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A hotel room is the choice of a secrect meeting between lovers
The blind fold kept her guessing what would come next at all times, the unknowing adding to her own excitement. Where would his hands touch upon her next? Across her palms? Along her ankles? They had found the insides of her elbows where quite sensitive to his nails running along them lightly. Most of her responded to that light scratching, the sensuality of it all.
It had been hours since they had started, meeting in a secluded hotel far from prying eyes or the trails that everyday life could bring. At least it had seemed like hours of this slow tormenting and torture. Her hands bound together and stretched far above her head while her legs lay wide open as each foot was held fast to the corners at the foot of the bed. The choice has been her own and now every inch of her exposed skin, and even some that was not sang with his touch. While many men she knew seemed to be interested in simply a good set of breasts and what lay between a woman's legs, this one was different. In fact those areas where about the only thing he hadn't touched yet this night. And still she lay there whimpering as his fingernail once again grazed upon the backs of her upper arms, sending a shutter threw her body. Heat rising to her cheeks at the longing that had filled her every pore.
"Please........." the word a soft moan whispered to the air in the room and his ears where ever they may be. It seemed impossible to tell anymore.
Fingertips ran back up her arms now and across her shoulders unhurriedly. Stroking her neck gently, the motion making her try to tilt her head back to elongate the line of her throat for him. Gently those hands curled around, his fingers long enough to overlap each other as he held her throat and began to apply pressure to it. Squeezing, choking, depriving her of air just till she started to become a tad dizzy. "Please what?" his voice floated to her upon the wave of pleasure she felt at the sensations. The only response that could be managed a pleading whimper and an attempt to pull at her bonds, not the first time this night she had done so.
"So worked up is my little kitten," he was pleased about that fact as well. He enjoyed every moment of these games. To see how far they could push before desire left her shaking and weak and pleading. As he simply enjoyed the sight of her tied and writhing upon the bed for a few minutes she was left in utter silence and stillness. The combination adding a thrill of fear threw her. Where was he? What would happen next? Had he left her alone like this? Her fears where dissolved in the taking of a deep breath as he finally touched her after what seemed like an eternity. Tracing down the crease where her legs met her body from hips downward with a single fingernail almost brought her to tears. The bed shifted as he sat within her splayed legs, petting and caressing ever getting closer to the center of her. Like everything else ... this was never a hurried game. That would spoil the fun, the anticipation and building up. Her body responded strongly to his touch as well. At times her hips would lift from the mattress, straining to try to find more to press against. Other times her back would arch desperately trying to get away from her tormentor needing a moment to catch her breath. Those were not allowed and never given. At last she could take no more and a cry sounded from her mouth. A soft mewling cry like that of kittens, heavy with the need for more. His own soft moan at the noise followed immediately after as his hand lay upon her sex fully. Enveloping it but not moving, just laying still there, feeling the heat of her upon his skin. Her breath hitched and several quick breaths had to be taken before her hips tried to rub up against his palm. Yet he moved with her not against her causing several more of the kittenish cries to sound.
"Please.........." the word drawn out and soaked with longing as his hand shifted slightly letting his thumb rest upon the hiding place of pleasure while his fingers ghosted down her lips over and over again just to touch them not to enter, at least not yet. The shutter took her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Slowly but assuredly his thumb moved in small circular motions causing her back to arch and her breathing to quicken. "More......... please......," her own want sounded needy even for her ears. How long had they been delighting in each other that she was sounding in such a state? Finally though those fingers stopped there teasing and one pressed harder while traveling down her opening, pressing inside. The series of soft moans and mewls that followed extremely satisfying to him. Letting that finger just rest inside of her, let his free hand rub at the front of her neck once more, up and down with just the hint of pressure to hint and tease her with. The blindfold tightly in place took the tears of pleasure and frustration both as they squeezed from her eyes when the sensations became overwhelming. Needing more now, her whole body aflame inside and out entirely. She begged, " Please please please.................." her body tring to push on his finger but never having enough give in her restraints to do as she wished. His fingers curled around her throat once more almost in warning as they squeezed, that she was not behaving. The lack of air however fueled her and did little to put her in place. Slipping another finger inside her while the pressure lay on her neck and his thumb rubbed, brought her in a loud groan and a fit of convulsing. "Good kitty....." his voiced applauded her as he restored her air flow once more but kept his hand firmly in place, laying there. "Is kitty full? Or do you need more?" Her body tried to push down on his fingers once more to answer as she head shook to the first question and nodded to the latter, the kittenish mewls trying to sound, some of them a bit brokenly as she tried to catch her breath. Now it was his turn to groan at the answer given as he bit at her side lightly. "Oh such a good kitty....." a third finger slid into her easily and started to move in conjunction with the others. Stroking her from the inside out even as his thumb gently tried to met them by rubbing at her clit. She tried to bring her arms into her chest as her body writhed under the addition and attention began again. They held fast above her though just as her legs did as well. He bit along her hip as he enjoyed his work relishing ever one of her reactions to him. She was close again after just a few moments yet had not toppled over into pleasure. A smile curling his lips upwards, he added the last of his fingers as he sank his teeth into her hip harder then most times before this. A sobbing scream filled the room as once again she was washed away in a blinding force of her own pleasure. Moaning over and over afterwards as little aftershocks continued to trill threw her yet. On her hip a perfect set of teeth imprints lay. Giving her a moment to be able to communicate again, nuzzled at that impression. " Kitty still want more?" Her eyes rolled up in her head but even so she nodded. A mewled "Please," just barely managed. A growl sounded as she moved, "Oh gods....... such a good kitty, wonderful kitten. Yes." He thumb maneuvering off her swolleness to join his fingers below. His hands where long but slender, almost elegant for a man's hands. She adored them too. Pressing his fingers slowly together inside of her started to tuck his thumb into his palm, the very tip of it pressing into her. Slowly and steadily he pressed inwards and to the last of his knuckles that needed to be worked inside. Slowly still with just a little bit of a twist they slid into her, the rest of his hand followed quickly almost as if it was drawn inside. Moaning at the feel of his hand going inside her took several deep breaths and forced herself to relax, when the tightness came, the stretching ... she relaxed. Wanting this. So full as it slid finally in place and his fingers had to fold over to be fit into a fist. Oh so full. The feeling never lost it's wonder or it's remarkableness. For either of them. No words needed to be said at this time, the sounds speaking volumes enough for any book. Then his hand moved within her. Her body tried to come up off the bed with the pure and complete pleasure off it. He locked her back down by her neck, pinning her tightly, her ability to breath sundered once more. On the point of dizziness, tears flow freely as she orgasms hard enough to bounce her body off the bed. His hand falls away from her neck as it is now work to hold onto her writhing form. " Easy ... easy kitten. Good kitten Very good kitten." Gently he extracts his hand from her body, trailing his fingers down the inside of one of her inner thighs. "Is my kitten happy yes?" the blindfold removed and she can lock her eyes to his, sated and half closed just nods. "Your turn now......."
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