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I sometimes get so horny I could fuck anyone
I wanted cock and I wanted it now. My husband had died and try as i might I could not live without cock but I didn't want the complication of a relationship - I just wanted cock!!!! I signed onto an adult web site and changed my profile.

"I want to fuck a hard cock now - I will be at the park at the corner of Smith and Jones Street at 10.00 pm wearing a black leather coat - I will fuck anyone who turns up and says, "Hey Kitty " - no condoms - I want cum everywhere."

I made sure my pussy was shaved and pulled on my stay up stockings and put on my fuck me boots - my leather knee length jacket completed the outfit and I walked to the park. I was 5'9, 38 with long blonde hair and DD cup breasts.

I sat on the swing and thought about going home - this was stupid and dangerous - what the hell was I thinking. Then I heard it,

"Hey Kitty" I bent over the swing and pulled up my jacket to reveal my naked body. I was so turned on. I had always fantasised about being fucked by strangers and now it was happeining.

"Fuck Kitty baby " I pleaded and was rewarded by a hand caresssing my cunt to see if I was wet. "Hey babe I'm ready just fuck me" and the next thing I felt was a cock sliding into my cunt.

"Fuck me hard baby - Kitty likes it hard."
I felt the cock fucking me like a jackhammer until it stiffened and I felt cum pouring out of me as the guy came so much my pussy overflowed.

"Thanks Kitty " my lover said as I heard him zip up and move away.
How depraved was I. I had just been fucked by a stranger I hadn't even seen. I was still lying over the swing , naked butt in the air when I felt hands on my hips and a cock forcing its way into my cum filled cunt.

"Hey this is my lucky day - Bobby gets to fuck tonight boys - look what the fairies left" I heard lots of laughter and realised I had been joined by a gang of youths, one of whom was fucking me and I was powerless to complain. I felt myself responding to this fucking and let my jacket fall off me so my naked breasts swung over the swing while I was being fucked soundly from behind.

A naked cock appeared in front of me and a hand grabbed my head to steady it while the cock was forced into my mouth. I sucked hard and fucked harder - I could feel myself starting to cum . This was better than I imagined and as I came both cocks exploded so I was swallowing cum while my pussy was filled further.

Two more cocks took the first pair's place and I was moaning in exstacy. By the time the gang left I had lost count of the amount of cocks my cunt had accomodated or how much cum I had swallowed. I loved it and definitley planned to make a habit of being gangbanged - maybe a workplace next time.

I worked in a private girls school - not many cocks there but I would see how many I could fuck of those men on staff and try to do it so I knew who they were but they didn't know I was the cunt they were fucking.

I thought about going home when I heard a group of voices,
"Hello Kitty" and I knew I was going to be fucked by many more cocks tonight.
The next man carried me to a bench and laid me down and then fucked me in missionary position. He came and another took his place.
"Hey Kitty you are a bit sloppy - i want your ass" and with that he slid out of my sloppy cum filled cunt and straight into my unused ass.

My ass was soon as full as my cunt. As more men arrived to fuck me - the sloppier my holes were and the less satisfaction they got. My mouth was finishing them off as were my hands and some even finished themselves off shooting their loads into my mouth or on my tits. What a night - I guess the website was popular!!!

I woke still on the bench - naked with cum pouring from my cunt and ass and coating my face and body.

Two police officers were standing over me. I wondered if fucking any man who turned up was a crime or if they thought I had been raped.

They were both smiling at me which I found odd until one said, "Hey Kitty "and I felt his night stick slide into my ass as he unzipped his trousers and masturbated over my face as his partner slid his cock into my mouth and fucked my face hard until both came, coating my face with more cum. The cop ripped the night stick from my ass and shoved it into my cunt fucking me hard and fast with his black friend. I was so turned on by my depravity and could only imagine how it looked to have a cop fucking a naked woman with his night stick as dawn broke.
"You got more company Kitty but I think you should go home - we know a group of 14 year olds fucked you last night and that is statutory rape. We won't arrest you as long as you visit the station every Friday at 10pm understand? Oh and in case you want to do this again choose a more discreet place - this park is under constant surveilance - we have the film if you want to watch."

I knew I would be fucked by police and anyone they cared to share me with every Friday night. Finally I would not have to go out and look for sex at least one night a week - so that just left the other six.

I found my jacket but on looking at the group of men waiting for me to fulfill my promise I decided not to go home and instead walked seductively to the men's room at the end of the park.

"Come to Kitty boys" I yelled and when the first man entered the mens' room I was on all fours, cum dripping from my body, waiting for his cock to fuck me wherever he wanted.

By daylight I was lying in a pool of cum and I had no feeling left in my cunt or ass. My hair was stiff with drying cum and my body coated with white powder.

When I got home I went to the computer and once again changed my profile.

"Thanks guys - same time Saturday night - feel free to bring a friend or two - for anyone who wants to pay my airfairs I can repeat the offer anywhere - any offers????"

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2013-07-14 06:59:19
Am 35 single hard as a rock I am in all age for woman

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2011-01-07 14:37:02
i always enjoy a bitch that know her place! Sultty till the end, I respect that.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-28 04:58:31
You,madam, are a credit to your gender.I have more respect for women as a whole after reading your fictional stories of unabashed sluttiness.Your depravity fills me with admiration.


2007-06-12 22:44:01
very hot


2006-08-20 06:31:45
lol why are some of you even reading stories on this site - ???? fantasy, fiction it means it is not true!!!!!!!!I have an imagination - I suggest some of you use yours :-)

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