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Lucas is a mild mannered 22 year old who is a virigin, he doesn't know what he wants.
Lucas is a mild mannered 22 year old who is a virgin, he doesn't know what he wants. As of late he's been having visions and dreams of being surrounded by much older and stronger men who are having their way with him and also taking care of him. He is the centre of attention, there is no once else except for him and about 3 other men. Older men, who are all naked, he is on his knees and naked. His chubby body curves as he sucks on one cock while stroking the other two. The man he is sucking suddenly cums in his mouth and that is when he wakes up distraught and sweaty. He went to bed at 6 that day due to a headache. He thought nothing of his urges for the past few months and just surpassed it all. Lucas a chubby, but cute guy forced himself to believe that he liked girls and that he would eventually lose his virginity to a girl, he had no confidence around women. When he woke up it was only 9 PM. He took a shower and hesitantly made his way to his car downstairs and headed to a club/gay house he's been hearing about from his curious exchanges on craigslist. He was also writing a novel about a bisexual man to try and understand himself, while suppressing his urges. Urges that he had, where he wanted to please a man who was much older than him. He just wanted to please the man and make him happy. Lucas arrives at this club, he goes up to the back door, nervous and shaking he walks in an d pays the $10 entrance fee when the man behind the counter says, "Show ID, how old are you?" "22," he replies... "Then go right ahead," says the man as he gives Lucas back his $10 bill and winks at him. Lucas makes his way inside where he is greeted by a tall, devilishly handsome man who stands 6 foot 9 l. He is hung, his cock seems as if it is the same size as Lucas arm. Lucas getting harder and harder stares at the man's hung cock. "COAT," yells the man. He panics and quickly give the man his coat, the man hands him a lock and a key and puts a tag on his coat and throws it back at him. He is then pointed to a locker room, Where a sign reads, "All attendees must be naked, no clothes allowed in rooms, All attendees must shower first before entering any of the rooms or main rooms. A receipt will be printed under your "NAME" to be handed to you at the door where you can pay." He is alone in the room as all the other lockers seem to already be taken. It's a brightly lit room compared to the other rooms and main locations within the complex. He slowly and nervously takes off his clothes, he stands there naked as he puts everything in a locker and locks it. He is now fully naked, standing at about 5'10, around 210 lb. He's chubby, but sexy, cute, curvy chubby. His man boobs are not too big and not too small just the right amount. They fit in the hands of a regular sized fellow, and a little bit more. His skin is smooth and soft, his body shaven. His ass pops out as his main feature nice and round, and soft. His cock for which he feels shame at times is about 4.5 inches and can reach a full 5' when fully erect. Just as he walks towards the shower he sees a much older man, who seems to be in his 50s who seems perfectly fit. He's as handsome as a fit 50 year old an can be. He is slightly taller than Lucas. He glances at Lucas and gives him a wink as Lucas to his own surprise smiles back at the man. The man takes that as a hint, and rushes to get his clothes off. Just as Lucas turns on the shower, the man comes beside him in the neighbouring shower. This man is already semi erect and he's only 6 inches big, his cock is big as his veins pop through his skin. Lucas glances at the mans cock as his gets full erect immediately. The man pushes himself towards Lucas close and closer as Lucas is looking at him in the eyes, and not moving an inch away. The man is finally face to face with Lucas....Face to shoulder rather. His cock is now fully erect too, at a astounding 7.5 inches, and slighlty thicker than before. Lucas lifts himself up as his feet arc up and slowly grabs a hold of this man's waist. The man wastes no time and quickly grabs Lucas by his waist and thrusts him on his own body. "Hi, I'am Phill," the man says as he starts to kiss Lucas passionately. Lucas while being kissed, starts to kiss Phill back and bites his lip, Phill enoyjing the bite and in the middle of an intense make out session asks, "What's your name," "I'm...mmm...mooch... Lucas." They continue making out as the man now pushes Lucas to the wall and starts grabbing his breasts and kisses Lucas neck as he starts making his way to his breasts (MOOBS). Lucas slowly starts to moan, and it's not a manly moan, he sounds more and more like a horny girl waiting to be fucked. He continues moaning like he is a girl on purpose as Phill licks and sucks his nipples. "STOP," says Lucas as he pushes Phil away and pushes him to the wall and starts making out with him again, he takes Phil's hand and puts it on his ass. After a while of making out, Lucas then proceeds to get on his knees and looks at Phill's 7.5 inch thick cock and he whispers to himself....," Just like i practiced," He takes a deep breath and starts licking Phill's massive cock. "I want it," says Lucas, as Phil hold Lucas head and starts to tease him. "Say i want it," commands Phill..."I WANT IT," Lucas says. "Say i want, your big cock daddy," Phill commands again..."I want your big cock daddy, JUST GIVE IT TO ME DADDY," yells Lucas as Phill shoves his cock down Lucas mouth..... END OF PART 1


2017-05-31 21:47:56
Nice start. Seemed a little rushed but overall it's good


2017-05-19 05:52:24
Leave a comment, let me know what you think and what i could do better!! Thanks!

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