He was visiting for teh holidays, and I caught him watching
“I watched you grow up,” Samuel said his smile wide and his eyes aglow, “watched you grow into a beautiful young woman. How proud I am to be a part of that.”
Samuel has been a friend of the family for most of my life. He served in the American Military during Vietnam, and escaped with his life. Something he was glad to. He had visited us every Christmas because he had never found a family of his own – though that wasn’t entirely his fault. His fake leg was a hindrance to everyone, especially since he refused to get the newer versions.
Leaning up I gave him a peck on the cheek and led him towards his room in my parents’ house. We chatted about the day’s affairs and my mother’s delicious goose. Now as my parents live deep inside the city of London – there are two bathrooms. Upstairs and downstairs. And My parents used the downstairs.
The Next morning was as usual and I had stepped into the shower. I heard the door open and quickly made to cover my breasts. There Samuel was staring at me, with a towel ready to shower. His eyes exploded into saucers as he saw me. Excusing himself he quickly departed apologizing for the intrusion. After the shower was over, I dried off my hair, combed it, and through on my underwear and peaked into his room (which was attached). I knocked once and eased open the door. There Samuel was, with a pillow over his groin and his eyes wide as saucers once more.
“Oswin,” He said, “I’ll be with you in a moment.”
What he failed to realize was his cock was peeking out of the Pillow a tad. He should have chosen a larger one. Suddenly I blushed bright red as I realized what had happened – the poor man had seen me in the shower and gotten – well – gotten horny. He was like family, don’t get me wrong, but he was a hot-blooded human being as well. I had to stifle a laugh.
“You,” I had to hold my hilarity in for a moment, “You were trying to Masturbate after seeing me naked in the shower?”
“Hush,” He said waving his hand franticly, “I will never act on any of these emotions – I just wanted a moment to relieve myself, that’s all, please can we forget you saw this and let us just move on.”
I am at my heart Evil, “I can pose if you want,” I chuckled stepping into the room and placing my back against the wall and pilling down my panties seductively, “does it help.”
“Oh god,” His eyes budged again, “Fucking Hell, what are you trying to do.”
“Not the right pose then,” I fake frowned and placed my hands on my hips running one beneath my left breast, “Better?”
“God, damn it no!” Samuel said moving forward to push me out of the room.
He stumbled forward, the pillow fell away and he collapsed to the ground, his artificial leg leaning on the far wall. The guilt rushed through me as I moved over to him. He struggled for the bed, rolling over and exposing his hard member which stuck up in the air like a flag pole. He cursed as his hand went over it, trying to hide it from view.
Ignoring his shame, I knelt down and slipped my arm through his arm pits and lifted him back onto the bed, his one functioning leg stabilizing himself, while his arm covered his embarrassment. He looked at me with some aura of sadness and terror.
“Look, I’ve been friends with your parents since before you were born, I know I’m a dirty old man, but I mean nothing by it,” He said pushing his cock beneath his hand, “Please let us pretend you didn’t see this man’s guilt.”
I smiled at him, I was more honored than disturbed, “What guilty because you’re a hot-blooded male?”
He looked at me, speechless, “Look I’m not disturbed,” I broke the brief silence, “I’m not disgusted, I’m compliments – so thank you for being attracted to me – and thank you for being honorable about it.”
He looked at me confused as I rolled my eyes. Finally, I ran and hand down his arm. His eyes bulging from his head once more. My hand cupped his which tried to hide his now glistening cock head from me. My hand touched the brief dot of Precum on his head. I pulled it away and looked at my glistening finger. With his eyes locked in horror or confusion I stuck the finger in my mouth and licked the salty mixture off.
I placed my hand back on top of his and my thumb and forefinger touched his head again. A wave of sensation washed over his face, and his hand slipped away allowing me to grip his cock with my hand. Squeezing it I sent his eyes rolling back and an intense grimace shot through his face. I eased him onto his back with my other hand.
His precum spilled over dripping over my knuckles like syrup. I rubbed up and down the shaft gently. He heaved up and down, grunting with each stroke. Slowly I crawled onto the bed, running a hand up and down his chest, as put my knees on the cushions. My head moving towards his cock. Still gleaming with dripping translucent precum. Settling near his waist I saw his hand moving up and down and clenching and unclenching his fist.
Running the hand from his chest to his arm I guided his hand to my breast. He looked at me with wide eyes again, and I just smiled. With him watching me, running his hand down my bare stomach and onto my haunches, I leaned forward.
I dipped his cock into my mouth. The response brought a shudder. His Salty precum washing over my taste buds as his head dipped into my mouth. Squeezing with my fist I sunk his cock into my mouth, flexing my tongue around his dick, with the skills I had acquired over many a year. He pushed his hips up to me, to meet me. His animalistic desires flooding him. Even if his bad leg made the thrusts a tad once sided.
My hand, still wet with his precum, now moistened even further. Strings of saliva and Precum dripped from my mouth, falling about his shaft and lower groin area. I could hear his moans carrying through the room, his body beginning to bead with sweat. I dropped my sticky hand to his ball sack and gently squeezed it. It was smooth and full despite him being in his early sixties. I dropped my mouth, his head slid back to my throat. He let out a grunt of approval. His head slid into my esophagus. My muscles tensed around him as I battled my gag reflex. My muscles pulsated around him briefly before I slid him back out and continued my pumping.
His groaning began to higher and high pitched, his thrusts more vigorous. My hand slid back up from his ball sack and gripped his dick firmly but gently. I eased back so that my mouth encamped about half of his cock, and attacked it with my tongue. Sliding and pulsating around him mercilessly.
“I’m ganna!” He cried out.
His cock erupted into my mouth before he could finish like a volcano. I sucked him like a straw, feeling the waves of cum push into my mouth. Then after his cock ceased is throbbing I gathered my strength and swallowed. I crawled up next to him opening my mouth to show him there was nothing left.
“Better?” I asked.
He looked at me still breathing hard, seemingly unable to respond.
“If you need relief while your here, just ask Sam,” I gave him a wink, “I’ll grab you a Gatorade, you looked tired – and don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody. Promise.”
I planted a kiss on him before I darted through the bathroom to get dressed.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016 11:25 PM
The high Sands 2
The technology is old, but it is reliable – and after using it to ensure that there was nothing under us – we were proven right – no ruins for miles to come. That did not surprise us. Not in the least. The night grew upon us, and the already frigid desert was only growing colder. With the wind biting my face like some sort invisible insect, I turned back towards the tent.
About an hour later I flicked on a lamp. We had more room in here than usual since my professor was cooped up in her own tent with the doctor, who checked her temperature. We had heard earlier in the day that she was indeed on the mend, and would be back in charge by the following evening. Frankly this was a relief to me.
The light illuminated the dark olive green tent. On one side, lay Edzia, she was above her covers, looking at notes that had been acquired from the previous day. Ever since our encounter in the tent she had remained eerily silent. The tingling sensation was still left between my legs where she had touched me. The look of fascination on her face seemed to only color her appeal in brighter hues. On the other side, I sat about to change into a more comfortable attire. In here no one would bother us: probably.
I glanced at her – in this position she lay facing away from me, her robes fell about her body: like a drapery, her curves accentuated by the forces of gravity. What was under that white robe – that religious icon stifling this impressive, brilliant young girl. I reached out to her Head, though it was covered in a light black fabric that hung lazily about her head. I stopped and slowly retracted my hand – I had to know what was going on in her head – what her mind was thinking.
“Edzia,” I began bring a halt to her concentration – I could hear the nervous exhale, “Is everything all right.”
For a moment, I wasn’t sure if she would move. Finally, the wrinkled paper found its way to the tent floor, and her body rolled over – like an ocean wave, though with the hesitation and commitment of someone’s final words on death row. She looked at me, her blue eyes seemingly transfixed with some barrier that had been erected behind them.
“I’m a silly girl,” She said hanging her head for a moment, “I kissed you, and felt you and I feel so stupid: and yet so alive – but I know nothing! Why do I feel this way, is it wrong?”
“To claim moral superiority over an entire culture is an arrogant presumption at best,” I crossed my legs as I put myself into a seated position, “But I believe that feeling attracted to the same gender is as normal as wanting for water on a hot day: Anthropologically speaking homosexuality has existed since the very dawn of writing – perhaps a fundamental result of higher thinking in a species: or possibly a genetic mutation to act as a population control mechanism – either way, it has existed as long as humanity has.”
“But I see you flirt with men,” She protested, “I know you do. I watch you way too much.”
I smiled in response, “I’m a three on the Kinzie scale – I literally am attracted to both genders. Some call it Bisexuality: I call it: the most fun.”
“You are a strange woman,” She put herself in a sitting position, “I don’t understand myself ay times – but you must be confused all the time.”
I smiled and reached a hand out and brushed her face with my fingers, she recoiled for a moment, and then leaned into the caress. I stroked her cheek gently, as I pushed aside her head scarf. A lock of pitch black hair tumbled from beneath her veil. She gasped almost unwittingly. She reached up to push it back, but I gently intercepted her hand.
With my other hand attached to her face, I ran it upwards, peeling the fabric from her hair. My flesh touched he rough grainy texture of unwashed hair. I could feel the oils slick onto my skin. I smiled and tugged ever so gently at the head scarf. She made no effort to stop me – in fact hse simply staired into my eyes with this blue pools of warmth – desire is an odd thing to see reflected in the pupils of intellect: but there it was: Glistening in the electric light hanging at the peak of the tent.
The scarf came away – falling about her shoulders. Rough, tangled black hair falling about her face, framing it in the strands. I leaned in our lips touching, her beautifully dark skin soft and flexible under my touch. Her other arm slipped from my grasp and clutched at my shoulder pulling me into the kiss. I felt my body jump at the touch of her lips. The warm moisture seeping from her mouth each time it opened. My tongue invaded her – entwining with hers.
My hands gripped my black short and lifted from my body, exposing my same colored braw. She stopped as the shirt passed between us. My skin prickled with the cold air that collided with it. She eyed me, my body. Her hand reached out, but stopped, it quivered. As if she had been struck by some kind of electric jolt her body seemed to vibrate, shake – a seizure of fear – of concern.
My hand reached out and gently took her arm and pulled it towards me. Her fingers eased onto my breast, her eyes transfixed at the lump of flesh, milk glands, and muscle that made up my breasts. I reached behind me pulling my braw apart. Letting it fall to the ground, slipping past her fingers, till they graced my flesh. Seemingly still in shock she gently lowered her and to my stomach, circling my belly button.
I leaned forward removing her garb from her chest, pulling away the robes, slipping them from her body. Slowly they rose over her head and tumbled to the floor. Like me, she wore a bra and panties beneath them, though hers were designed for efficiency, Mine had an attractive design to them.
“Is this okay?” I asked gently.
She nodded, clearly unable to speak. I pushed her back gently as my hand ran up her now bare leg. My fingers brushed the fabric separating me from her. The moisture was potent, and the salty, musky smell that rose brought a smile to my face. My fingers pulled from her a gasp – her chest heaved into the air. Slipping my hand up to the elastic band a pushed through the resistance.
My fingers fell on to a glossy wet crevasse. Her vaginal lips were swollen and oozing liquid. The warm gushy substance coated my fingers as I slid my finger between the lips. The shutter that bolted through Edzia pulled a gasp and a squeal from her.
My finger found the whole, her hymen still intact. I furrowed my brow – after this long she had never …. This would be her first …
I pulled her pants down from her legs, which she let fall – Her legs spread, if timidly for me. I moved towards her with my lips, as I slipped between her legs, my mouth headed for her beautiful glistening pussy. There would be blood if I broke it – so not tonight: but she was going to feel alive.
My tongue licked through her lips. It found her clit, swollen like a berry beneath the folds of skin. The touch brought an intake of breath – her hips pushed up into me. I began to suck, as my finger began to circle her opening – should I?
There was no time to try. Her body convulsed, her hips pressed into my face – burying me in her beautiful flesh and sent. I could feel her lips pulse with the throbbing muscles within. Liqued coated my face now, having seeped through her flesh like an aquifer to a pond. I pulled away – her breasts heaving with the effects.
“Oh god,” She whispered to me, “What did you do.”
I rubbed my face on my arm and warped it around her, pulling her sleeping bag over us, “thought you’d like that – theres more to cum: if you get y drift.”
“Drift?” She asked through heavy breaths.
I smiled.
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