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Scott was sitting in his room looking out the window. He was enveloped in the events of the day before. He could not decide if it was the worst or best thing he had ever done. Of course once you hear the story you will see why he was leaning towards the latter of the two.

It was the beginning of September. The leaves were just changing color and the weather was getting cooler. He was moving all of his things from his room in the basement to his room in the attic where it was cooler. They didn't have much junk laying around and the only thing in the attic was some old blankets and pillows. It was small with a slanted roof. There was a window that looked out over his front yard onto the road. He didn't have much stuff in his room, just a single bed and a small television with a Playstation hooked up to it. He kept most of his clothes in a basket by his door, or scattered across his room. he took his telescope and set it up so it was looking out the window. There was a meteor storm in a few weeks and he didn't want to miss it. At least that is what he told his Mom, he actually used it to spy on the woman next door while she changed. Her house was about 20 yards from the road so it was perfect. He was only 14 at the time but was developing nicely. He had a 6 inch penis and was about 5'6 with no facial hair and very little anywhere else besides his head and pubic area. he was pretty skinny but was in good shape as he ran every morning at least 3 miles.

Once he was finally moved into his room he waited eagerly for nightfall. It came at last and around 8:00 and he saw what he was waiting for. The light in his neighbors room kicked on, she came in and walked into the bedroom's bathroom to brush her teeth. She didn't bother with curtains as it was a very country town and the only house for 6 miles washer neighbors. And she was not aware there son had a room in the attic. She was a very pretty woman with C cup breasts and an ass that put many woman to shame. She was a little older (about 35) But there was little sign anywhere She was by no means tall, measuring only about 5'8.

She came back into the bedroom and took off her shirt and jeans. In nothing but a pair of pure white panties and bra she went over and set her alarm.
She bent over and that was all Scott could take as her ass faced directly too him. He took off his jeans and pulled his cock out of his boxers. He stroked it to her ass with his face still pushed into his telescope. She got done setting the alarm and turned around facing the window. She unclip her bra and her breasts bounced out. The were not very tan due to the recent weather but were still beautiful. Her nipples were small and were a gorgeous red. She started too bend over to pull off her panties. Scott blew his load all over the telescope. Still looking through he noticed his neighbor looking directly at him. She knew what was happening and ran into her bathroom. "Shit!" Scott yelled louder than he actually wanted. His mother must have heard because she called up to him while ascending the stairs to his room, "Scott sweetie, what's wrong?" "Nothing Mom, sorry I swore I jammed my toe." Was the only excuse he could think off. She apparently had bought it because he could hear her walking away. "what am I going to do?" he said to himself. Just then the Phone rang. The caller ID in his room read Britton, Megan and he new it was his neighbor.

He quickly picked up the phone. "H-hello" He answered. "Scott, put your mother on the phone this instant!" "No! Please don't tell he I will never do it again." He pleaded "Scott if you don't put her on the phone I will come over there myself." She said. Not thinking he slammed the phone on the receiver. "Dammit!" He swore under his breath. He started trying to think off a plan and he finally got one in his mind. But no, it was too serious, he would get caught. After a few minutes mulling it over in his head he decided to do it. First off he took the phone off the receiver so no-one could call. Then he Climbed out the window onto the roof. He went to the edge and dropped off. Luckily his parents hadn't seen him through the front window. He ran as silently as possible to the other house and waited by the door. after a few minutes the door opened and out came MS Britton. Somehow she hadn't seen him and walked right by. He ran up behind her and tackled the one he lusted for. She screamed but he put his hand over her mouth and dragged her into her house. he threw her on the couch and and got some duct tape from the drawer by the sofa.

After he tied her up and put duct tape over her mouth he started talking to her. "I asked you not to talk to my mother. But you tried to anyway, so now look were you are!" He was getting angrier by the second just looking at her. Originally he was just going to scare her but he noticed that he had complete control over her, she could not move, scream, or fight back. His mind quickly darted to rape. !!!He walked over and unbuttoned her sweater. The Tops of her cleavage was all he needed to reassure him of his acts. In one swift jolt of adrenaline he ripped off her sweater and undid her bra. He quickly began squeezing her breasts as hard as he could. "I hope you like that pain because you will be getting plenty more for telling my mother what I did!" He let go and the marks he left were clearly visible. He looked around and found what he needed. He grabbed a TV guide off the coffee table and rolled it up. He Slapped her across the face with it. She began to cry. "bitch if you donate like that then you will hate me in a minute." He raised the magazine high and swung as hard as he could into her left tit. She screamed under her tape and her face was beat red, tears streamed down he face. He did it three more times to her left breast. It was beat red by the time he was done. He could take no more and reached down to her jeans. He pulled them off and exposed her bush.

She was wearing no panties.He took the magazine and smacked her pussy as hard as he could. She squealed and cried harder. He had a massive hard on and could take no more. He got out of his pants and boxers and jumped on her. He put his cock in her hard and fast. He rammed her and was pushing her head into the hard head rest of the couch. Her head began to bleed and he pounded harder. Her juices were flowing like crazy and he began to feel his balls tighten. He let his load without care. He flipped her over and examined her hot, tight, sexy as hell ass. He stared for about 5 minutes and raised his hand. He started spanking her ass hard. He wanted to hear her scream so he took off the duct tape without thinking. "Stay quiet!" he demanded. She nodded her head and quietly whined. He Raised his hand and spanked her hard. She cried out. He did it four more times and she began yelling louder. "OK bitch that's enough." He said putting the duct tape back on. He got ready to put his cock in her just ass his ignorance caught up to him. Someone was banging on the door. Scott ran too it and looked through the peep hole. It was his Mom!

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2012-10-26 12:45:56
cool in the attic and hot in the basement that's a new on me.

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2011-09-09 04:14:42
First its pedophile and second this story wasn't good at all. It had the makings but in the end you jjust didn't do it. As for childrens books well my child may never read another book....EVER....if this is what it has in it..

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2010-07-17 01:25:29
I have read better childeren's books.

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2008-09-07 03:11:01
wheres the rest you can't just stop there


2008-01-25 17:06:05
You were the suckiest writer ever idiot!
Seriously! Can you even write?

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