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The key in the lock was like a long-awaited friend. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. The slant of light under the door indicated that the hall light had been flicked on, and I heard keys hit the table. She was finally home. The door to our upstairs bedroom was shut, but I knew that that was next entry point. She would soon be coming up the stairs. I could see the light from under the door go out, and I could hear her footsteps on the stairs. Finally, the handle to the door up into our attic-bedroom turned. Before I shut my eyes, I looked at the clock; it said, 2:30 A.M. She’d been out longer than usual. Her steps on the padded stairs were anything but regular. I could hear her kind of giggle as she seemed to catch herself on the wall—the stairs were pretty steep and navigating them in high heels even harder. Of course, I didn’t want her to fall, but I was still pretending to be asleep. As she came to the top of the stairs, she rounded the corner and came into view through my narrowly slitted eyes. Though the room was dark, my eyes were adjusted, so it was easy for me to see her by the bed. I had been up all night waiting for her to get home. She was wearing a black leather skirt, a white, sleeveless blouse with collar that was very form-fitting, and which buttoned down the front, though it didn’t go that far down because it also nicely showed off her midriff—and the little gold bauble that hung from a loop at her navel. Carrie, my wife of five years, has always had very nice abs and she certainly didn’t mind that others knew it. Tonight she had gone out with three of her Richmond friends to a dance club in the Bottom; the Bottom is a section of town near where the James River intersects with what used to be the old commercial section of Richmond, which was now filled with old abandoned warehouses that were being converted into swanky condos, coffee houses, and trendy night clubs. She had told me a couple of nights before that she and two girlfriends were going out on Friday night. She had asked me if I had wanted to come, but when I had declined, she actually seemed a bit relieved. I had said something about having some writing to catch up on. I had noticed a smile on her face as she walked away. Now she was home at last. She went into the bathroom, closed the door, but not all the way and flicked on the light. From my vantage point on the bed, with the covers up around my shoulders, I could just make her out between the edge of the door and the door-frame. She was obviously looking at herself in the mirror. However, as she stood there in that little shaft of light, I saw her place her right hand on her ass. She rubbed it as if it were sore, and then she slowly pulled up the hem of her black skirt and rubbed her tight ass cheeks. As she did this, I got the shock of my life. She wasn’t wearing any panties! She was completely naked under that skirt. My eyes were glued to the vision of my wife in that sliver of light rubbing her ass. She was now using both hands. She had bunched up the skirt on her waist while she appeared to grab her ass cheeks and pull them apart. My hand went immediately to my quickly hardening dick as I continued to watch my wife slowly caress her own ass. She had also begun to take a finger and slowly draw it up and down her crack. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She then paused, leaned forward a little, she seemed to be pulling her ass cheeks apart almost as if asking for someone to get behind her and do something to her ass. I had been wanting to get in her ass forever, I lay there wondering, had it happened? I now saw her twist her skirt around so the clasp was in the front, she undid it, and it fell lightly to her ankles. She now stood in an almost regal pose, brunette hair—touseled and free, her white sleeveless top revealing her beautiful B titties jutting their pencil tips through the thin material, and her black ankle boots---she was gorgeous! She now leaned over again, her left arm bracing herself on the bathroom counter, while her right hand and fingers began to explore every-so lightly her ass crack. She stopped at her puckered hole and then, quite easily it seemed— slid it completely in. It was truly an amazing sight. I almost blew my load in my hand at that very minute. I had no idea my wife could be this kinky, so I knew something must’ve changed. I wanted to get out of bed and charge into the bathroom and fuck her like some madman, but I was also so enjoying this little voyeuristic journey, and I didn’t want it to end. As she was fingering her own butthole, she, casually, with the middle finger of the other hand began to probe her open mouth. She was finger fucking her asshole as she also rimmed her lips!

she then squatted down and spread wide her knees. In this position her ass and pussy were fully extended. Carrie then surprised me even more. She took the finger that had been up her ass and stuck the middle finger up under her nose---she was actually smelling her own ass—and she seemed to like it! I could just see the front of her face because in smelling her finger, she had leaned her back against the bathroom wall and she was now fully exposed in that little crack of light—exposed to my prying eyes. She then rubbed that dirty little finger on her lips and then, unbelievably, stuck it in her mouth! I was shocked, to say the least, and so turned on by her wanton sluttyness that I groaned aloud. With the middle finger stuck like a popsicle in her mouth, she slowly turned to look in my direction. I shut my eyes quickly, but couldn’t keep them shut. She knew I was awake. She was now staring through the crack at me and moving her long, slender finger over her paint-smeared lips—every now and then, sticking it almost down her throat. She seemed to enjoy this reversal of roles immensely. She slowly rose and opened the door. Still wearing her black ankle boots and white sleeveless top, but naked from the waist down she stepped into the gloom and approached me. As her dark tousled locks framed her face, she was every man’s wet-dream! Her slender legs and coltish hips were only accentuated by the boots and the top as she sauntered over to the bed. Because she had left the light on in the bathroom, she was backlit now, and I couldn’t easily make her out facial features. However, as she stood next made to the bed where I lay, I still pretended to be asleep—my eyes squinted shut, but still open enough to see her pussy up close—just a foot away from my face, and I could smell it—her sex was calling me—and she knew it. It was a raw, musty smell that was completely addictiing. She took another step forward, her pussy now almost dead-even with my nose. She knew. She knew I wasn’t asleep, so the jig was up, I had been caught "spying" again, and I knew what my punishment would be. Her bald cunt was so alluring. I groaned again, I stretched my neck trying to get closer to her wet snatch, my tongue snaking out of my mouth trying to slither between her wet, sticky folds.
"You’ve been a bad boy again, haven’t you?" She said in a soft mocking whisper as she pushed her cunt into my face.
"Uh huh."
"What? I didn’t hear you. Tell me, tell me what you are."
My eyes remained shut but my tongue was now licking up the juices on her puffly lips. I paused just long enough to say, "I’m bad. I’m a bad boy."
"You are? How bad are you?" She said as I felt her hand pull my head back into her sopping slit.
"I like to spy on my wife. I like to watch her fuck herself, I want her to be cock-hungry fucking slut." With that I reached out and grabbed her ass and pulled her cunt into my face. I drove my tongue into her pussy—probing the oh-so-wet tunnel and tasting the sweet girl-cum that coated her entire mons.
"Oooooh, you are dirty boy! I bet you like my dirty cunt don’t you?"
I could only moan as I drove my tongue even deeper into her pussy as my right hand pulled her ass cheek back to feel her skanky hole. She groaned, and then joined me by pulling her ass cheeks even further apart—opening up her ass wide.
"Oh honey-my bad, bad-boy, you love my stinky ass don’t you!"
I opened my eyes and looked up at her, "Yes, you know I do, I worship your lovely ass---it smells and tastes so good."
With that, she swung her right knee up and over me—so that her ass and sloppy cunt were hovering right over my face. She was using my face as her saddle. I just groaned as she sat her wickedly wet cunt on my mouth. Newly shaven, her bald pussy was as slick as a peeled peach, and her little brown starfish was wet with her sweat and cunt juices. She slid her ass and pussy all over my face. I couldn’t breath at times, but she didn’t seem to care. She needed her dirty holes reamed and needed it now. As she roughly rode my face, my tongue was constantly darting up into her pussy and licking out the gooey nectar of her syrupy slit. I thought, god how I love this shit—it’s so slick and salty-sweet, and I can feel the burn on my tongue even hours later. There’s nothing better than the smell of wet pussy and a skanky ass-- especially when it’s all over your face,
"You like that? Huh? You like my dirty pussy, don’t you?
Holding her by the hips and swirling my tongue over her hard nubbin of a clit, all I could do was groan in affirmation. She then pushed the covers down over my legs so that my cock sprang up at her—at eight solid thick inches, it was her own private pole. She grabbed it with her right hand and begun to stoke it--almost violently as she blistered it with a quick up and down fisting. "You dirty fucking bastard. Just look at your filthy fuck-stick. It’s a damn fucking rock-cock, now isn’t it?" She almost screamed. "You love this don’t you, you fuckin’ perv!" She then began to slap my dick. She’d hit it, and it would spring right back at her, and she just kept doing it.
I did love it. I just thrust my tongue deeper into her sweet nasty fuck hole and groaned into her ass, "Yes, my cunt, I fuckin’ love it."
"Ooooooohhh, baby, that feels so good," as she wiggled her sloppy folds on my tongue, "but, I know you’re gonna like this even more."
She leaned forward so that her skinny little ass was now staring right at me, my nose almost embedded in the wet crack of her butt. It was glorious. Her ass was as clean and smooth as any marbled statue in the world’s best museum. I was in awe. I just kissed it lightly, licked it, and caressed it with both hands. My entire face was coated with her juices. For a second, I think I knew what was coming. We were about to cross a line. What had previous had been fantasy, was now about to become a reality. Slowly, with the flat of my tongue, I licked her puffy, rosebud, tasting the saltiness of her sweat and something else, some a bit more bitter.
"Yes!" She grunted, "Lick my hole, you bastard." Reaching around and grabbing my head, she thrust backwards impaling her brown eye directly onto my distended tongue—I was rimming my sweet slut’s ass and tasting all of the nastiness of her soul—and loving every fuck-lust minute of it!
"You know what’s in there? Hmmm? You like the taste don’t you? You slutty bitch-man. Lick my ass, yeah, that’s it. Your sweet little brown-eyed goddess was real bad tonight."
Between tongue thrusts, I asked, "How bad, baby?"
"Oh honey, I was real bad." She said as she thrust back at me even harder. "I met some guys at the club…big guys."
"Hmmm," was all I could groan out. I knew where this was going.
"I thought that’s what you’d say," Carrie ran her hands through my hair as I took a breath and slid my middle finger up her wet twat and twisted it around, "Baby, what did you do?"
"Well, you know Katie, right, from work? Well, she had some friends from her college there." She said as she slapped her cheek with my dick, "You know, some young college guys."
"Uh oh, I know how you lust for those hunky frat boys."
"Hmmmm, yes, I do. I love young, handsome, muscular males…they are so delicious1" Her pussy seemed to throb at the very thought.
"Honeeeeey, what did you do---did you let them kiss you?" I went back to rimming her butthole, digging to get every last drop of juice.
"Fuccck! Yeah, Oh fuckin’ yeah. I kissed them all." She said as she dropped her head and stuffed my cock past her tonsils and popped it out with a loud wet smack, "I was very bad. I just couldn’t say no to anything! Do you think I’m slutty, honey? Do you?"
"What did you say yes to?"
I slapped her ass—the loud smack resounded in the room. "Oh, you sexy, little slut—messing around with boys!" I pulled her back so that she would sit right down on my face.
She ground her cunt on my mouth, "Oh honey, I love them—their perfect hard bodies—and most of all their lovely stiff pricks!"
I thrust my hips upward signaling to her to tell me more.
"I went out to the parking lot with three of them—I took them—they didn’t take me." I reached up with my free hand and grabbed a handfull of hair and pulled. She was now almost bucking up and down on my face.
"Yeah, that’s right, pull my hair, pull it---I’m a fucking whoe-slut and I love it. I love fucking around on you. I love free dick; I love it all. And, tonight, in my demented fuck-lust, I took it up the ass! God, it felt so good to be used, to have a big-dicked stud slide his hard pole up my ass! Can you taste it, do you like eating his cum? Yeah, that’s right, he shot off in my butt—eat it honey, eat it. I know this is what you’ve wanted—to turn your little wife into a cum-loving whore, well, that’s what you got now---so get ready to lick my ass every weekend cause I’m gonna be spreading it around."
My dick couldn’t take any more, and like a fucking geyser I shot load after load of hot cum all over my wife—covering her stomach and breasts with the hot goo. As I did so, I felt her convulse, her orgasm rippled through her body and she roared as she slammed her pussy down onto my face—her juices cascading from her cunt and covering every inch of my nose, cheeks, and chin. I loved it--I was drenched!
She collapsed forward onto my abdomen as I cradled her ass in my arms and continued to place soft kissed on her red and wet ass and puss. We were both exhausted—as much from the sex as from the mental trip we had just taken.
"Oh god, that was good." Carrie said as she turned around and kissed me tenderly on the lips, "someone tastes like pussy." She said quietly.
"Your pussy"
"Mmmm, yes, my pussy, tastes good" She smiled.
"So, you gonna be spreading it around huh?" I looked deeply into her eyes.
She smiled, coyly and with eyes as dark as night said, "Honey, you know I would never do that."
"I’m a good girl, remember?" as she placed her finger into my mouth.
"Hmmmmm, tastes like ass."

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yup a typiclal slut pig wife and I bet she is lying when she told him she didn't really fuck three guys so he wouldnt get mad at her........... fucking women are all alike, lying cheating pigs

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I've fucked 6 married women over the years whose husbands got off on the intimate details of there wife's sexual activities. All 6 knew the names of all the men they fucked if the wife knew the names,

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wow, intense! Great build up. Nothin finer in life than a girl getting off on your face


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Not that anyone cares since it was so long ago...but katie girl had her stories pulled a long time ago.


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