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Going down on my boyfriend at the cinema, we get interrupted by the ice cream lady and share her until she's ready to serve as a public slut.
I don't go to the cinema much, but for some reason my co-workers had given me a voucher for the local cineplex for my last birthday, so eventually me and my boyfriend Triss made it there to a screening. The movie was Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, which I thought we both would enjoy.

It was the last show on a week night, so the cinema was practically deserted. We took our seats towards the back, behind the other dozen-or-so couples. I was wearing a wide white dress with spaghetti halters while Triss had on a black pants and white shirt, his sleeves folded up as it was still warm and summery. He looked good in a white shirt and black pants, and while the stupid ads were rolling, I placed my hand gently on his crotch, rubbing the bulge in his pants.

He leaned in and whispered: "What the fuck are you doing?" when I just quietly unzipped his pants and reached inside, trying carefully to pull out at least half of his proud, hard dick. When its head began to show, I leaned down across his lap and wrapped my sultry lips around it, feeling it slip inside my mouth and filling it up. My tongue pressed against it, caressing the tip and sliding it slowly in and out, making the passage as tight as I could.

With my head buried in his crotch I couldn't see what he was doing, but his posture started to relax and he slid a little bit further down in the chair while I kept on sucking. Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder gently.

I let his slick cock slide out of my mouth and turned around, only to look into the eyes of the girl who was on the ticket counter earlier. She was a short, chubby bottle blonde, with short cut hair that only framed her face and a nice wide rack that didn't even show properly in the black polo shirt she was wearing. She had a cooler by her side, probably selling ice cream, and said something I couldn't hear over the beginning of the film.

I sat up and leaned in towards her and she bent down to me. "Please signora," she said quietly, as not to disturb anyone, "this is... I'm afraid you need to stop."

I grinned at her and asked: "Stop what?"

She looked towards Triss' lap where part of his cock still stuck out of his pants, slowly losing its erection. "Well, you know," she said. "Stop... doing that..."

I was amused at her squeamishness and suddenly grabbed the collar of her shirt, pulling her down to me and placing a kiss hard on her mouth. She tasted very sweet, almost like her lipstick was made from sugar, and had the sweetest smell about her too. Her skin was soft and warm, and I closed my eyes, just breathing in the sensation.

She was shocked, and stunned, and so at first she did nothing against it, but after a moment she mumbled under the kiss. I let go of her and she stammered: "I... ah... I..." I placed a finger on her lips and made a "shhhh" sound, looking around concerned. The film was finally starting. I pulled her down towards me again and whispered: "You don't want to disturb them, do you?"

She shook her head and looked at me a little confused. I pulled her further down by her collar towards Triss' lap and whispered in her ear: "Then why don't you join me and take care of him? It's such a tasty, fat cock..."

She looked at his lap right in front of her, then up at Triss face who just smiled at her. Finally, she scooted down to the floor besides him and began stroking his rod with her pretty soft fingers. I leaned in and we kissed again, this time with his shaft between us, our lips swirling around its head and licking it slowly up and down. She was good at this, and clearly enjoyed it a lot, so when she started taking him into her mouth, I pulled back and began to fondle her breasts instead.

They felt tight and full through the fabric, hanging heavy underneath her. I slowly pulled up the shirt, revealing first her chubby round belly and then a tightly packed white bra that squeezed her tits so hard they almost jumped out the top of it. I released them mercifully, pulling them out of the confines of the cups and letting them dangle hard and heavy as she tried to get the whole rod of my boyfriend down her throat.

With her tits freed, she arched slightly up and wrapped them around his cock, easily covering all of it as she began to stroke the wet shaft with her cleavage, his head poking out between them on occasion. Not wanting to sit idly by, I started working on her pants, trying desperately to pull them down her fat little ass, but even when she opened them on the front it was still not an easy task. Finally I got them down, pulling her panties along with it, revealing a chubby, big, white pair of buttocks.

I leaned down and started to kiss them, my hand running between her legs, caressing her smooth shaved pelvis and chubby slit in between, probing her hot wet cunt hole slightly as she was bent over in front of me. I looked over to the ice box and suddenly had an idea.

Opening the lid, I searched around in it a little until I found a long, green and red popsicle, which I unwrapped and began to suck. It was cold and tasted sweet and artificial. I turned towards her again and spread her pussy with one hand, while my other ran the cold, wet ice along her unsuspecting labia.

She startled at the sensation, trying to turn and look when Triss grabbed her head and pulled her back down on his cock, not letting her go this time. When she resumed sucking him, I inserted the long popsicle stick into her rosy twat, trying to run it as deep as I could.

When I pulled it back out, it had melted slightly around the sides and I hastily licked and sucked her pussy, tasting her sweet own flavour laced with popsicle taste. And for my next trick, I thought, let's see how that works with her even tighter, and hotter, asshole.

Pulling her buttocks apart, I put the icy stick against her slightly brown anus, twisting and turning it and getting it all covered in sweet syrup before it spread open and slurped the ice down her asshole. I fucked it slowly, pushing it in and out until about half of the ice had melted. Then I pulled it back out, licking her sphincter gently. It tasted sweet and musty, and was more slick than mine had ever been, so I helped her up and made her sit down on Triss' lap.

As usual, Triss aimed straight for her anus and his cock slid right inside, lubricated slippery by her copious saliva and the popsicle syrup lacing her intestine. He began to move her on his lap, making her ride slightly as she stared across the rows of seats in front of us, watching the action on the screen with her ass getting drilled deep. I sat back up myself and put the rest of the popsicle into her mouth, letting her suck on it while she got pounded. Her fat white tits were swinging wildly in front of her.

While Triss ran his prick deep up her ass, I reached down her front and pushed my fingers once more into her damp slit. Not bothering to rub her clit, I just filled her juicy twat with three fingers, digging around inside her while I felt my boyfriend's cock pump into her other hole. Four fingers now, then five, as I tried to fit my hand inside that fat girl's chubby fuck hole, using her like she's not been used before.

It didn't take long until Triss came. I felt his prick pulse and twitch, his balls tighten as he sloshed sticky cum cream into her syrupy asshole, filling it with a big, warm load. She panted heavily as she slid off his cock, while I hastily tried to get behind her, catching all the cum running out her puckered anus with my mouth. When nothing would come out anymore, I turned her towards me, kissing her passionately once more, sharing his cum between us.

We finally went back to watch the movie. She sat besides us, still half undressed and unashamedly rubbing her clit while I turned my attention to Triss' cock once more, taking it far into my mouth, tasting her ass and some of his cum on it as I slowly and diligently began to suck.

Together with the sweet popsicle taste it made for an interesting flavour and so I soon got lost in the sensation of having my mouth fucked by the thick, familiar, nicely shaped cock of my boyfriend. So at first, I didn't notice her when she began to play with my ass, but once her finger started to wiggle past my sphincter, I startled slightly.

It seemed she didn't have quite enough yet, or maybe she decided that this is the night when she just wants to let go, but I felt her probing my anus and licking her finger, then lick my puckered hole and, when I shifted my position slightly and lifted my rack a little higher, she licked my wet slit as well.

I don't know how much experience she had with women before, but she was certainly a good licker, though I had the feeling she just enjoyed the flavour and being of service more than anything.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any more and wanted to get fucked. I turned around and straddled Triss, much like she had done before, also placing his cock against my rear entrance. It made me catch my breath for a moment when I felt the wet, slick, salivated head force my tender, tight asshole open and the sensation of his thick hard rod slowly filling my bowels for the first time is always the best.

My pussy started dripping instantly. I don't know what it is, but anal sex always makes me much more wet than anything else. Maybe he hits against my bladder and pumps some pee out, or maybe I'm cumming a little with every thrust, or maybe my pussy just likes it so much she starts drooling. Whatever it is, I felt my wet juices run down between my legs and onto his balls as I slowly rode the nicely shaped cock in my ass.

Crawling a little closer, the chubby blonde reached between my legs once more and caressed my slippery slit. I grabbed for her arm and directed her hand further into my hot and sputtering hole, wanting to feel filled and fucked like never before. She carefully began to finger me, sliding two of her short stubby fingers inside my twat - too carefully for me, so I held onto her arm and pulled it harder and faster against my crotch, making her fuck me faster and hoping she would get the hint of how hard I would like it.

She finally grew bolder and tried to fill my pussy more and more, getting further inside in the process, until I was happily filled with my boyfriend's pounding fuck stick in my ass and her chubby little hand all the way up my twat. That's when I came, breathlessly and repeatedly, while Triss continued to fuck me from behind, leaving me no time to catch my breath.

Soon, I felt like I was just his fuck toy; a bunch of holes for him to dump his cum into and use whenever and for however long he wants. Thinking of that made me cum even more, and so when I finally felt his warm prick pulsate inside me and sticky warm cream squirt deep up my bowels, I was reduced to a shivering, trembling, unstable mass of chubby redheaded fucktoy meat.

I held fast onto the seat in front of us, remaining seated on his lap while I felt the blonde girl's hand slowly retreat from my wide open and leaking cunt hole. I smiled at her and kissed her once more while I felt the waves of orgasm slowly subside. She looked at me happy and a little clueless about what to do now, so I whispered: "I think there are others here you might want to serve as well."

While I stayed on Triss' lap, slowly regaining my composure, I watched her move from row to row, half-naked as she was, her big natural tits hanging heavily down on her belly while she sucked some more cock and got slapped by someone's girlfriend. Last I saw her she was riding a guy many rows down and to the far left, her white boobs bouncing up and down as she moved on his crotch.

That's when Triss started flooding my asshole with piss. Holding his flaccid cock still firmly inside me, I felt a steady warm stream coming from it, filling my bowels quickly. He was using me in any way he wanted, just as I liked it.

He was finished soon and I had a hard time keeping it in, so we finally left the cinema halfway through the movie. On our way out, I saw my blonde friend once more, kneeling besides the exit, her face and tits glistening suspiciously with cum and apparently waiting for anyone who comes by to use her some more.

I smiled and turned, spreading my buttocks towards her and spraying her hard with Triss' pee coming from my ass. She gasped and sputtered, and before she could protest we left her there in a stupor, soaked and dripping, and went out.

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