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Relatively slow build up as the half demon corners his prey.
Author’s Note: This is an alternate ending to a short story I’ve been writing in my own time, prompted by a friend who was disappointed there was no sex (lol). I apologize for anything out of context as my characters are in a well established universe and this small story doesn’t explain much. This is the first time I have posted anything online and if it is received well I might write a sequel (with more sex).

***There is quite a bit of build up to the sex part. Feel free to skip the boring parts or the story entirely if all you want is juicy bits.***

Constructive criticism appreciated. Sorry for any overlooked typos. Thanks for reading.


Zeth was starving. It’d been a month since they gave him anything sufficient. Every few days he’d wake up to a small amount of food to tide him over, but it wasn’t what he needed, and he was suffering for it. Not long after hitting the two week mark he started to have coughing fits, which left blood spattered on his hand, and bouts of nausea that became increasingly more intense and painful. He was exhausted, too, and slept for the whole day and much of the night.

It didn’t help that there were slow healing burn marks marring the grey skin of his body. They had tried to get information from him, anything at all, concerning the whereabouts of his daughter. For the past two months they had been searching fruitlessly, and Terra had grown frustrated with his refusal to cooperate. She’d resorted to use of force, and because he hadn’t eaten properly in so long the resulting wounds were healing at an abysmal rate.

By the time a month passed, he looked haggard and weak, and felt as much. He had barely the energy to clean himself, and there was dark bags under his blackened eyes, his dark hair strewn about. Then, for the first time in a long time that he’d actually been conscious for, there was an electrical whirring and clicking and finally the door to his prison opened.

As light from the hallway poured in, he sat up in bed and groaned, wincing and shielding his eyes with one hand. In the doorway stood Terra, two guards flanking her at either side. The normally cold and well presented scientist appeared exhausted. There were bags under her eyes, her lab coat was rumpled and her brown hair disheveled. She looked like she’d been living off nothing but coffee for the last two weeks, and for all he knew she might have.

“Good to see you, Zeth.” She frowned and fiddled with the clipboard and pen in her hands, then looked at the guards. “Get him up.”

They both walked in and grab one of his arms each, then yanked him to his feet. It was a struggle to remain upright. Were it not for them he probably would have just ended up on the floor.

“The fuck do you want this time?” he growled weakly.

“The same thing I wanted last time,” she said tiredly. “Lets go.”

She turned and walked off, and he winced in pain as he was forced to move along. It felt like his insides were twisting into tight knots, and each movement strained his muscles. The lights of the lab assaulted his eyes, and the smell of so many people began to overwhelm his senses. He found himself pulling at his captors’ hold with surprising vigour, looking around half blind as hunger clouded his mind.

Vaguely he was aware of the rapid retreat of several scientists walking by when they accidentally strayed too close to the travelling group and he lurched towards them. He was kept well in check, though. With the two guards alert and holding tight to him, there wasn’t much he could do.

Suddenly he was sat down in a chair within a dimly lit room, and for the first time since they got him out he was able to focus his eyes properly on the woman taking a seat across from him. He wanted to jump her very badly, or either of the guards now standing on either side of him, guns in hand.

“I’m starving,” he panted, glaring at her. He was barely able to get the two words out before he bent over and dissolved into a fit of coughing that left blood on the table between them.
Terra leaned back and away from him. “I know. And I know your limits, Zeth. But we have something else to take care of first. Now that you’ve had some time alone, I thought you might reconsider telling us where you’ve hidden your daughter away.” She watched him, her gaze still intense despite the apparent exhaustion.

He spat blood onto the floor and scoffed. “I know you won’t let me die. Why should I tell you anything?”

“Help me help you.” She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, then sighed and opened them. “We can make this so much easier. Let us bring her in. Cooperate. We’ll give you proper lodgings, a reasonable amount of freedom. You know what we could do if you would just stop being so difficult.”

“And let you do to her what you’ve done to me? Fuck off.” He covered his mouth to suppress another urge to cough. “Get me something to eat and put me back.”

She shook her head and lifted her hand to scrub at her face, and when the sleeve of her coat pulled back he noticed there was bruising around her wrist, as though someone had grabbed her very hard. He tilted his head and smirked.
“Boss isn’t very happy with you, is he? No wonder you look like shit.” He leaned forward and locked eyes with her. His voice took on a taunting tone. “He still fucking you, too? Of course he is.”

She froze up and glared at him. He had hit a sore spot. “Shut up.”

“I’d probably do the same thing, too, if I were him,” he continued, like she hadn’t spoken at all. “I’d turn you back into the timid little intern you were ten years ago. Bitch like you needs to be-”

All of a sudden she slammed her fist down onto the table, making everyone in the room jump, including him. “I said shut up, Zeth!” she snapped, her voice rising to a near shout. Her face was red, and her breathing had accelerated. Her icy scowl bore into him relentlessly, and he stared back at her, mildly shocked at the outburst.

They sat across from each other, painfully silent. For a second he was taken back over a decade, when he was quite young and Terra just the eager new girl.


For what must have been the fifth time that week they were taking blood. He was no more than a child, but they studied him relentlessly. Always watching, always needing more samples for their research, and it had been this way since he was born. He was sitting on the exam table when Dr. Stevens walked in, but this time she was accompanied by someone he hadn’t seen before.

A young woman with brown hair and soft blue eyes, clutching a clipboard and attempting to make nervous small talk with the woman who was obviously her senior. When she saw him, she froze on the spot and simply stared, almost unable to comprehend the creature sitting before her. She watched him with an expression of awe and fear.

“Don’t worry, Terra,” said Stevens with a small smile. “He’s relatively harmless.” She placed a hand on the younger woman’s shoulder and guided her forward. “Today we’re simply taking some blood, and I would like you to do the honours. You have done something so simple before, correct?”

She nodded and smiled timidly. “Yes, doctor.”

They went through the required procedures, disinfecting the target area and binding his arm to make the vein pop. Terra prepared the syringe and gently took a hold of his arm.

“This will only hurt a little,” she said, glancing up at him, and he merely nodded silently in return. The small movement made her visibly flinch, though. Clearly she was on edge. His appearance was definitely unnerving, and it was no doubt the eyes. Eyes as black as night, soulless and predatory, and even more disturbing seen on a child. Every little twitch, every shift he made, caused her to tense and look to Dr. Stevens for support.

She made it through, though, and once she was done and he hadn’t done anything to particularly frighten her, she relaxed.

“There, all done,” she said, smiling warmly at him as she handed the syringe to Stevens. “I’ll walk you back to your room, okay? Maybe later we can go take a walk around the grounds.” She glanced to her superior, who nodded.

Her friendly demeanour was comforting, and unlike some of the other scientists who worked with him she was quite kind and considerate. Though he didn’t speak, he offered a small nod in return. Anything to get out of the lab for a while.


Now here they were. The soft eyes and warm smile were absent, leaving a cold, heartless shell, and whatever trust they might have had with one another so many years ago was gone. She ran the show, and she ran it with an iron fist.

“Do you know what you are, Zeth?” she asked as the tension in the room mounted.

He scowled. “Do tell.”

Terra leaned forward, keeping eye contact. “You are property. You belong to us. You don’t have any rights. And even if everyone knew about you, no one would care enough to fight for you because on top of everything else you’re a god damn criminal. Rape, murder, theft. You like it all too much to stop.”

She brushed a strand of hair from her face and smiled coolly. “We can do whatever the hell we want with you, and no one is going to do anything about it. And you know this is only going to end one of two ways. You give up, you stay here and let us do what we need to do, give us what we want. Or, alternatively, you can keep running, keep trying to hide, and eventually they’re going to decide you’re not worth the risk and kill you. We’ll find her, anyway, and all this struggle will be for nothing.

“I can keep doing this. I’ll put you on the brink of starvation, push you to the very edge of what you can take, until you damn well tell me what I need to know. So… where is the girl?”

Zeth licked his lips and clicked a single claw on the metal surface of the table. He smiled dryly. “Get fucked, doctor.”

Trembling with anger, she stood suddenly and snatched her clipboard and pen up. She looked to the guards. “Get him out of my sight. Feed him, I don’t care who, and lock him up again.”

She turned to leave, and then the lights went out. Not just the lights. An eerie silence fell as the electric humming of the lab faded away to nothing, and the four of them were left in pitch black.

All at once, the world went back into motion. Blind, Terra bolted towards the location of the door and tried to find the doorknob. Behind her, she heard the sound of a chair clattering to the floor and a vicious snarl. She was forced to drop the ground and cover her head as a spray of bullets went off, accompanied by a shout of panic. One of the guards swore profusely and switched on the flash-light mounted on his gun, revealing Zeth as he shoved his prey against the wall with a dull thud and tore his weapon from his hands, tossing it to the floor.

Sensing, however, the threat behind him, the starving demon turned and attempted to disarm the attacker. By the time he was able to wrestle to weapon away, he had been shot several times and was being grabbed blindly from behind. Adrenaline rushed through him, though, and he shoved the guard in front of him to the floor as he turned to address the one grappling him. Once again he pushed him against the wall, tearing at the collar of his jacket and the straps that held the body armour meant to protect him.
Abandoning his comrade for the choice of safety, the leftover guard stumbled towards the door and towards Terra. They both flinched as primal snarling filled the room and the panicked shouting grew more intense. It ended with a strangled scream and the sound of bones breaking and flesh tearing.

She stumbled to her feet and grabbed for the guard.

“This way, doctor,” he mumbled, hands shaking as he fumbled for the door handle and managed to yank it open.

But just as he was about to usher her out, he was yanked backwards and his yell of surprise was cut short as he was pushed so forcefully into the wall that all the air was knocked from his lungs. He couldn’t breathe, and something cracked painfully.
Terra, however, had bolted. She was out in the hallway now, trying to find her way to safety and waiting for the back up generator to kick in. The darkness was Zeth’s element. He could disappear, quite literally, and his vision was perfect. In other rooms she could hear alarmed speaking, and the authoritative voices of guards as they attempted to keep things in order among those who were still awake at this hour.

The generator never came on, though, and when she heard the sound of footsteps quickly approaching her she grabbed for the nearest door and yanked it open. She could barely see, but in the dark she could make out from the shadows that it was some kind of office. She of all people should know how impossible it was to hide from him. Even if he couldn’t see, he could still smell her.

There was sudden movement behind her and she whipped around only to be grabbed by the collar of her coat and shoved into the wall.

“Found you,” purred Zeth. He leaned in as he pinned her. Her breathing was fast, and he could practically hear her heart pounding. He still felt woozy and out of it from his earlier frenzy, and as much as he would love to tear her throat out, he was able to keep himself in check.

The injuries he had suffered had already healed, as the life energy from the two guards restored him quickly. His leanly muscled cheat and abdomen were covered in blood, as well as his hands and face. It stained Terra’s coat as he pressed against her and filled the air with the overpowering, metallic smell.

“Dont, Zeth!” she gasped, grasping at his arms and attempting to push him away, though he was much stronger. “Please… don’t.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” He leaned in closer so that he was whispering in her ear. “I just want to make you scream.”

He tore open the flimsy lab coat, and hooked a single claw on the collar of her shirt. God, he’d wanted to do this for so long, give the bitch what she deserved for everything she’d done to him. He unceremoniously ripped the blouse open, as well, revealing smooth skin and a black bra. He didn’t even bother removing the pencil skirt she wore. Instead, he hiked it up around her waist and pulled off her underwear.

All the while, she struggled and shoved at his arms and hands and did her best to get him off of her, but she was no match for him.

“Please,” she begged. “The guards will be here any moment. You’ll regret this, I swear.”

He laughed and lifted her up by the waist, pressing her against the wall so that they were more or less face to face. Her hands clutched his shoulders and her legs wrapped around his waist, for no other reason than to keep herself from falling.
“You think I give a shit? I’ve been waiting for this for so long… I’ll do what I can with the time I get.”

One hand slid to her backside to help keep her up, his claws pricking into her skin. The other grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so that her neck was exposed to him. He placed hot kisses all over her skin, and nips with his sharp teeth left red marks everywhere. He could feel her heartbeat beneath his lips, rapid and panicked.

All the while, he ground his hips against hers, his erection straining at the confines of his pants. His trailed his mouth to her jawline, where he could feel the dampness of tears. He smiled and looked at her.

“Too bad you’re not having as much as fun as me,” he murmured.

To his surprise, though, when he slid his hand between her legs to try to stimulate some natural lubricant he found that she was already slick with lust. It made him grin.

“You’ve wanted this, haven’t you? Fucking whore.”

“No!” she cried.

He removed his hand and kissed her. “Oh, yes.”

He undid his pants enough to free his cock, which was a size to put most men to shame. This seemed to restore some of the fight in her, and she shoved hard at his shoulders, digging her nails into his skin.
Her efforts just made him chuckle, and the pain didn’t bother him that much. “You of all people should know I like it rough, doctor.”

His words made her face turn a deep shade of red. Then she drew one hand back as though she were about to hit him, but he snatched her wrist and squeezed hard enough to make her wince.

“No shouting for help, and no hitting, or I’m going to leave you here to bleed out on the floor.” He flashed his teeth at her. “Understand?”

Terra nodded.


He let go of her wrist and aligned himself quickly. He was eager to begin, and wasn’t sure how much time he had. As he thrust himself into her completely he let out a low groan of satisfaction. He felt her nails scraping into him again, and she had bit her lip hard to stifle the cry that fought to escape.

“Fuck...” he growled. Her muscles clenched down on him tightly as they fought to resist the unwelcome intrusion, and the sensation made him still. It had been a long time, and he did want to make this last.

The scientist’s whole body was tense, and her eyes watered as she struggled to accommodate him. He began with shallow strokes, his breath hot on her neck. His left hand was still beneath her, keeping her steady. Every movement prompted a slightly pained and muffled moan from her, but as he continued he felt her grow wetter, and instead of her hands pressed to push him away, she was gripping him tightly.

Zeth’s claws scraped into her backside, creating shallow cuts, and he grunted with effort as he increased the force and length of his thrusts. He could feel her squirming against him, small whimpers slipping out past her stubbornly shut lips.

He used a single claw to cut the strap of her bra and then yanked it down so that he could grope roughly at her breast, leaving more scratches. He squeezed hard, and finally she tilted her head back and her moans of pleasure joined the sound of flesh against flesh.

He was panting now as he pounded her into the wall, too caught up to even taunt her, and he felt her legs around his waist pulling him closer. She was getting close, he could feel it, and he wasn’t too far behind.

“Zeth!” She whimpered and arched into him, and moments later the room was filled with her cry of pleasure as she came.

The feel of her muscles squeezing him tightly was too much, and he thrust into her hard one last time as he filled her with his seed. He let out a guttural groan of satisfaction, keeping her pinned until he had finished entirely. His body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, and they were both panting.

Her head was leaning back against the wall and her eyes were closed as she caught her breath. He grabbed her by the hair with his free hand and abruptly pulled her in for a rough kiss, then let her go. He freed his cock from her and did up his pants, then let her slide down onto the floor, where there immediately grew a wet spot from his cum and her own juices.

“I’d love to continue,” he said, smirking at her, “but I’ve got places to be. You should clean yourself up before the guards find you.”

Just as he turned to walk out the door, the distinct humming of the compound returned to life and the lights began to flicker on. He had lost his chance to escape by fooling around here, but it was well worth it in his opinion. Every time she looked at him she would think about this moment.

He stuck his hand out into the hallway and swore as his skin immediately started to burn. The UV lights were activated, of course. He wasn’t going anywhere. They would scope every room until they found him.

Resigning himself for the moment, he turned and looked around the small office before sitting on the floor across the room from Terra. She was glaring at him, but she was entirely red in the face and was desperately attempting to fix the dishevelled and ripped state of her clothing. There were bite marks on her neck, cuts and smeared blood down her collarbone and on her breast, and her hair was a mess. It would be no question as to what happened here.

He watched her with an expression of amusement as she struggled to her feet and pulled her skirt back down. She had done the best she could with her shirt and pulled her lab coat tightly around herself to cover up.

“I’m going to make you pay for every second of this,” she said. Her tone was icy, but she was watching him with wariness, unsure of if he would attack her. “I swear I’ll keep you on the brink of starvation for the next year. I hope this was worth it.”

“Don’t worry, it was. It’s even more worth it knowing you’re gonna be thinking about me fucking you whenever you go to sleep.”

She looked away. “You wish...” she muttered.

Just then, four guards all burst into the room, making her take an alarmed step back. All trained their guns on Zeth, though a few shocked looks were given to the scientist.

“On your feet, hands up,” said one authoritatively, motioning with his gun. “If we have to knock you out to get you back into your room we won’t hesitate.”

He rolled his eyes and did as he was told. “You don’t need to tell me that.” He walked forward, slowly, and the second he was in reach they yanked his wrists behind his back and cuffed him.
Off to the side, one was trying to assess Terra.

“Are you alright, doctor?” he asked, his hands hovering as though he wanted to help somehow. “We should get you to the infirmary.”

“I’m fine!” she snapped. “Leave me be. Get this monster back into his cage. And don’t forget about the lights. I don’t want him to die on the way there.” She brushed a stray strand of hair from her face, one of many, and shoved past all of them on shaky legs. They all stared as she went, but made no comment on her appearance.

Zeth watched her as she walked. She dared a look over her shoulder, as he knew she would, and when their eyes met he gave her a knowing smirk. Her face went even redder and she turned, which made him laugh even as they pulled him away.


2017-06-27 18:02:14
Good story I hope to see in continue


2017-06-18 23:32:17
I like it. Very well written. Do you have any of the original story posted anywhere? I'd love to get the context of the interactions between the two characters...

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