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He exacts his revenge the best way of all.. She knows he is bad but just not how bad he can be.
Dreamscape torture and illicit fun

Dedicated to the woman of my dreams and the torture she put me through

Ahhh you feel so satisfied after a night of fun with your man but you had to part company and thus you slowly crawl into bed and remember that the night before you had teased him unmercifully and he told you this morning he FELT and reacted to your dreams in his sleep.. They were strong enough that they woke him and that is why he remembered them You whisper to the night as you start to fall asleep – “See you in my dreams my lover man.” Then slowly closing your eyes you drop off in peace.

He returned to his lodgings and slowly plotted his revenge… His spirit of the night is who he summons as he falls asleep and sends it to your room.. The spirit is his dream and looks, smells and touches just as he would but nothing can touch it without it allowing it to happen.

The spirit swiftly rises to your window and seep into your room. Just as a chill breeze seems to reach you a moan escapes you but you are so hot that you are naked upon the bed and continue in your deep sleep. It sits beside you on the bed and lightly strokes your hair brushing your cheek and lips. You murmur his name in your sleep but it continues and slowly sweeps its hand down over the swell of your breasts. Lightly it strokes as your areolas swell with excitement and your breathing catches for a split second then continues as before. Its strokes slowly reach over your stomach and feel the heat and dampness rising from your womanhood and fill the air with the sweet smell of your nectar.

The spirit grabs several pieces of your clothing and first rolls one up and slowly works it into your mouth…then taking each arm in turn ties them to the corners of your bed… lastly your legs are spread and loosely tied to the corners as well. You slowly rise from your deep sleep and realize what is happening and try to struggle until you hear ..”My turn dear heart payback is a bitch and in this case by my dream spirit.”

Your eyes open wide looking but you see nothing but you feel its hand spreading your lower lips and a finger slipping inside you.. a moan tries to escape your lips but the cloth muffles all. It works its finger inside your tunnel and your body reacts on its own, muscles squeezing and feeling the digit as it invades further and further. A thumb seem to press and work circles around your clit bringing it from its hiding space and into the night air. So sweetly is it working that you are near your first climax in no time at all and when it shoves a slick finger into your ass you lose all control and bucking and shaking you climax your juices running like a river getting the bed all between it and the source very wet. As it kisses your cheek you calm down a bit but it starts sucking and biting your hard as diamond nipples. The suction so powerful it pulls them up an inch or more and you can see them being pulled up but not by what. The spirit pinches and twists your nipples as it starts sucking your clit and then it stops and blows cold air across your pussy sending more chills up your spine.. as you shiver from the cold it crawls between your legs reaches down and unties them and slowly lifts your legs in the air folding you in half so your knees are pressed into your chest. It licks from your little brown star to the tip of your over worked clit then bites that clit. Pain soon races to your brain followed by pleasure from the thousands of nerve endings in your clit. Your juices are a constant flor now as its tongue enter your pussy and sucks out the first pool inside. When it leaves you a cry of pleading escapes your throat but goes no further. Down around your asshole it goes licking and teasing you over and over again and again it licks all around then goes back to your labia and circles around everywhere except your clit and then like a whip it strikes as a smack on your pussy captures all. 7 more time it spanks your pussy, 7 more times you groan. Then it release your legs and lets them fall onto the bed and blows cold air on your pussy.

A whisper in your ear asks if that is enough for now – your eyes pleading at the ceiling and your head shakes no no no…

Your arms are suddenly untied… and you are flipped onto your stomach. You feel a weight on your back and then the first strike on that up turned ass. Hard enough to raise a welt in the shape of its hands… Oh that makes you hurt but then again the pleasure comes seeping back in and a quivering inside tells you its right… 20 times its spanks you and each time you moan in your pleasure. Then it grabs your ass in a vice like grip and causes more pain and pleasure then you thought possible…

It moves again and suddenly you are on your knees and your chest and shoulder flat on the bed. Grasping your hips it plunges its cock into your pussy and up into your womb…you orgasm … it releases your hips but grabs the braids of your hair and using them as reins starts pounding into your well lubricated canal seeming to drive deeper and hard on each stroke and you want more as you cum again… after what seems like an hour it stops and pulls out releases your hair but then grabs your ass cheeks spreads them wide and forces its cock passed your sphincter and into your tight confines going in over half way then stops and pulls back.. only the lube from your pussy keeps it from ripping you apart. The pain and burn from its intrusion spreads to your body and it starts to change to pleasure again… It drives in again but slips all of its hardness towards your bowels.. The feeling of fulness almost chokes you but as it uses your ass you once again feel a quivering in your stomach, then your womb and finally into your canal of love your body is shaking and spasms the climax builds like no other until you feel its seed spill into your ass and that triggers the final orgasm… your pussy clenches and squeezes and you feel the need to pee but instead a release of your juices sprays out and all over your bed as it stays put in your ass… the pleasure centre in your brain is almost fried and before it shuts down your mind goes black… your body responds to the stimuli continues to shake and quake until at last it pulls from our ass and lets you fall to the mess in your bed and seeing you breathing it departs.

The next morning your phone rings waking you.. it’s him and as you answer you become aware of the mess in your bed.

“Good morning dear heart did you sleep well?” a slight chuckle escapes him.

You smile and reply.. “Oh you do you know what you did to you have any idea of the mess you made…are you happy now?”

Chuckling he responds, “ oh dear heart I had to do it I had to pay you back for what you did to me the night before but at least I did let you cum not like you did to me.”

You both breakout in laughter and make plans for meeting for lunch.. you need the time to clean up and try to figure out hor to dry your bed and air out the room but all you can do is smile.


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