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Karla & Vicky have a grand old time
Karla and Vicky slept closely together in the same bed most of that Friday. They were exhausted and sore from the marathon gangbang that they had received just mere hours beforehand. Karla in particular had endured two separate sessions of black dick and was the worst for wear between the two of them. When you think about the sexual work these two ladies had gone through in only two days time, it truly was amazing. The average cock size of the eighteen big black men that had fucked them both was about nine and a half inches. That’s a lot of dark meat pumping their mouths, pussies, and tight little white assholes. Both girls had been impaled open wider than either of them could ever have imagined.

Vicky woke up first around 7:30pm that night, and quietly left the room and decided to take a shower. She was surprised to learn that her asshole and pussy was still lactating semen. ‘Wow’, she thought, ‘I thought we had licked each other clean last night.’ As she soaped up and tried to clean herself, vivid pictures of black dicks going in and out of her body flashed through her mind like a movie flashback sequence. She thought about how at first she had not wanted to have sex with them. It wasn’t that she was a prude, or that she had a boyfriend or anything, or even that she had a racist mindset. Everything just happened too fast, and she instinctively tried to pump the brakes on the situation, but her good friend was crying, and the clock was ticking away quickly, and the whole night just got away from her. Before she knew it the biggest cock that she ever had was going in and out of her mouth and down her tight throat. After a few minutes of sucking those giant black poles her body had betrayed her and once her clothes were removed, there wasn’t any turning back. She had to admit to herself though that she had loved every minute of it. In hindsight why was she trying to deprive herself of all that pleasure? In fact, she was starting to have deep cravings for more of it, almost like she had gone without it for months on end, which made no sense to her. Her pussy ached for more black cock and it was wet inside, and not from the shower either. After one night she was hooked.

Vicky found an extra robe hanging on the back of the door and put it on and left the bathroom. She looked at the clock and realized that she was in there for almost a full hour. She also soon realized that Karla had woken up and was in the kitchen. Karla kissed her on the lips and greeted her best friend as she entered the kitchen. She was making ham and cheese sandwiches.

Karla: “Good…morning? Well, it’s morning somewhere I guess. Vick, I just want to truly thank you for getting me through all of that last night. I could never have done them all myself. You really got me out of a jam and I’ll always be thankful to you. And I know you didn’t want to fuck them but….

Vicky: “Relax Karla, I’m okay. I’m a big girl. Those were the biggest dicks I’ve ever see though.”

Karla: “Oh you said it! My asshole is STILL open. Hey, what’s the matter Hun?”

Vicky had started to rub her stomach and she had a look on her face like she was feeling a little sick.

Vicky: “What is this? Why do I all of a sudden feel so queasy?”

Karla: “Oh. That’s from all the black semen that’s swishing around in your belly, Sweetie. You just have to get some food in there and you’ll be ok. Here, I made you a sandwich.”

The two girls ate and Karla was right, Vicky was starting to feel better. Karla then quickly took a shower herself, before joining Vicky on the couch. They spent the next few hours reliving the night’s events, and then started to think of ways that they could prepare themselves for whatever was in store for them both on Saturday night. Jaysin had told them to dress up sexy and was specific that they shouldn’t wear any underclothes. This was to be their lives now; only neither one of them had at that point realized it. They were being groomed to be hookers; ones that were exclusively fucked by only black men. The men that had fucked them last night had actually paid a fee to Jaysin for the privilege of doing so. Karla and Vicky were going to be seeing a lot more of Jaysin and his friends. They would be introduced to other black men too, and were going to be required to suck and fuck a lot of black dicks in the years to come.

The next morning, the girls went shopping. They bought matching short black and white cocktail dresses along with high heels and white stockings. They also went to a sex store and bought some large black dildos, and some other assorted sex toys. They giggled together like they were sisters all daylong and they looked to those around them like they were having the time of their lives. When they got home they started to prepare for later that night. They fixed each other’s hair and helped each other get dressed and put their make-up on. Just after 5pm Jaysin arrived. He had Big Moe and Ray-Cee with him.

Jaysin: “Good evening ladies. Damn you two bitches are looking fine! I’ve got some great plans for your little white Asses tonight! So let’s get going!”

Big Moe then took Karla by the hand and Ray-Cee escorted Vicky out of the apartment down to the car. The car was a shiny black SUV, not expensive but adequate looking enough. Jaysin drove. Vicky began to get nervous as she sat there in the back seat between Big Moe and Ray-Cee. She started to question herself again. Where were these guys taking them? Can they be trusted? She then started to picture sequences of black cock from the other night again. How they had fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked before. How full she had felt. As she relived it all in her mind again her pussy was starting to get wet and started to itch for more cock. The feeling was so intense that she began rubbing her legs together right there in the back seat and actually let out a moan.

Big Moe: “Hey Jay, this bitch is in heat back here!”

Big Moe then reached down between Vicky’s legs and put his hand up her dress and inserted his middle finger into her panty-less pussy. His finger slid easily in.

Big Moe: “Holy Shit! She’s wetter than a motherfucker! Jay, I think we better fuck this bitch soon!”

Karla, who was in the front seat with Jaysin, turned and looked at Vicky and couldn’t believe how turned on Vicky looked.

Jaysin: “Well then fuck her! But don’t mess her up too much! She’s got shit to do tonight.”

Big Moe removed his pants and his massive cock flopped out already at attention. He then in one motion grabbed Vicky by the waist and lifted her into his lap. Vicky moaned as Big Moe slid the head of his black meat into her. He then began to work it in and get into a rhythm. Vicky’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her finger nails dug into the seat behind him as Big Moe pumped his schlong deeper and deeper into her. Karla watched it all from the front seat. How beautiful it looked, her friend’s white torso impaled on that big black cock. It made her jealous actually. After a few minutes, Ray-Cee couldn’t take it anymore and quickly took his pants off.

Ray-Cee: “Hey man, Let me get some of that pussy!”

Big Moe pulled himself out of Vicky then passed her over into Ray-Cee’s lap. Ray-Cee slid his cock in with ease and started to fuck her. Again Vicky was thrashing around wildly. Jaysin watched through the rear view mirror with a big smile on his face as he drove. His own cock was beginning to harden. He then looked over at Karla and watched for a moment as she marveled at her friend being fucked in the back seat. The way she was sitting, her left knee bent and up on the seat, Jaysin could see right up her skirt past her white stockings and could see her bald pussy. It was gorgeous.

Jaysin: “Hey baby, you got to forget about them and get busy sucking this dick right here.”

Karla smiled and then positioned her head under the steering wheel and started to open Jaysin’s pants and remove his cock. Once comfortable, she started to stroke it to full attention before putting her lips around its bulbous head.

Jaysin: “That’s it girl, you suck that dick slow and deep.”

Karla did as she was told. She milked Jaysin’s black prick with her hands, lips, mouth and throat for the rest of the ride. The ecstatic sounds from the back seat grew louder as Vicky was passed back and forth between Big Moe and Ray-Cee again and again. During the ride both would shoot their loads deep into Vicky’s womb, Vicky herself would have three orgasms, and Jaysin would pump his hot black jizz down Karla’s loving throat. After he came, Jaysin pulled the car into the next gas station so that the girls could go to the bathroom to freshen up.

They returned to the road and after five more minutes of driving, Jaysin pulled the car into the parking lot of what looked like a small arena. It was now after 9pm. The sky was very dark, and the parking lot was empty. They drove around to the back and parked in an area where there were about 20 other cars. They exited their car and began walking towards the building. Karla read a banner on the building that said ‘Rockets vs. Blazers’. The banner also had a basketball on it.

Karla: “Hmm…are we fucking the basketball team tonight?”

Jaysin: “Something like that. See that banner is for tomorrow night’s championship game. Those boys have way too much on their minds than thinking about boning white chicks. Nope, you got different clientele tonight.”

Jaysin opened the door and as they all walked inside, they saw about fifty older black men inside standing in the middle of the basketball court all naked accept for satin black robes. Each man looked to be at least over 40 and some as old as 60 or even older. At each side of the court there were two identical looking mattresses. The mattresses were raised from the floor by a stack of wooden pallets about four feet from the parquet floor.

Jaysin: “Girls, meet the Blazers Basketball alumni. These distinguished gentlemen have paid very good money to drain their old cocks into some young white pussy. You two bitches are going to help them all with that. There will be no questioning anything. Don’t worry, these are classy guys and they won’t hurt you at all. Also tonight, you’re on candid camera. All this shit will be going on video tape for posterity. So I want your very best. So without further ado, gentlemen you may disrobe.”

Karla and Vicky stood in amazement as they took in all of Jaysin’s words and what he was instructing and expecting them to do. They watched on nervously as all the old black guys took their robes off. These men were all different body types, some fat and some skinny, some of them were tall and some of them were really tall. Their cocks were all big though. There couldn’t have been one smaller than 7 inches, and there were some that looked to be as big as 11 inches. The girth on a few was downright scary as well. Karla couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Then again she was doing a lot of things this week that she had never done before. Not only had she been gangbanged twice by big black cocks in 3 days, she was about to do it again and with even more cocks. She also had dragged her innocent friend Vicky into all of this craziness and the poor girl looks to have become addicted to it all very quickly. Still though, this was going to be brand new. She had never fucked an old man before and there were fifty of them there. Her oldest boyfriend her whole life had only been 28 years old.

Vicky was thinking of the same things as her friend. She marveled at the different sized men she was looking at. Could she fuck guys this old? She was about to find out. Her pussy began to get wet and itchy again and she now couldn’t wait to get started. Jaysin then directed them to the mattresses.

Jaysin: “Ok Vicky you go down there and Karla, your workshop is over there. Guys, those of you that drew a #1 follow Karla and those that drew a #2 follow Vicky. You girls are gonna do an erotic strip tease first for about 10 minutes, followed by about 30 minutes of dick sucking and then after each man cums in your mouth, I want you both on all fours sucking some more dick and taking each man doggy style in your hot pussies. At that point I’ll tell ya all what’s next. Okay…roll tape!”

The girls began their strip teases on their own mattresses surrounded by their select group of guys at each end of the court. Karla snuck short glimpses during her dance from her end at Vicky and was surprised at how great she was at this. Karla then started to feel a bit inferior so she decided to forget about her friend and began concentrating on her own show. After a few more gyrations Karla began to slowly remove her dress. The guys began to whoop it up as she exposed her naked body to them. The guy’s yells made her nipples hard and her pussy very wet. A few more minutes of dancing and then Jaysin yelled out ‘Dick sucking time!”

All of the guys then surrounded her mattress with their hard cocks jutting out and broad smiles on their faces. Karla took the first cock into her mouth and two others were placed into her hands. It was big and very dark, and it had the muskiest smell she had ever smelled. No other cock that week since she had been fucking black men had smelled this funky. The smell stung her nostrils as she sucked more of him into her mouth and down her throat. As the minutes began to accrue each cock took its turn in her mouth, and each cock had a different musky odor to it. Down the other end of the court Vicky was getting her mouth stuffed as well. The old man in her mouth looked to be close to 70 years old. His cock was hard and large. She began to deep throat his shaft, tickling her nose with his white pubic hair. The feeling proved to be too much for the old timer and he tense-up then shot his geriatric jizz deep into Vicky’s throat and into her stomach. Each man then followed suit and drained their pricks into the girl’s mouths. After each man had cum, Jaysin yelled the next direction.

Jaysin: “Alright! Good stuff! Doggie style time! Girls on all fours and after each guy takes his turn, I want his dick immediately in your mouths cleaning those things off. Second time through, I want you guys to pull out and shoot all over their Asses. Ok…and ACTION!”

Vicky got on all fours and a hard cock was stuffed deep into her pussy with one long thrust. Even though she had been fucked earlier in the car, it hurt when it first went in and she screamed out in pain. Those screams quickly turned to pleasure as the guy fucked her hard, fast and deep and her pussy grew accustomed to his size. After a few minutes, the guy pulled out of her cunt making a popping noise, then came around and pushed his pussy juice glistened cock into her mouth. Another cock was then positioned behind her and shoved deep into her wet dilating box. On the other end of the court Karla was being fucked silly by a ten-inch cock. Another cock was deep in her throat. On the second turn through, the guys did as they were told and shot their loads all over the cheeks of the girls white asses and up their backs. Karla had orgasm after orgasm during this fucking and the sounds from Vicky were affirmation that she had cum countless times too.

When this round had finished, the girls were allowed to go to the showers and rinse the sperm from their bodies. When they returned they were instructed to switch sides of the court. Karla noticed that there were now leather straps hanging from the pallets under the mattresses. She was told to lie down on the mattress, and her legs were pushed back until her knees where touching the bed by the sides of her head. Her knees were then strapped into that position with the straps making her ass open wide and her feet point straight up in the air. Karla’s arms were then strapped down by her wrists high above her head to the other side of the mattress. She felt like she was being stretched out on the rack. A long bottle of lube was then inserted in her ass and squeezed in for preparation.

Jaysin: “Fasten those straps tight guys. Yes. That’s good. Okay next up is the ass-fucking portion of our little video. I want two to three minute turns each up their Asses. I want three rotations of this with the third rotation shooting hot cum into their ass. When that is finished, I want the two groups of guys to switch ends and repeat it all on the other girl. That’s right, by the time this scene is finished you’ll be both fucked in your ass by fifty cocks each. Okay...and ACTION!”

With that the guys formed lines between the two girls legs. Vicky winced as the first cock, nine inches, was stuffed unceremoniously into her lubed up anus. After a few seconds it didn’t hurt anymore and his balls were slapping her ass with each long thrust. After two minutes the next guy replaced him. Vicky wondered how much stamina these old guys had. They had been at this for a while and each cock was still harder than a rock. It was unbelievable. Karla’s ass was being opened wider and wider with each dick fucking too. Her long legs allowed her feet to rest against each man’s hairy chest as they fucked her without mercy. Karla was losing her mind. After a while, she lost track of the time. Her head was so clouded that she hadn’t realized that the guys had switched sides and the second group was fucking her ass now. Before long every man had been in each girl’s ass three times each and had shot a load deep into her anus. The girls were then un-strapped and allowed to rinse off in the shower again. When they returned, both of the mattresses had been removed from their pallets and were positioned together at center court. All the old men were gone though. Jaysin told the girls to go sit together on the mattresses.

JAYSIN: “Good job girls! My clients were all satisfied. And we got some great footage to piece together and make a few movies from. But your night isn’t over. You see one of those guys who fucked you tonight was the coach of the Rockville Rockets and he has decided that his boys need some motivation for tomorrow night’s game. So he doubled my fee and well, the whole team is on their way here! These boys are 18 and 19 year olds so have fun. No cameras this time. I’ll be back in the morning to pick you up.”

With that Jaysin left. As they both sat there in silence a bus could be heard pulling up a few minutes later, and Karla looked at Vicky with a worried look on her face.

Karla: “After tonight, we may need to find another girl to help us. But who?”

Vicky just sat quietly thinking to herself that ‘getting help’ was how Karla had dragged her into all of this. But sitting there with three sore holes She didn’t feel any remorse for the next girl that would be talked into joining them. All she knew was that they needed help, and fast. Just then the door opened up and the Rockets whole team filed in. As the boys began removing their clothes and revealing the monster coal black cocks they had dangling between their legs, Vicky looked over at Karla.

Vicky: “I think I know a girl. I’ll call her tomorrow.”

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