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Nicole the MILF, through a series of incidents, craves a teens large penis.
First off, I haven’t written anything in years, something possessed me this last week and all I did was work on this. Very strange behavior, don’t expect anything else for a while, if ever.

The following is a fantasy (as in porn fantasy) story about an abnormally well hung teenager and a MILF. The major theme here is mother/boy. Contrary to my older written works, this is not a xxx story filled with fucking, this is more sensual and erotic. Romantic even.
It does start off with rather younger characters, but will move forward through time.

INCIDENT #6 - Rinse and Repeat

One week passed, and the incident was still fresh in Nicole’s mind. It was now Saturday morning and she chose to take the day to just think about what happened and how to move on. She began the morning with a refreshing shower, scalp scrub, and hair trim. While shaving her legs, the sight of her hairy pubic mound caught her attention. It was summer and much too hot for fur. After shaving Nicole found her favorite pair of boy-short panties and slid them on. The smoothness all around was sensational.

A quick breakfast of an apple, muffin, and tea followed. Nicole was a sip away from finishing the tea, when her doorbell rang. She froze but wasn’t sure if it was from fright, excitement, or desire. Eventually, the unknown element grew strong and she went to check the door.

Peering though the small window in the door she spotted Manny, dressed in a T-shirt and jogging shorts.
She could either wait him out or let him in and deal with this now. She was also only wearing those red panties and a polo shirt. Maybe best just to find out what he wants first…
The door creaked open and Nicole poked her head out.
“Yes Manny.” She gave him a stern foreboding look.
“Morning. Uh…I kinda have some more questions. Can I come in?” Manny attempted.
Nicole smiled back. “No. What’s your question?”
Manny frowned, dejected. The feeling didn’t last long as a sudden idea crossed his mind. He cleared his voice and proceeded to scream for the whole neighborhood.
“WELL, AS PER YOUR ADVICE MS. SAWYER, I HAVE HAD MY GIRLFRIEND TRY TO GIVE ME B-L-O-W-J-O-B-S AND SHE-“ Nicole jumped out the door and slapped her hand over his mouth.
“What the hell are you doing!” Nicole shrieked. She didn’t even look to see if anybody was out before dragging the teen inside.
She threw him down the hall but he only laughed.
“Sorry. But you didn’t say I couldn’t scream the question!” Manny turned to face Nicole, and he choked on his laughter.

Nicole stood angrily by the door, arms crossed, but the body language was overshadowed by the soft exposed curves of her ass and breasts.
“That was NOT funny. Somebody could have heard you!” Nicole barked.
“Jeez I said sorry.” Manny turned and strolled into the den. Nicole followed.
“Where do you think you are going!” She hissed. In the den Manny had already found and picked up her vibrating rabbit.
“How does this work?” He asked, accidentally turning it on.
“What are you doing!?” She asked dismayed by this new behavior.
“Well, Jaci and I have been practicing sex stuff but I think she could use some pointers soooo I was thinking maybe you could give me some, to tell her…or you know, show me…” Manny grinned mischievously.
“Absolutely not!”
“Why not! We both liked it.” Manny rebuked.
“Ha. I know you did. What I did was a mistake! I shouldn’t have done that.” Nicole said shaking her head and turning away, unintentionally presenting her round ass to Manny.
“You are just as horny as me, I’ll prove it!” Nicole was about to turn and question that, when she felt his hands.

Manny had watched a lot of porn and had a plan in mind. He reached out and slide the vibrating rabbit in between Nicole’s legs, where he thought her pussy should be. (Luckily he was close enough) With his other hand he sensually slid it up her side across her stomach to her breasts. Manny grabbed a fistful of C cup. It was still firm for her age and wonderfully warm. Much, much, bigger than Jaci’s.

Nicole did not resist. At the touch of his hands she froze and her body demanded to know what the teen had in mind. The vibrator jabbed at her pussy through the panty fabric while the teen’s hand roughly squeezed her left breast.
“You are wet, like really wet. You do like this.” Manny said pushing the vibrator back and forth between her legs and moving his fingers to tweak her nipples.
“Shut up and just…shut up…” Nicole moaned softly. Manny pulled back both hands leaving Nicole frustrated.
“Okay, take your shirt! off” Manny demanded. Nicole turned to protest only to find he had already dropped his shorts and underwear. His giant cock throbbed in morning sunlight.
“Please take your shirt off.” Manny tried. Nicole met his gaze but offered no smile. Her arms however began in to move in retaliation to her senses. Slowly she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor. She stood tall presenting her breasts as if for inspection.

All through breakfast Nicole had imagined various scenarios when confronting Manny. None however involved them standing in her den, with her in only a pair of panties.
Manny stared in awe. Her breasts were perky and firm, no signs of drooping like with the other moms. She was completely fit. Her stomach was smooth and flowed nicely down to a smooth looking pussy mound, which flowed to muscular legs.
“Wow! You are really sexy Ms. Sawyer. Way more curvy than any girl in school.”
“Thank you Manny.” Nicole grinned back.
“Okay now take off you panties.” Manny’s dick jumped at the suggestion.
“No. No, we won’t being going that far. I will…I will blow you, but thats it.” Nicole stated, her brain desperately trying to keep the situation from escalating but failing.
“Yes!” The teen rejoiced.
Nicole walked Manny over to a soft rug that she could kneel on.
“What…what does Jaci have problems with.” Nicole attempted at keeping professional, her action of reaching out and slowly jacking the monster dick, did little to help that image.
“Mmmm. She can’t even jack it this smoothly. Mmm. Well she just kinda kisses the tip and licks it. Its not very good.”
“Well-“ Nicole's breathing intensified as she starting to really pump the cock. “-she needs to open wide and really use her tongue. Like this…” Nicole strained her mouth and took as much of the cock as she could. She was barely halfway before her mouth couldn’t stretch any further open. Pulling back she put her tongue to work.
Manny moaned in ecstasy. Nicole’s lips made a soft pop as she pulled off him. It was time to ditch modesty and really give him a ride.

Like an animal at a kill she ravenously engulfed his cock. Using one hand to guide the base of the massive penis, and her other hand to cradle his balls, she bounced up and down on his dick, licking, sucking, and kissing. She would push herself further down his shaft a little at a time, occasionally choking and pulling off with streams of spit coming from her mouth. She had never acted so whorish in her life. Possessed, she jumped back on him.

Manny couldn’t believe what was happening. His mind was moving too fast to comprehend anything. It was exactly like porn he had seen online! She was a pro! Looking down all he saw was Nicole’s hair dancing about as her head rapidly moved up and down his shaft. He placed his hand on her head, gently this time, caressing it and weaving his hand through her hair. The moment was approaching.

Nicole felt it. She was not going to let this become a humiliating mess again and sank down deep on his cock. The cum would just shoot down her throat.
“SHHHIT YEAH!” Manny yelled. The first wave of cum hit the back of Nicole’s throat noticeably. She gaged but held fast. Waved after wave of cum flowed out of the teenage boy’s monster cock. Nicole swallowed hard trying to keep up, but one shot tipped her over.
“ACK!” Nicole choked and recoiled from the dick, immediately heaving up the ounces of cum in her throat. She coughed and sputtered cum all over herself, it splashed across her tits, and down to her legs to floor. While she struggled with coughing up the load, Manny had one last spurt which landed across her forehead.
“Damn.” Nicole gasped, cum dripping down her chin and body. “What do you do with all this at home?” She said standing up careful to keep the cum contained.
“Oh? Uh, I try to cum out the window. Nothing to clean if it all goes outside.” Manny breathed. Nicole nodded at the novel idea and slowly strolled to the bathroom, dazed. Manny glued his eyes to her round ass as swayed away. He knew girls with better breasts and abs but nobody came close to a more inviting bubble butt than Ms. Sawyer’s.

Her reflection disgusted her. She looked like a slut with all the cum coming off her face, and her hair a mess from Manny’s hands. Was she really this perverted and depraved? A quick splash of water left her skin feeling soft and revived, more than the steamy shower did. Slipping her fingers into her soaking panties, a simple touch to her clit sent electric shocks down her legs. Nicole stopped, breathed deeply, gathered her senses, and walked out.

She strolled back to the den, her cleaned breasts bouncing gently in the warm summer air. Manny was laying on the couch, still naked, and stroking a new hard erection.
“Jesus christ.” Nicole muttered softly.
“Maybe one more…for research?” Manny grinned. Nicole paused.
“…okay, but after today you are not to come over any more this summer. Got it? This is it, I swear to god! The trouble we could get in…WE ARE DONE. FOREVER!”
“After today, got it.” Manny smiled shaking his giant cock invitingly. Nicole reluctantly moved to join him on the couch.
Unfortunately for Nicole's mouth, Manny’s teenage body managed two more erections before the ‘day’ was complete. At least she managed to keep her panties on. What slut could say she managed that?

INCIDENT #7- Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor Boy

Manny may have been a horny teenage boy, but at least he was true to his word. After that blowjob marathon, he did not return, leaving Nicole to collect herself before her own son returned. The first few weeks of having Daniel back was awkward as she had a hard time looking at him without feeling guilty and ashamed. Worse still was when Manny returned to being a presence at the house. He would grin and make suggestive eyes towards Nicole but never acted. Nicole grew curt with him, doing her best to avoid confrontations.

Normality was forced back though, as the teens started senior year. The teens had jobs, school, and college preparations to deal with. Nicole managed to float through work and life’s responsibilities, but her romantic interests had come to a halt. She stopped going out, instead electing to spend nights with her imagination and ‘toys’.
Fall turned to winter and winter to spring. Holidays and special events came and went without incident. Both boys managed to get accepted into colleges, separate ones, which left them depressed and eager to spend as much time together as possible, much to the chagrin of Nicole.

Eventually graduation approached and everybody was excited. Nicole chose to wear a tight grey pencil skirt dress for the day. She wanted to look good for photos. Walking around the campus, she also outclassed the graduating teen girls. Many of the graduates dressed acceptably,(some of the girls a bit whorish) but it was Manny who stood out. No doubt with pointers from his grandfather. He was well groomed and in suit pants with tie and vest. Nicole grew moist looking at this…man. During the long drawn out ceremony, Nicole covertly masturbated with the program, cumming softly when they called his name.

After the commencement there was a small party at the Sawyer household, graduates relaxed and discussed their futures by the lake, parents sat in the den also taking about the future. One mother was in the middle of discussing her daughter’s ‘outstanding’ accolades when Manny walked in.
“Uh. Hi. I have a question for Ms. Sawyer.” He blushed.
“What is it hun? She replied cautiously.
“Uh, its a..a ‘Nurse Sawyer’ question.” He grinned. Nicole frowned but took the opportunity to leave the riveting biopic about the local daughter.
“Thats why I could never be a nurse. Always on call.” One mother joked to the crowd. Nicole only smiled in return.

Around the corner and in the hallway Nicole and Manny faced each other. Before she could speak, Manny forcefully pulled her body into his while thrusting one hand up her dress towards her pussy.
Manny, having only known inexperienced teen girls, misjudged the MILF, and rather than come into contact with a soft panty covered pussy, his two fingers slipped knuckle deep into her warm moist hole. Both people locked up.
Nicole’s body shuttered at the invasion and she clutched Manny tightly. A barely audible squeal drifted out her mouth. He took this as a sign to continue. Pushing his hand past her clenching legs he sunk his fingers all the way in while simultaneously reaching up to squeeze her breasts.

Fireworks went off in Nicole’s head…but the images quickly turned to bullets from a gun.
She violently shoved Manny into the wall freeing herself from his hands.
“What the FUCK do you think you are doing!?” She hissed, enraged. “What the fuck! What-The-Fuck!” She repeated, backing up.
“I…I…I’m sorry. I just wanted you.” Manny replied, terrified.
“There are people fucking everywhere!” Nicole scolded.
“You are just so god damn sexy. That dress…I just need to get under it…” Nicole swung out and slapped him across the face.
The action shocked both of them. Nicole spoke first.
“Whats happening here has to stop. I made some huge mistakes, but this, thing, between us, ends now. Its immoral and most importantly, its illegal!”
“…only for a few more weeks…” Manny muttered back.
“What?” Nicole replied exasperated.
“I turn 18 in a few weeks, right after Daniel. I’ll be an adult.” Graduation had taken up so much time that Nicole had forgotten the boys were going to be 18 this summer.
“Just..just get out of here Manny. Just get out!” Nicole sighed tiredly.
The defeated Manny began walking away but as he reached the corner of the hall he turned back to Nicole.
“Maybe later this summer we can talk about why you weren’t wearing any panties today.” He smirked before disappearing outside. Nicole was frozen in place. She didn’t move until one of the other mothers entered the hallway and looked at her with a puzzled expression.
“You okay Nicole?”
“Hmm? Oh, yeah, just thinking…about the future…”
“Tell me about it. This summer is gonna be- Whoa, watch your feet darling! Looks like somebody spilled their drink.”
“What?” Nicole looked down at a small puddle that had formed between her feet.
“Careful love, don’t slip.”
“Oh, I think I already have…”

INCIDENT # 8 - The Final Incident, The First Session

Lightning illuminated the dark lake, and thunder shook the house. The rain came down so hard even the lake was getting wet. Today was Manny’s 18th birthday.
Nicole sat alone at her kitchen table wearing the least sexy thing she had. Loose grey sweat pants and a lime green sweatshirt. She was attempting to use social media but the internet had just gone out from the storm. Most people were currently loathing the strong summer downpour, but Nicole welcomed it. There would be no lake party today. No half-naked teenage boys and girls running around. No incidents… She had lucked out with Daniel’s 18th birthday as well. A storm moved her son’s birthday to a restaurant and the movies. Tonight, Manny’s birthday was changed to a concert outing. They would be out late. The thought of them driving in the storm however, worried her. There was never a moment of respite in Nicole’s mind.

Nicole was contemplating retreating to her bedroom for some self pleasuring when sounds emerged from the front door.
An open and close.
Daniel was home, early?
One person. Good, just Daniel.
Nicole got up and grabbed a nearby towel, knowing he would need it.
“So, how was the concert?” She called out. No response. Nicole walked over and rounded the corner.
Manny stood there completely naked and stoking his hard 10” cock. Nicole did not move and only stared at the water dripping off the teenager’s body.
“Daniel is staying over his girlfriends. You don’t have a boyfriend. My girlfriend is afraid of my penis, but you are not. What excuse do you want to try tonight?” Manny said with rehearsed confidence. The petrified Nicole did not respond.
“I haven’t masturbated in a week, I’ve been saving it all for tonight.“ Manny said strolling over to her. Nicole backed up flat against the wall.
“We…we…we shouldn’t… I….I don’t think I can…we-“ Nicole choked.
“We are going to fuck.” Manny cut.
“…watch your language…”Nicole whispered timidly.

VABOOOM!!!! The house shook violently from thunder and the power cut out.

Nicole was plunged into complete darkness. She didn’t need eyesight to see what was coming. Out of the darkness his wet body pressed up against hers. His radiating dick sliding into her crotch stretching the fabric. Then both breasts came under siege. Young inexperienced hands groped and squeezed un-rhythmically. Nicole tensed up and closed her eyes preparing for the ride. She was instead taken completely off guard.

Manny aimed and plunged forward. His mouth found hers and using his tongue forced his way in. There was no resistance as Nicole’s mouth melded with his, both tongues wrestling. Manny was stunned at her prowess. His experience had only consisted of a handful of make-out sessions with equally unexperienced teen girls. His penis throbbed and yearned pushing up hard into her crotch. Nicole felt like she was riding on a fence pole.

Manny broke away from the kiss and her body.
“Take off your clothes. All of them.” He commanded into the darkness. Nicole obeyed immediately whipping off the now soaking sweatshirt and in one move dropped her pants and underwear. The two extremely aroused and horny bodies were finally completely exposed to one another, and yet the twisted universe kept them from seeing.
Nicole nervously reached out and found Manny. Sliding her hands down to his, she led him down the pitch black hallways. Neither spoke but their deep breathing revealed the future. Slowly the pair made their way upstairs and into Nicole’s bedroom.
The two bodies fell onto the queen size bed. For what seemed like months the two of them clawed, kissed, rubbed, and grasped like animals. Every inch of skin explored. Nicole was a grown woman and Manny was in absolute heaven trying to wrap his arms around her to squeeze that firm ass. His arms were latched around her and he clung tight to her body, head buried in her breasts. He was ready.

Manny jumped up, his cock bobbing up and down with weight. Without words Nicole knew how to react by rolling over and arching her body so that her ass was in the air and her head on the bed.
“Right here baby.” Nicole had no time to wait for the boy to explore in the dark. She reached back grabbing the monster, pole like, dick and positioned it at her dripping hole. With vigor and an almost violent energy Manny thrust into Nicole.
Nicole’s body erupted in pain and pleasure as her pussy stretched open and inch by inch cock slid into her. She screamed, which stopped Manny and sent her into a frenzy.
“NO! Don’t stop! I want it. I want it! I WANT YOU INSIDE ME!” Nicole cried in agony and pushed backwards onto his dick. Manny was surprised but held stady.
“OH SHIT! Oh shit yes!” Nicole screamed into her bed as 7” slid in. His 8” girth forcing her open further than any man before. (or since) She snapped her head up, breathing sharply as the 8.5” mark passed.

Manny could barely move. It was taking every ounce of strength to keep from cumming and he still had to actually fuck her. The feeling of being inside of Nicole was insane. Her warmth. Her grooves. She was tight, so very tight, and yet it felt like her muscles were pulling him further in.

With about an inch or so left he had to stop. It was too tight. Slowly he pulled back, the reverse sensations sending chills down his spine. Animal instinct kicked in and Manny started rhythmically thrusting backing into her.
“AHHHH!!! OHHHH!! OHHH!! YESSSSS!!!” Nicole’s face was contorted and her eyes were rolling obscenely in her first orgasm.

Manny was possessed. He had to keep moving, his dick was on fire and the only solution was to fuck. Fuck this woman. Fuck Nicole Sawyer. Having got the rhythm of things Manny started to speed up. The room filled with slapping noises as his giant balls started tapping Nicole’s clit. Nicole thrashed her head wildly with her tongue flying out in a heavy pant.
From here on out none of Nicole’s thoughts were decipherable into words.
Manny fucked. Manny penetrated. Manny hammered. Nicole’s sharp animalistic squealing drove him insane. He fell forward onto her so he could seize her breasts. Jumping, he slammed all 10” into her.

The house shook but no longer from the storm. Manny was ramming his penis into Nicole with furry. The bed rocked smashing into the wall hard enough that somebody in the basement would be aware of the action happening on the third floor. Family pictures fell and shattered from walls somewhere in the house.
Nicole unable to hold her body together any longer, collapsed onto the bed, dislodging them. (She orgasmed again)

Manny was not finished and using porn as a reference decided to try something. He hopped off the bed and lined up to it. Yeah, her could pull her over and fuck her easily. There was a zap and the household erupted in light as the electricity returned.

Manny finally got to see Nicole. The first thing he saw was her cunt, recently shaved and gaping open. It was spasming, almost begging for more. Nicole was crumpled on her stomach, arms spread wide. Her body heaved with rapid breaths causing her ass to jiggle.

Manny reached out and smacked the jiggle cheeks. A strange satisfaction overcame him. Without remorse he continued to spank her. He finally ended with him grabbing her legs, rolling her onto her back and dragging her to the edge of the bed.
“oh god! oh god! oh god! fuck me. fuck me. FUCK ME.” Nicole pleaded in a brief moment of lucidity.
Manny obliged by driving his glistening dick into her. Leaning on the bed he was now in position to pound into her spread legs easily.

The foundation shaking action did not stop for what seemed hours. Nicole had moved past animalistic sounds and was now screaming bloody murder while Manny slammed his 10” into her cervix. She was well aware of her situation now, head up, mouth screaming, staring at the young stud concentrating on ramming her. She orgasmed again.

Manny couldn’t take it either. He felt the final thrust and plowed with his entire body into her, forcing his entire cock into her.

Nicole’s womb took a hit and began to expand. Round after round of hot jizz flowed into her. The pure ecstasy left Manny dumb. He collapsed on top of her, the two rising and falling with exhaustion.

Minutes went by, Manny’s cock was still inside Nicole plugging her up. Carefully he rolled over, slipping his cock out. The was an audible slicking pop as the two dislodged.
Nicole’s cunt spasmed.
“SPLLLRTT!!” Cum started bubbling and dribbling out of her gaping hole.
“oh -huff- shit!. Can you -huff- get pregnant?” Many gasped, eyes wide in terror.
“Don’t -huff- don’t worry about it. -huff- Just -huff- just fuck me!” Nicole responded completely disregarding the idea of a baby.
“Yeah?” Manny rolled over to look at Nicole. She rolled her head to look at him.
They stared into each others eyes. The desire was insane.
“Manny…just…just fuck me. All summer, fuck me! You can have me! I’ll teach you so many things!” Nicole cried, leaned over, and kissed Manny.


The pair fucked throughout the storm and into the next day, sleeping little. Manny had to sneak out a window the next morning to avoid Daniel who had returned at noon.
The rest of the summer played out much differently than Nicole had originally planned. Every conceivable tactic was used to keep Daniel busy or away form the house. He was confused but his own girlfriend occupied the new time.

Nicole showed Manny a cornicopia of knowledge. She introduced him to her toys and he got her to let him spank her with paddles. One weekend they went out and bought the Kama Sutra.

On the last day they were to spend together Manny convinced Nicole to row out into the middle of the lake and let him fuck her. They bought a ballgag for her hoped the moaning didn’t carry too far on the lake. She passed out during that session and Manny had to row the two back to shore.

Later that night they dressed and said their goodbyes. Manny was off to college. Nicole was broken, but knew this had to end. She had to say ‘No more’ at some point and move past this fling. The whole situation was wrong and they were lucky to have gotten as far as they did. It was time for the two to start new lives. Nicole kissed Manny passionately and the two separated forever.
Nicole lasted two days before calling to get Manny’s dorm number and address.
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