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“Mom! Justina’s here!” I yelled. “Ok Tori, I’ll be there in a minute!” Mom called. Justina stepped out of her red Chevy. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked in her crop top and tight shorts. She always knew how to find the outfit that clung to her curves just right. This morning in homeroom, Justina told me that she was braless and pantiless. After that I stared at her nipples in every class that we had together. Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been saying this but ever since what happened between Mom and me last week, I had a new lust for girls.

“Hey, Tori!” Justina said, running up the porch steps, her breasts jiggling with every step. “Hi,” I said. She noticed me staring at her boobs and did the unthinkable. She flashed her breasts. I blushed and she winked at me as Mom came towards the door. “Hello Justina,” Mom said. “Hello, Mrs. Ryan,” Justina replied. “You girls are probably hungry, are turkey sandwiches ok with you Justina?” Mom asked. “Yes, thank you,” Justina replied. “Mom, I’m going to show Justina my room,” I told mom. “Ok sweetie,” Mom said.

We ran up the steps and I took her to my room. “Nice room,” Justina remarked. “Thanks,” I said. I leaned against the wall. Justina put her hands on the wall, leaned on me, and kissed me. This time, unlike last week, I kissed her right back. Then, I pushed her against the bed keeping her lips locked on to mine. After lying on top of Justina, kissing her for a few seconds, she pulled away. “So, I guess you are bi now?” Justina asked. I shook my head no. She looked disappointed and confused. “I think I’m lesbian. I’ve been finding boys less and less attracting and girls more attracting,” I said. “Oh,” Justina said. I slid my hands on her tan stomach but my mom choose that timing to call us to eat.

We ran down the stairs to find some delicious sandwiches. “Wow Mom, those look amazing!” I exclaimed. “You mean these?” she squeezed her breasts. “MOM!” I yelled. “Yes, Mrs. Ryan, your tits are amazing,” Justina said. My jaw practically unhinged. When Justina saw my expression she clapped her hand over her mouth. “Did I say that out loud?” she said. We nodded. We all laughed but for Justina and me it was more of a nervous chuckle. It actually made me hornier then I already was when Justina had said that. Mom stirred her tea with a spoon and we ate. Suddenly Mom dropped her spoon. She crawled under the table to pick it up. I looked at Justina and suddenly a gasp escaped from her lips. I looked under the table and saw my mom rubbing her vagina through her shorts. This got me incredibly turned on and I smiled at Justina as Mom came up. After we ate, Justina and excused ourselves to my room. In there, I gave Justina a quick run through of what had happened between Mom and I last week.

“Sounds hot, wish I could’ve been there,” Justina said. “Ever since then,” I paused and blushed “Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to taste you,” I told her. “Well, let me grant your wish,” Justina replied. She took her shorts and thong off revealing her beautiful pussy. “Damn that pussy looks good,” I said. I pushed her onto the bed. Just as I was about to lick her clit, a voice said, “I see you girls started without me.” It was Mom. Justina and I both blushed fiercely. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get undressed, both of you,” Mom commanded. All three of us got naked. “That’s better,” Mom said. Justina lied back down on the bed and I knelt so that I was level to her pussy. Mom climbed on the bed and started massaging Justina’s C-cup breasts. I licked Justina’s clit, lust on the tip of my tongue. Her clit tasted sweet on my tongue. I licked again and heard her moan. Like last time, this got me motivated. I lapped her up making her moan every other second. Finally, even though I didn’t want to I got up. “Oh fuck that felt good!” Justina exclaimed. I smiled. “Now for payback,” Justina said.

I lay on the bed. Mom sat on my face and Justina began to eat me out. It was obvious that Justina was experienced and I think Mom was annoyed because every few seconds, I would stop eating her pussy to moan and scream. Finally, Mom just gave up, got off of me and squeezed and pinched my hard pink nipples. I felt amazing and my orgasm was building up. Suddenly, I squirted all over Justina’s face. She drank up all of the juice, not wasting a single drop. It reminded me of Selena Gomez’s song: Hands To Myself. “Won’t let one drop go to waste,” The song said. I thought she was done but she kept licking me. Once she licked me moving her tongue around inside of my pussy. “Justina!” I yelled. Again I squirted on her face. When she finally stopped, her face was wet and she was grinning. “Your clit tastes wonderful,” she said. “So does yours,” I replied. “My turn,” Mom said. “I’m sure you’ll find my clit lovely as well.

When I saw Justina eating Mom with her butt out I decided to get another taste of her from behind. I bent down and licked her pussy. Justina looked behind her and saw me. She smiled and continued to eat out my mom. I continued to tongue her pussy hole. Justina finally got up from Mom. Mom got up and pushed me on the bed. Just like last week, she lifted my leg and started rubbing her pussy on mine. We scissored for a while, me feeling in heaven again. I almost orgasmed again but I didn’t want to get my bed wet again. So I did my best not to cum all over again. After that, Justina told us, “That was amazing, but I’m kinda tired now.” Mom and I agreed and we dressed. After Justina left, Mom said, “I told you we would have lots of fun.”


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2017-05-25 23:14:20
It was a good story but still a little bit fast paced. In my last g/g relationship we did things like making each other cum by doing nipple to clit play before going downtown. A small double gel toy while tribbing is fun and a little pop on the bottom makes the juices flow even more. Just a few thoughts. ;)

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