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Sadie wanted to try her hand at a little fiction. This is written entirely by her. I simply proofread it. Let her know what you think. It’s her first attempt after we co-authored the Sadie series.
I was nervous. I stood looking in the mirror, fussing with my hair. I had changed my clothes three times. I smeared off the eye shadow I had just put on. Too much. I re-applied much less. Just a thin line. I cleaned off the deep red lip gloss and replaced it with a natural clear gloss. I took my hair out of the school-girl side pony-tails. Too cliché. I wrapped it up on top of my head in a bun. Too formal. I took off the schoolgirl costume, burgundy school-colors blouse, black necktie, plaid pleated skirt and black and burgundy argyle knee socks.

I stood naked and put my hands under my breasts lifting them in the mirror. I’ve got nice tits. When I wear a bra, it’s a 32 D. I almost need a double D but they’re firm, real and only sag a little. They’re enhanced by my petite five-foot-one, ninety-five-pound body. The image and my intent made me a little wet.

I found a plain khaki skirt with cargo pockets and a plain white cotton blouse. I put them on and tucked in the blouse. Then I pulled it out and let it hang casually over the skirt. I slipped into a pair of brown open toed sandals. I sighed and brushed my long light brown hair down my back and tied it back into a single low ponytail with a little leather hair tie that matched the sandals. I turned left and right in the mirror. Finally… Perfect.

After a month of dating Brandon, I woke up this morning and decided it was time to fuck him. I didn’t call him, we didn’t have a date this afternoon. In fact, he didn’t even expect me today. I was skipping my two-hour Clinical Psychology class because I knew he liked to use his study hours at home during my class time. Our schedules were not the same, we’d met after the semester started so we did a lot of zigging and zagging between day and some evening classes to find time together.

I took a deep breath to settle my nervousness, took one last look in the mirror, picked up my wallet and keys and headed out the door. My heart was pounding the entire twelve block walk to his apartment. My knees were wobbly but it was more from excitement than fear. I knew I loved Brandon, mostly because he had been such a gentleman since I met him and never pressured me into anything sexual.

It took him three dates to kiss me goodnight. Oh, we’d moved on to some steamy but somewhat short make-out sessions but it impressed me that he never pressed this issue. It felt… respectful. He made me feel safe and respected. That was so hot!

I wasn’t giving up my virginity. Hell, I was far from a virgin. That had been gone since middle school. I thought about my prior sex life as I walked.

Katie Johnson, my best friend in middle-school had a party before our semester ended to celebrate our advancement to high school freshmen. Several of us hung around after the “official” end of the party and wound up in her dark basement sitting in a circle around an old camp lantern.

Katie and I had engaged in the requisite BFF conversations about boys, kissing and sex. Katie had confessed to me that she had been having sex with Chas O’Rielly for about three weeks ever since the end-of-school dance.

Chas was there along with Zach Delgado and another friend of ours, Sandy Franklyn, five all together. The conversation soon became intimate and someone suggested truth or dare. It started innocently with “Truth, I’ve been kissed by a boy before” but soon enough it became “I dare you to kiss Sandy on the lips”, and after a pretty short time it moved on to “I dare you to show us your tits” or “your penis” or “your pussy”. And when I answered “Dare” to Katie’s challenge she replied, “I dare you to let Zach put his penis in your pussy.” Zach nearly passed out on that one and looked at me with a combination of fear touched with excitement.

I’d never had anything inside me except my fingers but the prospect of real sex just excited me too much. I pulled down my jeans along with my underwear and shyly leaned back and spread my knees apart. Everyone stared at Zach. I never saw anyone’s eyes so wide open! He stood up and turned away from the circle as he lowered his pants, then turned around slowly with both hands covering his crotch.

He shuffled around the lantern with his pants around his ankles. He knelt down in front of me and moved towards me on his knees on the hard concrete floor. He was extremely awkward and more than a little scared. But for me, I remember a small trickle of warm fluid running down between my legs onto my ass cheeks and I shivered in anticipation. Zach pushed his hips towards me and finally had to move his hands away to steady himself by holding on to my knees.

He had no experience and my young even, single line slit gave no clue as to where the opening might be. He fumbled around a bit, and finally reached down and grabbed hold of his very hard, but small dick and pressed it to my slit. He slid it up and down a few times, found a soft part and pushed hard.

“Owe! That’s not it!” I cried out, and I reached down and grabbed his tiny dick and guided it downward towards the opening. As soon as the head slipped just a fraction between my lips he jerked, spasmed, his dick sprang out and up and shot three little spurts all over my silky brown hair that was just starting to grow down there.

He was mortified, jumped to his feet, tripped over the pants still around his ankles, rolled onto his back and pulled them up then fled up the stairs and out of the house.

It was strange, nobody laughed at him, nobody laughed at all. We just looked at each other with wide eyes at what had just happened and felt the warm lines of cum cooling on my skin and another stream of liquid ran down my ass as I shivered.

Katie had told me in confidence a few months ago that he and Chas had started having sex and I knew they were still going at it. That meant Chas had experience. I looked him straight in the eyes, my pants still down around my ankles and my knees spread wide for everyone to see and said “Truth or Dare.” Without a moments pause he replied “Dare”.

I looked at Katie and said to Chas, “I dare you to fuck me right now.”

Katie’s eyes opened wide and she looked back and forth between Chas and me, then a sly smile came over her and she simply nodded her head up and down at him and rolled her eyes and tilted her head twice over in my direction.

Chas looked at Katie with an eyebrow raised in question. She nodded her affirmation so he got up and knelt in front of me, undid his belt, button and zipper, pushed his jeans and boxers down to his knees and leaned over me as I shivered in anticipation. His dick was hard as steel and a bit larger than Zach’s. He had fine curly hair growing around it and I shivered again as he moved towards me. He braced his hands on the concrete, on either side of my shoulders, lowered his hips and I felt the head of his dick probing my young slit.

I was ready and wet and Chas slipped into me easily. I gasped. Katie and Sandy moved to the sides to watch. I think Katie was as excited as I was. She put a hand on Chas’s butt as he started moving in and out of me.

I guess he broke my cherry. It hurt a little but mostly felt like pressure and the pain of stretching and the feeling of being filled overly much. But that subsided as I relaxed and my ample lubrication relieved the pressure, and I began to feel the sensation of being filled with what really belonged in there rather than my fingers. He pushed in and pulled out, slowly at first and I could feel more fluid dripping onto the concrete.

It was exquisite. It was everything I imagined and more. When he started to move faster the motion built up the feelings in my body. I was beginning to tremble. I’d had orgasms before, solo, but this was different. This was real, masculine and at the same time feminine. And just as I was about to explode, Katie leaned in and whispered in Chas’s ear “She’s not on the pill.”

He grunted, thrust a half dozen more times and just before I exploded in what surely would surely have been the best orgasm of my life, he pulled out and came all over my stomach and the bottom of my blouse. It shocked me and needless to say, disappointed me, but Chas had experience and he immediately rolled to the side, inserted two fingers into my pussy and finished me off with his thumb on my clit.

It might not have been as big as it could have been, but it was a completion and for my first time, with friends present it has always been a warm, erotic memory for me. I got my Aunt Becca to get me some birth control pills. My parents would have freaked but my mom’s younger sister Becca always listened and didn’t judge. She was… still is the best Aunt ever! Chas and Katie had sex all throughout the summer and a quite a few times I even joined them. Damn that was a hot summer! (You know what kind of “hot” I’m talking about) But in the fall, Katie went to a private high school and Chas and I went to the local public school. But he was Katie’s boyfriend, and I never tried to horn in on that. Katie was my friend.

In high school, I had a few boyfriends. I had sex with a couple, not so much with others and I did well in school. Now I’m at Ohio State, skipping an important class, walking down the street in the icy cold of almost winter in a khaki skirt, cotton blouse and sandals, shivering and covered with goose-bumps, heading to Brandon’s apartment to surprise him. To fuck him for the first time in our relationship. As I thought about all of this I felt warm trickles run down my thigh and instantly turn to the chill of liquid on skin in cold weather. I squeezed my crotch and thighs together and walked faster, as much as an attempt to keep warm as to hasten the unfolding of my plan.

I arrived at the front door of his apartment and raised my hand to knock… but I paused as juices slid further down my thigh. I shivered, then revised my plan.

I turned and went around to the back of the building. There was an outdoor stairway leading up to the back of his kitchen. I retrieved the spare key from its hiding place and gently slid it as quietly as I could into the lock. It turned easily, but the latch made what seemed like an overly loud “Snick!” sound and I froze and listened. No movement inside. I opened the door slowly and winched as it seemed to squeak, also too loudly. I froze again and listened. The sound of the TV came from the other room but no other movement. The door squeaked again as I gently closed it and re-locked it.

Fortunately, the apartment was an old one with a heavy swinging door that closed it off from the rest of the apartment which consisted of a combination living room, dining room, one bedroom and a bath. I peeked through the space between the door and jamb and could see Brandon sitting on the couch wearing blue boxers and a Buckeye tee shirt. The TV was on, but he was surrounded by papers, and notebooks and was fully engrossed in a large textbook, furiously taking notes. He had no idea anyone else was in the apartment.

I stood, straightened my clothes, brushed my pony-tail out with my fingers, pinched my cheeks to add a little color and pushed the door open.

Brandon looked up with a startled jerk and opened his mouth to speak. I put my fingers to my lips and his mouth shut as he stared at me, the question mark clear on his face.

The door swung shut behind me as I stepped out of my sandals, leaving them where I had stood. I took slow steps towards him on the balls of my bare feet, stretching up to make my legs appear longer and mu calf muscles more defined. For him. I began to unbutton my blouse from the bottom up. I had planned it on the way over. When I got to the last button and slid the blouse over my shoulders his eyes widened as he saw I wore no bra.

I dropped the blouse on the floor and took another step forward. My nipples hard as diamonds and juices were now running freely down my legs, leaving little drops and smears on the floor where I had stepped. It was normal for me to get wet with sexual excitement, but this was far beyond anything I had ever experienced. They say anticipation is the greatest part of foreplay and I’d been at it for a couple of hours now. Brandon stood up but remained where he was, in front of the couch, watching me in surprise. I could clearly see the bulge in his boxers getting bigger by the moment.

I unbuttoned the waistband of my skirt and slowly lowered the side zipper. When I let it drop, and he saw that I was wearing no underwear, he stepped around the coffee table.

My heart was pounding, he looked at me. Right in the eyes and I returned the look that said “This is what I want.” His eyes lowered and took in my complete nakedness, nervous but unashamed in the daylight, with the lights on, there was no darkness to cover me, no shadow to take refuge in and I WANTED him to see me this way, vulnerable, ready and completely his.

I took another step forward, pushing up on my toes a little higher. I put one hand around his neck and pulled him down to meet me and stretching up and to kiss him deeply. I took his hand and gently placed it over my naked breast. I shuddered at the touch, then reached down and slid my free hand under the waist band of his boxers. He was rock hard. Good, as he should be! I stroked him sensually and felt a good amount of pre-cum already coating the head and making it easy for me to pleasure him. Exactly the effect I had hoped I would have on him.

He reached down and ran his other hand down my stomach, through my pubic hair and cupped me gently. A finger slipped easily inside. He pulled back from the kiss and looked me in the eyes and raised an eyebrow as he felt the extreme wetness there. I murmured “UmHmmm” and put my thumbs under the waist band of his boxers and gently pulled them out, away from his erection, over his hips and down his legs. When my hands reached his ankles, he stepped out of them and I reached up and took hold of his cock and kissed it gently up and down the shaft and sucked gently on just the head.

At this point, liquid was literally dripping from me onto the hardwood floor and I couldn’t take any more anticipation. I stood, holding his erection and led him into the bedroom. On the way, he peeled off his tee shirt and dropped it on the floor. I lead him to the edge of his bed, sat down, scooted back and spread my legs eagerly exposing every bit of my lust, wet, open and ready only for him.

He climbed up onto the bed and began to kiss me from my knees, up my thighs heading for my clit. I grabbed him by the shoulders and shook my head no while I pulled him up to kiss him on the mouth. I said softly “There’s plenty of time for that later…” as I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him towards me. As wet and ready as I was, he slipped in easily and I almost came right there, on the first thrust.

He was gentle. He held himself still inside me, all the way in to his pubic bone. He kissed me with a new passion we hadn’t had until now, then slowly began to thrust and withdraw rhythmically. I wanted to scream out “Brandon, Fuck me!” but I couldn’t find it in me to break the mood he was so gallantly creating, so I let him lead at his own pace. And THAT actually made it more exciting.

Eventually, like every guy, his release started to mount and he moved faster and faster, thrusting harder and I responded in kind, humping my hips into his, clawing at his back, and squeezing him with my legs. As his pace increased it drove me higher and higher until at last I exploded in that orgasm I had missed out on in Katie Johnsons basement.

Hot slippery liquid poured out of my body pooling on the sheets beneath me. I began to shake violently, my legs jerked in spasms and a warm radiating intense pleasure boiled up from my pussy, and rushed outward down to my curled toes, and upwards until I thought my chest and head might literally explode.

It seemed to last forever and came in waves, over and over until my eyes rolled back in my head and I nearly passed out from lack of oxygen. I finally sank back into the bed, completely spent while Brandon continued to thrust faster and faster. It was too much sensation and I shudder in the pleasure-pain of it but I let him keep going, because this was for him.

I could feel his tension building and when I knew it was imminent I pushed his head away from my face and begged, “Inside me, please!” and he exploded. Pulse after pulse deep inside. I could feel each squirt and nearly came again from the overload of sensation. He thrust hard in jerks and spasms and grunted with each thrust until he was completely empty.

He slowed down then, lay down on top of me for a moment, gently rocking his hips so that his cock stroked the inside of my pussy, wet and sticky and frictionless and hot. After a while when it was too difficult to keep his deflating penis inside me, he rolled off to one side with one leg still over mine, one arm under my neck, cradling my head and one hand softly stroking my breast while he kissed me gently on the forehead, eyes and mouth.

Despite my best-ever-massive-orgasm I was not fully satiated, but surprisingly ready for more. I reached down and held his flaccid penis, gently squeezing the head now and then, returning his soft kisses and sensually licking his lips with my tongue. When I felt him twitch in my hand I began to stroke him, the ample wetness of us both making an easy job of it until he was back to full hardness and ready to go another round. For the rest of the afternoon, that night and until morning we tried every form of sex we could imagine together. I sucked, he licked. I stroked, he fingered. He mounted me from behind, I rode him on top. We cuddled, we napped, we had snacks naked in the kitchen and fucked on the kitchen table. We awoke at dawn before morning classes and fucked again.

In the shower, we washed each other all over, he gently rubbed soap between my legs and ass and over my breasts. I pressed soapy hands up in his crack as I stroked forward across his balls and back over his ass hole and pressed a finger in just to the first knuckle. The immediate reaction was another rock-hard cock and I simply had to bend over and offer him a place to put it. I leaned against the wall so he could pound me from behind until at last he filled me one last time and with that, we were finally too worn out to continue for the day.

We dried each other and got dressed, he in clean clothes, me in those I had worn for my walk to his apartment and we both went off to our classes. He was the only one who knew I had no underwear on that day, although I’m pretty sure everyone could clearly see my unsupported nipples poking at the thin white cotton of my blouse. I had to get a Kotex from the dispenser in the women’s room and just tuck it up into my crotch as discreetly as I could to keep the combined juices of my orgasms and his cum from running down my legs and wetting the back of my skirt. I’m sure I was walking funny, trying to keep that thing up there without panties.

That evening I moved all my things into his apartment and we lived and fucked there together, sharing the rent until we graduated two years later.

With every decision, there are positives and negatives. The positive was that we had an amazing social and sexual life until graduation. The down side was that neither of us graduated near the top of our class… but we graduated and neither of us ever regretted it for a single moment.


2017-07-12 13:27:37
Really enjoyed your story and your clear writing style. Excellent balance between detail and action make your characters live. It is really hard to find stories like this written from a girl's perspective, and I find the stories written by girls a huge turn on, but the stories written by guys pretending to be women rarely cut it. Please keep writing. The more you write, the better you get with both story lines and the mechanics of clear writing. Thanks for your work.


2017-06-26 05:15:14
Fine story, Sadie. Thanks for the hand job my wife just gave me while reading this aloud.
She didn't even realize I was close to cumming... and that was in the first part of the story.

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