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Chapter 1
Josie was looking at a large empty conference room. It was early morning, she was wearing a frilly pink dress and long blond-hair wig. She was supposed to be Chii from Chobits but she was always getting confused for Princess Peach. Josie was only 18 but still complained about the current generation of otaku with their lack of respect for the classics. She had finished removing all the chairs, setting up a make-shift stage in the center and put up the large banner. "Take a LOAD off" it said in colorful letters, the “load” part in white, drawn as if the letters were leaking. This was the first time she was organizing an event at this anime convention she'd been attending religiously for years. Her plan was to have a place where people could take a break during the convention.

The slogan came to mind first and the double-entendre dawned on her the next day. She was so impressed with her own wittiness that her mind was made up completely. It became an obsession. Why not? There were already plenty of adult-oriented panels at the con. Who hadn't heard of the term "bukkake" before? Why not also provide a hands-on experience? After watching dozens of videos on the subject, Josie now considered herself an expert. This was going to be great, there might even be a hundred people! Just thinking about it got her all worked up and giggling.

"OK calm down, still lots more to do."

With a lot of potential guests, the classic cum-on-face bukkake would get incredibly messy, incredibly quickly. Normally, that's kind of the point, but every video she saw ended after about 40 minutes. She had the room for the whole day and having to take washing breaks would slow down the process. There was a different style that she considered cleaner and more efficient, “Gokkun”. In some videos, the girl simply kept her mouth open while men ejaculated inside. Sometimes she would suck them off and they would cum down her throat, in her mouth or in a container for consumption during the finale. She could work with that.

The twins should be meeting her there soon. The convention center opened its doors to guests at 9am. Josie told them to be here at 8:30 to quickly go over what they had to do. They would be the gokkun girls. Josie couldn't do it herself, of course. As they organizer of the event she was going to be far too busy. No, Mirabelle and Chloe were the perfect pick. They too had been attending the con for several years and their skimpy matching costumes gained them a bit of a following. “The Kawaiicon Twins” they called them.

She didn't know much about their sexual experience, if any, but this seemed like an easy task; you sit at the designated spot, open your mouth and swallow what comes your way. The only potential problem is that she hadn't exactly told them what today was all about.... so, there was a small chance they could refuse. They were always wearing these "free hugs" signs as they paraded the con in previous years. The concept was pretty much the same except you hug with your mouth. The potential refusal is the reason why she waited so long to tell them. It's harder to say no when everything is all set up and everyone is counting on you, she convinced herself.

10 minutes late but they finally came. The sisters had long brown hair but today could be told apart by their even longer flashy wigs. Mirabelle's was pink and Chloe's was blue. They were short, pale and very skinny. As usual, their costumes were basic and sexy. Josie could tell that they were Ram and Rom from the Neptunia game but all they were wearing were white/pink one-piece bathing suits and white knee-high socks. Lazy costumes as usual, she thought. Their thin legs were always impressively long but high heels and socks made them look even longer. There was a large rectangular opening in the front of the costumes showing their belly buttons and stopping just below the breasts. At least they followed the one given instruction, wear something sexy. Josie was satisfied with the costumes. There was not a lot of time left to bring them up to speed.

Bad news and good news. The twins were not interested... like at all. Both agreed they would never do anything like that. The good news is that before telling them what this was all about, Josie had already had their legs strapped on the podium. She had worked really hard on the podium, it wasn't very elevated, but she had calculated it to be the right cock-to-mouth height for an average person while the girls were on their knees. The straps holding their calves to the podium were there so they didn't fall off. There was plenty of room for both girls to be side by side facing the same way. She had made the whole thing super cushiony too, so what were they even complaining about? They protested for a bit but Josie's speech on friendship and new experiences seemed to calm them down. It didn't matter anyway, it was time to open the doors. There was a little blurb in the booklet and the website of the convention about her event so there could already be people waiting.

Even before reaching the doors of the conference room. Josie felt something was wrong. There was a lot of noise outside. Was there an event in the hallway? She hoped it wouldn't steal the show and distract potential guests. After opening the doors, she confirmed that there was indeed a LOT of people outside, an outright crowd. But they didn't seem to be watching an event, everyone she could see was facing her, waiting impatiently for any kind of cue that would mean they could rush inside.

"There's that many people? This is bad, I'm in way over my head!"

"Don't panic" Josie told herself.

"Solve the problems as they come, like you said you would. First of all... two lines. That will keep the lines shorter and the podium area more manageable."

She addressed the crowd as loudly as she could: "THERE ARE TWO GIRLS. PLEASE FORM 2 LINES BY THE PODIUM. READ THE RULES ON THE SIGN."

The rules were simple enough:

1. Cum inside the mouth or throat only
2. Try to be ready to cum when it is your turn.

With a crowd this big at the start, she was going to need a 3rd rule. She made a mental note to write a time limit at the bottom of the sign. There was room for maybe 2 more rules if she thought of any.

As soon as she finished her sentence the crowd of people rushed inside. She got out of the way just in time to not get trampled. She first noticed that some of the guys were going out of their way to join a particular line. That seemed weird to her as all they could see were a pair of identical twin butts and a wig. Maybe they like pink or blue better. She opened her notebook and scribbled:

"1. add rule 30-second time limit"

"2. make signs with corresponding colors to post outside"

If the lines could split in two earlier, they wouldn't seem as long, and people could decide in advance if they wanted to cum in the pink or blue girl.

She picked up a marker from the table and rushed to the podium to see how things were starting up. Chloe already had a cock deep inside her throat. it looked like she was trying to push the guest away without success, her eyes were opened wider than Josie had ever seen them. The guest seemed to just leave it there and was making a weird face while starring at the ceiling. Was he coming already? That's good. The first patron of the second line was having trouble wrestling Mirabelle to put his cock in her mouth. He still seemed to be enjoying himself, and the line behind him was cheering him on. Reluctant girls are a big part of Japanese pornography so they must all think this is part of the show but Josie wanted to see the lines moving quickly.

Josie stepped on the stage and held both of Mirabelle's arms back. The man now had his hands free to plug her nose and pry open her mouth when she gasped for air. Once he was in, the energy seem to leave the troublesome twin and when Josie let go of her arms, they simply fell to the floor. Chloe was already on her second guest. The next few guests in line already had their cocks out and we were rubbing them to get ready.

"Excellent" Josie thought.

Almost everyone close enough to the action in either lines had their phones out and were filming. Some were leaving the lines to take a quick selfie, then going back to their spots.

"That's OK" she thought.

"Everyone seems to be having a good time. But they won't stay happy for long if I don't manage to get the lines moving faster."

She got to work on the two items in her notepad. As she wrote the time limit on the sign, some people booed but most cheered at the prospect of having their turn come up sooner. Then, she ran to the tables on the side of the room where her material was. She had lots of different colored markers and was pretty good at drawing simple anime girls. She drew them with their mouths wide open, one with blue hair, another with pink and installed them outside. Before coming back in she looked around and saw how far the lined stretched out. Well she couldn't actually see where it ended because it did most of the floor of the convention center then turned a corner out of sight. Panic was setting in once again. First thing first, the lines:


Many rushed to the other side, probably to get in a shorter line more than hair color preference... but the plan worked anyway. After a few minutes, the two lines more of less equalized. They both were so long that you couldn't see the end.

"I need to make them move faster."

One the way back to the podium she noticed something strange. There were some girls sprinkled in the lines. She had not anticipated that and wondered what they would do once it was their turn. Maybe they want to look? Maybe they don't even know.

“I should make a note”

"3. find something girls can do"

Back at the podium things still seemed smooth. Maybe all the positive attention finally got to their heads because the girls looked less disgruntled. Chloe was moving her head back and forth making loud sucking sounds. Mirabelle's head was held in a vice by her patron's hands as he was fucking her face violently, but she wasn't trying to push him away. Her hands were simply resting on his hips. It was almost a contest between the sucking sounds and the gagging sounds. The crowd seem to enjoy that. Josie overheard someone say they were going to come just by watching. That gave her an idea.

"4. Get buckets. Make possible to bypass line if only want to watch and cum."

She had seen plenty of Japanese videos where the men come in a receptacle that the girl later drinks. Anyone who isn't happy about the waiting time can simply swing by and unload. When they are full, she could pick them up and give them to the girls to drink. That was going to be more work but she wasn't afraid of work. This latest idea gave her a boost of confidence. She could overcome any obstacle!

Before leaving to get the bucket she took another look at the stage. The system seemed to manage itself. When someone was taking too long, the crowd in the two lines circling the platform started to boo. They were probably booing the guest who couldn't finish but maybe they were booing the girl for not facilitating the process fast enough. She thought the twins assumed the latter because boos made them more active and made them use their hands more. Another idea! This one she didn't bother writing in her notebook. She went to the next guest in Chloe's line and took him by the hand to the stage. His cock was already out of his pants so she picked up the blue-haired twin's right hand and joined the two together. Instinctively, Chloe began to stroke it slowly. She signaled the next guest to do the same with the left hand. Mirabelle's line picked up on the idea immediately and the first two guys rushed to the podium. This should speed up the process a bit. Guys were being "fluffed" and should be almost ready to cum when it's their turn.

Right away you could see the improvement, as soon as Chloe's main guest finished, his two neighbors quickly pulled up their cock to the girl's open mouth and in quick succession, dropped the payload. Chloe swallowed like a good girl and the next batch came up. Josie wondered how many guests had their turn already, she should have kept a count for posterity. That's something for the notebook.

5. Find way to know how many people came. How much cum?

She thought of an answer as she was writing it. We can't assume a load every 30 seconds because sometimes it's faster. Especially with the new fluffing system. But she could observe the proceedings and work out an average per 10 minutes then multiple that by 6 for the hourly rate. She could work on that later, now she had to find buckets.

The help desk called a custodian and the custodian showed Josie where the maintenance closet was. It was more like a maintenance room. There were 2 mop buckets but she went for regular buckets on shelves. They needed to be easy to pick up and pour. She stacked 4 of them and ran back to her conference room. This was hard work, she thought.

Nothing catastrophic happened while she was gone. The girls were still sucking and stroking. Mirabelle was still being subjected to a violent throat-fucking. She wondered if throat-fuckers preferred pink hair. No matter, there is no judgment at the "Take a LOAD off" event. She placed the buckets by the podium, two on each side. She was going to need to make a sign for this. But to get things rolling she addressed the crowd:


The message was loud and clear. Some of the guys must have been ready to burst from watching the show because they ran to the buckets to come. A sign was hastily made telling people they could bypass the line if they only wanted to watch and cum in the nearby bucket. She only set that one up inside the conference room at the entrance. She didn't want a huge crowd of people from outside rushing the stage. The word would spread eventually but, for now, things will hopefully stay manageable. What a great idea, Josie mentally patted her back.

"OK, NEXT?" she said out loud to herself after scratching #4 off the list. "Something girls can do..."

A few girls had already had their turn, but they were obviously just here with a male friend or boyfriend because they hung around during the blowjob then left when he was done.

"How did I forget about girls?" she thought and felt bad. "Maybe they can use the other side... yeah, using only the mouth is so inefficient. Girls can play around in the back while their friends are in the front!"

Josie was proud of herself once again, not only she kept coming up with great ideas but she had brought tons of blank paper for signs. "LADIES CAN USE THE REAR!" She kept it vague on purpose. Even as a girl she did not know what she would do back there, so better to leave the guests to do what they want. Sign and scissors in hand, she first went to the podium to cut off the girls swimsuit. She was the one who insisted on cosplay but with the lower half open for business, costumes were just going to get in the way. Guys liked to see breasts, right? The twins' weren't very big but having them naked might still move the line faster. She thought she heard Mirabelle mumble in objection as she was running the scissors along her back but it was hard to tell with with the gagging sounds of her throat.

This sign seemed to bring more confusion than anything. Josie was disappointed to see she may have been too vague. When nothing was happening, one of the girl dressed as Misty in Chloe's line started waving her arms to Josie then pointed at herself, then pointed at the podium. Josie figured she was asking if she could leave the line and go right away since nobody else was there. Josie waved her in. She could barely see any girls in the line so it's not like there would be a riot if all of them came up.

The stage was a bit low, but once on her knees, the pokemon trainer had a good vantage point. Josie had a lot of work left to do, but was curious to see what the girl was going to do. Another one from Mirabelle's line took the spot next to her. She wasn't wearing a costume but had dyed green hair and a nose ring. They were giggling and pointing. Strangers sharing a moment together, awww. The one with the green hair took the initiative and spread Mirabelle's cheeks apart for a better look. Mirabelle seemed to be panicking at this new development but was once against being throat-fucked vigorously, this time by a large black man dressed as naruto (throatfuckers love pink hair this was getting clear), so she always looked like she was panicking anyway. Maybe because she couldn't breathe...

"Good thing there is a 30 second limit, she should be fine."

While holding on to one cheek and spreading it to the side, the nose-ring lady started sliding a finger in Mirabelle's pussy in and out while laughing. Her friends, and some strangers were filming and egging her on. Misty followed her lead and did the same in Chloe's pussy. There was now a separate line of girls. It didn't look very organized, more like a group of 5 girls surrounded by a small crowd, but they were having fun. Time to check on the buckets.

All 4 buckets were surrounded by at least 3 guys trying to face the stage and with a small line forming behind them. Josie pushed them aside to inspect the bucket. According to the markings inside, they had 1.5 liters of semen.

What time is it?

It was 11:00. The girls had been at it for 2 hours already. The buckets were installed only half an hour ago, though. That meant the 14L buckets needed to be emptied every 4 and a half hours. Hopefully they were this full already due to the surge of people rushing to use them. It was also probably not a good idea to wait until the last minute to empty them as they would surely be too heavy. Also, she had not forgotten #5 on her list. With phone app, she timed how much time on average, it took for 1 guest to come in the bucket from watching the show. "The show" was the proper term now. With the girls playing around in the back, the guests had even more to watch. One of the girls had her entire fist in Mirabelle's pussy and Chloe was being licked with a thumb up her ass.

"I guess that's what girls do."

This new entertainment might speed up the bucket filling, so Josie thought she'd have to keep an eye out for that. Someone was dropping a load in the bucket every 10 seconds or so. Sometimes, a random person in line would quickly rush in and cum immediately. She considered that in the average. She noted this on her pad, adding a (x4) and then looked at the main stage to see how quickly they were getting through. Despite both girls still performing handjobs, although with a lot less enthusiasm than Josie would hope, the 30-second rule seemed to be more or less the actual rate of completion.

"6. Find better way to fluff"

Quick mental calculation showed she was averaging 28 loads per minute. That's 1680 an hour!

"Wow, I'm doing great!"

The quantity of actual cum could be calculated with the buckets. If 30 minutes produced 1.5L with an average of 1 load every 10 seconds. That means everyone was cumming on average 8ml. Times 1680 that's about 13 liters per hour. Or 6.5 L each.

"I hope the girls skipped breakfast."

It was time to check the line outside again. Hopefully things were moving quick enough that you could at least see the ends. Nope, line marked “blue” still went around the corner out of sight and line marked “pink” just stretched as far as she could see, short as she was. There had to be a way to make things moving even faster.

"I'll think of something, in the meantime I should keep working" she told herself.

It was time to do a trial run of emptying a bucket. She should have thought of bringing a spare... I guess now was a good time. She ran to the help desk again and begged them to find her more buckets. After a small tantrum they manage to find her 4 more buckets, She only needed one to replace whatever bucket she was emptying at one time but would sure find a use for more. She could just set up more of them around the podium.

Josie came back with the buckets but dropped them on the floor as she entered the conference room. A lot of people from both lines were shouting loudly at a man currently on his knees having sex with Mirabelle from behind. There were no female guests around. Josie guessed that after a while, every girl that wanted to play had their chance and the back side stayed empty for too long until a guest decided he could just use the empty holes. The crowd didn't take kindly to rule breaking, but then again... why not use the empty holes...? She had spare buckets that could be used to collect sperm dripping out of their holes and they would drink that too so the spirit of the event would not be spoiled. She did her best to calm the crowd down. She talked to the guy penetrating what she now could see was Mirabelle's asshole and kindly asked him to finish up. A few seconds later he was on his way. Then she turned around to address the crowd:


The rush of people wasn't that bad. People who's turn was almost up in the original line stayed where they were. After a few seconds, things stabilized and Josie was looking at two lines coming in the room immediately splitting into two more lines.

"This will do wonders on the wait times. Why didn't I think of this before."

She went back to pick up her buckets. They were too big to fit on the floor between the stage and the guest. The guests' knees were almost touching the stage to be able to fully penetrate the girls. That was an oversight that could be fixed easily. The stage was made of several plastic crates with a sheet and cushions on top. She removed a line of crates, apologizing to the guests she was bothering. She didn't rush herself much as she figured it would be a while before the girl's holes would be too full and start dripping. Now the stage was much shorter. The twins' were still held back by straps just below the knee but the restructure made their legs (and butts) stick out of the stage. The buckets now fit perfectly under their backside and the guests had more room to work. While moving the the crates she realized some guys were using the ass, others, the pussy. She didn't mind but was curious to see if she could discover another correlation. As usual, Mirabelle's face was being brutally pounded. She took a quick mental note of the current situation:pink = throat-fuck and butt-fuck?

OK time to try a bucket. It was almost 1PM and as expected, the first bucket she checked was about half-full. That looked like the limit she would be able to comfortably handle. She figured she should empty them a bit more regularly. Josie swapped the half-full bucket with an empty one, trying not to block the view of the guests using it. She had 2 spare buckets now, so she did the same with the other one of the same side. These buckets were on the blue side so she brought them to Chloe. She placed herself behind the 3 guests currently using the blue facilities. That way, once they were done, she would have the whole area to work with.

After a couple minutes, all three guests had had their turn. Chloe found herself without a cock holding her for the first time in 4 hours and almost fell forward off the stage. The guests currently using one of her back holes grabbed her arms and used them to fuck her more vigorously, which kept her upright.

"How are you doing?" Josie asked her.

"Is... is it over?" Chloe barely managed to get out the words with a hoarse voice between trusts of her guest.

"Almost" Josie lied. "This is cum from our guests that were watching you. You need to swallow that too." Josie lifted the bucket with both arms wrapped around it up to Chloe's mouth. The smell made her reel back immediately.

"Hurry, I'm holding up the line."

Moving the bucket forward until Chloe's head had nowhere to go, she eventually gave in, and opened her mouth, too tired to fight. Josie began tipping the bucket. it didn't take long for the twin's mouth to fill up. She swallowed and made a face of disgust.

"Don't make that face, you need to look like you like the taste" Josie half-yelled at her as loud as she could without the guests hearing. "Also, this is taking way too long, I'm not going to give you time to swallow, just gulp it down."

This wasn't a bluff; Josie tipped the bucket slowly but didn't give a pause. Chloe swallowed and swallowed with loud gulps. Cum would sometimes erupt from her mouth and nose when it went the wrong hole but dripped back in the bucket so there was no mess. After going through all 7 liters she took deep breaths between violent coughs.

"Hang on, Josie said, there's one more."

Horror flashed in Chloe's face followed by a wince of pain. There had just been a shift change on her back and the current user could be well endowed, or using her asshole, or both. Anyway, Josie lifted the second bucket, and pushed the rim hard against Chloe's mouth until the only choice became clear. Chloe's mouth opened, semen was again flowing down her throat and she was gulping it down as fast as she could, mostly to not drown. The second bucket now empty, Josie quickly signaled the next 3 in line to come forward. She had wasted enough of their time. Crossing to the other side, she caught a glanced of Chloe's figure before the 3 guests blocked her vision. Her tummy had a big bulge completely out of place on her skinny frame. Josie thought it looked funny.

It was now time for Mirabelle's lunch. Josie expected her to be difficult again. She was going to have to find a way to quicken the swallowing process from the overflow buckets. She cut in line with her two half-full buckets and waited for the pink-fans to finish up. It took a really long time because Mirabelle was putting no effort in preparing the left and right suitors. Her arms were limp to her sides, waving to the movements of the cocks going in and out of her. This would not do, she was slowing down her whole line.

When the last guest finished fucking her skull, Mirabelle fell forward like her sister did. Josie saw it coming this time and had both hands free to grab her. She seemed to have passed out. Someone was doing her from behind but there was no reaction. Josie shook her.

"Mirabelle! Wake up!"

When she snapped back to consciousness, Mirabelle burst into a fit of intense wheezing, as if this was her first time breathing in a while.

"Calm down! I need you to drink this."

Letting go of her shoulder, taking care of balancing her upright she pickup the bucket. Mirabelle was taking loud breaths and looking around as if she didn't know where she was.

"I knew she was going to be difficult" Josie thought

"Excuse me, sir" Josie asked the man currently using Mirabelle. "Do you mind holding her head?"

The man complied enthusiastically.

"Tilt it up and use your fingers to pry her mouth open, please."

He understood what had to be done and now Mirabelle's head was held firmly in place with her eyes looking in all direction. Josie started pouring. This was a slow process. Both Pink sides were being monopolized and the lines were starting to grow restless. Actually everyone was enjoying the show but Josie was so stressed that she was confusing cheers with jeers.

"God dammit, Mirabelle. Swallow!"

The first batch found its way to her stomach even without cooperation. When she picked up the second bucket, a man from the line asked if he could help.

"Well, can you pour for me?" Josie replied.

With her hands free, she could now put her hand in Mirabelle's mouth and press down on the back of tongue. There was still room for the semen to flow but Mirabelle could no longer close up her throat. She was gagging hard, at first, but eventually it died down and the happy helper slowly poured the content of the second bucket. The man had good aim but a stream of gooey white liquid occasionally ran on Josie's hand on its way to Mirabelle's throat. This was the worst thing that ever happened to her. It took all of her determination not to reel her hand out in disgust. She closed her eyes and pretended she was somewhere else until the bucket was empty.

"Thank you so much to both of you, I am sorry for the inconvenience."

Josie couldn't believe she had to bother guests because the girls couldn't do their simple job. This will have to go better next time. Maybe a big funnel, she thought. The next trio came up but Josie stayed with them.

"You need to grab their... thing, Mirabelle"

Josie took Mirabelle's left hand and placed a cock in it. She moved the Mirabelle's hand back and forth on the shaft.

"Stroke it like this. God, your sister is so much better at this than you."

That seemed to strike a chord, maybe this is something her father would often say. The pink-haired girl started servicing all three cocks on her own. Mirabelle's stomach was bulging as well, she noticed before leaving the stage area.

"After this ordeal I'm definitely adding a new item on my list:"

"7. Find funnel to bypass mouth"

On her way out to find a funnel, Josie checked the buckets that were placed behind the two girls. They had been up for almost an hour and there was maybe half a litre in each. That wasn't a lot. Was it all inside still inside their bodies? She waited a bit to see how long each load took. It was definitely more than 30 seconds. Perhaps she underestimated how long it would take people to come without being prepped with a handjob. She elaborated on number 6 on her notepad"

"6. find better way to fluff and find way to fluff the back line"

"One thing at a time."

The help desk volunteers sighed when they spotted Josie. This time, no amount of whining could convince them to go around looking for a funnel, so she thought of trying the cafeteria. The kitchen surely had some. After sweet-talking her way into the kitchen, she picked up the largest funnel they had. The large opening was as big as a frisbee, while the "small" tube measured about an inch in diameter and a foot in length. It needed to be big because an entire bucket was going to be poured inside. Also, the thick tube would help hold it in place. She'd make it fit either way. If they don't like it, they should have been less difficult. She also grabbed a pair of long rubber gloves before leaving, for when she had to handle spunk. Even just carrying buckets had a risk of splashing on her hands and arms.

She was eager to test her new contraption but knew none of the buckets were full enough to warrant it. Josie was tired and hungry. It was 2:30PM so she had an hour to kill before the next bucket run.

"I think I'll treat myself to ice cream, I deserved it."


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