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The first parts of this story actually happen. The later parts are mixed in with fantasy.
Nearly all the upstairs of the house had been gutted and needed to be finished. Only the bathroom remolding had been completed. In an effort to get her husband Jim to get back to working on the house, Barb offered up an idea. If he would agree to use one week of his vacation time to work on the house she would help him hang the drywall and paint while topless. Jim liked the idea but would only agree if she would do it totally naked and remain that way for the whole week. Barb held out for a while as they discussed the idea but in the end finally agreed. She knew that if started topless she would probably end up naked anyway. In fact she liked the idea herself knowing how much fun they would have.
The two of them prepared themselves and the house during the week before Jim's vacation. The kids were sent off to be with her sister. Everything was removed from up stairs. Their bed in the living room. There were no curtains on the living room widows where their bed was now set up which made making Barb feel a little uneasy but for the most part they were ready. Even the drywall had been delivered.
Saturday morning the two of them started putting drywall up on the back bedroom ceiling. Barb felt vulnerable at times when she found herself in front a window. She ask to hang a sheet in front of the window but Jim won't allow it. He got a kick out of the idea that people might see her. Barb decided to drop the subject. They lived in the country so there was little chance of anyone seeing in the back or side windows but the front bedroom would be a different story. She wasn't a prude but...
Jim would sneak a tit feel now and then. Barb knew that was going to happening and honestly would have been disappointed if he didn't. It wasn't till she was holding up one end of a sheet of drywall on the ceiling waiting for Jim to secure it in place, that he grabbed her pussy. She protested but that didn't stop him from slipping a finger into her crack. She was embarrassed to discover how wet she had become and found herself laughing with Jim about it.
Jim teased her, perpetrating with more fingers.
“God damn you. If you don't stop I'm going to drop this,” Barb begged.
Jim laughed and kept at it. “That seems to me like a very friendly pussy you have there.”
“That pussy isn't going to be friendly too much longer. You better finish screwing up this sheet or I'm going to drop it,” Barb answered.
Jim finish securing the sheet. Then at his suggestion she found herself found herself leaning over a sawhorse as Jim, now naked himself he started fucking her from behind. At first all that could be heard in the room was her sticky wet pussy being lavished by his hard cock. Then came soft moans of pleasure. “Oh God that feels good. Fuck that pussy. Fuck that pussy. Fuck it all you want.... and hard. Really hard.”
Hearing all this pushed Jim over the edge and he sent one pulsating shot after another into her pleasure hole as he held on to her waist.
As the two of them regained their composure Barb want to grab a towel to clean up but Jim asked her not to. He wanted to see it running down her legs. Barb argued a little but in truth got a kick out of the idea herself. No one was around and she didn't want to loose the mood. She gave in and the two of them went back to work, very aware of her leaking pussy.
“I feel like a well used slut,” Barb said with a smile on her face then added: “but I kind of like it.”
Jim laughed, “That is why I married you.”
“Like a wild fantasy where I'm getting gang bang. One big load after another.” Barb added.
“You have fantasies like that do you?” Jim asked.
“At times,” Barb admitted, a little sorry that she had brought the subject. Feeling somewhat ashamed that she had fantasies like that.
“Do I get to watch,” Jim smiled.
Relieved to see he didn't see to mind and now was getting a kick out of her having told him. Barb laughed, “Your watching would take all the fun out it. I couldn't relax and enjoy myself.”
“That is not fair. You having fun and I don't even get to watch,” Jim teased.
“You won't even let me have a little fun on my own?” Barb replied, feeling her sticky pussy as she spoke by sliding a finger into her pussy then holding it up for Jim to see.
Jim laughed, “I can visualize how that finger would look after you had been ganged bang.”
“All right I told you one of my fantasies you have to tell me one of yours. You do have them too don't you?” Barb asked with a grin.
“I have a lot of them. Most of them even include us swinging and seeing you with other men. I would love to see you sucking on their cocks. Watching it slid in and out your pussy till they unload in you.”
“You think about me with other men? Really, wouldn't that bother you?” Barb asked getting serious for the moment.
“Not if we were out in the open about it. If you were cheating then it would be something different.” Jim answered then asked a question of his own. “Don't you ever want to have sex with other men for real not just a fantasy?”
Barb hesitated then “Wow... One minute we are hanging drywall. The next I'm bent over the sawhorse getting fucked. Then we are back to hanging drywall with you waring only your tool belt. Your cock hanging between the nail pouches. Our cum running down my legs and you asking me if I want to have sex with other men. It isn't even noon yet. What comes next?”
Jim laughed but pressed her for an answer. “Answer the question.”
“Yes...but they are mostly just fantasies. I think of sex with different men and once in a while there is a women there to. But I would never cheat on you. I love you. Our marriage means to much doesn’t it you?”
“Sure... I agree but I really don't look at swinging as cheating.” Jim had been wanting to bring up the subject for a long time but never sure how to start it. Now that they had he was going to let it just drop. “If we did it with each others knowledge and encouragement it won't be cheating. Why not enjoy ourselves. Our feelings for each other is not going to change if we are open about it.” Jim was trying to tread lightly.
Barb stopped what she was doing and was now looking directly at him. “To be honest I have thought about it at times. I suppose everyone does.... but never all that seriously. I take it you think we should try it?”
“Yes. Why not add a little fun in our life.”
“Fun yes... But a lot could go wrong and ruin our marriage or some other couple's. There would have to have be some rules: First off I wouldn't want you watching me. It would have to be behind closed doors. I mean I could flirt... even get naked with you around but when it comes down to doing it I don't want to see you around.” Barb answered.
Jim smiled, “Sounds like you have gave it some thought before then.”
Barb laughed, “Well yes. That doesn't mean I really would do it but we can talk it over. It won't hurt to talk about it.”
The two of them went back to work as they discussed who they could swing with. Barb didn't like the idea of swinger club, total strangers or answering an ad. It was going to have to be someone they knew and trusted. One by one they went through their group of friends. The one couple that came to the top of the list was Tom and Linda. Although they lived out of state all four of them really got along well together and had some wild times together before.

Even with all their talking and fooling around they were somehow able to get the wall board up in the two smaller bedrooms. Jim went around taping and covering the seams with the first coat of drywall mud. Barb worked on covering the screw holes.
She suggested that they shower and go out for dinner. Jim agreed but only if they went into the city to a porno shop. He wanted to see if there were any swinger magazines. Barb like that idea too and agreed.

They fooled around in the shower soaping each other up. Barb felt a soapy finger slip into her ass. “Oh that feels kind of nice. I bet your cock would even feel better in there,” Barb suggested. Soaping up his cock then bending over, offering herself by spreading her cheeks. She felt his cock pressing against her tight bun hole. There was a brief moment of resistance then all at once it gave way and he was inside, working it deeper and deeper. “Ohhhh wow. God that feels good, weird and good at the same time.”
“Does it hurt? Jim asked.
“A little,” she laughed, “but kind of in a good way.” She reached between her legs and started working her clit. “How does it feel to you?”
“Different... it is tight around your ass hole on the shaft as I work it in and out but the head of my cock is kind floating around in space inside.”
“Kind of feels that way to me too. I feel the head of your cock poking around here and there. Been along time since we done this. Feels good.... We should do it more often.”
“Maybe you like a cock in your pussy and ass at the same time?”
“Ohhh yes. That would be good. Maybe when Tom and Linda are here.... Now work it in there real deep. I won't be long now. I'm about to come.....”
Jim could hear her groan with pleasure and that set him off. He pulled her ass tight to himself as he felt his cock fire away. Barb let herself go, letting the climax do its job of satisfying her. She slumped to the shower bench unable to stand.
“God damn are we going to go at it like this every day your home. I won't be able to swing with anyone when we get done. I will be too worn out,” Barb teased.
“Oh I doubt that. You won't let any of them rest.”
Barb took a little longer in the shower till she was sure her ass stopped leaking. Then dressed for dinner, putting on only a skirt and a blouse. No bra or panties. She wanting to show Jim she was really ready to play.
Barb got a kick out of all the looks she got in the restaurant from going braless. At the porno shop she felt a little uneasy but also excited being the only woman in the store. She made sure to stay within eyesight of Jim. He found a couple of swinger magazines and waited for Barb to finish. Barb loaded up on a number of paperback sexual novels: “Bound for Pleasure,” with a picture of a couple couple bound up with rope by another couple. The woman's breast exposed in a rope bra. “One is Not Enough,” Illustration of a woman lying on a table with a group of nude men standing around her. “Her first threesome,” Picture of a young couple undressing an older woman. “Fill all My Holes” Illustration of a woman with three men. “Swingers Camp” Illustration of nude people embracing.
Jim laughed at her as she placed all of them on the sales counter. “Are you finished?” He asked.
“No!” She then moved down the toy isle and returned with a fat dildo, and vibrating pleasure bullet.
“Good lord woman. You are like a kid in a candy store,” Jim teased getting a kick out how much fun she was having plus all the attention she was getting from the other men.
“Well you never brought me here before. It may be years before I get back.” Barb notice that young clerk was not only checking out their purchases he was also checking out her breast. She just smiled at him as she took their purchases when he was done.
As the two drove for home Barb remove the fat dildo from the packaging, leaned back her seat, lifted her skirt and started working the dildo into her wet pussy. “God that feels nice.” Barb teased.
“I noticed you got a fat dildo. Is that better then the long one you have now?”
“Yep. That is what this pussy needs after having two kids. A big fat one”
Barb worked her pussy as Jim drove. They talked about all the books she bought. She like those types of books when she was masturbating. She could just read a few pages and get herself off quickly or take her time and let it all build up. The cover on the bondage book caught her eye and thought it would be fun read.
Jim laughed at her reasoning. He couldn't have happier about how the day had went. They were able to talk freely of there desires and she was open to the idea of swinging. There was no doubt he married the right woman. An attractive woman now in her early thirties. The two children she bore left her, twenty five pounds overweight. Her breast sagged some after nursing two children but if anything it all made her look more sexually attractive to him.
Once in the house she quickly stripped, poured herself a large glass of wine and headed to the living room where the bed was. She started reading her new bondage book. Jim undress and joined her with a beer and his swinging magazine join her on the bed. Jim would show and read her an ad now and then. Barb in turn would read him a passage from her book. She teased her pussy and he his cock.
As it turned dark outside and there being no curtains on the windows someone could be walking down the road and look in at the two of them lying on the bed playing with themselves. She wondered what they would think. Would they come up closer and peek in the windows. She smiled to herself and turned another page.
Barb read a passage from her book to see Jim's reaction: ““Carol was tied naked in the chair by the couple. Helpless now, she had to watch her husband now also naked, being tied on the bed spread eagle by the woman. The woman then slowly began to strip. As she did Carol could see husband's cock become aroused. The woman then climbed on bed and lowered her pussy on to her husband's mouth. Carol could hear her husband’s tongue probing the juicy cunt.””
“Kind of wild isn't it?” Barb asked as she lowered the book.
“Sounds like fun to me.” Jim replied as he stroked his cock.
“Be right back,” Barb got up and left the room. A few minutes late she return with a clothes line rope.
Jim laughed, “I got the feeling you want to tie me up and not the other was around?
“Right. Move to the center of the bed and spread out.”
In a few minutes she had him secured to the bed. Jim expected her to feed him her pussy but she left the room again. This time she returned with a towel, pan of hot water, his shaving cream and a razor. She was planing on shaving him. Jim protested and threaten but Barb was determined. She quickly went to work. As she worked she straddle Jim's face, lowering her pussy on his mouth. “Maybe this will shut you up” she teased. When finished she position her pussy over his shaved cock and dropped down.
“Boy that feels good. Really good. How does it feel to you?” Barb whispered.
“It feels good to me too. So smooth. Fuck it babe. Fuck my hairless cock with your horny hairy cunt.”
Barb did just that. For a brief moment she hoped people were peeking in the window. She kept moving on Jim's cock even after he unloaded in her till he went limp and slipped out. Still she was not done. Just as the woman had done in the book. She moved to the sixty-nine position forcing Jim to eat her out if he wanted to or not... Finally she came with a flood of her own.

All the next morning Barb was wondered what Jim was planning for her as pay back. She asked but there was no reply in that regard. He did have her call Linda to see when her and Tom could come for a weekend visit. They were both disappointed when they found out that they couldn't make it till the following month.
Jim suggested Barb go bra-less more often when they were with friends so she could get use to it.
“Maybe under the right circumstance but I was thinking it be might be better if I bought a few more halter-tops for the summer. It wouldn't look so obvious at first.”
A few of the women in the group did ware them from time to time and she wouldn't look as out of place. Barb did have a thin cotton one that she loved waring when she was doing her yard work. It was almost like going topless but provided her with a great tan lines.

That night it was Jim's turn to have his fun with Barb. She had been asking all day what he was going to do but never got a reply. Barb stood there as he made three loops around one breast with a rope, around the back of her neck then down and around the other breast three times, fashioning a rope bra. It gave her breast some lift but also made them look like swollen water balloons. Jim then led her outside to the picnic table and had her lay on her back with her ass at the tables edge. He then tied her arms and knees stretched out to side.
“What if someone came down the road and saw me here?” Barb protested.
“Well they can't. They would have to pull in the driveway to see you.”
“But you got me tied here. My tits are all tied up. I can't get up and run into the house. What would people think.”
“No one is going to see you. Don't worry,” Jim said as he turned and headed into the house.
“Where you going? Don't leave me here alone,” Barb protested.
“I will be right back.”
As Jim exited the house a few minutes later he turned on the out side light.
“Turn off the light!” Barb yelled. “People are going to see .”
“Like I said not unless they pull in the driveway”
“What if they do? I can't move.”
“No one is going to pull in our driveway at this time of night. Be quiet.”
Barb heard Jim's beard trimmer before she saw it. “What are you doing with that?
“Guess. I'm going to make quick work of that bush of yours.”
Barb lifted her head and watch how fast she lost her love curls. “You know how long it is going to take for me to grow that back again?”
“About as long as it will me.” After using the trimmer Jim laid a warm wet wash cloth on her crotch before applying shaving cream. Then went to work with a safety razor. Finished, he stood back admiring his work. Kneeling down and began probing her with his tongue.
“Jesus that feels good really good. Ooooh yes. Fuck that is so gooood....You are going to make me cum Honey....Here I....I'mmm going to cummm. Jesus. I'm cummmming.” No soon had she said that she felt the head of Jim's cock sliding up and down her juicy crack. Each time a little deeper then the last. Stick it in me Honey please. Fuck my bald pussy.
Jim complied with her demands. Slowly as he could, teasing her he slid his cock into her wet hole.
“Oh god that feels good. So fucking good.....Jesus...Do it Honey...Fuck me deep and hard.” Barb begged.
For the next few minutes the two were lost in their own pleasure. The air filled with moans and groans along with the sloppy sounds coming from Barb's pussy with each thrust of Jim's cock. Her bound tits rolled and bounce freely on their tethers providing Jim with a visual pleasure and Barb a physical one.
Jim finally collapsed on top of her as his cock pumped the last of his cum into her.
“There is a car coming down the road. I can hear it. You got to untie me,” Barb pleaded.
Jim laughed at her as he undid the ropes. The car had long passed by the time he completed the task.
As they moved into the house Barb exclaimed, “You know that was the best sex ever. I'm going to shave my pussy ever day until I die. God it felt so good. It still feels good. It still feels good with every step I take.”
Jim laughed. “It did feel awful good didn't it.”
“Fuck yes. Now I'm curious how Tom's cock is going fill in it.”
“And I wonder how Linda is going to like mine in her pussy. She may never want to leave.” Jim teased.
“That's good because I'm sure Tom will never want to go home without me.” Barb stuck her tongue out at Jim, laughing.
“Want me to untie your boobs?”
“No...Leave then tied up for now. Feels good bouncing up and down when I move.”
“Bet Tom would like to see them tied up when he is here.”
“Maybe. I will have to let him see.”
Jim smiled, “You are really ready aren't you?”
“God yes. I can hardly wait.”
Sometime during the night Barb finally untied her breast and the next day the two were back to hanging drywall in the nude.
“Come here. Look at this.” Jim was looking out the bedroom window where they were working. “A bird is picking up your pubic hair and flying off with it. She is probably using it to build her nest.”
Barb laughed as the bird returned for another beak full. “Well that bird must have class if she selects my hair.”
“Oh...I'm sure she does. Just think up in some tree your pussy will be on display.”
“One of many places,” Barb added as they went back to work. Within the hour the pile of pubic hair had disappeared.
The two made good progress over the next few days and by the end of Jim's vacation all the drywall had been finished and painted. Jim had completed installing the door and window trim in the kids only. Their room and guest bedroom remained and he would finish those in the evenings after work. Barb would paint them during the day. Flooring was going to have to wait until they could afford it.
They both couldn't have been happier when the week was over. They had accomplish so much with their house and their marriage.

When Tom and Linda arrived for a fun weekend and Barb and Jim were ready. Barb wore her most revealing new halter top. A thin cotton string type. Her nipples were very noticeable and the peach color really showed off her tan. There was a hint of her white breast when the material shifted aside a little. That afternoon they played badminton and horseshoes but largely just sat around and caught up on things while drinking wine and beer. The drinks flowed after dinner and four of them started playing horseshoes again. Jim thought they should play strip horseshoes behind the barn. Tom thought that was a great idea saying that it should be the men against the girls. The girls were allowed to throw from ten feet closer then the men. The game went fast and women did not fair well. They seemed to enjoy being losers as much as the men enjoyed watching them lose.
When the women lost the last round and Tom saw Linda removing her underpants he seem to lose it.
“Game over! Put your clothes back on!” Tom yell.
Barb looked at Linda trying to understand what was going on. The rule was: what ever clothing came off stayed off the rest of the night.
Linda looked at Barb and tried to explain. “It is just him. He has a jealous streak. He hates it if I ware anything to revealing. I thought he was going to be all right with you guys but I guess he can't handle it.” She picked up her underpants and started to put them back on.
Barb could see her weekend plans falling apart. She had been so ready for this venture. She stood silently as she waited while Linda dress. Not fully understanding what happen.
“Aren't you going to get dressed,” Linda asked?
Barb was mad at this point. Barb picked up her clothes “No. He is not my husband.”
“Lucky you,” Linda replied as the two women walked towards the house. Barb threw her clothes on a chair as she walked pass the men on her way to kitchen.
Jim followed Barb into the kitchen. “You ok?” Jim asked.
“No! I'm pissed.”
By the tone of her voice Jim could tell how upset she was. “You going to put something on? He asked.
“No! The rule was once clothes they came off they were to stay off. It was your guy's rule.” Barb turn around to face Jim. She saw Tom standing a few feet behind then watched him quickly retreated after hearing her.
“I will help you clean things up,” Jim told her.
“I can do it myself!”
“Relax honey. I'm not the ass hole here,” Jim answered.
Barb smiled, “I know. He just really pissed me off.... Linda called him an ass too.”
“I know, he pissed everyone off.” Jim whispered, “It is just a little tense in there now.”
“Good! I hope to make it more tense” Barb responded. The two finished cleaning the kitchen. Barb poured herself a large glass a wine and went into the family room where Linda and Tom were watching television. She sat opposite Tom, wanting him to get a good look at what he was passing up. He tried to ignore her but she would catch him looking at times and stare back at him.
“I want to get an early start in the morning. You ready for bed?” Tom asked Linda.
“You go. I will come up in after a bit. I want to relax and finish my wine.” Linda responded in an abrupt tone.
Tom said good night and left the room.
Linda spoke as soon as she heard Tom was upstairs. “I'm sorry about him.”
“It is kind of our fault I guess. We just thought it would be fun to fool around with you guys. I just never thought he would be like that,” Barb said.
“It sounded good to me also. Tom like the idea too but he just couldn't handle it when I got totally naked.” Linda laughed, “You sure gave him an eye full tonight Barb.”
“Looks is all he got.” The television was on in the back ground as they talked but no one was really watching it. Barb returned from the kitchen with a new bottle of wine. As she leaned to fill Linda glass she felt her hand her moving up her leg. It then gave her ass cheek a squeeze.
Barb smiled, “Well at least one of you got a feel.” Barb now turned to speak to Jim, “Come on dear. You got to see Linda totally naked. Only fair that you get naked with me. Slip your pants off and give her a look at your shaved cock.” Barb requested.
“Oh he has a shaved cock. I want to see that,” Linda replied.
“Hell... she was thirty feet away. I could barely make anything out she was so far away,” Jim teased.
“Come on Jim. Your wife has been showing off her shaved pussy all night. Only fair that you do the same,” Linda encouraged. “Put on a little show for me.”
He gave in sliding his pants down.
Linda smiled, “I guess I will join you two.” Linda slid her panties and shorts down below her knees. “This is going have to be fast or Tom will be wondering where I’m at.” Spreading her legs allowed a thin pink crack to be seen below a soft, brown mound of curls.
Without anything being said the three of then began masturbating. Their eyes would move from one, to the other, then back again. All three moaning softly.
Jim was intrigued that each woman were working their pussies differently. With one hand Barb was probing her pussy. The fingers on the other hand gliding around her clit but never touching it. Linda on the other hand was pinching all the area around her clit and stroking like miniature cock.
“Here I come, girls,” Jim whispered in a low voice.
“Go for it Hon,” Barb encouraged.
“Oh yessss, shoot it.” Linda joined in. “God here I cum too. I'm cummming too. Jesussss.” She said all this as she watched as Jim's cock sent stream after stream up in the air. The white cream shot up over a foot before settling back on his stomach.
Jim intently watched as the orgasm work it's way through Linda's body. Tensing up, then relaxing only to be followed by another wave. “look at that, we are made for each other. We both came at the same time.” Jim teased as the two of them regained their composure.
Linda couldn't resist rubbing her hand in the white sticky cum on Jim's groin then on to his softening cock. As she worked her magic their attention turned to Barb. She was working herself hard trying to get herself off but it just wasn't happening. She had been hanging on the edge all day, fighting, not wanting to go over for so long. Now when she wanted to go over that edge her body won't let her.
Linda seemed to recognized what was happening and place her sticky cum soaked hand on one of Barb's knee. She moved it up the inside of her leg to the soft skin of her inner thigh. “Yes...Yesss,” Barb pleaded, “Yes here I cummm, shitttt...”
Barb slowly gathered her thoughts. “Thank you... I wanted to cum so bad. I just couldn't... Your hand did it and I was on my way.”
Linda's hand really never made it's goal. It didn't need to. Now, as Barb was talking Linda let her hand continued back on it's way slowly, watching Barb's expression. Slowly it made it's way till Linda's fingertips were just starting into her wet gap. She knew she didn't have to penetrated Barb much to bring her more enjoyment. Barb just smiled.
After just a couple minutes Linda spoke, “I hate to say this but I better get upstairs before Tom wonders what we are doing.” She gave Barb a quick goose before removing her fingers. Then pulled up her panties and shorts. “I hate for this to end. It would have been so much more fun if Tom could have relaxed but I better get up there. I better take a shower before I climb in bed with him too.”
“Good idea,” Jim agreed.
“I think you need one also.” Giggling, she headed up stairs.
Barb and Jim waited till they heard Linda finish with her shower before heading upstairs themselves.
The next morning things were still a little strained. Barb wore even a more revealing top then she had on the day before. Making a statement without having to say anything.
Linda spoke to Barb when the two of them were alone together. “If you like I would be willing to have a threesome with you guys sometime. Maybe sometime when Tom is on one of his hunting trips we could meet half way.”
“That sounds like fun. Jim would like that.”
Linda moved close to Barb. Reaching for one her tits. “It has been a long time since I have been with a girl but I have an idea of how it is done.”
Barb laughed. “I bet you do.”
Linda pushed one side of Barb's halter top aside then kissed and sucked the exposed nipple. Barb quickly pulled the top back in place when she heard the men coming in the back door. The one hard nipple plainly visible now through the top.
Once they were gone Barb and Jim talked over the experience. They decided the would avoid Linda's proposal not wanting to come between the two of them. Barb was depressed about the outcome then Jim was. She had taken it personal. Jim worked on her and by the end of the week he had gotten her to agreed that they would try swinging alone if either of them ever had the desire.
They both realized how much fun they had the last few weeks. They both knew they could never back to the way things were. Barb was feeling liberated and Jim enjoyed seeing her behave that way.

Ten years later the two of them were on them were on the interstate headed south on vacation. Barb reached over and placed her hand on Jim's leg and slowly worked it upward as he drove.
“Just what do you think you are doing? He asked.
“Just passing the time... It is going to be a long drive.” By now Barb had Jim's pants unzipped, Her hand fishing his cock out the opening. Leaning over she sucked it into her mouth feeling it quickly grow in her mouth. A few minutes later it was erupting in her mouth.
“Thank you,” Jim said.
“Your welcome. Just remember you owe me.”
Jim laughed as Barb started to unzipped her own pants. Lifting her her butt she slipped them and off along with her underpants. Reclining in the seat she then spread her legs and began playing with her pussy.
Jim pulled a sweat shirt from the back seat and tossed it on her lap. “It may be a good idea to cover up a little when we are passing cars.”
Barb laughed. “Remember when we were remolding the old house and how much fun we had?”
“Kind of hard to forget. I shaved your pussy on the picnic table.”
“I still love it that way. If I don't shave it every day the stubble drives me crazy... Remember the bird carrying off all my pussy hair?”
“I regret at times that you took that promotion and we had to move out of the area so soon. I loved that house and the friends we had there.”
“I know what you mean.”
“They were great times.... great friends...I don't mean we haven't good friends now. It was just so different after we moved.”
“You mean you had to put away all those revealing halter-tops you had?”
Barb laughed. “Can you imagine what people would say if I wore them where we live now? And flirting is out of the question... Let me ask you a question. Have you even tried to come on to a woman where we live now?”
“No. I agree things are different.”
“When we were partying back at the old place I was always getting felt up a little bit. Kind of innocent fun most of the time.”
“And were you doing any of the feeling up?” Jim teased.
Barb laughed. “Like I said it wasn't innocent all the time. I got a kick out of giving a guy a hard-on.” Lifting the sweat shirt off her lap she exposed herself to Jim. As she did she removed her finger from her wet slit followed by a long string of her sex juice. “My pussy misses it at times.”
“Did that get felt up often?” Jim asked, enjoying her verbal and physical actions.
“Once in awhile it might have happen,” Barb teased.
“Tell me more?”
“Oh no you don't...You answer a few questions for you first. Who did you fool around with and how far did you go?”
“I thought we weren't going ask about each other exploits. That was the agreement.”
“Well I can changed my mind can't I? If you want to hear about mine....and I know you do. You have to tell me yours first.”
“Ok. I tell you what. You have to guess who I fooled around first with and if you are right I will tell you. If you are wrong I get to guess who you first did it with.”
“Ok...because I know who it was...Karen?
“Nope... Never really touched her.”
“What... she as much told me you two had sex.”
“Well she lied. I never trusted her. The most I ever did with her was feel one of her tits one time when she sat on my lap. She was flaunting them one night and it would have been almost rude if I didn't give a little feel. I slipped my hand up under her tee shirt and bra and played with her tit and nipple a few minutes. Her right tit.”
“Why, she as much said as you two had sex more then once.”
“Like I said. I never trusted her. She probably told you that because you were having sex with her hubby. John was your first wasn't he?”
“God damn you. How did you know?”
“Just kind of knew it would be him. He was the guy you seemed attracted to other then Tom. You knew him the best also. I bet I can tell you when it happen too. It was the weekend after Linda and Tom visited. It was at the one of Jones' party?”
“I really hate you at times. How did you know?”
“It wasn't hard. You really had the hornies after Linda and Tom left that weekend and you looked like you were out to prove something for yourself.”
“All right you win. When I get done telling about John it is your turn.... You were right about it being at the Jones. I was so horny. John and I were flirting with each other as usual. We both grabbed a drink and headed down to the pond. There was a couple women there and only one chair left so I ended up sitting on John's lap. He played with one of my tits on the side where the women couldn't see and I squirm around on his cock a little. Finally they stood up to leave. As I turned to say goodbye I realized that John had removed the breast that he was playing with from my halter top. I didn't know it at the time but when I saw the women's eyes staring at it, I knew it then. Their eyes zero right in on it. I laughed and slipped it back in. Making believe it just then slipped out.”
“Oh yea. I bet they believed that.”
“You know they did slip out now and then. You seen it happen. The more revealing tops you had me ware the more it happen.”
“Oh it was me that had you ware more revealing tops?”
Barb suck her tongue. “Do want to hear what happen or not?” Barb didn't wait for a reply. “Things happen real fast after that. We were all by ourselves. John took my halter top all the way off. Played with my boobs for a few minutes then got a hand up the pant leg of my shorts and fingered my pussy. A few minutes of that and he had me stand up and take off my shorts. I was totally naked at that point. When I sat down again his cock just slid up in my pussy. Neither of us lasted too long we both quickly came. I can remember trying to clean up with paper napkins...Ok your turn to confess.”
“You mean that was all with John? I expected more.”
“There was more. We are just talking about our first for now.”
“Ok then. My first time was with June H.”
“June....Really... I would never have guessed her. She was kind of a plain Jane.”
“She did dressed kind of plainly but once she got a few drinks in her it was easy to get her going. She just needed someone to show a little attention is all. Believe me when I say she had a hell of a body. It wasn't real trim but it was fun. It was the same party that you and John got together. She was kind of off by herself. No one was paying any attention to her. We started talking in the living room about how wild those parties could get. As we talked I started feeling her ass. She didn't ask me to stop so I got my hand down inside the back of her shorts. She seemed to like it and I suggested we go outside. We moved into the field of corn next to the house and off came her clothes. She had one of the nicest set of tits. One thing led to another and she ended up on her hands and knees while I did her doggie from behind.”
“I can't believe you and June. How many times did you two get together?”
“Oh, so now I'm suppose to tell you everything when you won't?”
“That is right... if you want to get any of this tonight.” Barb lifted the sweat shirt off her lap showing her naked pussy again.
Jim laughed. “You mean that loaner pussy?”
“Yep. The one I loan out to whoever I want, when I want,” Barb teased. “Now tell me how many times with June?”
Jim smiled. “I don't know. Most were quickies here and there. A lot of times when she was on her lunch hour at work I would see her. She use to sit in her car and read a book while on lunch break. If I swung by she was always willing. There were also some longies in a motel.”
“You had sex with her in the parking lot where she worked?”
“Yea. She would park in the back where no one could see. Other times I would meet her down at River Park. She was always ready to go. Never wore any underpants or pantyhose and her pussy was always juicy.”
“How many quickies?”
“I don't remember. Lets say lots. A few times in a motel room. Now you tell me about you and John.”
“Well it sounds like have me beat by a lot. John and I did visit a motel room a couple of times.” She laughed. “We would work it out so we had all day together. It was pretty much constant fooling around all the time we were there.”
“Which motel did he take you too?” Jim asked.
“The one by the interstate exit. I would leave my car in the grocery store parking lot next door so if any recognized it they think I was in the store.”
“Where did you and June go?”
“We used the motel at the truck stop by the concession store. It was June's idea”
“You two were cleaver too.”
“What about the quickies?” Jim could see that her hands under the sweat shirt were working her pussy harder now.
“I don't know. Believe me when I say quickies, some were really quick. The only thing I got a couple times was a pussy full of cum. The last time the two of us ever did anything was the day we moved out of the house. While you were out renting the truck, John arrived early to help. I was leaning over the kitchen counter looking for you to come down the road while he did me from behind. Pulled up my panties just before you came in the back door.”
“Did you get off?”
“That time I did. Something about looking out for you made it more exciting I guess. I had a juicy filled pussy for all day....Ok your turn. Were there other women?”
“Not all that many all the way. There was Nancy at work. We did it a couple times.
Barb laughed, “Flat Nancy?”
Jim laughed with Barb, “Yep but she made up for her flatness in bed. She had a horny little shaved pussy. I also did some heavy petting with with Sue K and Ann P. Actually Sue and I went all the way a couple of times.”
“Get to play with Ann's double D's?”
“Put a load between them.”
Barb laughed. “I would have like to seen you do that. She sure was proud of them.....Tell me what do you mean by heavy petting?” Barb asked.
Jim smiled. “Don't you know what heavy petting is?”
“I want to hear your interruption is all?”
“Getting each other off without intercourse.”
“Does that included oral sex?”
“Only a couple of times did I go that far till we were about to move. I did jerk off Alan K once and gave him a blow job another time while he played boobs and finger my pussy till I got off.”
“And that was everything?”
“Other then some light petting that was pretty much it. Barb paused for a moment then asked, “Do you have any regrets about that period in our lives?”
“No,” Jim looked at her for a moment and saw she how serious she was,” “Do you? Sounds like you do?”
Barb smiled, “Yes and no. It could have ruined our marriage.”
“But it didn't. It was just a period in our lives that we needed to experiment a little. If we didn't we might have ruined our marriage by cheating.”
“I know that...” Barb paused for a moment and smiled. “Let me tell you a little story... I kind of regret not doing more. When you got the new job and we were about to move, I realize that things were going to change. We were going to move away from all our friends. I would have to stop waring my halter tops and fooling with our friends. I loved doing that. I really didn't want things to change. I felt like I was being cheated. I wanted more. You had gone down for your new job the week just before we were to move. You dropped the kids off at my sister's as you left while I was too stay at home getting things ready to move. Ann P came over in the morning to help me pack and when we were done the two of us we went for a late lunch. We had a few drinks then went back to her house and we had a few more. Before long in comes Carl. I had a pretty good idea at that point I was being set up. We started playing cards and I lost all my clothes..I ended up nude on the living room floor. All of us were watching porn movies but I still felt the center of attention.”
“I bet....and I bet you loved it,” Jim teased.
“God yes. I was so ready for it. I was ripe for the picking.” Barb smiled. She was enjoying telling her secret past as much as Jim enjoyed hearing it. “To be honest I don't remember everything that happen but they showed me pictures the next morning of me doing things that I would not have believed.”
“Pictures. I want to see them.” Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing. Barb would never allow him to take pictures of her nude and now he learned that their old friends had pictures of her nude fooling around.
“Before I went home I asked if they would destroy them and Ann said she would.”
“I bet they still have them.” Jim stated.
“I think Ann destroyed them or at least never showed them to anyone. Besides if anybody else saw them I'm sure I would have heard. No one ever mention seeing them and if they ever showed them to Karen I'm sure she would have said something to rub it in on me.”
“What did the pictures show?” Jim asked.
“Pretty much everything that went on I guess. A few things I didn't even remember happening. There were a pictures of me undressed lying on the floor playing with myself. Some of Ann next to me doing the same. Me sucking on Carl. Ann and I doing sixty-nine. Me riding on top of Carl. A load of Carl's cum oozing out of my pussy. Some of Ann rubbing one of her double D's in the cum. I do still remember how my pussy felt from her doing that.”
“Like that did you?”
“God yes. I was pretty wasted at the time but remember that clearly. The rest of the night was kind of a blur. I remember sleeping or trying to sleep, between them in their bed that night. It was kind of a free for all. The following day was more of the same. Lots more drinking and nonstop sex.”
“Sounds like you enjoyed it. Wish I was there and watched you.”
Barb hesitated for a moment. Last month you got off the phone with Steve and later you asked me if I would consider a threesome with him. At the time I said no but I did think about it for awhile. The more I thought about it the better I like the idea before I got any older. I called him a couple weeks ago. I started flirting and we ended up having phone-sex...Actually we did it a few times. I told him you wanted to have a threesome with him and he liked the idea as well. So as an early Birthday present to myself I made arrangements for us to meet at the motel tonight where we have our reservations,” Barb stopped talking for a moment and looked at Jim, “Are you ok with that?”
“God yes.” Jim had a huge grin.
“Well I'm open to anything. The only thing I want to try for sure is to get fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time.” Barb then lifted the sweat shirt off her lap displaying her pussy,” I also want both of your guy's cock in here at the same time shooting their cum.”


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Enjoyed it. Well written.


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Enjoyed it. Well written.


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Please wright more it was well written and so sexy I loved it.

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