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..this is my first try at a sex story.. any feedback at my improvement is will be continued as a series
It was like any other day in college, the teachers with their constant shouting and the students with their constant blabbering about what is going on in other people’s lives. The bell rang and it was time for lunch. That is when she walked up to me and said ‘HI’. Her name was Cathleen, but she preferred to be called Kathy. She was 5’8 with long wavy black hair with curls at the end, fair with dark brown eyes that were powerful enough to hypnotize anyone, coupled with 34C breasts and a body resembling an upcoming model. Everyone else thought of Kathy as the usual stuck up bitch, however she was very sweet and kind. I said, “Hey, what’s up? Going out for lunch?”

She replied quickly, without wasting any time, “No, I don’t feel like. Why don’t we sit in the classroom and talk?” I was more than happy to do that. But I did not have any bad intentions; I was just being a good friend to the college’s hottest chick.

We had been friends since college started and we hit it off pretty well, however I never had the balls to ask her out and she never took any initiative from her side as well. She was going out with Eric since 2 months now and they had a good thing going on, as of now.
While we were talking, I tried to bring the topic of Eric to know their status and suddenly, her mood went down. She seemed sad by hearing his name. I asked, “What happened Kathy? You seem heartbroken. Is there anything you’re not telling me?”

Again without wasting any time, she hugged me and started crying and soon she resumed saying, “I think he’s cheating on me with Martha, the head dancer of our college. I saw a message on his phone the other day, which said that she wanted him to see her again after their little fiasco in the parking lot after college last week.” I was as shocked as she was. I never took Eric to be a cheat. But I saw this as my opportunity to strike and I said, “What are you going to do about it, Kathy? This is big news. Maybe, I can help.”

She smiled for a while and said, “Yes. Only you can help me. But not regarding Eric. With something else.” I was confused but wanted her to go on. She told me to call her at 8 tonight and left chuckling out.
I was very curious to find out what was going on in her mind. That day, I could not wait to get back home and get ready to go out with Kathy. I rushed back, went to the gym, had a quick shower and it was 5 minutes to 8. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I called her.

Her mother picked up the phone saying she’ll call back in a while. About half an hour later, she called back. By this time I had realized we won’t be meeting tonight and the excitement pretty much vanished till she said ‘HI’ again.
She completely cut to the chase and said, “I want revenge on Eric and I want your help regarding that.” I completely understood what she meant and my penis bulged from my pants. She wanted me to meet her in the backyard of her house in 20 mins. I rushed to her house as fast as I could. When I sneaked up to her backyard, there she was.

Kathy, in her nightgown, holding a bottle of scotch from her father’s cabinet. She looked so beautiful and hot that my erection was visible now. She blushed looking down at me and called me closer. We both had 2 shots of scotch each and before anything could happen I told her what I felt about her and that Eric did not deserve her and before I could finish, she dropped down to her knees. She slowly pulled down my pants and my boxers to reveal my monster of a dick that it had grown to be. I was completely in shock to witness what was happening with me and couldn’t react on time when she took my hard cock into her warm mouth. In no time, my hands were on her head and I was literally fucking her face. I could feel touching the end of her throat with my cock and I didn’t stop or slow down. This was my moment with Kathy and I wasn’t letting it go. I didn’t want to cum early, so I started distracting myself by taking her gown off. But that backfired, as I became more aroused and in no time, I shot my cum into her mouth with a loud moan, “Oooh fuck, that was amazing”. She willingly swallowed my jizz and came up to me.

We started kissing passionately and it was amazing. She held her body against mine and gently started stroking my cock. My limp cock became erect again as it pressed against her waist. I broke off the kiss and started stripping her with the aim of setting those huge 34C breasts free. I unclipped her bra and fondled away with the 2 pillows. Her nipples were hard by now and she was touching her pussy. I went down to take off her panties to see a wet cloth soaked in her pussy liquid. I gently stroked her pussy and she moaned, “Oh baby, lick my clit. Yeah”

Her wish was my command and I started kissing the pussy lips with all of my strength and might. She moaned loudly, and held my head while I licked her clit. I must say it was amazing. Kathy tasted like heaven and I felt Eric was missing out on a package. She suddenly moaned again, this one being the loudest and she came in a while. We lay together on a mattress that she had arranged and kissed again. While we were kissing there was a huge knock at the backdoor.
I got scared and hid under an old table. Kathy wore her gown in a hurry and hid her bra and wet panty. Her mother entered to find Kathy naked, wearing nothing but a gown. She understood something was going on, and she immediately called her inside. I was still hiding when I received a message from Kathy saying that her mother thinks I am Eric and I should leave.

Disappointed, yet relieved, I was about to leave when her mother suddenly stepped out of her house again. I was caught putting up my pants. She didn’t seem hostile. Slowly and creepinly she came up to me and said, “Call me tomorrow at 8.” I nodded and smiled back at her when she gave me her number and a peck on the lips. I couldn’t control myself and held onto her to kiss her passionately and grabbed her ass. Her mother was the best MILF I had ever seen. Her tits were 36DD and she was a bit chubby as well. But her ass was well shaped and I always dreamt of tapping it. She quickly pulled herself back and said, “Not now. Tomorrow, when Kathy and my husband aren’t there.” I smiled again and left for dinner with my friends after taking a victory lap.



2017-05-20 23:00:48
great story. he should go for that ass on both girls and get them to do a threesome. give them a facial. make the girls squirters and tape it with kathy but keep his face out of the frame and send it to eric with kathy saying it is ok but be sure eric is cheating.

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