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"The Tutor" is a work of total fiction. This chapter is a little different, comment below if you like where its going or have any suggestions. Thanks for reading!
That night I had a dream. It took hours to finally drift off to sleep; I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier in the day with Kyle and Diana in the bathroom. A million thoughts raced through my mind as I tried to force my eyelids shut. What was going to happen to that video? I know they said they just shared it with some friends from camp, but what were those people going to do with it? I’ve seen those “revenge porn” videos before; dirty movies have a habit of finding themselves online.

A wave of terror ran through me- what if someone found the video online and recognized me? I know they didn’t record my face, but I have a pretty recognizable scar just below my belly button. I’d had my appendix removed the year before, and it never quite healed right. There are these two keloid molehills rising from either side of the scar, creating a sort of valley on my torso. I’ve never seen anyone else with a scar like mine so I figured if any of my family or friends saw the video they would know for sure that it was me who was defiling that gorgeous woman in the bathtub.

This led me to another line of thought. Did I defile her? I don’t think either Kyle or myself was taking advantage of her, if anything they were taking advantage of me. They were both consenting adults free to do whatever they wanted with their bodies. I didn’t even have my driver’s permit yet.

I then thought about the taboo of it all. In my curiosity to understand sex and the human body, I’d seen all sorts of bizarre porn ranging from the many tentacle-dick monsters in Hentai to scat-eating trannies. I jerked off to all of it. I wondered how normal all this really was; at age 15 pretty much everything was a turn-on. In the end I concluded that what I had done that day was definitely NOT normal. A formless ripple of guilt began to run through me, though I couldn’t exactly place why.

Kyle and Diana had both made it very clear to me that I didn’t have to do anything if I felt uncomfortable. What they were doing was in the name of harmless fun. I remembered the way Kyle’s and my bodily fluids mixed together in and on Diana. Her soft wet skin slick from urine and semen cried out to me in my minds eye. What we had done was beautiful, and despite being “just for fun,” it bound us all together in a way I had never experienced before. There was a sense of closeness that went beyond words, beyond friendship, beyond even knowing someone’s deepest darkest secrets. This was a closeness forged by an act so pure and primal that I’m not sure even the world’s greatest poet could muster such a feeling onto a page.

I was able to find some comfort in this thought. Even though Kyle and Diana were off in their own home across town, I felt close to them, I felt safe. As I drifted off to sleep, I began to dream.

I was in a hallway. My first thought was that my bare feet should have been cold, I was standing on a white tiled floor. Instead my feet felt warm and wet. I looked up to discover the entire hallway was the most sterile white I have ever seen. I had to shield my eyes with my hand at first; I felt snow blind as my eyes tried to adjust to my new surroundings. Massive Greek columns ran along both sides of the corridor, about two feet from the wall. The ceiling was arched, and covered in gold-leafed art. As my eyes adjusted, I stared at the massive golden mural above me; flowers bloomed proudly, their delicate petals spread wide open. Bees flew happily around the flowers, their plump abdomens wiggling out of the stigma as the heads sucked the sweet juices from within.

As I marveled at the sprawling mural, I became aware of the sound of running water. Beyond the columns, the walls revealed what were unmistakably giant golden penises protruding out every 7 feet or so. They jutted out fully erect and at a slight upward angle, the big round head sticking about 3 feet out from the walls. From the ends of each golden cock ran a stream of water. I could see maybe a dozen or so of these anatomical fountains spitting water into the middle of the walkway. The water rushing around my feet beckoned me forward. The fountains formed a stream of warm water on the ground that led me down the hallway.

I started to walk forward. With each step the water seemed to pick up its pace. What started as a trickle quickly escalated into a babbling brook just deep enough to submerge my ankles. As I passed through the cock fountains streams, I put my hands out and let the warm water wash over them. It felt amazing, and I then moved sideways, stepping fully into the stream. My naked body showered in the relaxing current. I closed my eyes and simply allowed myself to be.

My serenity was broken by a sound down at the end of the hallway. The faint echo of a voice bounced off the cold stark walls, and reverberated in my ears. I could hear a girl’s laughter, which warmed me in a way the water could not. Curiosity forced my eyes open again, and my feet began to carry me towards the sound.

As I crossed the massive hall the voice grew louder and now I could distinguish that there was more than one voice; a whole group of women were laughing in the room beyond. It danced in my ears and forced a smile to spread across my face, even though I had no idea who they were or what they were laughing about. For all I know they were watching me on camera and laughing at the size of my cock. There wasn’t any malice in the sound. They laughed with ease, the way a child laughs when playing with a puppy.

I reached the end of the hallway and was greeted by two massive golden doors. I pressed my hand against one softly but immediately knew they were too heavy for someone of my size to open. Down at my feet the river of water met a metal grate and rushed down into blackness. Each door had a bas-relief of an angel wrapped in silk robes. They reached upwards towards heaven and their breasts spilled out from the flowing robes. The golden metal was worn here into a dark brass as if thousands of people had rubbed these celestial tits and worn them down over centuries. “When in Rome,” I thought, and began to rub the metal breasts.

There was a clicking sound, then the doors swung open with a groan. I’ve read a bit about Greek history, especially the parts with the orgies in the bathhouses. Something gives me the feeling they were never quite like this. The room was massive. There were four different bathtubs, each built into the ground out of the same white tile as in the previous room. They were each the size of a large Jacuzzi. In between each of the tubs sat large beds with silk sheets. They looked so soft that my heart ached for a moment; I wanted to jump in and surround myself with the soft feathery pillows. I could imagine the cool sheets rubbing against my bare skin and almost forgot to look around the rest of the room.

I’m glad I did. In the center of the room there was no bed, but instead just a massive blanket with pillows strewn about. It was here that I discovered the source of the laughter. Three naked women were lying together in the midst of the pillows. One had fiery red hair that cascaded down her chest, covering one of her round pink nipples. She was pale, and a few freckled decorated her soft skin.

Another of the ladies was even more pale, and had short dark hair. I couldn’t see her features because she had her face pressed into the red heads crotch. The Redhead gripped the woman’s hair tight in her hand and pulled it into her, making sure she licked deep into her crevice. Her legs were spread and she was laughing as she leaned back. The third woman was watching from a few feet away. Her hair was dark and hung down to her shoulders in loose curls. Her skin was slightly darker than the others, almost a mix of cocoa and bronze.

Her eyes lazily drifted up from the pleasure before her, she had black eyeliner in an Egyptian cats design, and it made her green eyes sparkle even from across the room.

“Come on in, don’t be shy.” Cat eyes said with amusement. The redhead started letting out sharp moans indicating that the girl licking her pussy was doing a good job.

Cat eyes rose to her feet in one smooth motion and began to walk to me. Still locking eyes with mine, she gracefully stepped over the two entangled women. Once she had made it off the blanket, I noticed she was wearing a pair of black high heels. They clicked aggressively against the tile floor with a sharpness I was not expecting. It sent me back a few steps, and as I backpeddeled, I could feel my cock swaying from side to side. I became aware that I was fully hard, and fully naked in front of three strange women.

“No need to be embarrassed,” she said with one eye raised. Her hand lifted, and casually gestured around the room. “You’re not the only excited boy here.” I looked around the room and was shocked to see the walls on either side of me were lined with men. They were of all shapes and sizes, and each one of them was totally nude. Some were playing with their cocks, sliding a few fingers along the shaft to keep themselves hard. A couple of men were fully jerking off, staring hungrily at the women enjoying each other in the center of the room. The rest stood in varying states of erection, and I had a feeling most of these cocks were above average size.

“You may call me Cassandra,” the woman with cat eyes said.

“Joel.” I replied. Behind Cassandra the redhead was climaxing. She screamed out in pleasure, and her voice carried an echo around the room.

“Let me give you the tour.” Cassandra said. She was now right in front of me. She reached out her small hand and I took it in mine. Her hand felt even softer than the bed looked. My cock throbbed, and I had a sudden urge to have her right then and there. She was around 5’4, and couldn’t have weighed more than 100lbs soaking wet. I wanted to pick her up right there and throw her on the bed, face down. I wanted to shove my heaving cock inside of her. I like to think of my self as a gentle person, but the way I wanted her was anything but. I wanted to shove her face into the bed, and ram myself into her as hard as I could until I was finished.

Instead, I said “ok,” and nodded like a child. She led me over to the side of the room where half of the men were lined up. I held one of her hands, but as we walked she held out the other, and let it bounce along each of the men’s dicks. Each cock bounced and swayed and steeled themselves under her powerful touch.

“They’re here for me and my friends. But you may use them as well, if you like. They’re always ready.” She pointed at two of the men at the end of the line. One was a black man with a huge hard cock. The other sat half flaccid, but still massive. Cassandra snapped her fingers then pointed at the two women in the center of the room. Now that the redhead had finished, they were both sitting up on their knees watching us. The two men walked diligently over to the women in the middle. The redhead smiled and quickly took the black mans cock into her mouth.

The other woman, however, had already had her fill of pleasuring others. She stood up, then bent over one of the bathtubs. She was even smaller than Cassandra, yet her round tits hung down enough to tickled the water. Her nipples sent ripples across the surface. She spread her legs, and while one hand rested on the side of the tub, the other spread one of her ass cheeks apart. I could see a silhouette of her slit between her lets, and could make out a tight brown pucker of her asshole.

“Lick,” she commanded. The man whose penis was not yet erect went down on his knees, and began to lick at her snatch.

“Not there.” She said. He brought his head back for a moment then returned to her flesh, this time higher. As he buried his face in her ass, I could hear her moans of pleasure. I had never even thought about getting my asshole licked before this moment, but it looked like something I could get behind, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Cassandra was watching me carefully, and a sly smile crept across her face. “Is that what you want?” She asked enticingly. Her hand unclasped from mine and a few fingers ran smoothly up my arm. She began to circle around me, her sharp heels clicked loudly, confusing my senses juxtaposed to her soft fingertips gliding across my chest.

“No, I know what you came for,” her hand slid off my shoulder as she walked over to one of the silky beds. As she lifted her leg to crawl onto the bed, I caught a glimpse of the treasures that were hiding between her bronze legs. She continued on her hands and knees to the edge of the bed, and then pointed at one of the men along the wall. She beckoned him forward with a “come hither” motion.

“Come on over, Joel. Mama’s thirsty.” She gave me a wink. I started to walk over to the bed. Over at the far end of the room the naked man she had pointed to walked over as well. His face was calm and serene, but his eyes were awake, and transfixed on Cassandra’s lips. His half-hard cock started to bounce with anticipation. The man stroked his cock once or twice, I could see his excitement rising.

“Ah ah ah! None of that yet. Not until you satisfy my thirst.” Cassandra turned her head and watched me approach. “You know how to do it, right Joel? Do you know how to satisfy my thirst?”

My cock nodded enthusiastically. “Sorry, it was already hard.” I grinned sheepishly, I knew from earlier today I couldn’t pee with a boner, and on top of that she had just scolded the other man for trying to get hard.

“That’s not a problem here. You’ll find everything flows as well as you want, and as long as you want. Go ahead and try.” Cassandra rolled onto her back, her head was on a pillow, and her body hugged the side of the bed. She licked her lips slowly as her hands curled around bright gossamer sheets

My bladder felt full, but there was no pain. The man was standing next to her tits, and I was pointed right at her face. I began to pee. Dark spots started to appear on the pillow as I pushed. Soon my stream had enough power to draw a solid line in the pillow as I aimed over at her face. Her whole body shuddered the moment my warmth started to grace her flesh. She leaned up on her elbows and opened her mouth wide. I could hear my golden current gain bravado as it filled up her mouth. Once it was full, waterfalls formed on either side. They tore across her cheeks and temples, then danced in the curve of her ear before trickling down to the pillow below. I could see a dark stain spreading across the sheets. I wanted to see it consume the whole bed.

Just then, she closed her mouth. Her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk full of acorns. She swallowed all my piss in one loud gulp.

Beside me, the other man began to pee on her as well, starting on her beautiful brown tits. Cassandra rolled her head back, and let out a long satisfied moan. “Come on fella’s, this aint a spectator sport, who wants to baptize me in their golden glory.”

She sat up onto her knees, and retreated into the middle of the bed. I didn’t have time to cut my stream off, but I was suddenly having a major rush just peeing on the bed itself. For a moment I let go of my cock, and just waved my hips side to side, marking my territory all over the mattress. I wanted it to soak into the pillows especially.

I got myself under control just in time for 6 or 7 guys to step up on to the bed around Cassandra, forming a loose circle. There was a gap right in front of me, and in the middle of a halo of cocks sat this raven haired beauty. She was biting her lower lip, and had her head tucked down, playing shy. Her shoulders were rolled forward and her rail-thin arms shot straight down to her knees. The posture pushed her already considerable breasts forward in a way that suggested she had mastered this pose, maybe over centuries. I stepped forward and completed the circle. I looked at all the different displays of manhood around me, and felt a similar sense of kinship forming as I had with Kyle earlier that day. We had formed a team, and we had a purpose.

It was as if the men had all coordinated for this exact moment; careful choreography and rehearsals to prepare for this tinkling ballet. They all released their bladders simultaneously, each golden stream ending perfectly inside of Cassandras open and wanting mouth. From there they danced in perfect unison in a spiral pattern across her face and body. They formed simple shapes with stunning precision; 6 streams formed a perfect circle of pee encapsulating one of her nipples. Through all of this, she was still staring straight at me. “Don’t be intimidated. They live here with me. We want you.”

I could feel the warmth of a man’s shoulder and arm up against me on either side, but instead of peeing again, I took a step forward, breaching into the center of the circle. My cock had a mission, and I was going to do everything I could to help it succeed. Before my cock even reached her mouth, I almost lost my footing on the bed. At first I could feel the wetness of the bed under my feet. I wiggled my toes in the rapidly cooling sheets and wanted to lay down and revel in it.

I was able to make it a few more steps before I began to collide with some of the streams of pee. I had been so caught up in feeling the piss soaked sheets under my feet and wanting my cock to find a new home deep in Cassandra’s throat, that I had almost totally forgotten about the Olympic-level synchronized Pisstraveganza. Their streams caressed my sides, my belly, and made my knees shake as several streams of warmth ran down my legs. I finally made it to my destination, and Cassandra hungrily took my erection into her mouth. She sucked it harder and faster then I had expected from such an apparent Goddess.

Her mouth was a warm pocket of pure sensation. I felt a confidence in my nakedness rise as she worshipped my cock with her face. She would ramp up the speed and intensity until I was ready to coat her mouth with my seed, and then she would back off to keep me on the edge of orgasm. She was able to monitor my state by diligently licking my shaft so that every time she felt my veins begin to throb with excitement, she could slow it down and start moving onto my balls.

The pee party around me started to die down. Some streams were concluding, others started choosing new targets at random. Each stream of piss sought out a new patch of flesh to soak. It cascaded down her miraculous body in until it soaked into the mattress like a sponge. Two men who had finished peeing stepped forward on either side of Cassandra. With my cock still in her mouth, she reached each of her hands out to grab onto more penises. The men’s dicks shuddered to life as soon as she took them into her hands. She began to jerk them off. Even though her hands were soaked in piss, she was having trouble working her hands over the head’s of their dicks. Without lube it just wasn’t slick enough.

Cassandra momentarily took my cock out of her mouth. A sudden rush of cold swept over my wet manhood. It was exhilarating. She looked over at the cock to her left, and hawked a huge ball of spit right on the head. A mixture of saliva, pre-cum, and urine spackled him, and her hand immediately kneaded it into his skin. With each back and forth motion her hand moved faster. Only two men were still peeing, one on her tits and one on the back of her head. She leaned forward and down toward the stream in front of her. The man compensated the rest, and began filling her mouth with fresh piss. She took her fill, gargled it for a moment, then leaned over to the other cock. Cassandra sat up a little higher on her knees so her head was just above his massive erection. She opened her mouth and let the yellow liquid dribble onto him. As she did this, she slid her hand back and forth, finally getting a good rhythm going.

Now with her hands full of hard slick cocks, she began to blow me again. I watched her jerk off the other men, and it got me even harder. Other guys were starting to masturbate around the circle as well. One of them was only stroking himself for a few seconds before he urgently ran up to her. He bumped into me a little as he approached, and I had to put my right arm out to steady him. He let out a sharp moan, and started to unload cum all over her face.

It started a chain reaction. Another man took a step forward, this time Cassandra opened her mouth, leaving my cock still hanging inside. He angled the tip of his pee hole just over us, and blasted three thick pumps of white jizz all over my dick. It ran down the sides, where Cassandra happily licked them off the edge of my cocks head.

She wrapped her lips around me one more time and then sucked hard as she slowly retreated away. Finally, she pulled until the tip of my dick was free from her mouth, and she opened up to show me the mix of treasures she was able to clean off my surface.

She swallowed, smiled, then said “Why don’t you watch for a little bit, ok?”

“Sure,” I took a step back. I didn’t mind, she had already given me plenty of attention, and I was absolutely enraptured watching this bukkake session.

I started to jerk off. Men were now coming up in two’s, furiously hammering at their cocks until they erupted all over her face. Normally in videos cum seems to decorate a face like icing on a cake, staying relatively in place until she is covered in masculine glaze. The piss had made her face slick, and the cum ran down her face like a leaf getting carried down a river.

As I watched the cum start to pool around her on the bed, I was suddenly shocked to feel something poke me from behind. I quickly turned my head to discover the other dark haired woman was on her knees behind me. She had a finger out, and was poking curiously my round hairy cheek. I noticed now this woman was Asian; her narrow eyes looked happily up at me as she brought her hands down to rest on her milky white lap.

“You may call me Naiomi. May I lick your ass?” Her voice sounded innocent, like a young girl. She spoke with a slight Japanese accent; her mannerism as she kneeled before me was like a geisha. I nodded, then she nodded. Her hands came up and eagerly spread my ass cheeks apart. “I see it!” She exclaimed in curious wonder. Her lips puckered up, mirroring my asshole. A small pink tongue crept through, and then she moved her head forward and flicked my hole with her tongue. A wet, cool sensation rushed through my behind, and my hand stumbled around my cock suddenly forgetting how to pleasure myself. She began to lick circles around my hole. I could feel her slowly exploring each groove and surface of my brown puckered exit. I began to stroke my cock faster. This felt incredible. I felt like all my other senses had become intensified; my feet reveled in the piss and cum soaked bed sheets, my cock was pure electricity. Inside my skull my mind became an ecstatic hum from overstimulation.

She pulled away. I regained my senses and was able to turn my head forward again to look at the bukkake party. Cassandra’s pleasure was radiant. The cum had finally started to take hold on her face, slick white globs settled on the precipice of her angular cheek, begging to be brought down by another load. Streaks of cum ran slowly down either tit, making it look like she was wearing suspenders made of jizz.

I then felt Naiomi at my asshole again, only this time she came at me with force. Her tongue breached my puckered up doorway and went inside me. I was so shocked, I couldn’t tell if I enjoyed it or hated it. Before I had time to ponder this further, she came at me again, this time lingering inside my ass a little longer before she pulled out. I could feel my heartbeat pound in my ears as she penetrated me with her cute little tongue.

This was just too much, I lurched forward, yanking Naiomi’s pink probe out of my asshole and pointed my cock in Cassandra’s face. I aimed high, and my balls pumped out two thick ropes of cum across her forehead and hair. I almost fell to my knees as all the wonder and power spilled out of me. As the last spurts of magic dripped onto Cassandra’s cheek, I felt Naiomi’s hair brush past my left thigh. I took a step back and she began to lick the cum off of Cassandra’s face, like a cat. Cassandra grabbed Naiomi by the hair, and shoved her tongue in her mouth. Cum danced between the two women as they made out in front of us. As if to put icing on the cake, one final man stepped forward and came right on their tongues as they were entwined. They both turned their attention to the cock, licking up and down the sides then flicking the tip together.

I began to feel woozy, I took a step back and fell into the bed. I was suddenly in my own bed, alone. As I turned to look at the clock in my room, I felt a sudden cold wetness send a shiver through me. I had wet the bed.

End of Chapter.


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Ok but I prefer the realty of the Diana scenario. Bring in Nancy please.

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