it is multiple sex stories among different people
Boxer Ritika _ Series of Sex Incidents including Blackmail & Wrestling Sex
Part 1

1. Ritika
Profession: Boxer/Wrestler
Body: 34-23-34
Strawberry lips which everyone want to bite.
White Skin (Indian White colour i.e mix of brown)
Black eyes and hair
Boobs are round and smooth
Round Ass
Very Expressive and gives fabulous sexual expressions
Height: 5’4’’
Financial status: initially poor
Age: 22
2. Ray
Profession: Wrestling Coach
Body: Muscular
Brown colour
Height 6.1
Heavily Built
3. Keerti sister of Ritika
Profession: Pizza Delivery woman
Body: 34-24-34
Brown colour
Black hair
Calm and has so much fear
Age: 24
4. Smith:
Black muscular guy (foreigner)
5. Mark:
Humble and romantic man who marries Keerti
Had lot of fantasies
6. Police
7. Wrestler female
8. Wrestler Male

Ritika and her entire family are very poor.

So her sister Keerti started working as a Pizza delivery girl.

One day Keerti got a call from home and the message is to come quickly in the evening as she is having ‘Matching Interview’. She was also informed that her sister Ritika will join her at evening after her work and suggested to come together.

So even the job is up to 6, she thought that she have to leave by 4.

At 4’O clock she went to her boss to ask boss.

After listening the reason, he said “You can go but pls deliver this Pizza”

But the area is outskirt of the city and population is very less.

But she agreed

She informed Ritika over phone that she will deliver the Pizza and will join her.

While she was on the way to delivery spot, there is a huge rain started.

She was in tight top and skirt

She was drenched in water.

As she wears white shirt and that to tight, her bra is visible.

Nobody can overlook her black bra and her entire structure

She went to the place and rang the calling bell

Then a black guy(Smith) came out.

A small sense of fear started in her.
As the rain Is heavy he invited her in

She went in hesitantly.

He asked her to sit and he is looking her body hungrily.

She noticed that he is staring at her breasts and thighs.

She said she will leave and tried to open the door

But the door is locked.

Smith said her to pull the door and it will open.

When she was pulling the door, he went back of her caught her hair and pulled her

Keerti: hey pls what are u doing?

Smith: shut up and cooperate with me………

Keerti tried to run away but smith caught her lifted her and carried to bed room

She is still wet

He pushed her to the wall by pressing her boobs to the wall

Kissing all her back and ears

Running his hands all over her body

Turned her back and now pressing her boobs towards his chest

She is trying to escape but he is very strong and muscular….

He then squeezed her round ass…

Licking her neck

Kissing all over head & neck

Caught her hair tightly and kept a lip kiss.

Bit her lips and pulled her lowerlip with his teath

Pushed her to the bed

Jumped on her

Kissing her lips and all her face

He then removed her shirt completely.

And he pulled her skirt

Now she is in black bra and panties

He tied her both hands to bed

Now she is looking him with fear and for him she is more sexier.

She is pleading to leave her.

He then smiled and went closer to her

Squeezing boobs

Pulled the bra and he is amazed to see her big round boobs

Immediately stated kissing them

Squeezing one boob while sucking the other

Biting nipples and playing with them

By squeezing both boobs with both hands came down to belly and licking it

Came down and torn her panty. It is pink shaved pussy. Started licking her.

Keerti: Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh please stop………….

Smith: Shut up u bitch………….now take it……
He inserted his middle finger in to pussy. It is so tight

He then with is left hand squeezing the boobs and slapping the boobs all upper body, forcely inserting 3 fingers in to pussy

Harder and faster.

Keerti Is pleading: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Please stop it………………..I beg you…..its paining.

Then he took out his fingers and removed his pants….

She is horrified to see the monster….

She closed her eyes and praying gods to save her from 11 inch cock…….

He then climbed on her……….took the position and slowly inserting in to pussy..

She started scolding….

You ideate leave me………….or else…………

He then all of a sudden he pumped entire cock in

Keerti: AAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He then pumped in and out fastly and loaded all the cum on her body…….

As sister did not come yet she went in search for her……….

And she listened the shout of her sister keerti……

Ritika then banged the door and was in shock to see her sister Keerti in that situation.

Then Smith pulled her also in

Pushed against the wall……

Started to squeeze her boobs

Then Ritika kicked him in the centre

She went to her sister and untied her.

Keerti is finding very difficult to stand and walk….

And again Smith came towards them…….

All this is being watched by a person going by bike and he is Ray.

Smith caught the throat of Ritika and lifted her up.

She then kicked him on face and is blowing punches on him

Ray watching the power in her hands.

Every punch she is punching on smith is creating more & more excitement in Ray.

And with a final punch Smith was down..

Then Ray, came to them and helped them to get Keerti in the hospital.

For so many days Keerti was dull and is in depression.

On the other side, ray who was a boxing coach is always thinking of Ritika and he now wants to make her a professional boxer.

Story Continues………………………………….
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