimanded her.

“Oh,” Tetenia said. “Of course. Sorry.”

Lord Aberdal, Daymon’s father, piped in. “I don’t think He is going to show,” He said. “We should eat. Our food is already cold. This is getting ridiculous.”

“We have to wait,” the king said glumly. “If He was not going to come, He’d send word.”

Tetenia stared at her plate, getting hungry. Where was He? By now, He probably could have gotten Himself here.

The king, for his part, knew the guests were getting agitated. He also knew he had no choice - and in fairness, some of the guests understood that as well, although Lord Aberdal apparently did not. There were rules for banquets and meals with His Supremacy. The guests must always, of course, bow down until He gives them permission to stand. He is always served first - and always begins eating before anyone else. The king was actually a little worried about there being food already food out, as he wasn’t sure if that broke any rules. But eating before His arrival, unless He sent word canceling His attendance, would surely mean risking His disfavor. And His disfavor was a big deal - there was no telling if His Supremacy would remove the king from the throne.

Sometimes he felt like the most important aspect of being king was winning, and maintaining, His Supremacy’s favor. He wondered what his father, who ruled long before His Supremacy’s time, would think of the diminishment of the role. The king’s ancestors and paid tribute to Emperors before, but His Supremacy was greater than a mere emperor.

Some of the guests tried to distract themselves from the growing hunger with idle chit-chat, although they were even growing weary of this by now. Tetenia mostly sat silently. She felt kind of awkward, but wasn’t in any mood to talk and, truthfully, was kind of relieved that most people in the room were no longer in the mood to talk, either.

Then, just as before, a guard entered. “You will soon be in His Sacred Presence,” the guard said. “Bow down.”

All the guests bowed down, and His Supremacy entered. He was flanked by Karina and Anya, the two Queen Priestesses who had joined Him on the trip, as well as six concubines - including Jyushka and Karla, though there were four others that were not with Him before. The concubines, all of whom were naked, would act as His personal servants during the meal. Another rule of dining with His Supremacy was this: The number of concubines serving Him would be two more than the total number of all servers for the other guests. At large dinners and banquets, with hundreds of guests, He would have dozens of concubines lined up. They would always be naked, and they would serve no one but Him.

His Supremacy sat at the head of the table with the Queen Priestesses on either side. He looked at His food and noticed that it was cold. He took the plate, and threw it on the ground. The plate shattered, food went everywhere, and a few of His concubines scurried over to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, He called over Jyushka to tell her to order more food from the kitchen, and she went off to do so.

He then looked at Karina and Anya. They crawled under the table and began sucking His cock. Already, Tetenia thought.

Fifteen minutes later, Jyushka emerged with a hot plate of lamb and potatoes, and a glass of wine. His Supremacy buried his face in Jyushka’s tits and grabbed her ass, making her moan in pleasure before she walked away. He dug into the food, while Anya and Karina continued to suck His cock.

As all of this was happening, there was one thing He did not do: give the assembled guests permission to rise. They were all still bowing down. This, it must be said, was pretty unusual. The bowing-down at meals and banquets was, in most cases, a formality. But there was nothing they could do.

He was the only one eating. And He was getting His cock sucked. And He had more servers attending to Him, and Him alone, than the rest of the guests combined. And the rest of the guests were bowing down to Him.

Tetenia thought about this and realized: This was supposed to be a dinner for her and Daymon. It had become a dinner for His Supremacy - and, literally, no one else. This was yet another example of what it meant to have all the power. The world bends itself to His will, to His whim, and thanks Him for the privilege of doing so. He was now overwhelming the dinner the way He overwhelmed her body a couple of hours ago. The rest of them had to bow down, and take it, and be grateful.

He pushed Karina further down on His cock and took a bite of food. Suddenly He took His plate and threw it on the floor, splattering the plate and the food again. Two concubines again scurried over to clean up the mess.

He stood up, with Karina standing in front of Him against the table. He grabbed her tits and plunged His cock into her ass. She let out moans and yelps of pleasure and pain - she was more used to being fucked in the ass than Tetenia, so she kind of liked it, but it still hurt a lot.

He then pushed Karina’s entire body on the table. She knelt on the table with her ass up, her massive tits swinging. Not necessarily meaning to, she pushed around table settings and plates of food, some of which fell or wound up on the floor.

His Supremacy pounded away at Karina’s ass. “You’re….so…powerful….Your Supremacy,” she said. “Thank you…thank you…thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He looked at Tetenia, and Tetenia stared back at him. He smiled, as if to say “see? This is what I can do. This is what real power is.”

“Praise me, Karina,” He said. “Fucking praise me.”

She struggled a bit to do this, uttering words of praise between moans and cries. “You…are…you are….you are God, Your Supremacy. Your power is without…without limit. I am…I am in…I am in awe of you. You are a colossus…bestriding humanity. Nobody is worthy of sharing the world with you, much less sharing a room with you much less….ohh…ohh…pleasuring you and…worshipping you. I am…we are…I am…we are…”

Karina’s face was contorted in pain and pleasure, and a tear rolled down her cheek from the pain. “I am….I….you….you are more than everything. You are more than God. You are the Supreme…the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being of All that is Known and Unknown. The…the…universe” She let out of a loud yelp of discomfort. “The universe grovels before you and kisses your Sacred feet. The….kings…queens…and empires…are nothing…not dust, not dirt, not….anything…nothing…before your greatness.” Karina let out a long “eeeekaaahhhhhooooo.” Tetenia couldn’t tell if it was because she was really enjoying His domination over her, in a lot of pain, or both.

She went on. She had to keep going until He told her to stop. “I….I….I…adore you, Your Supremacy. Adore doesn’t begin to describe it. I am eternally devoted to…you….and will do anything to…anything to…anything to please you. You are greater than…I am….I prostrate myself before you, as the whole world does. You…you own me. You own me. I can…only worship you. I can only worship you.” He continued pounding away at Karina’s tight asshole. “You…you are all that is powerful. You have all the power and I have none and the world has none and we are all prostrate before you…groveling…” Karina’s face contorted again and she squirmed and let out a loud yelping noise. “You overwhelm the world…your power overwhelms the world.” She looked pained and frenzied at the same time, like someone having a religious experience. His Supremacy thrust hard into her, and slapped her ass, and pushed down the small of her back. “I can never express my gratitude, Your Supremacy. I can never adore you enough, I can never worship you enough. I…there is….there is no way for you to be worshipped enough. You are greater than God, you are greater than all gods, you are greater than the Supreme God of Gods, you are greater than power, you are greater than greatness…and…..there are no…there are no words…..there are no words to describe it.” He was cumming. Like before with Tetenia, Anya, who was kneeling beside Him along with the other concubines, began licking the cum out of Karina’s ass and on the floor and everywhere else.

The scene was uncanny. Tetenia was transfixed. She forgot all about Daymon, all about the other guests.

Karina was still praising Him, as He had not told her to stop. “You are worthy of all of the adoration and devotion and worship in the world. You are…you are worthy…you are worthy of more than all the adoration and devotion and worship in the world.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya said.

“You are……there is no…you are…there is no….” Karina was panting and moaning and pained amid the streams of praise. “I cannot praise you enough….I will never praise you enough. There is no way to praise you enough. But I will….” He was still cumming.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” one of the concubines said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“I will…I will try if it pleases you. I will praise you forever if it pleases you, for while there is no word worthy of your greatness and power and Godliness and I am not worthy of your greatness and power and Godliness, all I can do…all…all words can do…is please you. I will supplicate myself before you and grovel and thank you for the privilege of groveling and supplicating.” His orgasm continued.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy” The cum on the floor, on the table, was still being licked.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“The pleasing…the…the pleasing that I can do is not worthy of you. Nothing is worthy of you, Your Supremacy. All the glory and power and pleasure which has ever existed could be yours, should be yours, and it would not be enough…because…because….”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“You are so overwhelming. You overwhelm everything. Your power is inevitable, indescribable, calling it ‘power’ does not do it justice. You are more than all men and gods and forces of nature combined, and more than that. I cannot….”

Karina was pleading and hysterical. “I cannot praise you enough. There does not exist enough praise. I am sorry, Your Supremacy. I will praise you for every minute of the rest of my life if it pleases you, I will not eat, I will not sleep, I will not drink, I would remain on my knees praising you until my final breath if it would please you even a tiny bit, and I would be eternally, unendingly, limitlessly grateful for the privilege of praising you but…but…it would not be enough. No praise is worthy of you, Your Supremacy. You are so great, so powerful, Your Supremacy. No praise is worthy of you, Your Supremacy.” There was desperation in Karina’s voice as she said this. “I am…so sorry, Your Supremacy. I will do everything I can to try to make it up you. I am so grateful to you but I…there…I….I…you have given me, given the world, tremendous, indescribable gifts and I…my…my rectitude is as great as my gratitude. I am in awe of you, Your Supremacy. I am…there are not enough words to praise you and not enough ways to worship you and there exists nothing, nothing, which can come close to describing your greatness and I’m…I am sorry, Your Supremacy. I am ashamed, Your Supremacy. I humbly beg that you may accept my gratitude, Your Supremacy.”

His orgasm was subsiding, and He pulled out of her ass. “Enough, Karina,” He said. He pushed Anya down onto His cock, which was still hard. Karina climbed down from the table and knelt before Him. “I do not accept your gratitude, Karina,” He said.

“No gratitude is worthy of the gifts you have given me, Your Supremacy. No gratitude is worthy of the privilege of praising you, Your Supremacy,” Karina said, and put her head down. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.” She said it anyway.

Tetenia was - well, even more shocked than before. Karina had sounded desperate, contrite over…the fact that there were not enough words to praise Him, even though she had unleashed torrents of praise the likes of which Tetenia did not even realize were possible. He called over another concubine, who had another plate of food made for Him. He had Karina balance the plate on her hands rather than use the table. She thanked Him for the privilege. It was a small thing that she could do to please Him. It was still not worthy. It was still not enough.

The guests at the dinner - which was supposed to be about Tetenia and Daymon - were still bowing down before Him, and by now they were all starving. His Supremacy finished His food. He sat there for another twenty minutes after finishing HIs food, being pleasured by Anya until He came in her mouth. He stared at Tetenia through the whole orgasm. Then, He got up and left.

Once the assembled guests could rise again, they all looked at each other. The king, visibly shaken and embarrassed - but also a bit relieved that he had not displeased His Supremacy - just suggested that everyone leave, which they were all eager to do. They found other things to eat.

Tetenia went back to her bedchambers, barely speaking to Daymon. She would never be the same after today. Karina’s praises were true - she felt it in her bones. She could never be the same after today.


After a morning of preparation - a morning in which she was exhausted from the day before and yet had hardly slept - the wedding had finally arrived. Tetenia had been half expecting His Supremacy to call it off somehow, to take her into concubinage, but there was - as yet - no sign of that.

Tetenia and her father, King Ulsan, arrived at the traditional temple near the castle grounds. The streets around it were decorated and onlookers milled around in streets nearby, hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal wedding. Or, perhaps, a glimpse of His Supremacy, Tetenia thought. The temple was called a ‘traditional temple’ to distinguish it from His Supremacy’s temple, after all - and the latter was much larger and grander.

Tetenia and her father entered the temple’s anteroom and saw her uncle, Lord Sarly, pacing nervously. The minute he saw them, he looked at them and said “His Supremacy has not arrived yet. There is no sign of Him.”

Tetenia looked confused, and her father looked panicked. Had he offended His Supremacy somehow? He tried to treat His visit with as much pomp and circumstance as it deserved, but it couldn’t totally eclipse his daughter’s wedding - which He was, supposedly, visiting to attend. For a moment, he considered the possibility that he may not be king for much longer, or even that his heirs would be disinherited - Tetenia, Sarly and Daymon included.

“We should send someone to find out why,” the king said.

“We have,” Sarly replied.


“Nothing. I sent Henneler” - his son - “to find out what was going on, but he has not returned yet.”

“OK,” the king calmed down a little. It would probably take Henneler some time to get back to the castle, get to His Supremacy’s quarters, and find out what was happening. The wedding would have to start late, but oh well. “Has he been gone long? We can stay here and wait for him to come back.”

“Long enough, I think. But we can wait a little while longer.”


At that moment, Henneler was still kneeling next to an outer guardian. He had arrived nearly twenty minutes earlier, and requested the privilege an audience with His Supremacy, but the guardian who went to Him with the request had not returned. So Henneler knelt alongside the guard.

Henneler was running up against an intractable issue. In most circumstances, anyone within one-hundred feet of His Supremacy’s Sacred Presence, must be bowing down, prostrating themselves before Him. Just outside this so-called Sacred Radius - usually one-hundred feet, but sometime physical limitations require some flexibility on that - outer guardians will generally kneel towards Him, not bowing down, but taking a knee (often this happens in a corridor, or different room from where He is physically). The outer guardians are considered to have a priori permission to walk into the Sacred Radius, though they will still bow down when they come before Him, of course.

Those who wish an audience with Him, such as Henneler, will state their business to an outer guardian, who will then go before Him and request permission for the the guest enter the Sacred Radius, not prostrate, and come into His Sacred Presence. This is called Permission to Enter His Sacred Presence, and it is considered a great honor.

However, all individuals who come before Him, including the outer guardians, may not speak until He acknowledges them verbally and asks them their business (to which they must respond, of course, by thanking and praising Him, then stating their business). Typically, He acknowledged the outer guardians quickly, if not immediately. This time, He did not acknowledge the guardian for some time. So Henneler remained kneeling next to another guard, with no explanation for His Supremacy’s absence at his cousin’s wedding. The guardian who went before Him was, presumably, silent and prostrate.

Growing impatient, Henneler turned to the guard. “He is in there, right? He hasn’t left, or gone anywhere else?”

“He is there.”

Two more minutes, Henneler thought. Two minutes and I’m leaving and we’ll figure this out. He was a little embarrassed - far be it from him to be annoyed with His Supremacy - but he kind of wanted to get this over with and get on with his cousin’s wedding.

Just as Henneler was about to leave, the guardian he relayed his request to appeared and knelt beside him. “You may not enter His Sacred Presence,” the guardian told Henneler.

“What? Why not?” This was, also, pretty unusual.

“I do not know.”

“He didn’t tell you? Did anyone?”

“I requested permission to speak further, intending to ask Him. His Supremacy did not grant it.”

“But He’s in there, right?”

“Yes, He’s in there.”

“Do you know if He still intends to go to Tetenia’s wedding?”

“I do not.”

Henneler had run up against a brick wall, and he knew it. There was no way to force Him to explain Himself to anyone. The rules governing interacting with Him were rigid, and designed to reinforce that all the power in all interactions lay in His hands. Henneler shook his head, and left to go back to the wedding.


Tetenia, the king, and Sarly had been nervously sitting in the anteroom for over half an hour, when Henneler finally appeared.

The king looked at his nephew excitedly. “Is He coming? Do you know what’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” Henneler said.

Tetenia was thinking about how His Supremacy’s visit, and His Supremacy’s attendance at the wedding, had seemed to occupy more of her father’s thoughts than the wedding itself.

“What happened?”

“He wouldn’t grant me an audience. I went there, knelt for awhile, turned around and came back. I asked the guards, but they didn’t know anything, either. He’s still there. I don’t know if He’s coming or not.”

“So, what should we do?” Lord Sarly piped up. The king looked around the room.

Tetenia, sitting quietly in a corner, nervous about the wedding, nervous about how she could possibly be married to Daymon after experiencing His Supremacy - and wondering why none of her relatives seemed to have any idea of the reason for her lateness at last night’s dinner - spoke up. “Let’s just go ahead and do it,” she said. She stood up. “I can’t do this any longer. Let’s just do it.” By “this,” she meant a lot more than sit nervously in the anteroom, but they didn’t know that. She was deciding to just go ahead with her future. She had been tied up in knots the past couple of days, and was sick and tired of it.

“But, darling, His Supremacy could….” King Ulsan trailed off. “Surely you know.” He was concerned about their family’s political future, and even their future in general.

“Yes, I know. But do you really think He cares that much about us? Do you think this wedding figures that prominently in His thinking?”

“He accepted the invitation. He didn’t have to. He doesn’t go to the weddings of every royal family in every Subject Kingdom.”

“He couldn’t even if he wanted to. I don’t know why He accepted, and if He shows up we’ll figure it out. But can we please just go ahead and do this?” Tetenia was a little annoyed at her father - and she thought it somehow appropriate that He was affecting her wedding day without even being there. Reminders of His power were everywhere now.

“OK….OK.” The king breathed deeply. “Let’s do this.”

Sarly and Henneler went to their seats. King Ulsan walked Tetenia down the aisle a few minutes later.


Tetenia kind of expected that His Supremacy would show up part-way through the wedding ceremony, make everyone bow down to Him and then take Her and make Her suck His cock or fuck her in the ass in front of all the wedding guests, in front of Daymon, in front of her parents, in front of the highest-born and most-accomplished people in Nordland, and then take her into concubinage on the Sacred Estate as the assembled crowd groveled before Him. She actually kind of wanted Him to do this. She fantasized about it as she was walking down the aisle, as she was looking into Daymon’s eyes. But it didn’t happen.

The ceremony came and went, and there was no sign of His Supremacy. She kissed Daymon and walked out past the crowd of guests. The couple was congratulated by a seemingly endless stream of people. There was no sign of Him anywhere - and it’s not like He was known for blending in.

Daymon and Tetenia rode together back to the castle. Daymon held her hand and smiled, and Tetenia tried her hardest to reciprocate his seeming happiness, to even be happy herself. She was succeeding, kind of. Daymon was a good man, an accomplished man. It wasn’t his fault he wasn’t God.

Nordish weddings typically had a one-hour period in which the couple would go off and consummate (or even just relax together) after the ceremony, before re-joining the guests for a celebratory banquet. Upon arriving at the castle, Daymon and Tetenia set off for their hour together, in Tetenia’s bedchambers. Tetenia was nervous, albeit not for the reason Daymon suspected.

“It’ll be OK, my dear,” Daymon said. “We don’t even have to do it today if you don’t want to. We have the whole rest of our lives. I certainly don’t want to do if you don’t want to.” He squeezed her hand and smiled reassuringly as they walked towards her bedchambers.

“I certainly don’t want to do it if you don’t want to.” The phrase rung out in Tetenia’s head. It would probably never even occur to His Supremacy to say such a thing. If His Supremacy wanted to do it, whatever it was, it was done. If you didn’t want to do it, whatever it was, there were literally hundreds of other women slobbering to do it, craving to do it, with Him instead - and He might do it with one of them, or even several of them, but He would also do it with you. His Supremacy got whatever He wanted. His Supremacy took whatever He wanted, and expected gratitude for the taking. Deep down, Tetenia wanted to be taken, to be overwhelmed, by His Supremacy.

Tetenia shook her head, trying to get back into the moment, with Daymon. “I’m not saying we can’t,” she said. “I don’t know. Let’s just figure it out while we’re there.”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine either way,” Daymon said.


There were four kneeling guardians outside Tetenia’s bedchambers.

Tetenia looked at Daymon, and he seemed confused. Both of them knelt. “Should we…go somewhere else?” a confused Daymon asked the guardian next to him.

“No, wait here.” The guardian went into the bedchambers, and quickly came back out. “Enter, both of you. His Supremacy commands your presence.”

Daymon and Tetenia looked at each other. They were both nervous, albeit for very different reasons. They entered the bedchambers.

His Supremacy sat, in the same chair He was using yesterday - His chair, that is - and in the same spot. The Queen Priestess Anya and the concubine Mia were both worshipping Him, sucking His cock. Tetenia and Daymon bowed down before Him, and Tetenia noticed that someone was also eating out His ass, head perched into His seat, back facing upwards, knees on the floor. Although she couldn’t figure out who it was.

“Mmmmm, that’s good Anya,” He said. “That’s nice. Like that.”

He did not look at Daymon or Tetenia. He did not say anything to them. He appeared to be in a state of sublime relaxation.

Anya, who had sultry lips and enormous breasts, was possibly His Supremacy’s favorite of the ten Queen Priestesses (His concubines numbered around 250), and she was devoted to Him with a fervent singularity. Her deepthroating skills were phenomenal to the point of defying physics. She was capable of taking all ten inches of His cock into her mouth and throat, massaging the base with her lips, running her tongue up and down the shaft, and keeping it there, basically for as long as He wanted - which could easily be hours. This was not to say that it was easy for her. Although she did not gag as much as newer concubines, it was pretty much impossible to do this without gagging and choking a fair amount. She regulated her breath such that she only had to take small, slow gulps of air while He was in her mouth, and even trained herself to need less air while pleasuring Him. Maintaining this state while focusing on His pleasure required all of her mental capacity and then some. It was painful in a way that did not dissipate with time or practice. There were few people who had spent more time fellating Him, or performing Full Worship at Ceremony (which essentially practice deepthroating) than Anya, and she had fully accepted one thing: All the practice, all the cocksucking, was not about reducing her pain. It was about experiencing her pain, accepting her pain, and willingly taking on more pain for the glory of His pleasure, for the fulfillment of His whim.

After an hour of deepthroating Him, her head would be pounding mercilessly from the lack of air, and her throat would be sore and her eyes would be teary. But if it pleased Him, she would keep sucking Him, keep worshipping Him, for another hour afterwards, and an hour after that. If He willed her to keep going through and after His orgasm - a common occurrence - it would be even harder to breathe, but it was no matter. Her pain, even her great pain, was a trifle in comparison to His desire to Have his cock sucked in accordance with His whim, to maximize His pleasure.

In Tetenia's room, Anya choked on His cock. The noise startled Daymon, and even Tetenia. But she did not move one millimeter. His Supremacy put His hand on Anya’s head and sighed contentedly.

His Supremacy glanced briefly at Tetenia, but did not seem to pay any attention to her, or to Daymon. Tetenia recognized the concubine Tanya, along with Queen Priestess Karina, and two other concubines, prostrate next to herself and Daymon. They were bowing down, silent, as well. There were also a handful of His servants and guards in the room, also bowing down silently.

His Supremacy did not pay any of them any heed. “That’s so good,” He said, lightly cupping one of Anya’s breasts as she deepthroated Him. “That’s so good.”

All of the tension in His body was directed towards His erect cock. Anya sucked His cock, Mia built licked His balls and His taint, Legensa - another concubine - licked His ass, positioned perfectly such that it was as though He were sitting in a silken chair which also could give Him a rimjob. His muscles relaxed and He sighed.

He came. His orgasm lasted for about three minutes, and all of His cum shot right down Anya’s throat. “I’m gonna cum,” He said, almost lazily, in a voice just a bit above a whisper. “Yeah…it feels so good.” He paused and pumped His cock deeper into Anya’s throat, in a way that was slow, but very much in control. He didn’t even put His hand on Anya’s head, she didn’t budge at all and she swallowed everything down. “It feels so good to have power…ahhh,” He said. His body appeared wholly relaxed through the entire orgasm.

Anya swallowed every drop without incident, although some of it did come out of her nose. After He came, His Supremacy placed His hand on Anya’s head and made a few light-but-forceful thrusts, pushing His cock into her throat. “I have given you a great and sacred gift, Anya,” He said, again, almost lazily and just a bit above a whisper. “I expect you are grateful.” He held His hand there for another minute or two, and the moved it off Anya’s head.

He shifted back into the chair a little, and moaned lightly as His ass pushed further on Legensa’s face. And then….nothing changed. Anya continued to deepthroat Him. His cock was still hard as a rock. Aside from that one quick glance, He had not so much as looked at Tetenia or Daymon.

Daymon glanced up at the clock on the wall. Nearly forty-five minutes had passed since they first arrived. In fifteen minutes, they would have to leave. But how would they do so if His Supremacy did not acknowledge them?


The fifteen minutes came and went without acknowledgement. Tetenia began to feel…small. Insignificant. His Supremacy was sitting there, in her room, on her wedding day, being pleasured, and all she could do was bow down before Him. She thought He was going to take her in front of everyone in an ostentatious display of His power. Now, she didn’t know what He was doing. She wasn’t sure He was doing anything.

Although…in a way, this was an even more ostentatious display of His power than, say, assfucking Her in front of the entire Nordish elite. He could just sit there and lazily enjoy a blow job and a rim job for for as long as He liked. They…had to bow down to Him. It didn't matter that they had just gotten married, and that there was a roomful of guests waiting for them. They were bowing down before Him. That was what mattered.

Again: He could just sit there and lazily enjoy a blow job and a rim job for as long as He liked. They had to bow down to Him. Nothing else counted for anything. Tetenia averted Daymon’s eyes, embarrassed to be thinking about this - although how could she not? Her back started to hurt, as she had been prostrate for over an hour.

His Supremacy suddenly took Anya’s head and indicated that she pop off His cock. She came up, gasping for air, with a heavy cough, as His cock immediately disappeared down into Mia’s throat . Mia wasn’t Anya, but she was one of His favored concubines and could deepthroat Him for an hour or more. She pushed her lips against the base of His cock and gagged and squirmed as He pushed past the back of her throat, but she didn’t skip a beat. His cock went straight from Anya’s throat to Mia’s.

Anya, of course, thanked Him through the gasps for air. “Lick my balls and express your gratitude towards me, Anya,” He said, as lazily as He was saying everything else in this moment.

Anya licked His balls and then buried herself in His taint, and then came back out again. His Supremacy slapped Anya’s tit surprisingly hard, but then settled back into the chair, totally relaxed.

Anya was still panting for air - she and been deepthroating Him for over two hours - and she found it hard to speak. Still, she had no choice.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said, yet again. “You have given me a tremendous, indescribable, sacred, wonderful gift.” She buried herself in His taint. “I will always be grateful to you. I am tremendously grateful, always, every second, as I know I must be. I know I must be more grateful than that as the gifts you have given me are Sacred, are Godly, and nothing that exists is worthy of them.” She shifted back to his balls, and gasped for air. “Yet you have given me them. Thank you, Your Supremacy. I know thanking you is inadequate but nothing can match what you have given me, nothing can match your generosity.”

His Supremacy sat back and moaned. “It is inadequate, Anya,” He said, not even looking at her. He looked almost bored as He pushed Mia down on His cock.

“Of course. Of course. Yes.” The pure adulation that Anya felt for Him was plain in her voice, even as she was clearly still somewhat short of breath. “It is inadequate. I am sorry it is so inadequate, Your Supremacy. I owe you more than gratitude, more than thankfulness. You have deemed to permit my unworthy self to worship you, to bow down in Your Sacred Presence, to kneel before you and sacrifice my breath for your pleasure. You have blessed me with gifts greater than the whole world. There no words to truly express the depth of my gratitude, and yet the depth of my gratitude is not nearly enough to compensate for the blessings you have bestowed upon me, for allowing me to be your worshipful servant, your worshipful slave.” It was clear that Anya really felt these things - the adoration, the reverence, the raw honesty, in her voice was almost painful to hear.

“That’s enough Anya,” He said. He reached down and caressed her breasts, but He did not look at her. “Just lick my balls.”

“May I….may I submit one request to, Your Supremacy. Please. I know I am unworthy of it.” She was begging, desperate.

His Supremacy waited a couple of minutes before responding. “You may request something. But I expect that you will be even more grateful to me than you were before.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Of course, Your Supremacy.” Anya paused and licked Him. “May I kiss the bottoms of your feet?”

“You may…..that feels good, Mia,” He said, moving His cock in Mia’s throat. “I expect you will recognize my generosity in granting you this indulgence. It is a tremendous honor to kiss my feet.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya said.

His Supremacy turned right foot on its side. Anya bowed down, the side of her head touching the floor, and kissed the bottom of it. She then said, “Thank you, Your Supremacy. Kissing your Sacred feet is a great honor and a tremendous privilege. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” He did the same with the left foot, and she said the same thing.

“You must perform an ablution before you can continue to lick my balls,” His Supremacy said. Anya crawled over to a bowl of water on the side of the room, and washed her face and mouth. She crawled back and resumed licking.

Tetenia and Daymon were still prostrate, still unacknowledged.


About half an hour later, a guardian appeared. He bowed down, and His Supremacy immediately looked at him and asked his business. Mia was still sucking His cock, Anya was stil licking His balls, although Amandal had replaced Legensa in rimming Him.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. King Ulsan is here with Lord Sarly, Your Supremacy. They humbly request the honor of entering Your Sacred Presence.”

“Send them in.”

"Thank you, Your Supremacy."

The king and Lord Sarly entered and bowed down before Him.

“Yeah, Mia,” He said. “Yeah. Keep sucking it. You have to keep sucking it. Ahhhh,” He moaned softly, in pleasure. No one else had ever experienced pleasures quite like these. He waited a few minutes before addressing the king and Lord Sarly. He still had not addressed Tetenia or Daymon at all.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. It is with great veneration that I humbly come before you. It is a tremendous privilege to be in Your Sacred Presence,” the king said, in keeping with the rules for interacting with Him. “We….Tetenia and Daymon were wed today. There are guests at the banquet who are awaiting their arrival. I was hoping, meekly hoping, that you would be so kind as to tell me when the guests can expect them. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“I have summoned them.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Mia gagged and choked loudly on His cock. He smiled. He was cumming again, Tetenia realized. He was having an orgasm in the middle of this interacting with her father. His pleasure was more important than whatever the king wanted. This one was a couple of minutes, and some of the cum dripped out of Mia’s mouth. He called over Karina to lick it up, and she thanked Him for the privilege. Tetenia got a little wet despite herself. His cock remained firmly in Mia’s mouth - was He ever not erect. Tetenia wondered.

Several minutes went by before His Supremacy said, “Granted.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I am not worthy of bowing down before you. I was just hoping that you could give some inkling of why you have summoned them. It would be very very helpful. It is Tetenia’s, my daughter’s, wedding day. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He pushed Mia down on His cock and, for the second time in over two hours, looked over at Tetenia. But again, only for a split-second. He sat back and relaxed on the chair, enjoying Mia’s attentions as she struggled to breathe.

Ten or fifteen minutes went by. He was looking at nothing in particular. His cock was still rock solid in Mia’s mouth, everyone else in the room was still on their knees, in some fashion or other.

“Tetenia is my concubine,” He said, looking at no one, as though it were an afterthought.

Tetenia’s heart jumped. It was true. She wanted to crawl to Him and suck His cock, but she knew she could not unless He permitted it. She wanted to praise Him, but she knew she could not unless He permitted it. She remained silent and prostrate. She tried not to look at Daymon, who was devastated and holding back all kinds of emotions. She tried not to look at her father, who would probably see political advantage to this, but would also be distinctly uncomfortable with the idea of his only child living the life of one of His concubines.

Tentatively, the king requested permission to respond. His Supremacy granted it.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the king said. He paused for a moment. “While I am glad that Tetenia pleases you, I did not know. I did not know that she was your…servant. I…apologize for this. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” Ulsan felt humiliated, but also a little relieved - though he’d still have to deal with Daymon’s family.

“That’s nice, Mia,” His Supremacy said. He fondled her tits, which were, like Anya’s, massive. “Go further into my ass, Amandal.” Amandal pushed her face into His asshole and licked vigorously. “Yeahh….like that,” He said, and stared off into the middle distance.

“You are no longer the king of Nordland,” he said to Ulsan, not even looking at him, again like it was an afterthought.

Ulsan’s heart sank. He thought he had done everything right for His visit. He grew agitated and blurted out “What, why?”

“Mmmmyeah,” His Supremacy said in pleasure. “Sarly may not inherit your throne, as well.” Now his brother was disinherited. The princess was now a concubine, invalidating Daymon's claim to the Nordish crown. His family had ruled Nordland for three centuries. No more.

His Supremacy addressed Ulsan. “You did not praise me,” He said. Mia was running up against the longest she could deep throat Him. Her body began to squirm and she flapped her arm against her leg. Still totally relaxed, He pushed her head back down. “Stay down, Mia.” She wasn’t sure it was physically possible for her to stay down much longer - but she had no choice.

“I granted you permission to respond, and for a second time,” He said. “When I grant you this privilege, you must praise me. I granted it to you twice,” He said, and moaned in pleasure. “The second time, you did not praise me.” He moaned in pleasure again, impervious to Mia’s increasingly-evident struggling. “I do not appreciate…” He broke off. Mia let out a loud gag and her body squirmed. She looked like she was trying desperately to control some kind of shock as she pleasured Him. He put His hand on her head “You have to stay all the way down, Mia,” He said. He was - amazingly - cumming yet again. “You better be grateful,"He said to Mia He pumped yet more cum into her throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and He moaned in pleasure. “….such intransigence," He resumed saying.

“You then asked me a question without requesting permission at all,” He went on. Still cumming, He removed His hand from Mia’s head. “Yeahhh,” He told her. Mia gagged and choked loudly and spittle and cum came out of her mouth. She wished she could move from the base of His cock, but she knew she could not. She was ashamed to think this - He was coming, giving her a Great and Sacred Gift, for the second time in under thirty minutes. What a great honor. Every second of pleasuring Him was an escalating struggle for her. But He was coming in her mouth, again. What an indescribable blessing.

Her face was getting redder by the second and she was consciously trying to prevent her arms from flapping around. The base of His cock was still in her mouth, and the tip was still in Her throat, pouring forth cum. That was all that mattered. He moaned in pleasure again, as Mia writhed in pain. “I hope you are grateful, Mia,” He said. “I hope you are eternally grateful.”

She was, of course.

“It is a privilege for you to be in my presence. It is an honor for Nordland that I have come here,” He said to Ulsan, still cumming in Mia's mouth and throat. “I hope you understand that. I hope you realize.”

He paused as His orgasm subsided. Again, it lasted for around two minutes. “You have displeased me. You should be grateful, and you have displeased me,” He said to Ulsan.

He did not sound especially angry when He said these things. His tone was not all that different from the tone He used when saying “that’s good” to His cocksucking concubines. His all-encompassing power spoke for itself.

There was a pool of cum on the floor. “Legensa and Karina, you may lick my cum off the floor. Remember my benevolence in granting you this great gift.” The pair crawled to Him and licked up the cum with lots of enthusiasm. They acted like this was the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Maybe they actually felt that way, Tetenia thought.

“I…Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Ulsan groveled. “I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you. Your Supremacy.”

“Denied,” He said. His cock was still rock hard, in Mia’s throat.

Ulsan was humiliated. Tetenia felt like she was on the verge of orgasm without coming close to touching herself.

Mia struggled on His Supremacy’s hard cock. She remained all the way down. She was a half-breath away from choking herself and her head hurt and her knees hurt and she had to use more concentration and focus than she ever thought she had, just to continue worshipping Him. But she remained all the way down. Pleasuring Him, sucking His cock, was an honor, a great, indescribable, honor, bestowed upon the fortunate and the chosen. It was His will. Nothing else was of any importance at all.
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