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Another session
A day later, Pete called Jason and asked for his camera back. “Are you guys done with it?” He asked. Jason told him that he could come over and get it whenever he wanted.

“I have a better idea.” Pete said. “Bring Lisa over to Brian and Tina’s house.” He said. “You guys have something in common, even if you don’t know it.”

“We do?” Jason said. “What is it?”

“Well, bring Lisa and you’ll find out.” Pete said. Jason could hear the grin, even over the phone.

A little while later, Jason and Lisa knocked on Brian’s door, and Pete answered it. Brian and Tina were sitting on the couch, one at either end. Pete invited the newcomers to sit between them.

“Lisa, I want you to know that Tina here is a slut, just like you are.” Pete said with obvious relish. Lisa started to protest, but one look from Pete was all it took to silence her.

“It’s true.” He smiled. “She's a brother fucker, just like you.”

Lisa looked at Tina, who was blushing furiously, and not even trying to deny it. Lisa felt a sudden kinship with the younger girl, and moved closer to her on the couch.

“Now, I have a proposal to help all of you out.” Pete announced. “I propose that you kids all swap partners, and I’ll keep my mouth shut about this whole thing if you let me take pictures of it.”

“Didn’t you get enough pictures the other day?” Lisa asked bitterly. She was feeling embarrassed about what she had done, and being called a slut really hurt her feelings, even though she knew it to be true.

“Nope. I want more.” He grinned. “Don’t worry; when you see what Brian is bringing to the party, I think you’ll be most pleased, little Lisa. And you, Tina, you haven’t been fucked in days, have you?”

Tina shook her head. “No, Brian won’t touch me. He’s afraid that I’m pregnant, or if I’m not, that the next time we do it again, I’ll get knocked up.”

“Well, good news, little slut. Jason here doesn’t have that particular hang up. He’ll fuck the shit out of you. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Tina looked at Jason and smiled. Jason looked at her full C cups hiding under her T-shirt and smiled back. “I’d really like that.” She smiled. “Jason is super cute, and he can fuck the shit out of me whenever he wants.”

“Brian, why don’t you stand up and show Lisa your giant cock? I bet she’s never seen one so big, and I bet she would love to suck it. Sluts like her can’t get enough.”

Pete got his camera ready as Brian got to his feet in front of Lisa. When he dropped his pants, she saw the bulge in his shorts, and she reached out to pull them down herself. The feelings of shame were quickly being replaced with horniness, and she was curious to see another cock, especially one that looked so big.

“Go ahead and suck it, Lisa.” Pete told her. Lisa obeyed with a smile, taking Brian’s cock in her mouth right away. She remembered how much she liked doing it to her brother, and no matter how much she didn’t like being called a slut, she couldn’t deny wanting to suck another one.

“Jason, I bet you’d like to fuck Tina’s tits, wouldn’t you?” Jason smiled and nodded. “Tina, how about getting them out for him?” Pete was clicking away, trying to capture all the action.

Tina stripped her shirt off, pulling it up over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so Jason got to look at them right away. He wasted no time pulling his cock out and letting her see it, and even less pushing it between her massive hooters and fucking them.

“Do you see what your sister is doing?” she asked, a minute later. Jason glanced over at Lisa, and saw her bobbing her head up and down, sliding half of Brian’s cock in and out of her mouth. Lisa was definitely a great cock sucker, that was pure fact.

“Sure.” He said. “Tina, do you want to try it?” Jason was looking forward to getting another blowjob, especially one from this pretty girl. Her pouty lips would look so beautiful wrapped around his dick!

“Yes!” she said eagerly, so Jason moved the head of it up a little, and let her begin sucking on it. She did her best to imitate Lisa, going down as far as she could.

“Get ready!” he moaned a moment later. “I’m gonna come!”

“Do it on her face!” Pete directed. “I want pictures of her getting it on her face!”

“Yes, on my face!” Tina said enthusiastically. “I want to see it shoot out!”

“Okay, get ready!” Jason was stroking his cock rapidly with one fist, jacking off only inches away from the little blonde’s nose. Moments later, he began spurting ropy streams of hot, sticky come across her face.

Pete didn’t miss a moment of it, capturing every shot with a picture. About half of it went into her open mouth, and the other half dripped off her chin and onto the slope of her breasts.

“Show the camera how much is in your mouth, Tina, then swallow it.” Pete told her, so she did as he said.

“I’m getting ready to come, too.” Brian said, jacking off in front of Lisa. “Get ready; there’s gonna be a LOT of it!”

Lisa took her mouth and caught the head of his cock between her lips, sucking it lightly. Last time, her brother had come in her mouth and she spit it out, but this time she wanted to taste it again. She was sure she would like it better this time, especially since she knew what to expect. Besides, sluts were expected to let men come in their mouths, right? She was determined to be the best slut she could.

Brian grunted deeply and filled Lisa’s mouth to overflowing. She swallowed rapidly several times, but there was no way she could keep up with the amount he spewed out. It dripped down both corners of her mouth and stained her blouse. She started to choke and turned her face aside, but still it kept shooting out, spraying her jet black hair.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “So much of it!” The inside of her mouth was coated, and so was most of her face. Pete got a lot of close up pictures, capturing the look of surprise on her face as she tried not to gag.

Brian was still hard, so Pete told him to start undressing Lisa. “Take her skirt off, first.” He said. “Then her blouse and bra. Leave her panties for last, okay?”

When the brunette was down to her pink g-string panties, Pete told her to get down on the floor and on her hands and knees again. She did as he said, remembering that last time, she got eaten out and fucked. She was eager for a repeat experience.

Pete had something different in mind this time, however. He told Brian to pull the g-string aside and got tease her with his cock while he took pictures of her about to be fucked. Pete took several pictures of her face with a look of desperate anticipation in her eyes.

“Please, give it to me!” she begged. “I need to be fucked so bad! I’m so horny I can’t stand it!”

Brian obliged her by pushing his huge cock into her, pulling her ass back with both hands on her hips. Lisa moaned out loud as her pussy got stretched deliciously, and she knew that she was a good little slut, getting fucked and being photographed doing it. She wondered if she had a future in porn. She hoped so.

“Tina, are you ready to get fucked again?” Pete asked. Tina smiled and nodded eagerly. “Okay, then, get on the floor and lay on your back. Jason is still hard for you. Pull your knees up to your chest and hold them there. Jason, I want you to fuck her good, okay? First in her pussy, and then in her asshole. Can you handle that?”

“You want me to fuck her in the asshole?” he asked, incredulous. “Tina, are you okay with that?”

“She said she wants you to fuck the shit out of her, didn’t she? What do you think that means?” Pete said, grinning.

“I didn’t know it meant that.” Tina said, sounding a little doubtful. “But, yeah, I guess I’m okay with that, as long as it doesn’t hurt too much.”

“Good girl!” Pete said. “I knew you were a good little slut, and all good sluts take it in the ass.”

“They do?” Lisa asked. “Okay, Brian, do it to me there, okay?”

“Oh, man, are you sure?” Brian said doubtfully.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Lisa said. “Look, I know I’m a slut, okay? I need to be the best at everything I do, so getting fucked in the ass something I’ll have to do eventually.”

“Yeah, but I’m so big…” Brian said. “I sure don’t want to hurt you. I’m not even sure that it’s gonna fit.”

“Just do it, Brian.” Lisa told him.

Lisa was already on her hands and knees, so all Brian had to do was pull out and move his cock up less than an inch. She moaned loudly as he pushed the head of it in. Brian moaned out loud as well. Her ass was tighter than he could ever have imagined.

“More, Brian.” Pete instructed. “Fuck her with the whole thing!”

Brian didn’t want to hurt her, so he gave it to her slowly, steadily pushing it into her tight ass. Lisa was breathing hard, but her pussy was dripping with excitement. Pete caught every flash of pain and pleasure that passed over her face as the last of her virginity was penetrated.

When he was seated fully inside, Brian couldn’t stand the pressure any more. He had already been fucking her cunt for quite a while before taking her back here, and he started to come in her ass. He pumped the first of it deep in her bowels, then pulled out and sprayed the rest all over her back. More of it got in her hair, which was already sticky from the blowjob.

Pete moved over to Tina and began shooting her. Jason was still fucking her pussy, and Tina had already come about three times on his cock.

“Are you ready to get fucked in the ass, Tina?” Pete asked.

“Okay.” She grunted. Jason pulled out and put the tip of it against her brown backdoor. “Do it, Jason, fuck me in the ass!”

Jason sank it into her with a gentle push, then began sawing it in and out rapidly. Tina cried out that it felt good and for him to do it harder. Jason obeyed and began fucking her with deeper and more powerful strokes.

“Come on her belly, Jason.” Pete instructed. Jason pulled out a moment later and shot his come all the way up to her tits. Some of it even went up and splashed onto her face. Pete caught all of it with his camera especially the part where Tina began pushing stray drops into her mouth and eating them.

“Do you like the taste of come, Tina?” Pete asked. Tina smiled and nodded, wiping more off her belly and licking her fingers clean. “Would you like to taste mine?”

“Okay!” she smiled. “Oh, goody! Another cock to suck!”

Pete handed the camera to Jason and began undoing his pants as Tina got to her knees in front of him. Jason began taking pictures as Tina took the new cock in her mouth.

“Have you ever sucked two cocks in the same day, Lisa?” Jason asked, knowing that she hadn't. Her face dawned with realization that she wasn't the biggest slut in the room, and vowed to do whatever it took to change that fact.

“No, but now I need to!” she said. “In fact, now I want to get fucked by all three of them at once! I've had one in all three of my openings, but now I want all three filled at the same time. Will you guys help me out with that?”


2018-04-14 20:23:59
I think I'm done with this one. I just re-read them, and nothing strikes me as standing out, unfinished. Anyone wants to pastiche, go right ahead. This world ain't as interesting as some I've thought up.


2018-01-03 17:10:54
I think there should be a next FOR SURE plz


2018-01-03 17:10:43
I think there should be a next FOR SURE plz

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