I was 4 years old the first time I had sex.

I had been raped by my uncle in broad daylight on his front-porch. I was really too young to remember much of it, but I do remember what happened afterwards........

Me and my father were close, I was daddy's little girl. My mother beat and tortured me, so he was the only "good" influence on my life, and I trusted him with everything. Whenever mommy had been cruel to me, he'd grab me up in his big arms and hold me close, laughing with me, pretending I was an airplane and swinging me around. He was the only one I ever told about my uncle raping me.

When I came home after the rape, I was so afraid. Afraid my mother would find out I ruined the nice, new dress she'd made for me - my uncle had ripped the buttons off and soiled it with his cum- and punish me the way she usually did, locking me in the closet or beating me with a wooden ruler she'd heat up in the oven.

Luckily she wasn't home for some reason....but daddy was, and as soon as i saw him I was so relieved I started crying. I was a sobbing mess, so I couldn't really talk, and he scooped me up and carried me to his bed where I felt safest. He laid me down and sat at the edge of the bed, asking me what had happened.

I just shook my head and pulled covers over myself.

"You can tell me sweetie, mommy's not gonna be home for awhile."

"But daddy, I ruined my dress!"

"I'm sure it's not ruined sweetie......we can fix it before mommy gets home, now let's just get you out of that silly thing!"

He grabbed at the fabric and was surprised it came right off until he noticed the missing buttons, and the stains. He stiffened and got a very stern look on his face. He stuffed the dress under the bed, and turned to me, still with the stern look that scared me, but while stroking my hair and face to let me know he wasn't mad at me.

"Honey, you have to tell daddy, who did this to you?"

Between sobs I told him how I was sitting on my aunties porch with all the other kids from the block when my uncle came home, staggering, smelling of whiskey and puke, and chased the other kids all away with his beligerant and nasty demeanor. Then he swooped down like a hawk, his patent-leather trench coat enveloping me, darkness, darkness, his putrid breath in my face, his knobby hands pulling, pushing, groping, more darkness.....then red, pain, a popping sound that will haunt me forever.........oh no my new dress!

My father held me, crying himself a little, but telling me everything would be ok, i just had to trust him and everything would be ok.

"Did he hurt you real bad?" he strained to ask. I nodded. Suddenly my father was looking at me differently. He started kissing my tear-streaked face and moving under the covers to where my naked body was-

"Daddy! What are you doing?" he started rubbing my stomach, my young little thighs and ass.

"I wanna show doesn't always have to hurt, baby. What uncky slim did was wrong.......Let me make it right.......I love you sugar."

He got up and grabbed some baby oil, then pulled back the sheets and started rubbing me all over- a treat I usually only enjoyed after my weekly bath- but somehow this was different. I loved it, and started to melt in his hands, cooing when he massaged the sore spots, giggling when he touched the ticklish spots.

Suddenly he pulled the covers back up over me.

"Did you like that honey? Do you feel safe now?" I smiled a little and nodded. "Good, 'cause daddy's gonna teach you how good it feels, ok? Just be still honey, daddy's gonna make it feel all better!"

He put his head under the covers right over my sore, red pussy, and I tightened. He gently laid his head on my abdomen and massaged my hips with his hands, then he moved his head and I felt something warm and wet touching me between my legs in a way I'd never felt before. He laid gentle kisses on my labia, then softly stroked my teeny pink clit with his tongue. I didn't know what was happening to me, it felt good, but there were so many confusing thoughts going through my head, all i could do was lay really still like he told me.

When he was done he got up from under the covers and held me tight again.

"Did that feel good, baby? Daddy just wants you to feel good.....i know you didn't cum sweetie, but there'll be plenty of time for that....daddy's gonna teach you.......daddy's the only one who can pleasure his little girl- and you can't tell mamma, ok? If you tell, I'll have to tell her how you ruined your nice, new dress, and she'll punish you. You won't tell, will you?"

Tell what? I wasn't sure what had happened, or what we'd done wrong. But I shook my head no, because I didn't want daddy to tell mommy I ruined my dress.

"Good girl. Daddy loves you, and he's gonna prove it to you every night.........."


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2015-11-21 05:19:22
Thank you for your honesty and for choosing to break your silence in such a way. For those people who are saying that this is sick, YOU'RE GODDAMNED RIGHT IT IS! However, instead of talking shit at someone sharing what was undoubtedly the most horrific experience of her young life and the further abuse at the hands of someone who was supposed to watch out for her best interests, LOOK AT THE STORY TAGS. It says right there that this is True Story, First Time, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Older Male / Female, Rape, Young.

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2013-08-13 04:31:20
Okay listen to this:
5 year old Jayla heard moaning and groaning in her mother's room. She got off of her bed and crawled into her mother's room. (She loved crawling.) The door was wide open and the lamp was on. She could see clearly. Her mother was on the bed with her legs spread. And her mother's best friend, Sera had on a strapped purple didlo. She was moving it back and fourth fast. Jayla wimpered as she watched her mother cry in such a passionate way. She thought it her mother. "Mommy? What are you doing?" she askedin curiousity. Her mother looked over embarrassed. Sera slid the dildo out. "Shit." she mumbled. "Honey come here." she said. Jayla crawled onto her mother's bed. "What's that?" she asked pointing at the dildo. "A dick." she said. "It's a man's pee pee." she said. Jayla looked puzzled. "Why does Sera have a man pee pee? Mines is flat and parted." she said. STTRRAAAP!! Sera had unstrapped the dildo. Then she pointed at her bare cunt. "See." she said. Jayla slid her barb

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2013-06-03 15:09:46
As a young girl who lost her virginity at the age of 6 by her uncle, I can tell you that my life was not ruined and that I miss being fucked by my uncle greatly. He taught me to enjoy my body and to enjoy being used by others. I loved the story and would love to hear more.


2012-12-11 09:32:50
to the asshole 3 spaces below me that thinks they know the state i live in and other states sadly there have been 3yr olds raped and in one case a 9 month old baby....some men are actually small enough to rape babies....yes it's sick and i hope they all burn in hell....but i would rather read about a fantasy than hear about an actual rape.....douchebag

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2012-09-15 03:38:03
disgusting. truly disgusting.

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