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Fro the Diary of a happy man
New Blood.

November 21st

Sometime ago had Doreen noted that a house opposite, which had been vacant for some time, now had curtains, so after a few days she went across to introduced herself and offer to provide help and local information should the new occupants need any. It turned out that that the new occupant was a single woman and was indeed needing help and information.

They liked each other and became good friends. Doreen has just rung to say that last night they became 'very' good friends. The 'phone call also included the fact that her new friend is a gorgeous 48 year old, has a firm body and has admitted that she is very happy to share it with selected friends and that Doreen had already been 'selected'.

Ruth enjoys sex, Doreen enjoys sex and it didn't take them long to recognize a kindred spirit. Ruth arrived at Doreen's house one evening and as soon as she had settled, she asked Doreen if she would be averse to a sexual encounter.

Doreen had wondered about Ruth because of occasional remarks that she'd made about Doreen's' lovely rounded figure'. The phrase 'right here and now' rang Doreen's bell and without further ado she steered Ruth up to the bedroom and commenced to show her what skill she had acquired in removing another woman's clothing without ripping anything.

Doreen admitted that the evening had been a roaring success. Ruth had taken the lead from then on and had proved to be a very needy, frustrated, dynamo who, although wanting to have a soft, willing, woman in her grasp, actually wanted that woman to drive her to a frenzy of climaxes. Doreen could do that to a statue so they both enjoyed the tryst.

They separated around 2 am and then Doreen got to thinking about the pleasurable possibility of introducing her to us.

Brenda had shown a distinct interest in the 'Dynamo', but only if I was in the mix. If Ruth was really up for sex, then it had to be under the same rules that Doreen had joined us because 'a bit at a time' just wasn't on. Doreen hadn't said anything to Ruth about our involvement in matters sexual; she just asked if Ruth would be happy to meet a couple of friends of hers.

November 24th

We met Doreen's friend, Ruth, yesterday evening. She is a divorcee, has a very 'interesting' body and a surprisingly frank attitude to discussing matters of a sexual nature. She and her ex-husband had had a steady relationship with another couple, but the two females had grown so fond of each other to the point that the males started looking elsewhere for sex. Her friend's husband decided that he really wanted his wife back so they moved away, but Ruth's husband had decided he was having more fun without her and they split up.

He bought Ruth's share of their printing business and moved out. Ruth stayed, but after a year, the business started to fail and he began a hate campaign via email and 'phone, so she sold the house and moved up here. She had chosen this area because it was fairly secluded, but after the city life, she had begun to feel lonely and Doreen had been a real friend in need.

Ruth had said that she had hoped for another quiet night together, but Doreen merely said that Ruth would enjoy the evening and that they would have plenty of chances to enjoy each other in the future.

When they arrived at my place, my first thought was that Doreen must have meant 'dynamite' because this woman was exactly that. Ruth took a quick look round then said to Brenda that she had a lovely home which brought a grin to Brenda's face as she explained that she was also visitor, just on a more permanent basis.

As they chatted and settled down in the living room, I examined the surprise package that had landed. She was some package. Blonde hair cut short, slim, lithe figure. Her height was around 5' 2". Under her blouse were high, firm looking mounds and I couldn't see any indication that she was wearing any support, just filmy lace. She wore a figure hugging skirt from which two smooth, shapely, legs protruded ending in two small feet.

She was a small version of Brenda, a gorgeous doll. The difference was that where Brenda was quietly attractive, Ruth was rivetingly sexy. I could see why the term 'hot' came to be used to describe a woman's appearance.

It soon became apparent that I was now the subject of conversation because Ruth had started glancing in my direction. Brenda stood up to remove her sweater, she was wearing a blouse beneath it, but I wasn't fooled, she had put it on just prior to Doreen and Ruth's arrival claiming that she was feeling cold, so she was plotting something.

Doreen rolled her eyes meaningfully in the direction of the kitchen so I took the hint and set off to get wine and small goodies to munch whilst Ruth was given what information was deemed appropriate about 'our' group.

When I returned to the plotting, sorry that should be living, room, Ruth was sitting on a stool in front of my laptop, but she was staring at me as I came through the doorway.

"Doreen tells me you've had rather an active sex life." She said.

"I'm still having one and so are Brenda and Doreen. Of course, there is always the possibility of convincing others that it is a pleasant way to live, but I wouldn't dream of trying to rush anyone into anything. I take it that you've been invited to read my diary so you can gain some insight into our hedonistic lifestyle?"

"Yes, do you mind?"

"No I don't. You would do well to start around the middle of last year. If you want to read what happened before that you're welcome to comeback anytime and do so."

Ruth started to read and Brenda stood behind her.

After a short while, I could see a flush of pink on Ruth's neck and cheeks then Brenda rested her hands on Ruth's shoulders and very gently began to stroke her shoulders and neck. Soon her hands wandered a little lower down Ruth's front. Slowly, but carefully she was able to cup Ruth's breasts and gently massage them. Ruth responded by sitting a little more erect with her shoulders pushed back against Brenda's midriff.

This was all the signal that Brenda required, deftly she undid a button on Ruth's blouse each time her hands passed over Ruth's breasts until it was time to stop any subtle moves and undo the lower three buttons, open the blouse and slide it back off Ruth's shoulders and then down her arms and off altogether. Her next action was to undo the flimsy lace 'bra cupping two proud breasts. They were little more than a lace curtain because they certainly weren't supporting anything.

Doreen had moved behind Brenda and as Ruth's 'bra was being removed she was removing Brenda's blouse and skirt and as she hadn't been wearing a 'bra or knickers she was now nude.

Brenda put her hands under Ruth's breasts and applied upward pressure, which made Ruth stand up. Now Doreen could remove the stool and Brenda could unfasten Ruth's skirt and allow it to drop to the floor revealing the fact that she wore a tiny thong. Ruth had long since stopped trying to read the diary; she was just leaning back against Brenda. I could see the soft mounds topping her breasts begin to grow into two hard, erect nipples. She was lost in a world of lust and so was I.

Doreen had come back to my chair and knelt before me to undo my trousers and prize my erect cock out of the constricting material. She stroked me for a few short moments and then rapidly dropped her skirt, straddled me and reached down to guide my cock between her labial lips and then lowered herself down my erection.

I looked across at Brenda and Ruth to see that Ruth no longer wore a thong, revealing a smooth vulva. Brenda was using one hand to tweak a nipple whilst a finger on the other hand was being used to infiltrate between her labial lips. Ruth had opened her thighs slightly to ease the finger's path as she stared at my cock disappearing into Doreen.

"I want to do that." She said.

"You could be in luck then, but you'll have to contain yourself. I'm only just getting started. I think it's your bed time so I'm about to take you upstairs and I very much doubt that you'll be available for a while yet."

Brenda held Ruth's hand and guided her upstairs, treating me to the sight of two very firm and desirable backsides. From behind, they looked just like a mother and daughter. Seeing that I was currently holding a slightly larger, but definitely softer, backside, which was impaling itself on my cock I returned my attention to its owner and managed to loosen her grip on my shoulders so that I could fondle her full, soft, and bouncing breasts.

After a while nature took over and I needed to become the driving force, I now wanted desperately to fuck Doreen vigorously and so I asked her to please get off me and get on her back on the couch and spread her legs because there wasn't going to be any foreplay. She giggled and did as asked. I towered over her soft and very willing body for a moment before lowering myself onto and into her. I fucked her for an hour and although she came, twice I didn't and my erection was undiminished.

This sometimes happen when my brain is just full of sexual desire and lust drives my body. I turned Doreen over and rammed my cock into her from behind. I thrust into her clutching vagina and held her soft breasts to prevent them from swinging and bouncing so much that the action would hurt her.

Finally, she came again so I pulled a condom from the packet in the small drawer of the occasional table beside the couch, put it on, coated it and her anal opening with lubricant, and began to enter her anus. She moaned softly and asked me to go slowly. I tried, I didn't want to hurt her but soon my lust was driving me again and soon I was thrusting hard into her. Doreen was into her stride now so she was able to take my cock and began thrusting herself backwards as I thrust forward. I held her hips tightly, using her as an anchor as I rammed her into another climax.

We separated and headed for the wet-room to clean up and cool down then into bathrobes and back into the kitchen for a coffee. We sat in the kitchen quietly relaxing when it became apparent that somebody was definitely not relaxing.

From upstairs came a series of screeches and wails of what can only be described as sexual ecstasy. Ruth was pleading with Brenda to let her climax, but after listening for while we discovered that Brenda was deliberately bringing her to the edge and then stopping whatever it was she was doing to Ruth until her urge to come had subsided then she'd wind her up again. This treatment was driving Ruth wild, but Doreen told me that this was just the sort of treatment that Ruth wanted.

I had looked at the clock when they went upstairs; I looked again and was surprised to find that it was 1130pm. Two and a half hours had passed and they were still having a ball up there.

My erection had finally started to be less intrusive until Doreen suggested that we should go upstairs and see what, exactly, it was that Doreen was doing to Ruth. My cock immediately started to become extremely hard again, which was very noticeable when I stood up. Doreen certainly noticed it and grasping my member firmly, she set off in the direction of the stairs.

"You really are keen to get into Ruth's charms aren't you?" she asked as we ascended the stairs.

"Right now I'm keen to get her out of Brenda's clutches so that you can take her into the other bedroom and give her all the attention she can cope with for as long as you can manage. Give her a night she will never forget. What I want to do is to bury this erection in Brenda and keep it in there until dawn."

"Are you telling me that you don't fancy screwing Ruth?"

"Certainly not, I most definitely want to screw her, But that will happen tomorrow afternoon, I have no idea how long I will manage it for but she will certainly know it happened."

Saturday night became Sunday morning as we entered the master bedroom.

Ruth was face up, her shoulder resting on the bed with her hands tied to the foot-end bedposts. Her body sloped up over Brenda's body as she sat between Ruth's widespread legs, her face level with Ruth's sex. Her legs were hooked over Brenda's shoulders and her ankles tied to the head-end posts.

I could see the last inch of her vibrator protruding from Ruth's vagina and that its effects were being enhanced by the smaller model projecting from her anus. Brenda was caressing Ruth's breasts and rubbing over her erect nipples the result of all this stimulation being that Ruth was rocking, rolling, and bucking in a paroxysm of lust and ecstasy.

Doreen and I stood beside the bed watching Ruth's body writhe in the most erotic manner and this obviously triggered an urge in Doreen. She'd decided that she had to add a little something to the scene so, dropping her robe she knelt and began to masturbate me until I was forced to stop her before I came over the two sweating bodies on the bed. She then turned her attentions to Ruth. Kneeling over Ruth's face with her back to Brenda she lowered her sex over Ruth's mouth and told her eat her until she came.

Brenda took this opportunity to reach around Doreen and fondle her full breasts. This was all very nice but my cock was a raging rod of hot muscle and I was rapidly losing control of my self-control.

I did lose my self-control. I removed my robe then undid the ankle restraints on Ruth, put my arms under Brenda's armpits and knees then dragged her off the bed and carried her to the single divan bed that I'd recently installed for just such overflow eventualities.

I wasn't particularly rough but I wasn't about to wait any longer to get my cock into the one body it really wanted, and needed, to be inside. Her eyes widened as she saw the look on my face as I parted her thighs and went down on her labia to lick and suck her sex opening and clitoris.

Once I was certain that she was sufficiently wet to take my engorged cock with very little ceremony, she experienced exactly that. I thrust myself into her. In an extremely short span of time, she had gone from being the master of someone's body to being mastered.

Brenda allowed me to use her body to take away some of the blind lust I was feeling then gradually she tightened her grip around my back and wrapped her legs around my waist with her ankles crossed to lock herself to me.

The tables were turned. She had been experiencing the same urgent desire to fuck as I had and now she was in charge of the proceedings and was fucking me from underneath. She kept the pressure on my lower back with her ankles and held me there as she rammed her labia against my groin. We may have been driven by lust and love, but we are no longer young enough to be able to keep up a sustained, vigorous, activity such as the one we were performing, for long periods.

As we slowed down to a more sedate pace Doreen's voice cut through the red fog of lust which caused us to actually stop what we were doing and turned to look at the two women on the bed.

I had omitted to refasten Ruth's ankle ties when I removed Brenda, and as Doreen had undone Ruth's wrist ties in order to fondle Doreen's breasts, Ruth had naturally taken advantage of the freedom.

Being, fitter, stronger and more wiry than Doreen, she had brought her legs up to hook Doreen's arms and then forced her backwards so that she was now on her back with Ruth's mouth against her sex. Ruth had managed to remove the two vibrators from her body and was inserting the larger one into Doreen's vagina as she simultaneously nibbled her clitoris.

Because she was stronger than Doreen was, she was able to keep her under control. Doreen had been begging Ruth to let her up, but Ruth was not listening. She carried on with her ministrations until Doreen climaxed, noisily and violently but finally she collapsed and Ruth extricated herself from the wreckage of the bedding.

She looked across at Brenda and me and with a huge grin, she said. "Can I join your club? Please"

Brenda smiled at Ruth. "We are not a club. We are a group of friends enjoying healthy activities. Don't be in such a rush; you may not like all the exercise activities. This heap currently resting between my thighs has a set of exercises arranged for you this afternoon. "We would appreciate it if you took Doreen downstairs for a while, the heap and I have some business to finalize and I would be really happy if it was concluded in the very near future."

Ruth did as asked and I did as instructed until Brenda shuddered her way to a rather quiet climax. Mine wasn't.

We had intended to go downstairs and have some scrambled eggs with Doreen and Ruth, but, to put it bluntly, we were knackered and opted for sorting out the bedding on my bed, a quick wash and teeth cleaning in the bathroom then snuggle up together and lights out.

When my lights came back on it was 9:15am. Brenda was still asleep and I had the pleasure of just observing her for a few minutes before attempting to slide out of bed without disturbing her. I didn't wake her, but unfortunately, I managed to drag the duvet off her upper body revealing her pert breasts.

I'm only human I just couldn't resist having a little fondle and then the duvet slipped a little more, revealing a flat stomach, just a little gentle stroking wouldn't wake her and before I knew it my hand was over her vulva and Brenda was beginning to react and so was my cock.

A little more pressure and a moist tongue on a now erect nipple and her thighs were parting. Now there was no going back. I slid a finger between her labial lips and gently caressed her moist clitoris. Thighs now wide apart and soft moaning told me all I needed to know; I positioned myself between the gateposts and entered her.

Brenda's arms came up and her hands clasped my buttocks and forced me even deeper into her than I had intended to go. It was short, it was hectic and it was noisy, but it was also bloody lovely. The applause from the doorway indicated that it had also been appreciated by our audience who, they claimed, had merely come to ask what we would like for breakfast.

During breakfast, we heard more from Ruth. She is 5ft 2in tall, weighs in at 112lbs. and is a serious marathon runner, but she prefers the wild terrain running rather than just pounding road and paths. She said that she ran for 3 hours every weekday and took the weekends off. No wonder she was so wiry and fit. Athlete or not, for a small person she could certainly manage to put away lot of muesli. Doreen, Brenda, and I made do with a full English breakfast.

After breakfast Doreen and Ruth drove home to change into clothes more suitable for outdoors as we intended to take a walk along the beach and then across the moorland to a small village which had an inn with a large fireplace and therein, a large fire. The inn also had a large selection of liquid refreshment from which to choose along with a superb 'home cooked' menu for lunch. We arrived back at my place in a very merry frame of mind.

Doreen and I made coffee as Brenda and Ruth settled on the couch. I came back into the living room just as Ruth's jeans were tossed over the back of the couch, it seemed that her sweater and 'bra had already made that journey, her knickers followed shortly thereafter.

I never had chance to interfere. Brenda's 'I'm in charge' voice advised me to sit in my armchair and enjoy the view and my coffee, so I sat and enjoyed my coffee and the view. Doreen had removed her clothes as soon as I'd left the kitchen so she came in wearing nothing but a smile and carrying a tray with their coffees and placed them on the coffee table. She then sat down beside Ruth and leant to nibble an erect nipple.

The three women took gentle pleasures from each other as they sipped their coffee. I sat across from them and smouldered. They caressed breasts and parted thighs to allow vulva's to be cupped and labia parted.

I released my stiff and aching member from the confines of my trousers and stroked it gently as I watched. Doreen suggested that I could at least enter into the proceedings a little more whole-heartedly and get my clothes off. I did as asked and watched Ruth staring hard at my hard.

I was also capable of putting on a show so I crossed the room to stand before Ruth and then began to stroke my cock; she managed to contain herself for around 5 minutes before she surrendered to her urges.

She sat forward and began trying to get my erection into her mouth, but soon realized that she would need time and patience to manage that so she opted for grasping my cock and treating it to a wonderful tactile inspection that soon had me panting.

As I reached out to hold her head, but she sat back on the sofa and slid down so that there was room for me to what she wanted me to do. I complied with her unspoken request and dropped to my knees in front of her, pried her knees wide apart and leant forward to taste her sex.

Even though it had experienced quite a few internal probing's since yesterday evening she still had a tight slit and I enjoyed a very close up inspection of her delightful entrance before extending my tongue to a taste her sex.

She responded magnificently by opening her legs as wide and as high as she could get them and lifted her buttocks, which provided me with complete access to her then, lowered her legs onto my shoulders and then pulled my head hard against her.

Ruth was more than happy to let me eat her but she had an even stronger desire to satisfy. I heard her say "Please Brenda, get the chair" and before I could really assimilate the information, I was being 'encouraged' to get to my feet and then moved backwards until my knees hit the chair which had been placed behind me.

Pressure on my shoulders indicated that I should sit. I did so, my arms were immediately pulled behind me, and my wrists fastened together by the handcuffs I'd bought for Benda and me to use on Doreen. In the circumstances, I could hardly complain at my being treated in the same manner.

It was obvious that there had been a discussion beforehand because the next thing to happen was that Brenda moved in front of me and knelt to suck my cock ('felate' seems such a cold word in this situation) and then Doreen took her place.

Next came Ruth, but she didn't kneel, she climbed onto the chair. Feet placed either side of my legs she pressed her sex against my mouth and her hands behind my head to pull it forward against her groin and then the other two devils commenced to masturbate me. It was fantastic.

Thankfully, Rose remembered that I also needed a little air with my snack so she eased away from my face and climbed down from the chair. This gorgeous little doll had positioned herself over my lap with her hands on my shoulders as my erection, held by an acolyte, was guided to the gates of paradise, which were being held open by the other acolyte.

Ruth sighed and started to rotate her hips, each time she completed a circle she applied a little more downward pressure and so, slowly but surely, she descended my pole until she reached her limit and I still had round about an inch to go.

At this point, she ceased her downward pressure and commenced thrusting her pelvis forward and back. Heaven, it was absolute heaven. I now have a pair of lovely breasts, each one topped with an erect nipple, at mouth height and in mouth's reach; I made the most of the offer. She was so tight around my cock I could feel every ripple of her vaginal muscles, and then she started to gyrate her hips as she thrust back and forth.

Ruth began panting and her movements became frenzied until, very slowly, she descended that final inch. I was deeper inside her than any other person had ever been and she gasped this news out to us as she came. Loudly, very loudly, she almost blew my ears off and her vaginal muscles almost chopped my cock off for her to keep as a keepsake.

My hands were tied, but not my legs. I stood up and my arms slid up the chair back. Ruth had no way of preventing me from walking into the kitchen with my erection buried inside her, she couldn't get off so she had to hang on which she did even though the engorged nipple of her left breast was nibbled as she bounced up and down on my cock until I lowered her onto the kitchen table. At this point, Brenda came and unlocked the handcuffs allowing me to press her gently back until her shoulders were against the wood.

I slid my hands down over her lovely breasts, I was tempted to linger, but I had urgent business elsewhere and I was reasonable certain that other opportunities to play with those beauties would present themselves. My intention was to get hold of her hips and then use them as hand holds to enable me to fuck this lovely creature without having her slide all the way off my cock. It worked, I was careful not to ram myself into her too hard, so we both enjoyed the next lust filled twenty minutes until she climaxed again and the tight clamping of her vagina caused me to follow suit.

Whilst I waited for my erection to collapse I fondled her breasts and stomach until she asked me stop otherwise she would be demanding more of the same. I knew I would be unable to satisfy her a third time at such short notice so I reluctantly eased myself out of her body, helped her to her feet and led the way to the wet room. I was not allowed to soap her; she said that was because she didn't trust herself to behave in a lady-like fashion if I came into close contact with her at the moment. She'd never know how grateful I was for that decision.

Having finished our shower we returned to the living room and dressed, Brenda and Doreen were busy upstairs, it was hard to tell quite what they were busy at, but it the sounds we were hearing suggested that it was enjoyable so we left them to their frolics and made ourselves useful by tidying the room.

I heard the upstairs shower pump start up and then Doreen appeared wearing a bigger smile than when I last saw her and headed for the wet room. Once we were all in the living room, I told them that I would like to treat them to a meal in a good restaurant in town and enjoy someone else's cooking skills.

Doreen and Ruth went home to change and dropped Brenda off at her place, which they had to pass on the way to the main road. I change into suitable clothes and then drove down to collect Brenda. She was in her bedroom trying to decide which of three dresses she should choose. I chose one for her and then helped her dress.

After about ten minutes of being helped, she pulled her knickers up and told me that I'd be a lot more help if I waited downstairs. When we arrived at Doreen's house, she was in the same situation that I'd, found Brenda in and this time I didn't get my marching orders but I had to get my suit off before I fucked her. She hadn't had her knickers on and as Brenda had been messing about by groping my cock as we travelled, I was in need of an outlet for my aroused state and the sight of a bare backside was the entire trigger I needed.

Doreen, bless her; didn't argue. She saw my face and the fact that my trousers were already undone and just turned to kneel on the bed, spread her thighs and lowered her head. Ten inches of hot cock slid into a warm and moist vagina. It was quick, it was lust, and it was wonderful.

Having satisfied my urge I let Brenda decide which dress Doreen should wear. Ruth arrived as they came downstairs so off we went. On the way to town, I asked Ruth if she was still keen on joining our group. She said she was even keener now that she had been privileged to see how much we were at ease with each other. Brenda explained our rule about undies when visiting us, or being visited by us.

"We don't expect you to travel about without any undies, but you must remove them as soon as you arrive. You should always be ready to give or receive sexual pleasure. We really do live to enjoy each other's bodies at any time or in any place, but only as a group of friends, we don't have one-night stands with others. "

"Are you happy with this?"

"I have one reservation, I'm happy with everything, except anal."

"Duly noted my love, now are you happy?"

She was.

This was just as well because, after a very enjoyable meal during which they emptied two bottles of wine, we arrived at Doreen's house. Doreen and Brenda went into Doreen's house and I escorted Ruth to her house and then upstairs where I undressed her and put her into bed. I went downstairs, opened the door to let Brenda in, and then locked the door and the two of us went up to the bedroom and undressed then climbed into bed with Ruth.

Ruth said, in a very drowsy voice.

"I don't care what you do, but please remember Tim, I don't want anal sex."

"Are finger's accepted?"

"I'll try it."

She wasn't drowsy for long and anal sex was the only thing she didn't experience that night.

The End. Probably
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