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In a distant future, humanity fights for survival. A mutated strain of human, the Hellkite's, preys on the "Norms." One of those mutants "Iberian" seeks vengeance in a valley of the peace-loving Norms who killed his mate.
Iberian the Hellkite
Millie Dynamite

The Third World War, if you could call it a war, lasted only two hours. In that time, the earth was laid waste, and all the money in the world saved no one. Caught unaware, hundreds of millions died in those fleeting moments. Over the following year, billions perished in the nuclear winter that followed.

A hundred years passed, and man gathered together in tribes. Fighting to survive, life adapted. Mutation of animals and humans was a constant. Some terrifying creatures evolved, giant snakes slivered over the landscape devouring men. Other creatures, once bear, wolf, lion, all became something else. A breed of human evolved, you could no longer call them human. Still, these creatures roamed the earth, killing, doing as the pleased with a mind so warped no “normal” being comprehended how they could be so cruel.

Larger, stronger, the beast were hunters. Solitary creatures, they shunned even their own kind. Male and female, they possessed a genetic memory of all that happened. They shared their own existence in a psychic link. Finding each other when the need arose to procreate. The man would stay with the woman until a few months after birth. The woman cared for the child until about its seventh or eighth year, then abandoned them to fend for themselves.

Norms called them, the Hellkite…the Hellkite called the normals Prey. The centuries passed as predator consumed prey.


Iberian looked over the valley. He could see the farms, lush green crops growing. The cattle feeding in fields of green grasses. The defenders with their guns guarding the possessions of Prey. Children playing near the farmhouses and in the village. A young woman wandered near the stream which flowed into the lazy river. Young and tender, she frolicked in along the bank, dashing into the water, splashing at her male friend that accompanied her. He would beacon her to come out of the water.

Iberian couldn’t help but wonder, were they lovers? He wanted her to fuck, he wanted the man for food. His kind had avoided this valley for some time, the Prey had developed weapons that hurt, or killed his kind. Still, he wanted to revenge Barbella, she had borne him five offspring. These bastard Prey had murdered her. This isolated valley had developed guns and killed his mate…for that they would die, every last one of the males. The women would be abandoned, their bellies swelled with his half-breed offspring. By the time the progeny turned eight, they would begin to feed on their mothers, then wander the earth seeking more Prey.

Iberian remembered the last copulation with Barbella, their wild, lunar cycle of pure overindulgence. A full 27 days of hunting, feeding, fucking and playing together. When they mated, they would forgo the act of sleep. They dined on the flesh of the Prey, from child to old they gorged themselves. After the meals, they would congress for hours upon hours, until they cuddled as the sun rose and the cycle began once more.

He thought of the offspring, reaching out he found him, feeding on some fresh kill. They mingled their thoughts for a moment. Iberian broke the connection, far too painful knowing the boy's mother’s bones were bleached white next to him.

The pair moved closer, Iberian positioned himself near the stream, ready to strike. Her beauty struck him, norms were so smooth and soft. Even the boy was cute, and his flesh would be sweet. A side arm he would have to be careful. Iberian wondered how they had made the vile things, that knowledge had been lost.


Erin rose early, long before the sun broke over the mountain to the east. Excitement filled her, Jason promised her a romantic picnic. The eighteen-year-old had plotted for months, laying her trap with great care. Like the giant black spider, she wanted to capture her quarry. Jason would be a good catch, a good provider. Unbeknownst to her Jason had his own plans.

Jason’s father was Chief Protector…a respected official and wealthy. The would live in town and be waited on hand and foot by servants. After all, Jason’s dad had killed the last Hellkite that invaded their valley. A female beast that slaughtered a dozen before Hector put her down, the hunter left her where she fell. A warning to the others—stay away or will kill you. In tribute to Hector, every adult gave him a thousand credits. Hector's wealthy swelled by 30,000 credits he became the richest man in the valley.

“Father,” Erin said. “Jason and I have planned a picnic today.”

“Is this the day?” he asked her.

“I am hopeful, he is so handsome with his shaggy blonde hair, brown penetrating eyes, and muscular body. Do you not agree he would be a perfect benedict for me?” she asked her father. She watched him intently.

“He is an amiable fellow, my child, in that I am pleased. Don’t be too hopeful we are lowly, and he may just be playing for your affections. The wealthy don’t often stoop to marrying the poor. His intentions may be only for temporary pleasure,” Aaron said leaning to his daughter he put his hand over her hand, he squeezed. Aaron’s eyes appeared anguished, “I don’t want you hurt, withhold your full warmth until after the ceremony. Don’t believe unproven declarations of love.”

“Father, you’re so old-fashioned,” she said. Turning she began to cut up the fowl for the al fresco meal. Aaron stood moved to the door, he turned then noticed the empty seat across from his and pain flooded him in dark torrent. Thoughts of his wife and that beast bitch taking her overcame him. Only bones and organs remained when they found her lair. The bones of his wife were indistinguishable from the other eleven victims. He fell against the door and cried, Erin, rushed to her father.

“I promise to stay pure until I’m married father.”

“That’s not it, even after three years I can’t get past the loss of your mother.”


The small stream flowed out of the mountains to the southwest. It meandered through the south end of the gorge, flowing north toward the big river that flowed out between to big peaks on the far north end of the basin. Near Aaron Holder’s land, a small creek branched off and flowed into forest boarding craggy mountain east of his property.

Erin and Jason forded the stream and followed the rivulet to a pond buried deep in the trees. A small grassy field extended right to the rocky rise of a craggy cliff. Next the still waters of the pond the couple enjoyed their noon meal. The bird had been fried to perfection, and Jason enjoyed far more of it than his younger companion. He wanted the sweet meat between her legs, he wondered how tight it would be when he plunged his cock into her virginal pussy. Jason liked Erin, he knew she wanted marriage. All he wanted was a fourth cherry. Poor girls are so desperate and dumb.

Standing up, Jason threw the remnants of the piece of chicken into the pound. He walked over to a big boulder and sat with his back to the stone. Patting the ground with one hand and signaled for her to come next to him. He shoved the other hand down his pants, massaged his cock, it responded by stuffing.

“Come here sit with me and let’s get to know each other better,” he said. “I want to feed you something better than the chicken.” Tears welled in Erin’s eyes. “What?”

“You’re not interested in me,” she said.

“Yes, I am. I just don’t want to wait,” Jason insisted.

“No,” she said in disbelief. Erin turned away looking at the water. From nowhere Iberian moved to the male. Jason jumped to his feet clutching the grip of his sidearm. Iberian reached out placed his thumb just behind Jason’s ear, the stinger tore into the tender flesh. Jason collapsed to the ground, he tried to scream a warning. Jason couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, or even whisper he could only watch in terror.

The water lapped up on the bank, the grass grew thick right into the water. Torrential rains had overfilled the pond earlier that week. Erin stared blankly into the water, disappointed in Jason. Mistaking his sexual desire as love, the truth of his carnality of his interest in her crushed her spirit. She wanted to cry. The noonday sun hung in the azure sky above her head. She looked down at her own shadow, then noticed her, and it was swallowed by another, much larger shadow. Turning her gaze skyward she saw it, towering above her. It's hideous face covered in the leathery skin, massive muscles stretched over the huge frame. For the first time in her sixteen years, Erin saw a Hellkite up close.

Erin jumped to her feet, she attempted to run. She felt his massive hand grab her by the back of her neck, the thumb next to her ear the sharp pain erupted as the stinger found its mark. Erin could tell he carried her, his arm wrapped around her slender waist. She could see the ground, the beast reached down grabbed Jason and flung him skyward. She heard the crash as Jason landed up on a shelf of the cliff somewhere above them.

The being climbed the cliff. Coming to a flat outcrop, he laid the girl down on the rough stone. She could see Jason, a look of sheer horror on his face. The Hellkite again grabbed the young man, tossing Jason effortlessly higher. In the end, the young people lay on a dirty floor of a cavern high on the side of the mountain. A fire blazed in the middle of the vault, and Erin watched as the beast shoved a large limb into the flame. Tingling ran over her body, the effects of the venom lessoned.

Raising the stick from the fire, the creature seemed happy with the flame that danced on it. Iberian walked to the boy, reached down and grabbed Jason’s left arm at the wrist. Pushing his large foot to the side of the kid he yanked on the arm. It tore from his body, and Jason found his voice, a high-pitched, a feverous scream echoed through the cave. The Hellkite shoved the flame to the gaping wound holding it there until the blood vessels cauterized.

Tossing the stick back into the fire, Iberian reached down and pushed a stinger deep into the boy’s neck. Turning his attention back to the girl he squatted in front of her. Biting chunks of flesh and muscle from the dismembered arm. His big blue eyes ogled the girl, small trickles of blood ran from the corners of his mouth. His immense, leather, cock twitched she couldn’t stop looking at it. She had heard they raped the women before they consumed them, she had always assumed that was a myth.

The tingling grew worse, in time it diminished. Erin could feel her legs and arms again. She watched the creature eating the arm of Jason like they had eaten the chicken. He sniffed the air, his cock jerked up then settled back between his legs.

“You’re fertile,” he said, the deep voice rumbled in her ears and even her chest. The thing was a least eight feet tall. It looked, somewhat, human, bigger, they were covered with a strange armor like flesh, covering bulging muscles. Erin squirmed.

“Don’t make me sting you again,” he ordered. “I want you to feel every moment when I fuck you.” An eerie smile broke over his face. Standing he continued to wolf down the meat from the bones. The cock was covered with small thorns, at least they looked like thorny barbs.

“It will hurt me if you do me that way,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said. “You still will enjoy it, grow to like it. All you human bitches have loved it.”

“I don’t believe you,” she said.

“I don’t care,” he said, thick globs of thick spit fell from his mouth covering her face. “Strip,” he ordered. He walked away from the girl, she rose, looking at the opening to the outside world.

“Run, and I’ll make you regret it,” said without turning to her. The girl began to peel her dress and underwear from her body, resigned to the fact she belonged to the beast. She watched as he again shoved a stinger deep into Jason's neck. The other hand this time, he left inserted a long time, pumping a large amount of venom into the young man. “Won’t have to worry with you for a long time,” he growled.

Ripping the still whole hand from the vivisect arm, Iberian tossed the bare bones of the arm into the fire. Again, he sucked in the air, testing the scent. A smirk spread across his face, he knew she was a virgin. Not that this was special, even the most promiscuous woman would feel tight to a Hellkite.

“You’re a virgin,” he snarled, “how nice.” Picking the girl up from behind, Iberian, cooed into her ear, “I’ll teach you to enjoy the pain.” He lowered her as his cock stiffened, he moved soft pussy lips over his hard, rough cock head.

A shiver of pained pleasure rose from the contact, Erin let out a small gasp. The cock split the outer lips wide. The inner lips felt the scratchy attention and moisture flooded over the rough flesh of his pecker. Iberian dropped to his knees and eased the little bitch to the ground. She held herself on her hands and knees, preparing for the inevitable.

Now let me clear on this, there was a gnawing, terror inside her. A fear that the beast would tear her in half. That fear aside, an anticipatory excitement filled the girl. The apple-sized cock head pushed inside, tearing muscles. A pained shriek flooded the cave, she glanced over to Jason the look on his face spoke volumes, his cock showing in his trousers said even more.

Jason was turned on, even consumed with pain, paralyzed with venom, and terrified for his own future…Jason arousal exploded watch the Hellkite taking the woman he desired. He ogled them as Iberian wrapped her hair in his hand and hissed into her ear.

“See, the little shit wants me to fuck you,” he said, thrusting his hips. With little effort, he drove in six inches shredding her hymen, ripping the muscles along the way. Jason wanted to scream out and deny it, even if he could the visible evidence would rat him out, so he watched, wishing he was a Hellkite.

Pain and pleasure were inseparable. Erin wondered if all women reacted this way when the Hellkite took them. Her ragged breathing, deep moans, and gasp let the beast know she enjoyed what he did. He thrust his hips, a gentle sway to him, a deep hard thrust from her perspective. The lust in her boiled. Each time the cock spat thick streams of globular goo inside her she hoped he would stop, hoped, and feared at the same time, she wished it would continue forever. The cock didn’t grow soft, and he just kept fucking her.

Thick streams of the semen flooded out around his cock, gushing down her legs and dribbling in streams on the rocky ground. Two times he spurted, then a third. He kept fucking – then he stopped. Withdrawing the massive pecker. Thick streams flood from her. She lay on her back clapping her hands over her aching pussy. Iberian walked the fire building it to a blaze.

He found another branch, shoved it in the fire until flames leaped from it. He turned, ogled the boy, snarled, “I’m hungry.” Ripping the lower leg from the boy he again touched his raw wound and sealed it.

Sitting next to the girl he fed her a small piece of the meat. She gobbled it down, without thought, her head descended to the still engorged cock. Her lips spread and she struggled to suck his prick while he ate the calf. He smiled at the boy, knowing how the boy was both horrified and enthralled by what happened.

“I’m going to eat you, one body part at a time, while you watch me. While you watch, I’ll eat your body and fuck your woman. I’m going to knock her up with my baby,” he roared. “Tell me, girl,” he said, pulling her off his dick, “who killed the female Hellkite?”

“His father,” she said, pulling free she went back to suck his cock. When he ate the last of the boy’s lower leg, he tossed the bones into the fire. He made the girl ride him. Later that night he heard the searchers below, looking for the couple. Leaving the cave, he moved down the mountain in silence. Soon the men all lay dead, tore to shreds, with their body parts he spelled out, “You’re all dead.”

He killed 100 men in the first fifteen days then it was as if he disappeared. Only every few days a man disappeared providing food for the Master of the Valley.

Nine months Erin stumbled back to her home, naked alone, and terrified because he had cast her out from his presence. Her father knew the baby in her swollen belly was the beast’s child. Nevertheless, he couldn’t bring himself to kill her or the child. The creature visited him that night.

“You keep my woman and her baby safe, and you will live,” he said.

“I will,” Aaron told him.

“There will be more women I will bring to you,” he said. “Make homes for them.” He smiled at him. “I go now to kill a few hundred more, then more. Soon you and the women will be all that is left.” He looked at him, towering over him.

“Agreed,” Aaron told him.


In the beginning, there was Iberian!
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