One party leads to one of another kind.

In the previous story (What If) I explained the rationale for these stories. Basically, I was wondering what the fallout might have been if I had made different decisions involving sex at key times in my life. In the first story I gave detailed results of a change of mind at two different times. In this story I will advance the time in years and consider more of this.

Nothing significant happened to me sexually from the time that I was eleven until I was fifteen. I am going to assume that the variant decisions already discussed did not happen and so I am on the same course that I actually followed up to this time. But, now will come another possible deviation from the action life line.

I was fifteen and living with my father and step-mother because of a serious falling out with my mother over her over-zealous physical punishment of me over things that were absolutely not my fault or were so trivial as to demand little reaction by her at all. I wasn’t being unreasonable about this, she was. After I had been sent down to my father’s as incorrigible, as soon as my father and step-mother said that I was not at all difficult to get along with, my mother began to second guess her decision about me and her treatment of me. I had no desire for her to feel guilty at all, I just wanted her to be fair with me. And with me absent from her home, she was great when I came to visit.

My beloved sister who was (and still is :-) a year younger than me, decided to have a teen party at mom’s house and I was invited to come up to it from my father’s house about 15 miles away. I had my own transportation at this time. I was still involved with my religion, too. So, I was a prime target among the ‘good’ girls of the congregation. And I don’t say this snidely. There was a surplus of them, since many of the guys had no intention of living their lives hampered (they thought) by a bunch of Christian rules.

I guess the word got around and several of the girls in the congregation decided to attend. A couple of guys, too. My mother was thrilled by this and helped to set up and decorate the living room for this. She also bought a bunch of soda pop in various flavors and potato chips. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that she did some baking too, since was a fine cook and home baker.

In my life, I have never been a stud, outstandingly handsome, a genius, very strong, affluent nor have a big dick. I was just a common, everyday guy. Relatively harmless and shy around girls. I was keenly aware of them, but clumsy in social situations. This night I determined to raise the level of my social presence.

As I entered the house (mom’s) my sister took me aside and told me to not mention that I was living elsewhere. She wanted me to just act as I belonged and I did, which was a relief to my mom. My sister also wanted to show me off to the girls, so that she could concentrate on the remaining guys. By-the-way, my sister was a real looker and had a woman’s body at 14. She was also a formidable force around guys.

A girl who lived two blocks down the street and whose family also attended our congregation, came in just after I did. No one was sure if she had been invited, but now she was there. She was the same age as me, with a very spare body, decent looks, and a super-charged attitude toward males. Even her own father was nervous around her. She had a reputation as what we would now call a ‘slut.’ But, no one used that word around polite society, so she was just called a little wild.

Well, she was getting on my sister’s nerves because this party was intended for her (my sister) to sort among the young studs as to who she was going to favor with her presence. My sister was not a ‘slut’ by any means, but even at that age had plans to corral a guy and make his life………..very happy. Tracey, the assumed ‘slut’ had her own agenda, though. So, to open the field of battle among the guys for herself, my sister tried to connect me up with Tracey. And Tracey was definitely game for any action that I had in mind. My mother was totally amused by all of this maneuvering by the girls. She probably hadn’t seen anything so very entertaining since her early teen age years. I was not amused, at all.

NEXUS 3: In real life, I excused myself and stayed as far away from Tracey as I could. This was after she had already trapped me behind the freestanding oil stove, with my mother in riotous good humor over this. I left the party when it would be socially acceptable to escape anymore drama and my sister who loved me dearly never forgave that act of sexual cowardice on my part. Tracey matured into a fine looking woman after she had children, five of them and had been married four times before she just really calmed down and devoted herself to raising her children. She remained single for the rest of her life and died as a much admired good-hearted lady.

I was much more sexually vulnerable than I let on, what if I had given in and helped to rescue my sister’s plans of sorting among the guys without Tracey’s interference? Let’s assume that I did.

“Hello Thane, thank you for inviting me to your party,” she said with the expression of a cat who was about to pounce on the mouse.

“Uh, Tracey, this is my sister’s party and I had nothing to do with the invitations.”

“Oh that’s okay Thane, I made it here anyway.”

I pondered this example of teen girl logic for a moment and then shook it off before it swallowed me. As I was cogitating on this she moved in to very close proximity to me and began to caress my arm through my shirt sleeve. The shirt was doing a very poor job of muffling the influence that this action was having on me. Parts of my body were starting to act in potentially embarrassing ways. And my mother was standing in the kitchen entry to the living room apparently living it up at watching her oldest child being emotionally molested by a very determined teen aged girl. At least that is what the giant smile on her face told me. Tracey wasn’t smiling, she was too intent for that. But, everyone at the party was staring at her and me, my sister had her own appropriate smile on also.

It was getting very hot to me in the room and so I figured that I would beat a hasty retreat before this got all out of hand. When I made this known to my sister, she asked if I could take Tracey with me to her home, thus removing her from the field of female combat. I said that I would, not taking into account the possible outcome for that good deed.

I walked her out to the sidewalk imagining that she would walk the two blocks to her house alone, or maybe I would walk her there. It was twilight outside and besides it was much safer for a girl walking in her own neighborhood in those days. But, she saw the car and asked about it. I told her that it was mine and she zoned in on that. She asked if I could take her home in it. It was prime to her, though it was a beater 1950 Ford sedan. It had four wheels and front seat and it ran okay, that made it a limousine to her.

I walked her over to the car as she snuggled up really tightly to me. I opened the door and settled her into the car. She looked like she had won the Publisher’s Clearing House big prize, by the expression on her face. I sauntered around the car and got in behind the wheel. That is where it is steered, you know. With the atmosphere so thick with pheromones, it is a wonder that I realized what the wheel actually was for.

As I settled in to start the car, she shifted herself all the way right up to my body. She wasn’t next to me, she seemed to be part of me. I was too stunned to say a word. Besides she was going to be out of the car in about five minutes. Right!!

She said in the most sultry voice I was ever to hear in my life, “Thane, since it is so early, would you drive me around the neighborhood in your fine car?”

Honest to God, I tried to say, “No, I need to take you home and go back to my home.” But, the words never crossed my lips. Instead I said, “Where would you like to go?” A monumental mistake. A life-changing one.

“Oh, I don’t have to be home for awhile. How much gas do you have?”

“I have plenty.”

“Okay, then just start driving and I will direct you.” Where we ended up was an open field a half a mile away where they were about to build some homes, but nothing but earthwork had yet been accomplished. It was obstructed in view from the road and any neighbors. Perfect for her plans.

At this she asked me to move the front seat up and for us to move to the back seat. Big mistake.

As we settled in the back seat, I noticed that her light jacket was missing. It had been taken off and left on the front seat. But, it was not cold yet at that time of the night during this part of the year, so that didn’t alarm me. Besides it was getting very warm in the car.

She asked me if I wouldn’t like to take my jacket off, too. To be able to cool off, you know. I saw no big issue in that, so complied with her suggestion. After the jacket was gone, she snuggled up to me and made it apparent that she wanted some serious kissing. I was keen for this but had little experience. I made up for this very quickly in the hands of this red hot young girl. Very quickly we were slobbering all over each other with our mouths and tongues all over the other person’s mouth and face. Then our hands went to work on each other. Mine zeroed right in on her breasts. She opened her blouse to give me better access to them and I moved right in to caress and to kiss and suck on them. It is a wonder that I didn’t suck the nipples right off. But, she showed no care to slow me down or stop me. Instead I was to hear a series of moans and sexual interjections, like ‘suck that baby.’ ‘take that nipple into your mouth and bite it.’ ‘put a hickey on my tittie, honey.” I was losing any sense of humanity over this.

And then she began to play with my private member through my pants. Moving on to open my pants to further her attentions. All of this while I was mad about her breasts and getting very specific instructions as what to do with them. I had no idea of what she should do with my penis, but she seemed to have it all figured out. She quickly had it free and out in the air. And then of all things, she put it in her mouth, drooled all over it, let it slip around in her mouth, sucked on it and let it penetrate part of the way down her throat. I quickly emptied into her mouth, kissed her lips and went absolutely berserk.

I pulled her dress up, pulled down her panties which became ripped and moved my cock right up to her private entrance. I had no idea of what I was doing. My body had taken over, because it knew what to do. She was not fighting this at all. She seemed to want it as badly as I did. She laid back on the seat and spread her legs so that I could get into the proper position to join my body to hers. She showed every intention of advancing this eventuality. She guided me up to the hole with me in the perfect position and I pushed right in. I didn’t know that there was no hymen, because I didn’t even know that there should be one. All that I knew was that I was finally home, where I belonged.

I grunted and she did too as I penetrated her to her depths and pumped my organ in and out of her velvet tunnel. Very quickly I felt a tension building up in my groin area and soon after that I felt something explode in her and I felt the greatest relief that I had ever felt in my life. I also felt totally in love with her and that she was the dearest thing in the whole cosmos. She must have felt it, too. Because she was clinging to me like her life depended on it. We laid in each other’s arms until sense came back to us and we separated to clean up the mess we made as well as we could under the conditions.

Three months later, it became apparent that Tracey was pregnant. After the shock subsisted among the parents and some very serious consequences in the congregation, everyone involved rallied behind the new couple/parents to be. They recognized the premature welding of these two hearts. Neither of them ever seriously considered another person in a sexual way again. It was impossible to keep them apart. So, her parents set up a small suite for them in their house just blocks from his mother, Tracey’s father being an enthusiastic remodeler, and the couple took up a very long marriage with each other which was hidden until they both graduated from high school. The baby was portrayed as an abandoned child adopted by her parents, until that time too. Then all became clear and open to the shock of a lot of people.

Thane right out of high school took up the trade of a surveyors’ assistant and worked at his schooling for ten years to get his own surveying engineer’s degree and license. He then became very successful with his own business. The couple had six children and were wildly sexually active till their deaths in old age. No one ever held it against them for their precipitous entry into a relationship, parenthood and marriage. They were just accepted as the exceptions to the rules.

And Tracey felt that she got her man, a better one than she could have imagined.

Of course, nothing like this happened. Because I didn’t make that decision. But, things didn’t work out badly for me or for ‘Tracey.’ We both gained considerable lives anyway, just not together.
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