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This was told to me by a friend! I don't know it its true
My Wife’s Fantasies

A story that was told too me by a male friend; I don’t know if this is true or a fantasy.

Gang fuck & Group Sex & Interracial & Lesbian & Gay

Patti and Judy have become very good friends; they spend every moment they can together. This is o k with me because I am having sex with both of them. The three of us spend nights and week-ends together. I work and Patti runs a sexual oriented business, she has Judy working there now so they are together a lot. I am aware that they have sex; and that they really love each other. How could I complain? I have two beautiful women that will do anything I want them too and they both love me; I think. .

Judy told Patti about her fantasy of being in a gangbang. She explained how she wanted to fuck and suck five or six guys; one at a time and have three at once. That I was to be the last to fuck her after all the rest had and that I was to clean up after them. Patti asked how I felt about this. Judy explained that we had discussed it and I had agreed; even to the clean up and the possibility of me sucking a cock. Some thing she had wanted to see me do. She asked Patti if she had ever been gang fucked. Patti said yes many times and that she liked it and if Judy was serious she could arrange a get together with a group of guys she knew. Judy asked her to please make the arrangements.

Patti went on to explain that her brother would be one of the men and the rest were friends of his and yes Patti had fucked her brother many times.

Patti got in touch with her brother and explained that a friend wanted to be gang fucked by at least five guys. That her husband was also going to be involved and she wanted to watch him suck a cock. Patti would be in on the activities too. Her brother, Ron, agreed to get his close buddies together for the party, he said the next Saturday would be a good time for them. Patti informed Judy that she was to be gangbanged on Saturday so she could prepare herself.

Saturday morning: Judy was up early getting ready for her big day. She took a bath with scented oils, painted her finger and toe nails and trimmed her pubic hair. Judy has very long hair so she put it in a pony tail, and applied eye makeup and her FUCK ME red lipstick. She put lipstick on her nipples and the lips of her vagina so they would stand out.
For clothing she decided on a sun dress, it had a low neckline and was made of a material that was almost transparent her tits and pubic area were plainly visible.

Judy smoked a joint and had a couple Margaritas to help her nervousness. Patti came over to make sure Judy still wanted to do this; as soon as she saw Judy she knew that there was going to be a whole lot of fucking going on. Patti was also dressed for sex, but she always was. When Patti came in the den she removed her dress; she had put lipstick on her nipples and vagina also. She was wearing the same color nail polish and lipstick as Judy. The major difference was her hairless pubic area. She and Judy split another joint as she explained who her brother was bringing over. There were six of them, her brother and five of his friends. Patti asked if there was a problem as one of the guys was black, I looked at Judy to see her reaction to this. Judy asked Patti if she knew this guy and was he dark or light skinned. Patti admitted that she did know him and that he was very dark skinned. Judy asked Patti if she had ever had sex with him, she said that she had never fucked him but she had sucked his cock. Judy then asked if she had enjoyed it, Patti admitted that she had and would do it again if given the chance. Judy said that was fine with her but she wanted to fuck him, Patti said she did too. They both looked at me and asked if I minded Judy fucking a black guy, I told them it might be exciting watching them fuck. Judy then said according to what she had read a true cuckold always cleaned up after the blacks and then sucked their cocks. I replied we will see.

Ron and his friends were here, Patti introduced them to Judy and me. Ron was the leader, next was Sam the black guy then Bill, Jack, Jim and Doug. All of them seemed to ignore the fact that Patti was nude, I don’t know how but they did. After the introductions Patti said it was time to get naked, Judy took off her dress revealing her sexy body. There comments about how good she looked; then all the guys stripped. Judy and Patti checked out the equipment on guys and I must admit so did I. Doug had the biggest cock of the bunch at about eight inches, the rest were about the same, six to six and a half inches. Bill had the most girth; his cock was at least three inches in diameter.

Patti put her arm around Judies waist and asked if she would like to do a little exhibition for the guys to get things started. Judy turned and gave Patti a long open mouth kiss as she fondled her tits. They were soon on the bed licking each others pussy. This got a reaction from the guys and the party started. Patti got off the bed leaned over and kissed Judy on her belly and said enjoy.

The first guy to fuck Judy was Sam; he spread her legs and entered her open cunt. I was surprised at how erotic it was seeing that black cock entering my wife. Watching Sam fucking my wife gave me a thrill that is beyond any words to explain. Sam fucked Judy with slow deep strokes while he massaged her ass and kissed her neck and ears. Suddenly he started moving faster and covered her mouth with his, Judy wrapped her arms and legs around his body as they both came to an explosive climax. I watched as Sam’s cum ran from her pussy and down her ass. As Sam’s cock softened and slid from my wife’s cunt they kissed again then Sam was replaced by Ron. As soon as Ron entered Judy he started pumping as fast as he could, there was none of the tenderness that Sam had shown just fast furious fucking. It only took Ron a short time before he gave Judy her second load of cum. He was followed by Jim and Jack, the two of them helped fill Judies pussy with more cum.

Bill pushed his fat cock against Judies pussy because of the width of his cock he was having trouble entering her. Bill rubbed his cock in the cum in Judies ass and tried again to enter her vagina, this time he got the head in. Once that was accomplished he forced the remainder of his cock inside her. This must have caused some pain as Judy let out a scream. Bill ignored her discomfort and started pounding her as hard as he could. Bill fucked Judy for about five minuets before his cum was added to the other.

Doug had patiently waited his turn, so now he crawled between Judies legs and inserted the biggest cock in the room in her cum filled pussy. Doug has the longest cock but it isn’t as fat as Bill’s so there was no problem with the insertion. This time Judy made a whimpering sound as she enjoyed the fullness in her belly; this was the longest cock to ever penetrate her. Doug took his time and made sure Judy reached an orgasm before he did.

Patti came over to me, she put her arm around my waist and whispered in my ear that now it was my turn. Part of Judies fantasy was that after the other guys fucked her that I fuck her then use my tongue and mouth to clean her pussy. I had no problem with being the last in a gang fuck but I was having trouble with the clean up. I always cleaned Judies pussy after we fucked and I enjoyed it but this was different. I slipped my dick into Judies well fucked and cum filled pussy; I was surprised by how good it felt. My cock actually got harder as I started fucking her. The feel of all the juices and me knowing they were deposited there by other men as I watched caused a feeling of complete surrender, I knew at that moment that I was going to suck every drop of cum from her body. I began to enjoy the thought of my up coming perverted act.

Judy told me to hurry as she wanted me to eat her as bad as she knew I wanted too. Hearing that I added my sperm to every body else’s. As I was cumming Judy licked my lips then stuck her tongue deep in my mouth. Knowing what I was to do then I didn’t loose my erection; I eagerly kissed and licked my way to Judies sloppy pussy knowing that I would soon taste the cum of six strangers and my own. When I got in position I took a good look at her open hole, I ran my tongue over her clitoris then pushed it in her pussy as far as I could. I licked her labia, down her ass her thighs then I asked to squat over my face so I could really suck her. It took over ten minuets before I finished cleaning her and I wish it had taken an hour.

Judy got off me and lay down exhausted. I sat up and looked around all the guys had watched as I sucked their cum, I was embarrassed by what I had just done but knew that I would gladly do it again. Judy pulled me to her and kissed me again and said that she loved me. She told me that fucking the six guys had been all that she hoped it would and that she would do it again but only if I would eat her after as that caused her best and strongest orgasm.

Patti got everyone a beer and we all took a break. Judy went to the bathroom to redo her hair and get ready for the second phase of her gangbang fantasy. When she returned I saw she had put on different lipstick; it was black. She had redone her nipples and labia also this was even sexier than the red.

She and Patti started rubbing each other with baby oil; they made sure that their vaginas and assholes were well lubricated because now they were going to be fucked by two men at the same time. Of coarse if they were offered three cocks at once that was o k with them.

Patti had not told the guys that there would be group fucking, or that she would be participating in the activities.

Judy started with Ron in her cunt Jim in her ass and Doug getting a blowjob. Patti picked Bill for her pussy Sam for her ass and Jack for her mouth. Judy had Ron lay on the floor, she straddled him and lowered her self on to his hard shaft, Jim entered her ass, and Judy looked up as Doug offered his cock to be sucked. Unbelievable, here was my wife fucking three men at the same time. It took a minuet for them to get into a rhythm but when they did they were fantastic. Ron was pulling out as Jim was pushing in and Doug was getting the blowjob of his life. I could see the pussy juice starting to seep from Judy and run onto Ron’s balls. After a few minuets Ron said it was time to swap places.

Jim moved to place his cock in Judies mouth Doug slipped his eight inches in her pussy and Ron went to her ass. These guys had done this before and it was obvious they liked it.
I wondered how Judy was going to handle Doug when he entered her ass, I found out soon enough. Jim was getting close to cumming so he called for a change. Doug had no problem entering Judies ass; when he had the full length of his cock in her she managed to say it was great. Jim was the first to cum pumping his load into Judies pussy. Ron filled her mouth shortly and Doug removed his cock from her ass and finished deep in her throat. Judy collapsed on the floor with a big smile on her face. She had done it; she had fucked three guys at once and taken all three in all possible ways.

Patti had accomplished the same fete with her group; she too was laying on the floor resting.

I got everybody a beer this time. Actually I brought a cooler full of beer.

Shortly the ladies got off the floor and we started talking about what was next.

Patti said she was going to fuck her brother and she wanted Doug’s big cock up her ass.

Judy admitted she wanted to suck Sam’s cock and try to take Bill in her ass. This is when she dropped the other shoe; she wanted to watch me blow Jim and Jack. I know I had told her during a passionate moment that I would suck a cock since she wanted me to but I never thought it would happen.

A couple joints suddenly appeared and were passed around; I took more than usual to help me accept my fate. I also drank a lot of beer.

Patti was sucking on Ron’s cock trying to get it hard so he could fuck her; Doug had already applied lubricant to his cock and Patties ass.

Sam was laying on the edge of the bed with Judy leaning over his erect cock licking the head while Bill was forcing his fat cock up her ass. I wasn’t surprised when Bill managed to bury his cock balls deep; after all Judy had already been ass fucked three times. As Bill entered her she took Sam’s cock fully in her mouth.

Patti had managed to get Ron hard and had his cock inside her with Doug entering her ass at the same time. This was a double perversion; double penetration and incest all at once.

Jim came over and sat beside me, he asked if I had ever tasted a cock before to which I replied no. He reached over and started fondling my dick; he then said that he had and took me in his mouth. I had not expected this; I had expected that I would have him in my mouth. Jack saw what was going on and he came over and stood in front of me and offered me his cock.

Judy was getting into having Bill’s fat cock up her ass, she raised her head from Sam’s cock and told Bill to fuck her harder; then took Sam back in her mouth. Judy was evidently doing a good job on Sam as he was holding her head and trying to get deeper into her throat. I know that Judy is a great cocksucker.

Doug had pulled out of Patties ass and moved so Patti could suck his cock; she eagerly took it in her mouth. Ron lifted himself up so he could lick Doug’s balls. She still had her brother’s dick deep in her cunt.

I took Jack’s cock in my hand, I had never held another guys cock before, and it was kind of exciting. Jim was doing a super job on my cock; running his tongue around the head then sucking me real hard. I gave in to some strange feeling and took Jack’s hard dick in my mouth; I was amazed at the rush that came over me at that instant. I got light headed and felt very strange. If I had known that sucking a cock would produce this kind of feeling I would have done long ago.

Sam let out a loud moan and pumped his load into Judies mouth; Judy did a good job of swallowing most of his cum but some spilled onto his stomach. Bill banged her ass harder then filled her with his sperm.

Ron warned his sister that he was cumming; he said he hoped she was on the pill. Doug forced his eight inches down Patties throat and shot his load.

Jack unloaded in my mouth as I was doing the same to Jim. I was now an official cocksucker and relish this title.

The only thing better than getting a load from a hard cock is sucking it from a woman’s pussy.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I don’t know if this is a true story or pure fantasy but I do know he ate me after three guys fucked me.

Gypcey Moth

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