He wore women's underwear, and it turned me on.
After searching for so long, I had given up on finding my Dominant. At this point I was happy chatting with others and furthering my knowledge in the kink world.

His message came unexpectedly one night. Normally those would be discarded, but when he wanted to know what it was I had found, it raised an eyebrow. So many others just wanted sex and never took the time to read my profile. This one was different.

I took a sip of wine and messaged him back. Letting him know what I had found was myself. What I truly needed and wanted. What would make me complete.

He was direct, well spoken, very experienced. I asked many questions. Read his profile several times and wanted to know more.

Message after message I began to feel more comfortable.

We sent pictures back and forth. He also let me know about how he wore women’s underwear. Being open minded, I smirked a little but accepted it. I don’t like to judge anyone for their kink.

When I saw a picture of him in them, it actually sparked interest. I had never met anyone with that specific fetsh.

Although a tad hesitant, I decided to take the chance and agree to meet him in person.

After getting lost twice, I finally found his house. Trembling, I opened the door and walked in as instructed. I set my purse down, removed my shoes and took a deep breath.

He was sitting in the living room drinking tea. I smiled nervously as he got up to give me a hug and introduce himself. My mind eased a bit as we sat down and began to chat.

While talking with him, I began to realize I liked him for different reasons. He was funny. The subjects we covered were vast, yet interesting. He had so many experiences and was willing to share them. To help give me the chance to actually make some of my fantasies come true. To guide and mentor me when needed.

Only one other Dominant had done that. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. I wanted to feel that again. To feel whole, cared for, even if it was just for a little while.

We took our conversation to the bedroom so we could relax and see where it went. I had a big smile on my face when he opened his drawer to show me his women’s underwear collection. Holly cats! There were so many!

My brain said this is weird, but when he started laying them all out on the bed it turned to interest. He put a pair on for me as I selected seven more for him to wear for the next week. It actually began to turn me on. To share this fetish with him meant something.

He came and stood in front of me and looked into my eyes. I could start to smell my arousal as he pulled hard at my nipples. My mind whispered 'harder please ' as he watched me throw my head back in pleasure.

Then he grabbed a pair of nipple clamps and quickly put them on. 'You will learn to love these' he growled in my ear. I winced in pain as he jerked on the chain. Secretly I began to become warm with pleasure. Loving the sharpness as he removed them, I exhaled and smiled.

He was turning me on as I watched him bend over in those beautiful pink panties. 'What a great ass' I thought as he laid on the bed.

I longed to have him just fuck my brains out, but I needed to remember I was in training. It was not for me to decide what we will learn, the direction or the pace he took. After all, it was a great honor that such an experienced Dom would give his time to train and mentor me.

I was trembling again as he commanded me to ride his large cock. 'Show me what a slut you are and fuck this cock', he said harshly. Slipping his large rod in my little pussy, I winced at the fullness.

Slowly I began to ride him as he stared up at me. I wanted to show him that I could follow his direction and be a good slut.

He told me to play with my clit as I rode him. My body burned as I began to respond to his huge cock inside me. Before I could reach orgasm we slowed and I rode him reverse cowgirl. I groaned deeply as he slid his cock back into my slick pussy.

I would not tire as easily in this position and I could also look down and see those sexy silk panties around his knees. As he sat up a bit, I felt the burn as he pulled hard on my hair. My mind screamed more!!! I then felt the first wave of orgasm wash over my body as I began to shake.

'Do you like that bitch?' he growled. I whimpered I did and shook my head yes as I came for a second time....

He then got up and without missing a beat took off the panties he was wearing and forcefully shoved them in my mouth.

His smell intoxicated my nostrils, his flavor filled my mouth and I tried to scream as he rammed his huge cock into me again.

Hitting my sweet spot over and over, he grabbed my hips and went deeper with each thrust.

I started crying as I came again, loving the pleasure and pain. His panties still jammed in my mouth, my pussy throbbed with orgasm. As he slowed and released his grip off my hips, he bent my head back.

'That is a good slut. You will take anything I put in your mouth going forward. Understood?' I quickly nodded my head yes as tears filled my eyes with waves of pleasure.

My first lesson left me breathless.... You never know what may be put in your mouth.

I then smiled, remembering more pairs of panties were set aside for the week.
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