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Woman Finds Her Submissive Side
I am 25y/o woman of Latin descent, 5’2” 105lbs 32B tits and if I do say so, a nice ass. Olive complexion, jet black hair and I think a pretty face. I have two step-children from a marriage that ended when my husband was killed in a tragic auto accident. I am very hot blooded and love sex but had been celibate for a year when:

I recently met a great guy at a bar. My friends from work talked me into going out one Friday for drinks and some fun. We left straight from work so I was dressed conservatively. We had been there about an hour, with martini’s flowing and in he walked. All my girlfriends from work were eyeing him the minute he strode in the door. I have to say, I could see why. He was tall with dark hair, broad shoulders leading to a slim waist and when he walked by I noticed his green eyes. They shined when he looked at me and he gave me a look that went straight to my pussy.

He went to the bar and ordered a drink and one of my co-workers, Barb, a busty blonde, who was slightly drunk decided to go chat him up. So she goes to the bar and orders a drink and talks to this man, she even offered to buy him a drink. We are all watching from our table as he politely declines and you can tell Barb is put off. She comes back to the table fuming, calling him an asshole because we are joking with her and her ego is dinged.

Anyway, A few minutes later, the waitress brings the entire table a fresh round saying that it is from Antonio at the bar. We all look and it is him, he raises his glass but only looks at me, again with that look that goes straight to my pussy. I wait a few minutes and go over to thank him and we begin to talk and before we know it, my friends are calling it a night. Antonio asked me to dance, a slow song, so we hit the dance floor and as soon as he put his arms around me, I knew I was going to fuck him that night.

We went to my place since the kids were at my sister’s for the night. As soon as we were in the door, I was all over him. We kissed so passionately his hands all over me, whispering in my ear how much he loved my “sweet ass” & how he could not wait to spank me. Oh jeez, that surprised me but I led him to my bedroom. I wanted some cock!

I was almost completely naked by the time we reached the top of the stairs and I could feel those green eyes on my ass. We kissed deeply once again and then he whispered into my ear to take his jeans off. On my knees I unzipped his Levi’s and began sliding them down and his underwear came with them. Omigod, the most beautiful cock I had ever laid eyes on popped up and bumped my cheek. I just stared at first, it was about 8” long with nice thickness. He was hard and pre-cum was oozing from a beautiful head. My stare was interrupted when he said, “suck my cock”, in an almost hypnotic state, I took that fat cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue all around the bulbous head, feasting on his pre-cum, so much pre-cum. Then, in what was almost like an order, he said – “suck my fucking balls, worship those balls”, which I immediately did. Licking, sucking each into my mouth, feasting my tongue on the smooth shaved skin of his nut sac I could not get enough. He then took me by the hair and told me get back on the cock and before I could do anything he plunged his cock into my throat making me gag.

I slowed then, wondering what I had gotten myself into. He would have none of it; he just continued to use my mouth like a masturbation toy. Finally, he pulled out and I was face to face with that big cock, throbbing to his heartbeat, still oozing juice. He then turned around and ordered me to kiss his ass and I timidly laid small kisses on both cheeks but what came next I was not expecting. He reached back and spread his cheeks and told me to lick his asshole! I have never licked a guy’s butthole and I balked, I just continued to kiss his cheeks. When I didn’t do as he asked (ordered?) he turned around and pulled me up to face him. Those laser green eyes just looked at me for a moment when he told me to get on all fours and put my ass in the air. I was thinking, yes here we go; I couldn’t wait to get that cock in my wet pussy. He started rubbing my ass, teasing my tits, nipples and pussy. He could see my juice running down my legs and knew he was driving me crazy. All of a sudden, I felt his tongue begin to lap at my pussy, from my clit to my asshole and I moaned out loud, it had been so long. His tongue was all over my cunt and ass, he sucked my clit into his mouth and I started to cum but he stopped and pulled back. Even behind me I could feel him looking at me knowing he had just brought me to the edge. He left me panting for several minutes only brushing me with his cock, watching me twitch.

Then I heard him whisper in my ear, “do you want my cock babygirl?” I just groaned, “yes” moving my ass around searching for his cock. Then he asked, “did you like the way I licked your asshole?” “Yes, it was so good, please fuck me”, I replied. He told me close my eyes and put my ass higher, which I did anticipating that massive cock. Instead, I felt him move to the side and SMACK, I felt his hand slap my ass, hard! He told me not to move, that I had to learn to obey him. I liked him licking my butthole but would not do that for him so I would get 20 strokes of his hand. I didn’t know what to do other than what his voice said, I put my ass in the air and took my spanking. When he was done, tears were in my eyes as he asked me if I had learned my lesson to which I replied “yes sir”! I was shocked at my own words but knew I was now his to do with what he pleased. He simply said, “lick my fucking asshole babygirl and don’t be shy, I want your tongue up my butthole”. I immediately went too my knees, spread his cheeks and for the first time, buried my tongue into a man's anus.

After several minutes of rimming his asshole, he just said “good girl” and pulled me up telling me to get on my back and to spread my pussy. I looked down at his throbbing cock as he teased my clit and pussy lips. I wanted that , needed that cock so bad. Finally he started to slip it into my cunt, I could feel the fat head spreading my lips open but he pulled back with just the head in my opening.. He whispered in my ear, “tell me babygirl, tell your Master what you want” I yelled, “I want you to fuck me sir, fuck me like a slut!” I looked at his face while I said it and he gave me that look and in one thrust, buried his cock to the balls. He then proceed to fuck my hungry pussy like a jackhammer all the while whispering in my ear that I now belonged to him, my cunt now belonged to him. All I could do was say Yes Sir over and over as multiple orgasms racked my body. Between that cock and that hot voice in my ear, I lost count how many times I came. Finally, I felt him pick up his pace even faster and with a guttural “I’m cumming babygirl” I felt that cock get even fatter as a geyser of hot sperm unloaded in my spent pussy. He lay on top of me, panting in my ear as I felt his cock continue to twitch causing me to have mini orgasms. My cunt was so sensitive; I have never been fucked like this. He looked at me and said, “You know you are mine now”, not a question, a statement of fact. All I could say was, "yes sir. thank you sir".

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