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At the doctor's office, I checked in with the desk and sat down in the waiting room. Dr. Vernon had been our family doctor for a long time. She'd seen me naked plenty of times but not like this. I was beginning to look forward to seeing her reaction at the sight of the "new" me.

When the nurse called my name to take me back to the exam room, I stood up and Mom remained seated. She asked me, "Do you want me to wait here or come back with you?" I just motioned her to come along.

Back in the exam room, the nurse asked me, "What are we here to see the doctor for today."

"I woke up with, er, some swelling," I replied tentatively.

"Swelling? Where?" she asked.

"Er, on my privates," I told her.

"Oh," she replied. "I'll just get your vital signs." Finished with that, she stood up telling me, "Remove your pants and underwear and put this gown on. The doctor will be in shortly." She left, closing the door behind her as I stood up and looked at Mom.

"I can go back to the waiting room if you'd like me to, Bobby," she told me.

I told her, "No, don't worry about it, Mom." I kicked off my sneakers, pulled my pants and boxers down together, and leaned over to pull them off my feet. Donning the gown with the opening in the back I looked down to see that its midthigh length wasn't long enough to cover my hanging penis.

I saw Mom looking at it, too. She looked at me and said, "It just doesn't quite do the job, Bobby." She giggled and I found myself laughing at the comment. Soon she was laughing, too. I climbed up and sat on the end of the exam table, my legs dangling from my knees, penis and testicles lying on the paper cover between my legs.

A knock on the door and Dr. Vernon came in, shutting the door behind her. She was in her early fifties, fairly tall, and overweight. She was no beauty but rather she was pleasant looking with a very kind nature. "What's going on today, Bobby?" she asked as she pulled up a stool and sat down in front of me at the end of the exam table.

I lifted the gown and just said, "This."

Her immediate response was, "Oh." Regaining her composure she asked me to stand up. I hopped down off the exam table, my penis and testicles swinging wildly as I landed on my feet. Pulling my gown to one side, Dr. Vernon looked again at the mutant organs then asked, "When did you notice this, er, swelling begin?"

"I woke up this morning like this," I told her.

"You're telling me you went to bed last night, er, normal and work up this size this morning?" she asked incredulously.

"Yep, that's right."

Mom interjected, "That's not normal, is it doctor?"

"Mrs. Davis, I think I need some time to examine Bobby if you'd please wait out in the waiting room," Dr. Vernon told my mother.

"Sure, no problem," Mom said as she stood up and left.

As soon as the door closed behind Mom, Dr.Vernon turned to me and said, "Bobby, this is peculiar and I need to ask you some more questions. First, have you had sex with anyone?"


"Have you taken any drugs you're not supposed to take?"


"And this growth occurred overnight?"

"Yes. I thought I had a dream, an, er, wet dream, but I didn't wake up until this morning and I didn't find any sign that I actually had one. Then I found myself like this."

"I want to check your prostate, Bobby. Normally males don't need a prostate exam until they reach forty or so but this isn't a normal situation. It may be a little uncomfortable for you but it's not that bad," she told me as she opened a drawer and pulled a tube from it and pulled on exam gloves."Now, let's just remove this gown and get it out of the way," she said as she helped me out of the stupid gown. "Now, turn around and lean over, put your elbows on the exam table and spread your feet apart a bit more for me." With my penis and testicles swaying in front of me, I leaned over onto my elbows on the exam table. "Now you'll feel a bit of pressure," she told me.

I felt the cold of the K-Y Jelly as she worked her finger into my ass. As she probed further it felt like I needed to push a crap out then I felt a bit tingly in my groin and it felt like I might be getting the beginnings of an erection. She smoothly withdrew her finger and wiped my ass with some tissues as she said, "Your prostate feels normal." As I straightened up I heard her remove her gloves and wash her hands in the sink behind me. "Go ahead and lean back over, please. I'm not done yet," she told me as I heard her donning another pair of exam gloves. "I want to examine our testicles and I might as well start from behind." I felt her hand cup my scrotum and lift my testicles, first together in one palm, fingertips lightly holding them, then with both hands on each testicle, one at a time as she felt all around, over, and under them with her fingertips. I was beginning to feel a bit aroused by her touch. "Okay, turn around," she told me.

I straightened up and turned around to face her, penis and testicles swinging between my thighs. Though I felt somewhat aroused, my penis didn't really look any different though it felt a bit heavier as it swung. "Did you wake up this morning with an erection?" she asked me.

"No," I replied.

"Have you had an erection since you got up this morning?" she pressed on.

"No," I answered.

"So you haven't had an orgasm since your size changed, right?" she asked.

"No," I snickered.

"Well, I'm concerned as to whether you still have that capability, if blood supply kept up with this size change, I mean," she told me. "Hop up here on the exam table for me," she directed as she patted the end of the table. I hopped up and sat on the table before she said, "Now, just lie back." She scooted the stool over to the end of the exam table telling me, "I'm going to complete the testicular exam now. Just relax." She lifted my penis and laid it on my abdomen and then began to palpate my testicles again, all around, under and over. The she added K-Y Jelly and did it again and I was really starting to feel aroused. I felt my penis twitch on my abdomen as it began to engorge. Dr. Vernon noticed my growing erection as my penis began to straighten on my abdomen. "Other than being on the large side, your testicles seem normal. Oh there, you can still achieve an erection, can't you?" she told me. "I want to obtain a semen sample to check your sperm count. It's easiest if I just do it," she told me as I felt her apply cool K-Y Jelly to the underside of my shaft, strightening on my abdomen at her continued attention. She turned away for a moment to retrieve a specimen cup from one of the cabinets and I stole a glance down at my abdomen. I couldn't tell but it didn't seem that my erecting penis was much, if any, longer than when it was hanging flaccidly between my legs but it definitely looked thicker. When Dr. Vernon turned back toward me she had a cup in her hand that she placed on the exam table next to me before grasping my now erect penis in her right hand, spreading the K-Y Jelly up and down the length of it. "I want you to tell me where your penis is most sensitive," she said. She stroked the base end near my testicles. "Here?" Then she stroked the glans end. "Or here?"

"Definitely there," I told her.

"Okay," she said, "That seems normal." Continuing to stroke the the glans end with her tight hand, she closed her left hand around the base end and just held it firmly. "You seem to have a firm erection, Bobby, so that's good," she smiled at me. Continuing to stroke my penis with her right hand, I felt her cup my testicles in her other hand, massaging them gently. With my arousal level climbing I began to rock my hips involuntarily as she continued to stroke my penis and massage my testicles. Rocking faster now, I felt myself about to go over the top and Dr. Vernon could tell I was about to cum also as she let go of my testicles and picked up the specimen cup with her left hand, still stroking with her right. I felt a tightening in my testicles then my penis begin to pulse in Dr. Vernon's hand as I started to pump semen into the cup she positioned for collection. Rather than the two or three good spurts I normally ejaculated, it seemed like my penis continued to pulse for six or maybe seven good shots, then several fading spurts as the orgasm subsided. "Your semen volume appears to be ample," Dr. Vernon told me as she milked the last bit from my penis with what seemed like a practiced technique. Handing me a wad of tissues she said, "Here, you clean yourself up and get dressed while I take this to the lab," as she turned and left the room with the cup.

I wiped myself off as best as I could with the tissues before hopping down off the exam table. When my feet hit the floor, my legs felt weak and I put a hand on the table to steady myself. As I stood there a moment, there was a couple of taps on the door then it opened and the nurse who had checked me in walked in along with my mother. The nurse's eyes locked on my penis and testicles, penis still partially erect, arching downward to hang a little out from my thighs. Mom's eyes were looking at the same thing. "Sorry," the nurse told me, "I thought you'd be dressed by now. I have the doctor's instructions for you. I thought it best if your mother heard them, too, so she'll understand." Attempting to look at the chart in her hand, the nurse continued, "Dr. Vernon wants you to masturbate to orgasm at least daily for the next week, collecting, measuring, and discarding your output, then return for another check next Friday afternoon. Is 4:30 okay for you?"

Mom said, "Yes, that'll be fine. Now, he is to collect and measure his semen, then flush it?" I was beginning to get dressed, pulling my boxers on and tucking my now flaccid penis and testicles down the left leg, them comically hanging past the hem of the boxers. This point didn't seem to be lost on either Mom or the nurse.

"Yes, that's right. Write the results down each time and bring that with you next week." Handing Mom a specimen cup she said, "Use this then rinse it each time. Doctor also wanted to know if you're involved in athletics or PE class," the nurse continued.

"I have PE every day," I replied.

"Okay, then she wants you to go to this seamstress and have a custom athletic supporter made before you go to any additional PE classes. She's a good seamstress. She does a lot of custom fitting of undergarments, bras for example, Mrs. Davis. So she'll be able to fit him properly. Take these instructions to her and if you go straight over there now, she should be able to get this done today for you," the nurse continued as she handed a piece of paper to Mom. "Here's an appointment reminder card for next Friday, also."

"Thank you," Mom told her just as I was finishing getting dressed.

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