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Bright and early next morning, Amy sweet little Amy was back, nude and sucking on my still flaccid dick, trying to get me hard for her morning romp. I looked at her and kind of moaned, but my crazed cock started stiffing up. I thought to myself ‘damn these girls are gonna fuck me to death’.
Yep six little girls from ages 12 to 14 all want my seed implanted in their tight little bodies, each hoping my sperm will invade her womb, and fertilize an egg. All six want to become pregnant with my child, so their kids will be brothers and sisters, well half brother and sister anyway. Sounds nutty, well I felt the same way when Amy first told me about the group, but I’m enjoying all the effort that the girls are putting into the project or rather all the sperm putting I’m doing, into their young tight hot pusses. Although it is beginning to be a little harder to keep up the pace, so to speak. I’ve always lusted after little girls and now I was getting my fill, as I filled their little twats with my seed. I really shouldn’t complain, it is wonderful and they feel so good around my harden shaft, its just I’m beginning to tire-out quicker than before, maybe I’m need a night off to rest.

But for now here’s sweet little Amy wanting her morning cum injection, and my little girl pussy happy dick is growing harder by the second as she makes fabulous oral love to him. After a short time she was happy with his fullness and raised up to guided him into her wanton wet cunt, I watch as the head of my hard dick slip in between her tight pink folds as her tiny slit engulfs my enlarged cock stretching her pussy open once again what a wonderful and exciting site for a little girl lover like me, slowly her hairless cunt takes all my seven and a half inches into her tight wet passion chamber, damn is she ever hot and so wet, the feeling of her tight silkily love canal wrapped around me is so good I nearly cum immediately,
“Awww my… feel so gooood…. so hot…. so so …….. ughhhhhhhh”
I however manage to hold off and let Amy begin her morning ride. Her hair flying around her face like hay in a whirlwind, her small tits giggling so delightful, her eyes grazed over with pure wild lust as her tight hot pussy pumps my erect baby maker for its seed. Its so good watching my dick slid in and out of her little girl pussy, the rubbing of her hot slick soft walls tightly holding my prick is incredible as she fucks me.
“Sooo goood…. Soo biiigg…. Fillsss mee sooo goodddd ohhhhhh”
“Yesss baby fuck meee…. Make mee cummm in yyou”
And fucks me she does, pumping my cock for all she worth, up and down taking me completely inside her tight cunt, then out to where just the head is still inside and then drives my dick as deep as it can possibility go and again and again. Our pelvic bones pounding into each other’s as I start thrusting back into her, as hard as I can and I feel the familiar sensual tingling in my balls building. Her tight little twat becomes hotter and hotter and I know her climax is nearing eruption.
“ Yesss yes oh baby its its so gooood…. Going gonna cumm…. Ughhhhhhhh”
And her sweet hot little girl juice floods her insides, washing over my pumping dick in a wet hot tidal wave of her cum, triggering my own mind blowing orgasm. The hot thick cream boiling in my balls flew out my dick as if shot out of a cannon deep into Amy’s wet hot womb, as her cunt shook in her own tremendous orgasm, her spasming pussy milking the cum out of my body into her twitching young snatch, filling her with my steaming baby batter. Shot after shot I pumped into her; as her hot wet pussy seem to suck my cumming dick of its sticky thick load.
“Cummin yes I’m cumming in you…. ahhhhhhhhhh”
“Fill my pussy …. Cum iin meee you cummmminnnn ughhhhhhhh”

Amy fell down on my chest her hard little nipples pushing into me so heavenly, so wonderfully as her chest heaved for air, her tight cum filled hole trembling around my slowly shrinking member as the last of my sperm ebbed into her. I looked down at her, her hair was sprayed over my chest, raising up I could see her smooth back and her round little butt before me as her breathing returned to normal.
“That was so good”
“Huh hunnnnn”
As she rose up she leaned forward and kissed me lightly, then up off me and began dressing. After she was dressed she leaned over and cleaned my flaccid cock and empty balls with her warm tongue.
“ Gonna go or I’ll be late… bye Bill… Fuck you later”
And out she went twisting her tight little butt ever so sweetly. And I was complaining about all the pussy, all the young pussy, I’m getting, what’s the matter with me?

I laid there for a while, then got up and into the bathroom I went, finally showering then back to my room, dressed and headed out to the shops down the alley on the other side, to have breakfast. I needed the nourishment and the coffee was good, besides the waitress was rather good looking also, for an older gal that is, she looked around 24 or so I guess, but then Glenda and Susie could pass for twenty some also although they were only 13 and 14, go figure, you really can’t tell these days, and she did look good as she leaned over to refill my coffee cup, showing quite a lot of cleavage thru the opening of her tight silken blouse, her nipples harden from the rubbing of the slick material across them, her dress hugged her shapely body very very nicely, in fact watching her glide around the café, my pussy crazed prick began stiffing up, I had to turn away and pick up the discarded newspaper and read about something else or I wouldn’t be able to leave any time soon.
Damn I’m a sex maniac, but then what normal red-blooded male isn’t? Besides I’ve got plenty of young tight pussy to fill my quota and then some. I don’t need any more women in my life right now, if it was even possible to score with her, and what would happen when one or more of the girls walled in while we were in some sort of sexual activity? Don’t want to find out! Although her ass does looks good, she just bent over to pick up something on the floor and her skirt pulled real tight over her great shaped buns accenting the fullest of her hips. ‘Down Boy’
I finally clammed down, got up paid the bill and left. Walked over to the small grocery store and picked up some needed food and drinks. Back to the house to begin working on the front room again.

Knocked off shortly after noon and washed up and back to the café for lunch and another eye full of the waitress. She was joined by a much older lady for the noontime rush, and who waited on me. I really didn’t notice her that much, I was watching the younger one glide around waiting on the other tables, when the guy behind me said.
“Hey bud… she looks good doesn’t she? Shame she married to the cook”
“Yeah she does look nice, but I’m not shopping anyway, just looking”
“Well if you ain’t looking your dead heh?”
Then his tablemate spoke up
“Yeah, but then I’ve heard that she likes a little side action ever now and then, wouldn’t mind helping her out…. Out of her panties that is”
“And into you bed”
Both the guys laughed, I just nodded.
“Might be fun, but then there’s a husband and I’m not in the market for any trouble.”
“Hell little trouble never hurt anyone… not much anyway…. And if she’s willing…. Might be worth it…. Who knows he might like her being with other guys”
“Oh well I can window shop, can’t help that, she does look good”
I said as she bent over to show something on a menu to a customer, showing her nice round tits off in that tight blouse, her nipples straining to escape their confines.
“Good enough to eat I’d say…. Bet she taste goood”
I just shrugged while the other went on about some gals they had had in the past and their weird sex adventures. Ate my meal and washed it down with several glass of tea. When the guy kind of poked my shoulder.
“Ain’t seen you around here before new in town or just passing thru?”
“Just doing some remodel work nearby and stop in for a meal”
“Oh live around here?”
“No, huh the other side of town, this guy downtown called me up and wanted some work on his home done, huh where you guys work?”
“Oh ok I’m a driver, local deliver for a store over near the interstate”
“I work in the warehouse” the other said “why you wanna know?”
“No reason just being friendly”
“Hell leave him alone we asked first”
And with that the driver kind of griped at the other, but shortly the conversation returned to women, more to the point the waitress. I didn’t want to get involved in their talk, sure didn’t want any new friends of sorts. So I finished my lunch and got up and headed towards the cashier, leaving those two still going on about the good looking sexy waitress of the coffee shop around the corner, but full well knowing I’d be back for another show.

Back to the house and work on the front room, finishing up I looked at the time and noticed that it was later than I had thought and that at least one of the girls should be here by now. Sort of puzzled, I picked up my tools and placed them back in the toolbox and headed for the shower to clean up, as I stripped down passing my room I heard soft moaning, looking in and there was a wonderful sight to behold. Susie and Sandy were in the middle of my bed, both nude and had their heads buried between the others lap, devouring each other, my dick jumped fully erect so fast I swear it grew to at least ten inches then sprang back to it normal seven and a half, and was pulling me into the room, hungry for young girl pussy, he screamed, twitching.
“Come let’s get in there…. Got to have it now…. Come on…. Hurry”
Two of the older girls were there enjoying each other, looked like one of those porno movies, you know the one where the sexy girl friend/wife and her younger sister/ best friend are munching and slurping when the stud boyfriend/husband walks in, big surprise then he asks, “What’s going on honey? I never expected”. Damn you can see what’s going on, two lovely ladies are involved in mural girl sex. And after his shock, he sort of timidly joins in, damn didn’t see that coming. Right.
Well Susie was on top and her sweet ass was pointed towards me and my harden cock was dragging me to her tight opening moving around all sexy and like with Sandy’s tongue moving in and out, Sandy’s dark pink wet tongue spreading Susie’s tight pink folds. I lower myself in behind Susie, Sandy must have felt my shifting of the mattress opened her eyes and kind of smiled reached over and took hold of my steel and as sweet as you please slipped the tip into Susie. Susie started to raise up when I said.
“It’s only me sweetheart”
And I plunged into her, her pussy opened up taking me all inside her in one quick lunge, my balls slapped Sandy in the face as I was completely inside Susie’s hot wet love passage. I began moving back out slowly and could feel Sandy’s tongue licking my emerging cock.
“Oh damn that that’s so so goood…. Lick it offfffhhhhh…. Your tongue so goood…. Pussy so tight hot tight awwwwwww”
Stopping with just the head inside Susie’s delightful hot twat I moved back in just as slow as I moved out, taking hold of her hips to stead myself, I repeated my drive over and over. Susie was licking and shoving her tongue into Sandy’s open hole like a girl possessed moaning s she went. Both girls began to shake and quiver as we keep stroking and licking, then they both exploded, Susie sweet cum flooded out around my dick bathing me in glorious heat and washed over Sandy in a tidal wave of little girl juice and you would have thought Sandy was a geyser as she filled Susie’s mouth with her tasty cum, so much Susie couldn’t drink it all fast enough as it flowed out of Sandy’s snatch and back all over her hips and down her crack onto the bed under her ass. They both were twitching and shaking as their mutual orgasm shot through their youthful bodies. Susie’s pussy was spasming around my harden member, sucking it into her steaming wet cunt as I pumped in and out of her. Her hot wet tight baby pit was so fucking good, I began hammering my engorge flesh into her, pounding her chamber, my balls slapping Sandy’s face, but she keep licking the joining of Susie and I, as I neared my release of hot baby batter into Susie’s welcome womb.
“Ohhhhh gooood…. so… damnnn goood…. I’m I’m…. gonna….. uggghhhhhh”
And I erupted, sending throbbing burst after burst my thick hot semen up my shaft in a blinding rage out the tiphole and into Susie’s wet tight cunt coating her insides, my cock and filling her to the brink and more, her twat milking my dick for all its cum with a wonderful gut pulling suction.
“Your pus your pussy so damn good auggggg”
As I pumped her tight twat my body shook in total pleasure, filling her womb with my cum, it felt like I came for hours as her wet heat boiled my cock. Then suddenly Sandy pulled me out of Susie’s cum filled hole and sucked me into her mouth, trying to drain my balls entirely, as her tongue licked the head my body jerked in total bliss, keeping me hard inside her oral cavity. I managed to pull away from her, softly pushing Susie out of the way turned around and sunk my still hard cock into Sandy’s hot wet snatch in one fell swoop. She groaned as I filled her to her depths.
“Awughhh so biggg it’s it’s so bbbig…. Ughhhh fuckkk meeee”
And I did, pounding her like a steam piled driver on full bore, trying to hammer her cute ass through the mattress, Susie moved over and lowered her sperm filled twat to Sandy’s mouth as my cum started dripping out of her and Sandy attacked her slit like a platoon of marines overrunning an enemy stronghold.
“eat me bitch…. eat meeee”
She groaned as I drove my cock in and out her friend’s tight wet pussy.

Sandy was intensely tight but felt so good, my man flesh rubbing her silken wet cavern walls, massaging both her wet hot love tunnel and my enlarged man muscle, the feeling was exquisite, driving both her and me to our next orgasms, in and out as my pelvic bone smashed into hers, my balls crashing onto her ass again and again, like the never ending waves beat the rock shore. Then she began trembling again and her magnificent tight slick tube grew hotter and hotter and gripping at my meat as I pumped her. She thrusted her hips up to meet my downward ones, driving me in her as deeper and deeper, demanding my seed to fill her empty love pit, to fill her womb with my love juice, to make her pregnant. And she then erupted in a huge burst of hot lava cum, filling herself and coating me in her hot sticky sweetness, it was so great if I could have cum then, I would have fill her with so much force my sperm would have ran out her ears, as it was I was still empty and only dry humped, I ached to cum but nothing was there and my cock didn’t show any signs of shrinking, so I banged away harder oh her tender twat, determined to keep going till I filled her baby factory with my hot sperm.
“I’Mmmm cummmmin….. cummin…. It’s sooo gooooo”
She moaned into Susie’s twat as I pounded her little girl cunt
“Ohhhhh guuuu cummmmm”
She twitched and shook like a person being electrocuted, making our love making more intense and her hot wet pussy grip down on me in spasms, almost like a hot wet mouth sucking on my prick.
“Ohhhhh…. gooo….. gooodddd….. yourrr pussssy….. soo sooooo good….”
And I pumped her wetness driving my dick as far inside as possible as she sucked me into her. She was screaming into her friend’s cunt as she devoured it and Susie flooded Sandy’s gullet with her tasty juice.
“Ughhhhhhh…. Cummmmmmm…… it’s its ugfhhhhh….. eat meeeeeeee”
“Your pussy so hot so wet so so tight….. fucking good”
And I still pounded her snatch, I had to cum in her even if it killed me, she was so hot and tight, her wanton hole sucking on my dick, it’s so fanatic. I kept sliding in and out of Sandy with reckless abandonment, I had to fill her as I pounded harder and harder on her tight little hole, finally I felt that tightness in my balls that wonderful warmth of sperm building inside me, gathering up the strength to explode into the female love tunnel. It felt so good knowing I soon would be filling her with my baby batter, as I stroked her. And she then came again her heat washing over my dick and balls, my dick took over and began hammering her wet fountain, and I hung on for the ride as the pressure in my nuts grew, and with one huge lunge my hips drove my throbbing member deep into Sandy’s womb and erupted, in one huge wave of cum, her pussy milked me so forcibly I thought she might pull it off, as she sucked me inside her.
“I”MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMM….. oh yessssssssss cummmmmm…. In your pusssy….. cumminnnn ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
And Sandy shoved Susie off her face and screamed
“FUCKKK MEEEEE Fuccckk eeeeeee….. cummmm inmeeeeeeeee”
As she shook and sputter under me uncontrollably, Susie turned around and watch her friend quake as I filled her cunt with my hot cream, in such a force it had to be spraying directly into her womb, filling her belly, my balls pumped and pumped till there was no more and still they pumped. As my balls began to ache from dry humping I rolled off Sandy and stared at the ceiling, my eyes glazed over and my hips still twitching and Sandy’s body was matching my own or more so according to Susie.
My dick however was still as hard as a steel spike, sticking straight up, Susie bend over and licked it and I groaned.
“oooohhhhhh noooooooo uhhhhhhhhhh…… please nooo…..”

Thank goodness she saw the clock, getting up grabbing her clothes.
“Shit I’ve got to go…. You ok…..”
Sandy’s breathing was returning to normal and she sat up and looked at the clock.
“Oh I need to go too…… damn wish I could stay for more”
I just laid there with a stupid grin on my face counting stars. Both girls dress after a short trip to the bathroom, leaned over and kissed me goodbye, I think.


2007-03-22 22:26:47
I've read the first ten chapters so far. Yes there needs to be a lot of work on things like grammar and diction. The chpaters themselves have gotten rather repetitive. I mean does Amy have to strt virtually every chapter off but sucking the guy? can't Linda or Susan stop by in the morning to do the honors? All that being said, the story is so bazaar that it actually holds my interest and that in itself is an achievment.


2006-09-08 11:28:38
Will all of u negative fucks shut the fuck up


2006-08-22 16:47:16
the idiot that said they would die if they got pregnannt at 12- 14 better tell the step sister she got preg at 12 the bitch is still alive and kicking


2006-08-20 20:00:48
Once again we have the anonympous critics! Iliked the story, good fucking, great desìcriptions and fantastic pace.


2006-08-19 11:23:36
The waitress is 24 and "good looking, for an older gal that is"? You wierd fuck.

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