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A novella about a night where a spontaneous trip up to Vermont led to an unforgettable night filled with passionate sex
It was two days after Easter when I received a surprising message on Facebook. A girl I used to only see at a friend's bonfires asked word for word "are you up for a spontaneous adventure?" I was caught completely off guard to say the least. As pretty as she was, I had never hung out with her let alone had a sober conversation with her. Looking back, I was probably involved with another girl anyway at the bonfires, but not this time. "Where is this trip to?" I messaged back. The icon kept popping up saying she was typing then disappearing, so I decided to peruse through her Facebook photos. First thing I noticed was how blue her eyes were. The fact that I had only seen her at night (in addition to being inebriated) had hid this from me. The rest of her though I remember vividly. Wavy, dark brown hair that came down to the top of her shoulder blades. Picking a best attribute can't be done because she had it all. She was 5’6”, had a firmly toned core, thighs that weren't too thick but just right and an ass that would make any man do a triple take.

I found a photo of her in yoga pants. Lightly biting my tongue and taking a breath, I admired how perfect she filled them out. Her shirt had some band on it whose name was pushed out from her breasts. Don't recall the name of the band, but I recall the genuine C cups. Before I could get too lost in thought the message chime came through my computer speakers. I quickly looked down to her response. "To Vermont. Snowboarding, free breakfast, alcohol, three days, just you and I. All I need is 100 bucks. What do you say?" How straightforward she was turned me on immediately. How many times does this occur in a man's life? Sure you could be insanely attractive and get girls, but having a girl just bluntly use the words "alcohol, three days, just you and I." That's a fucking blessing. My fingers hovered over the keyboard tapping the air in between. "Well let's hold on now. I can't automatically assume I'm going to get laid. She just might want company,” I thought to myself. “Come on, don't bullshit yourself. Why would she say it like that then if she didn't want sex?" This debate between the gentleman and the animal in me went on as I finally typed up my simple response. "Yes! That'd be awesome! When do we leave?"

We discussed the particulars and eventually reached the conclusion that she'd spend the night at my house the night after next and we'd leave early the following morning. When I logged off Facebook I took a deep breath before slumping back in my computer chair. I began to visualize the bonfires when I first met this girl. Her name was Megan. She was good friends with Gianna, a girl I grew up with three streets down from mine. Megan had always been eccentric to me. She'd show up to the parties in leopard skin tight yoga pants and tight black shirts most of the time. If it wasn't the leopard pants it was tight black booty shorts. When she had a bit to drink, she'd start bumping into me and busting my balls about whatever she could. As much as we'd drunken play fight I never attempted anything more. It wasn't because she had a bad reputation or anything; she was always a blast to drink with, but that's all it was. Sure, I would watch her ass bounce by the fire light when she'd get amped up over something, but I never made an advance. There were times her and I would be stumbling over each other and we'd smack each others asses and sometimes even full out wrestle, but we never even "accidentally" kissed. It's a strange thing when you only know a person while in a certain environment. The mystery of what it'd be like with her and only her was about to be uncovered. For the rest of the evening, I imagined looking down into those piercing blue eyes. I imagined her palms engulfing my ass cheeks, pulling me in.

At 7PM the next night, she texted me again. "Alright I'm on my way.". I took a little extra time sprucing up even though we weren't going anywhere. Hell, we didn't even plan on being awake past 11PM so we could start driving at 7 am. Questions arose all at once in my mind. "How old is she? Did you ever ask? Shit I don't even know what kind of car she drives." Quite seriously, I knew she was of legal age otherwise she wouldn't be going to Gianna's, but I didn't know her exact age. "What do I set up? Netflix?" I usually only have girls over that I've actually been dating/ known better so I was conflicted on what ambiance I wanted. I'd never had an extended period of time with Megan sober, never asked what her hobbies were either. "Fuck it." I said to myself. "Tidy up, be yourself, play it by ear. Don't over think." I stood in my driveway staring out towards my road. The trees had just started forming the ‘jungle canopy’ as I call it over the stones. How toned her ass felt sparked in my mind while waiting. I did grab it on occasion at the bonfires. She'd grab mine right back. Soon enough I saw headlights slowing down through the woods.

Megan's black SUV came to a stop about six feet in front of me. The headlights shut off, and the driver's side door opened, turning on the interior light. She was leaning over to the passenger seat, rummaging through an overnight bag. I couldn't help but smile, for I've seen women in that exact position so many times. When she sprang up, her eyes found mine. A friendly but kind of devious smile stretched across her face, followed by a quick 'peppy' wave. I didn't know for certain then, but her devious smile was just the tip of the iceberg for how quickly she could send blood rushing towards my cock. "Hey there!" she exclaimed joyfully."Howdy," I replied plainly, with a hint of cheer. "Have you ever been snowboarding?" she asked quickly. "No I haven't,” I responded. “Guess you'll be teaching me." Megan chuckled as she shut her door walking towards me. "Really? I always took you for the adventurous sporting type." She propped herself up on the hood of my old car that still sat in my driveway and began swinging her legs. "What made you think that?" I asked. "Mainly your body structure. The strength you have when we play fight." Best thing about that sentence was how her fingers very noticeably gripped the trunk of my car harder before a spasm, if you will, caused her to stick her tits out. Megan wasn't wearing the leopard pants or the booty shorts. She was in jean shorts and a pink tank top. It was almost a whole new person, but it was full blown new down right dirty things running through my mind.

"I love baseball." I said without really thinking. "Ah you used to play when you were younger?" Megan asked, still swinging her legs. "Yes I did." White sneakers with pink socks kept waving in and out of my view. "I can't wait to see you snowboard. You're going to bust your ass," she said playfully. Megan's voice wasn't the highest of pitches; it was that "womanly deep" as I call it, but if you were on the phone you'd know it was a female. "I have no doubt about that." I answered with a laugh. "Well lucky for you I'm a massage therapist so I can tend to your wounds." Megan replied. She tilted her head back and laughed a bit before giving me that smile again. I laughed along because I didn't want to let on just how much my heart rate was increasing. "Now that I know you're a massage therapist I should probably finally ask how old you are," I said in a joking tone. "I'm 20. Turning 21 this November. How old are you?" she asked, unlocking her legs and letting them dangle. "I'm 23. Funny huh? We've never talked outside of Gianna's." Megan chuckled and took a deep breath. "Yeah… We aren't drunk or around anyone else but you still sound the same. Short sentences, laid back, trying to play it cool." I chuckled but had to adjust my posture. Not only was she sexier then I'd ever seen her, she was more intelligent than I'd ever known. Not had Megan peeked my sexual curiosity within five minutes, she'd sparked one of the things that turns me on most in a woman; intelligence.

We sat outside and made small talk for an hour and a half. We covered video games, stories from Gianna's, different jobs, even a little bit about past relationships. I don't remember what I was saying but at one point Megan cut me off with "Sorry to cut you off but I have a quick question. Where do I sleep?" Her legs started swinging again. "Wherever you want, really. You can have my bed and I'll take the couch or vice versa." Megan checked her phone for the time and then pushed herself off my car. "Well I'm going to grab my stuff, and I'm a guest so I don't want you on the couch. Is it an issue if we share your bed?" I actually gulped, but kept it hidden by tilting my head down. Megan's ass was trying to poke out from her shorts while she waltzed to her trunk. "Come over here I want to show you what you'll be wearing up there. It's my brothers stuff but he's pretty much exactly your size so it'll work." The way my outside light reflected off the glass of her trunk door hit her body in such a marvelous way. She pressed the trunk door up with both arms fully stretching them accentuating her tightly formed waist. Her tits in that pink tank top will never be forgotten.

After looking over the gear it became time to head in. "You never did answer me. Are we sleeping together or what?" she asked, without any signs of awkwardness. "We can sleep together." I replied. Megan glanced around my kitchen before meeting my dog. "Is it a boy or a girl?" she asked. "It's a girl." Megan knelt down and started petting my black lab. "She's so adorable. I absolutely love dogs." I smiled, though she couldn't see. I'm glad because when she kneellt down, black and leopard print lacy panties found their way out of her shorts. "Show me to your bedroom!" Megan said spreading her arms out in the air. I turned on my light and showed her where she could leave her things. At this point I decided to make the first ‘move.’ "I sleep in just my boxers just so you know," I stated. Megan didn't so much as bat an eye. "Fine with me. I sleep in just my bra and underwear."

I didn't bother with being ‘polite’ after hearing that. I simply removed my shirt and jeans and plopped on my bed. I half expected Megan to change in the bathroom, but no. She took off her clothes right in front of my eyes. Watching her reveal her flat toned belly from underneath that pink tank top still gets me hard just thinking about it. "You're one lucky guy. Girl nonchalantly undressing in front of you," Megan said with that smile as she bent over to take down her jean shorts. As I laid on my bed with my arms behind my head, I watched as she put her shorts in her bag, bending over right in front of me without a care in the world. Her ass was a million times better outside of lower garments. Putting her right knee on the the corner of my bed , Megan grabbed my right leg for balance before plopping down beside me. Her hair smelled of strawberries and her general odor was similar but with an extra kick. It wasn't too hot that night so I had put a light blanket on my bed. "I'm a heavy sleeper, like, once I'm out, I'm out," Megan said before yawning. "Not a problem." I replied.

Suddenly Megan rolled on her side leaving her model-like body out in the open. "Are you excited for the trip?" I really wasn't expecting that question because I was thinking of pulling those panties to the side. "Yes I am. Why do you ask?" Megan nudged closer by ‘pretending’ to adjust her hair. "I don't know. I guess it's because I've never had you one on one." I looked over into her eyes; they seemed to stare into my soul in the best way possible, while her matching bra made her boobs protrude. "So far this trip has started off wonderful. You're sexier than I initially found you," she stated. I replied with a chuckle. Megan laughed and let her right hand glide down her right side. "You never spent the night at Gianna's. You always left. You could've seen it a lot sooner." I had to act as if my torso was chilly so I could pull the blanket up to conceal my rising dick.

Shutting the light off I rolled on my side to face Megan. "I'm going to cuddle you. You have no choice," she said. "One of the best times to not have a choice." I replied with a slight laugh. Megan giggled and proceeded to move inwards towards my chest. "Let me know when you're comfortable," she said. I was banking on her feeling my dick against her lower regions, but she pushed the blanket down in between. "Damn, you are so warm!" she exclaimed quietly. "May I have a kiss goodnight?" I asked. It really just flew out of my mouth no thought involved. Megan laughed and replied, "You wanted me in bed before asking for a kiss?" I was going to make an attempt to answer but she took hold of my right cheek and pulled me towards her face. After locking lips, we simultaneously inhaled. I slowly moved my tongue out to get the french and Megan responded accordingly. Her fingers raked through my hair as I moved my hand smoothly down to her ass. I could feel her defined core breezing by.

Megan pulled away from the making out to say, "As much fun as this could be right now I'm honestly really tired, and we've got a drive ahead of us." I couldn't help but faintly smile because of the way she said that. Her blue eyes fluttered, followed by her stretching to release the grip she had on my hair. "Perfectly understandable." I responded and rolled over to turn off the light. "Do you drink coffee?" I asked. "Yes I do," Megan answered mid yawn. "Alright, I'll make some before we leave." I said rolling over to my right side, cock still bursting out of my boxers. "Sounds lovely," she said. After that there wasn't any more conversation. Megan fell asleep almost instantly from what I could tell, while I tried to think of anything other than ripping those leopard lacy panties off and going to town.

The infamous sound of my phone alarm went off at 6:15 a.m. Megan didn't so much as budge while I hurried to shut it off. My game plan was to make coffee and get a quick shower. I got up and made way to the kitchen. The urge to masturbate was insane. Sleep hadn't dimmed my dirty thoughts and my dick seemingly never went soft. "Maybe she'll just happen to wake up as I'm changing in my room and she'll want morning sex," I thought to myself. Turning the shower on I finally started to lose my erection. "There is a sporty, adventurous girl in your bed right now, and here you are taking a shower. She's almost naked and here you are missing the chance to 'accidentally' poke her with your morning wood," I thought to myself. My motions were jittery and impulsive. Sexual frustration was an understatement at that point.

Finishing my shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to grab a cup of coffee. "You don't know how she takes her coffee. Now's your chance to be naked in front of her! Drop the towel!" I laughed at myself but knew I wasn't going to do any such thing. I've always felt that 82% of the time, showing class and politeness is more imprinted on the mind than an attempt of seduction. Of course, this is highly situational but with my current circumstances it felt appropriate. It's also just because of who I am. Slowly opening my bedroom door I peered inside. Megan must've kicked all the covers off because my eyes nearly leapt from their sockets. She laid there on her back as sunlight peeked through the little space of my curtains. "Good morning!" she said cheerfully. "Good morning! How do you take your coffee?" I asked as a warm sensation went to my groin. "Milk and sugar, please," she replied. Her arms came out from behind her head to fold on top of her stomach. "Alright, I'll return shortly." I said, trying to maintain decent breathing. "Hurry back, " Megan added in the kind of tone men melt over.

Coming back into my room I handed Megan her coffee and turned towards my dresser to remove my towel. I wasn't fully erect but I was definitely bulging. As was pulling up my boxers I heard Megan's coffee cup place down. "You've got a great ass! I knew from grabbing it at bonfires but seeing it bare makes me some type of way," she said, in the same tone as before. " Now I started to go from bulging to a full blown hard on. "Thanks, I appreciate it," was the only thing I could think to say. We both laughed a little and continued drinking our coffee. There was the usual small talk; how'd you sleep, did you have any dreams, and so on. When we finished our cups we got dressed and headed out. The morning wasn't very chilly, but Megan's nipples were standing out from underneath her black t-shirt. Right before we reached her car I fell back a bit just to watch her ass move in her leggings. Hopping in the passenger seat with half a boner doesn't happen every day. "Ready to browse my iPod?" she asked. "Certainly." Megan handed me her iPod and we were off.

The drive to Vermont was seven and a half hours. Megan and I talked about virtually everything. Movies, poems, music, medieval times, high school, you name it. There was a point when we were relatively silent and just listened to music for 2 hours. I'd watch her adjust herself, flip her hair, and we'd exchange flirtatious glances once in awhile. One moment though, from all that and admiring the scenery as we passed through different states, separated itself. We were about halfway through the journey on the main highway when it happened. Given all the signs I probably didn't need to ask but I figured it would lead to more flirtatious banter. "If you don't mind me asking, is it alright if I try to do more with you than we did last night at some point during this trip?" I asked plainly. Megan turned the music down a notch and adjusted her posture. "Oh, that's the main reason I invited you. I wouldn't have asked if you if I wanted to sleep alone," she said, shooting me a quick look afterwards. "Really? You say that as if you've thought about it for some time," I replied coolly. "I have. You've been a priority since I met you at Gianna's." Megan said flicking her hair. She must be as antsy as I was. "I don't know what to say except I'm extremely flattered, and thanks for the invitation on this trip," I said as calmly as possible, considering so much sexual energy was flowing within me. "Anytime." she responded with a smile.

By the time we arrived in Vermont we still had another hour worth of driving before we arrived at the hotel. Snowboarding was out of the question this night, so Megan had another idea. "There's a really good 1950's style diner not far from our hotel. I think we should go there and grub out, then you buy us some beer." Not only was she a fox, she liked beer. "Sounds perfect," I replied. The rest of the way to the hotel was filled with beautiful mountains and old grain silos. We didn't speak as much as we did on the first half of the drive though I suspect it was because other things were clouding our minds. When we arrived at the hotel and checked into the room, I was happy to see a queen size bed within. "More space to throw her around on," I thought. "Let's get situated and then go get burgers," Megan said, interrupting my fantasies. She bent over multiple times while rummaging through her suitcase which caused my mind to stray far away from any kind of food. It really looked like she was doing it on purpose as well, which only turned me on even more. Ten minutes had passed consisting of us organizing and looking around the room before I decided to spice things up a bit. Megan was removing a pair of pink underwear when I came up behind her. Placing my hands on her hips I planted a kiss on the side of her neck. She responded by reaching her left arm back behind my head and giving me a subtle grind with her ass, while I tightened my grip on her. "Mmmm as much as I love what you're doing and how you're doing it, let's eat first," she said in that tone I'll never forget.

The 1950's themed diner she spoke of is one of the best places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. It was around 8 p.m. by the time we had our table. Our conversation was minimal but our seductive glances and flirtatious quick words weren't. We'd play 'footsies' and occasionally wink at one another. "I know it's usually Miller Lite at the bonfires, but what's your preferred beer?" I asked. "Bud Light Lime," Megan answered. "How many would you like?" I asked. "12 is perfect," she responded. We took our trays up to the trash can and left the diner. The liquor store was three minutes up the road. Before exiting the vehicle, I turned to Megan and kissed her. It was a strong, passionate french kiss, and I felt her nails digging into the back of my neck as I held her right cheek. I removed my sea tbelt without parting my lips from hers. Suddenly her right hand went from my neck to my crotch. She teased the zipper with her fingers and then cupped the entire area before pulling away from the make out session. "Go grab beer hun, I'll be waiting." Megan's hand dragged across my crotch but our eyes never broke contact.

Taking rapid steps into the store, I quickly found the beer, paid for it, and made my way back out. My heart rate was pretty high given all the sensual events. "Once you are in the room with her it's on," I thought. Megan had the top visor down messing with her right eye as I walked outside. Women have this incredibly sexy look about them as they spruce up. Maybe it's just me. It's in the darndest of times a woman can suddenly cause a spark. She's just sitting in the car yet my eyes couldn't leave her even as I approached the passenger door. "Hey." she chimed, as if I'd been gone for three months. Replying in the same way flowed naturally from me. The drive back didn't consist of much conversation but Megan did ask an important question. "Soooooo what do you want to do besides drink?" She glanced at me afterwards with half a smile. I don't know why I started to actually attempt to think of any other answer other than ‘throw you around the room all night long’ but I did. That half a smile had my dick swelling up. "Play twister," I responded, emotionlessly. Megan burst out with laughter. Her boobs bounced as she tried to maintain proper driving. My appetite for her was starting to boil over. "That's gotta be one of the best responses to anything I’ve ever asked anyone," she finally said catching her breath.

Arriving back at the hotel, my heart still hadn't really slowed down much since the liquor store and Megan noticed my edginess. "I freak you out with my laughter or somethin?" she asked. "You're always moving in some way shape or form," I replied. I couldn't help but let a huge smile grow across my face as she opened the door to the room. The light came on, illuminating Megan's backside. She didn't catch the smile, luckily, but she didn't relent from the question. "You aren't gonna have a seizure or something right?" I laughed and assured her that wasn't the case. We unloaded the beer into the mini fridge and removed our shoes. I laid down on the bed and cracked one open while Megan sat on the chair by the night stand. Her legs didn't come up as I expected them to, instead, she kept them flat on the floor with her beer in hand. Her chair was dark red which complemented her black tank top nicely. We began going ‘song for song’ on our phones and shot the shit for about an hour and a half. The clock was coming up to 11:30 when Megan stood up. "I'll be right back," she said. I nodded slightly and watched as she bent over to grab something from her bag. She didn't make any subtle gestures or anything so at this point I didn't know if she just had to use the restroom or whatever, but I was getting hard pretty quickly.

Eight empty beer cans sat upon the night stand, all of which were mine. Megan had been placing her bottles on the floor neatly aligned. Finishing the last bit of the beer I had, I rolled on my back and adjusted my pillow so my head was elevated. The bathroom was around the corner to my right but my eyes stayed straight ahead at the TV. It was off, but I was so transfixed in the thought of sex with Megan that I completely zoned out. She was only in the bathroom for two minutes but for me it felt like an hour. How time seemingly drifts when you're daydreaming of fucking. The sound of the door knob hit my ears like lightning. My eyes moved away from the TV to the corner. Megan was a little drunk but that only made her entrance that much more erotic. Her left hand held the wall above her head while her right rested on her hip. My jaw actually dropped as I visually feasted on her. What she had grabbed from her bag was a tight black dress with skinny straps and although she was facing me, I could tell it barely covered her ass. Her eyes locked mine and her cheeks lit up as she smiled. There was no hiding my hard on at this point. I was practically undoing my own pants. Megan let out a kinda half drunken laugh and took her hand off the wall. "Ok, so this is happening," she said with a hint of authority. I didn't get a chance to respond. Megan turned off the light and got on top of me.

We met halfway with a powerful kiss. My hands squeezed and explored her back as hers went from the back of my neck to my chest to push me down. She broke off the kiss to sit straight up. Moonlight in Vermont peeked through the window enough for both of us to see. "Your pants need to come off, seeing as how I don't have underwear on," she said, undoing my belt slowly. I moved both hands up her thighs, my senses shocked at how tightly smooth she was. Once my belt was off, Megan wasted no time not only removing my pants but my boxers as well. My cock was damn near concrete. She didn't climb back on top of me right away though. I watched as she stood up at the end of the bed. "Take your shirt off for me," she commanded. There was enough light to see the ferocity in her eyes. Now being completely naked I sternly asked a question of my own. "What are you gonna do?” Megan bent down towards me and began a sentence that will forever be with me. "What am I gonna do?" she repeated back to me. "I'm going to let you have me." She started crawling towards me. "I want you to treat me like an object." Her hands were now running up my thighs. "I want you to abuse my body as if it means nothing to you." I generally started to rupture from within when she licked my shaft all the way up after saying that. "Your cock is really hard." Megan was kissing my stomach and only looking up when she'd tease my cock with her tongue.

"This is going to feel amazing pounding away inside me but right now I want it in my mouth," she said, as I suddenly felt the warm embrace of her mouth completely around my stiff cock. Her pace was slow and measured. I felt her saliva oozing out of her mouth onto my balls. She stopped sucking only to grab it and look up at me. "Tastes so fucking good too. I must have more time with it before you take me over”, she stated, as she jerked me. "By all means," was all I had in response. She hastily went back down to treat herself. I watched her head bob up and down and grabbed a handful of her hair. "You like that cock huh?" I asked, while gently yanking her head off of it. "Yes I do, yes I do." Megan said, as she let some spit drop from her mouth without breaking eye contact. She lathered my cock in it, and her jerking pace increased significantly. "Stand up," I demanded plainly. Megan let out a playful sexy chuckle and obeyed. "Not at the end, come by the night stand." I arose from the bed and looked at Megan without touching her. Our charged breathing was the only thing that passed between us for a whole ten seconds. Taking one last deep breath I moved towards her. "Don't touch, just back up," I said in a low tone. Megan's seductive smile appeared again. Once her back hit the wall I took both her wrists in my hands and raised them up above her head, leaving one hand to hold them there.

Megan's continued to gasp in awe as my right hand brushed her skin. Starting from her neck, I lightly moved my knuckles down her body. I could feel her tremors increase when I teased her excited nipples. Motioning my lips to her upper chest area I planted soft kisses. Her resistance against my grip from above was going back and forth between trying to escape to just letting me go. "Keep your hands above your head," I whispered. A moan of yearning came out from Megan as I released my grip from her wrists. I reached both hands down to the bottom of her dress and started to make it ride up. Her legs were twitching subtly. The dress was up to her neck when I stopped. "Hold this," I commanded, putting the rolled up black material in her mouth leaving, her tits and everything below vulnerable to me. I returned my left hand to keep her wrists bound above. Megan locked eyes with me as I put my lips close to where she was gagged. A half cocked smile came across my face as I used my right hand to caress her thigh. I gently applied pressure here and there, just above her pussy, which was nice and shaven. Using my pointer and middle finger I gradually made a V shape to part her legs just beneath what I'd been so hungry for.

Megan's legs heeded my sly command and gave way. I massaged the outer area just before her pussy, gripping her lower ass cheeks with my finger tips and curling them back up to raise tension. "Shut your eyes," I ordered. Containing myself was becoming more than a chore and Megan was squirming for me to act. Her eyes closed and without falter I engulfed her entire pussy with my hand, cupping and rhythmically squeezing. She was absolutely drenched and her clit was enlarged. Megan’s build matched her nether regions perfectly. The rims of my palm could feel her defined petite camel toe attempting to close against my grip. Between my fingers were both pussy lips, dripping and hardly even extending out. Megan's legs shook and almost leapt off the ground as I fondled with her faster and faster, her muffled cries desperately seeking outlet. "Open your eyes," I commanded, while halting my hand movement but keeping it on what I wanted. Our eyes met and it looked as if she was damn near tears with how sexually frustrated she had become. "Take your dress off," I ordered in a low tone. Releasing my grip Megan eagerly ripped the dress above her head and flung it on top of the TV. Her hands instinctively went back above her head, allowing me to restrain them. "You're killing me and I love it," she muttered, trying to inhale and exhale. I met her lips with mine and tightened my grip above. Our bodies were practically imploding. When I ended the kiss I kept my forehead against hers. Her juices below were probably pruning my fingers. Megan smiled, showing her teeth, and let out a sharp gasp. My index finger had entered her.

Two fingers would hardly fit in, as I had just discovered. Her walls were puffing outwards like she was going to cum a little already. I wouldn't have been surprised if she already had. Megan's head tilted back as much as it could. I kept a simple back and forth pattern without going too deep at all. A sexy chuckle came from behind Megan's bit bottom lip. The sound of her tongue protruding caught my ears. That ‘licking the chops’ sound but not quite as animalistic… Or maybe it was. My cock wasn't as hard as before but it never went less than halfway. "Mmmmm you're truly going to satisfy my every need aren't you?" Megan quipped. I didn't have a verbal answer so I did what came naturally. My hand split away from her beautiful pussy to my dick, lathering it up with her fragrance and liquid. Megan looked down and watched with anticipation. My cock stiffened to the max with no trouble. "I'm going to let you go now," I said, releasing my cock and my grip on Megan. Before she could really move I placed my still wet hand against her mouth. "Don't put me in though, just stroke it against you. I'll decide when it's time." Megan responded by taking two of my fingers in her mouth and slurping herself up. "I've missed holding this dick, it's been torture," she said, gripping it hard. The room temperature felt like 125 degrees but it was snowing outside. Little dots shadowed against the wall, falling and then disappearing, the pattern flickering across Megan’s body. The tip of my dick now was being bobbed up and down right before the hood of her clit. "Once I'm done with your cock, do what you will to me." she whispered pulling my ear close.

Breathing through my nose wasn't my strong suit at this point. Our mouths were stealing air back and forth. Her nipples kept poking at me in brief stretches of time. I suddenly felt a warm welcoming sensation greet the head of my throbbing rod. Megan had finally guided it to her clit. A cry of sensual joy from us both filled the room. Softening her hold, I now felt most of my girth bathing in her luscious lips. My hips locked into a pushing maneuver and Megan's left hand grabbed my left ass cheek. Shooting pressure from my lower back was killing me but not from pain; it was the desire of needing to be inside of her. Natural motion was taking over my muscles. An endless void of lust consumed my mind. The static notion of where all this was going had passed the threshold. I took Megan's hand off my cock and flung it to her side and raised my mouth to her neck, as a growl erupted from my throat. "Mmmmhmmm… Yes… Yes… Let it out," she pleaded, clawing my lower back. Keeping my hand clasped on her neck I kissed her one more time. Her legs sprang off the ground to wrap around me, my cock in perfect position to thrust in. When the kiss ended Megan let out a sigh followed by that sexy chuckle. Her arms came up behind gripped my neck. My knees bent as I removed my hand from her neck to meet my other on her ass. The juice from her had trickled down to my balls. Gazing upon the shadowed snowflakes, in her eyes I couldn't help but smirk. Here I am having a sexual journey on a spontaneous Vermont trip. This was literally the last thought I had in my mind for the evening.

My cock pressed outside her dewy opening as Megan dug her fingers in my skin. When she went down to my lower back I finally let my tip slide in. A shrill gasp echoed in my ears. The comfort of her opening gradually pulsated as I kept still inside. Megan's head arched back, allowing me to bite her. Starting with the neck I planted my teeth skillfully towards her collarbone feeling the weight of her body trying to push me in deeper. I didn't let her; it was my object, mine to push around when I wanted. Mine to torment, mine to abuse. Her breasts found my lips and I began to tease her tits with my tongue. Fingers brushed through my hair tugging and pulling with sexual anger. Letting my teeth gently scrape her outer nipple I pushed in her. All the way in. A scream of ecstasy released from Megan. Short and high pitched with relief drawn out at the end. I moaned and thrusted her roughly up the wall. The pressure of her legs fastened. "Oh my god… Oh my god… Just stay right there," Megan pleaded hastily. I left my entire dick deep within her, gripping her ass tighter. "Holy shit… Fucccccck!" Megan cried. My biceps started to curl her. She was my play thing, my object. I let her rise and sink in an annoyingly slow pace. I wasn't going to pound her stupid yet. She had to suffer. She had to have one huge climax before having many more.

"Holy fuck you're making me cum… Fuck it's good. Your dick is so good," she moaned. Starting from the head I could feel her insides swell and push. Jelly wet walls pressuring my girth. I began to pull out in sync with her orgasm. "Phewww… Shiiiiit… Oh my god… Ahhh..." Megan attempted to speak properly, while I groaned with pride. She tilted her head back lazily and laughed. "Oh fuck… You're amazing and we've only just started." She shot back up to embrace me. This kiss was violent; damn near savage. Our teeth may have hit but we didn't care. We alternated biting our lips as I clenched both her breasts. Pulling away I turned to plop her on the bed. Her breasts bouncing in the dancing shadows of the snowflakes. Wasting no time, I shot her legs up into the air and dove face first into her. Tasting her latent juice gave me goosebumps. Megan showed no restraint in her volume anymore. If there were people above or next to us, zero fucks were given. Till this day I'm surprised we didn't get interrupted by hotel staff. Never loosening my hold on her legs I gorged myself thoroughly. Attempting to tease would be folly. I shoved my tongue inside of her and wiggled. "Oh… Ohhhh… Ohhh Jesus, fuck!" Megan exclaimed. Peering up I watched her take the blanket into her mouth. A growl vibrated onto her stimulated clit. "Yes, yes just like that," she pleaded, placing both hands on the back of my head to hold it in place. My chin was rewarded with oozing warm liquid within seconds. I backed away from her pussy, let go of her legs and stood up. Megan's legs came crashing down. "Mmmm… Oh... My… Fucking... God..." she gasped and then laughed. "Well, that was a real treat."

Paying no mind to her comment, I grabbed her naked body and flipped her over. That erotic laugh hit my ears again. Through the curtains I watched that toned ass of hers ripple from motion. With her belly down, I yanked her hips back so her feet could find the floor. "Mmmm dear god… Take it," she moaned. Taking my cock in my left hand, I spanked her ass with my right. "Open your legs," I said authoritatively. I spanked her again. "Now." I added. Megan wailed with enchanting sounds of abuse. I slapped my throbbing rod against her skin. Tapping it on her ass. "Mmmmmm… Mmm… Ohhh… Shiiit!" she cried before taking the blanket in her mouth again. Leaning down I snatched it back up. "No biting, you're going to take it," I commanded. My dick quickly found her hole and started going. "Yesss… Yes, fuck that's good pussy," I growled. The edge of the bed soaked up rapidly, as I held Megan's head up, spanking her ass without a care of whether it hurt. The clapping of flesh and Megan's all out tortured girl screams made my body burn with enjoyment. In the midst of all this however I briefly wondered what it would look like to someone right outside our window. A woman's mouth agape, a barely visible figure behind her shoving her body around. Would we make eye contact? Would we even notice if somebody was just outside? What if somebody could see this woman's hair bunched up and her neck upright? What if somebody could see the life being fucked out of her?

Megan began heaving out lower and lower sounds. She was starting to growl. I kept chiseling away deep within her relentlessly. "Oooohh… Mmmm… Aahhh..." Megan was going to cum again. I had not a clue if it was the only time she had or not for I was engaged. "Oh my god! Jesus... Fuuuuck!" she shrilled. I let go of her hair to take hold of her hips. Megan instantly bit into the blanket and proceeded to squeal and shriek. My physicality knew no feeling. Whether or not my heart was beating out of my chest or if my veins would explode I wasn't aware. All I could feel was her pussy burping my cock out over and over again. It was the only organ that could feel besides my balls on the wet spot of the bed. In an alarming movement Megan pressed her ass back deep. That's when I snapped out of my machine like state. I could feel sweat and my heart. I could feel twitching and aching in my muscles. I let Megan grind with my cock still way inside. A splurge of hot gooey cum ran down my nuts and dripped to the floor. She had gotten off in a big way. Knowing how sensitive she would be, I gradually pulled out. Megan quickly curled up like a defenseless beaten creature. I fell to the bed beside her noticing how hard I still was. The snowflakes were still falling. They faded in and out across her back. Her hair was a horrendously sexy mess. It's the damndest things that make you go even further after you've went so hard already.

"Whew… Phew… Jesus Christ," Megan panted. "I'm not done yet," I responded, as I took her by the hips and pulled her close. "You are so much fun," she said with excitement. Her head leaned back to kiss me and I placed my hand over her throat. Sideways now I whispered in her ear, "Put me back inside you." Megan smiled and bit her tongue. Stroking me for a bit first she placed me just outside the opening. This time around I wasn't going for speed but for the long drawn out bliss. I reached for a pillow so her head could rest comfortably enough to look at me throughout. "God you feel amazing," Megan whispered to me. We laid there just fucking at the slowest rate we could for what felt like light years. I knew though that this wasn't how it was going to end. I wasn't going to blow my load during this session. I've known how I've wanted to bust from the very beginning. "Mmmmm I'm going to cum all over you again baby." Hearing her call me "baby" in that soft lustful whisper stirred my soul. She must've been cumming more than I'd known because when she climaxed this time she was trembling like all hell. Even more than when I was giving it to her like a madman. It was in this moment when I happened to glance at the clock. "3:30" A.M. it read. "Jesus Christ!" I thought. "How long did we have foreplay? How long did we fuck? Did I eat her out for that long?" These questions flushed through my mind, but they moved on in a flash. There was a bare naked woman scrounging for oxygen next to me. My object, my sexual tool to use how I wished.

Rolling Megan over for missionary, her hands met my cheeks. She was going to say something but she started laughing before she could. I watched as she still tried to speak but kept biting her finger and chuckling. The shadowed snowflakes now made their appearance on her face down to her belly button. "Are you gonna cum all over me now?" She asked with that smile letting her nail rest just beneath her bottom lip. Without any warning I shoved my hungry cock back inside her. Her head went back causing the snowflakes to make a new home on her neck. I watched them as I felt Megan's legs lock around my body. "Fuck me! Give me your dick baby. I want you to cum. I want to feel your heat spread across me," Megan managed to output as I punished her insides. I started to choke her with my right hand. "Yes choke me. Harder," she begged. My grip strengthened and Megan's tits flew about. The dampness below started to catch up to me. My climax was drawing near. I let go of Megan's neck and clutched the back of her neck up towards me. "Watch it," I demanded. "Watch it fuck you." I held some of her hair and kept a grip on her neck as she peered downwards. "Yes… Mmmmmm… Ooohhh fuucck… Fuck me hard. So fucking good baby!" Megan exclaimed. That was all I needed. My cock filled with hot spunk and I yanked it out loosening my grip from Megan's neck. She arched back a bit and I shot out all over her. She smiled and let out an "mmmmm" before licking her lips. My cum had hit the right side of her face but the bulk was all over her tits. Snowflakes and moonlight made my cum glisten all over her. I had to stand up to get a full view. Megan laid there and basked in my load. I admired the view.

I was going to grab something for her to clean up with but she grabbed my cock and sucked me clean before I could. "Perhaps tomorrow I'll have to blow you till you cum. You taste wonderful," she said. "I'll hold you to that," I replied. We cleaned up and stayed naked for the rest of the evening or should I say morning. It was 5 A.M. now. "We have two more nights here. We can fuck in the shower, on the floor, we can do it all," Megan said, giggling at the end. "Let's sleep now though. I have to teach you how to snowboard tomorrow and you're going to bust your ass, guaranteed." I laughed and agreed that I undoubtedly would. "I'll massage you afterwards, don't worry," she added and gave me one of the best goodnight kisses I've ever received. I laid there on my back looking at the ceiling for a bit before switching to the empty beers on the nightstand and the red chair Megan started the night sitting in. I watched the snowflakes disappear on them and thought; "How lucky am I to have been invited on this trip," before falling into a well deserved sleep.

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