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On Friday, school finished, we drove down to Dr. Vernon's office after school. After checking in we waited in the reception area until the nurse called my name and we followed her back to an exam room. Mom handed her the paper with the entries on it which the nurse scanned over with some interest. She then turned to Mom and told her, "If you could wait out in the waiting room, I'd appreciate it. We shouldn't be too long in here."

Mom just said "Okay" and left the room.

The nurse told me, "Dr. Vernon has been called to the hospital for an emergency. She said that if it's okay with you, I'm to collect the specimen. If not, you can make another appointment. What would you like to do?"

"I guess it's fine if you do it, save me an extra trip over here," I told her.

"One more question. We have a nursing student with us this week. Would it be okay with you if I let her learn by watching? It's entirely up to you. If you'd be embarrassed or would rather not, that would be okay," she asked.

I thought for a moment before answering, "After this past week, I think I'm beyond embarrassing. It's okay with me."

"Okay, that's great," she told me. "Please disrobe completely and put this gown on. I'll be back in a few minutes." I took off my clothes, hanging them over the chair in the exam room then donned the silly robe before getting up on the exam table and lying back to relax. In a few minutes the nurse returned with a younger woman in tow. She introduced me to the student then began to explain what was going on. "Mr. Davis here came in a week ago after his genitals enlarged or swelled a great deal overnight. Doctor performed an exam including testicular, prostate, and a semen specimen for both volume and sperm count. Everything was negative for abnormalities except for his semen volume being on the very high end of the normal range. She advised Mr. Davis to masturbate at least daily, track his semen output for a week, then return here for another collection for lab analysis. Now, if you scan through the record he brought in, you'll notice that even with multiple emissions each day, the volume of each emission remained very high."

"Mr. Davis, I'm not sure what position Dr. Vernon used last week when collecting your output. Were you lying on your back?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Okay, well I'm going to use a different position, one I prefer when there are larger volumes involved. It makes it easier for me to collect the specimen safely. Okay?" she asked.

Wondering what she had in mind, I answered, "Sure. I assume you know what you're doing."

"Okay, yes I do. Now, let's sit up, remove the gown and get it out of the way," she directed. I sat up and when I did, my penis flopped down between my thighs from where it had been lying on my abdomen. At the same time, the nurse pulled my gown off, exposing me fully to the nursing student. I heard a just audible gasp from her when she saw me naked. "Now Mr. Davis, if you could roll over onto your knees. Yes that's right. Now just bend over and rest your weight on your elbows and forearms. Yes, that's it." I was now on my knees and elbows on the exam table, ass up in the air, penis and testicles hanging down toward the table. To the student the nurse continued, "Now Christine, it's time for the exam gloves, K-Y, and a specimen cup before we begin."

I heard them behind me, donning gloves before they returned to my side. With the nurse by my left hip and the student looking over her shoulder, the nurse continued. "As you can see, this position exposes his penis entirely, free of obstruction and makes it easy to place the specimen properly in the cup which we can, for the time being, place here on the table for use when we need it. Now take note of how far his testicles hang down. You want to make sure you don't bump into them with your hand or you'll make it difficult for him to maintain an erection, making the whole procedure take longer."

"Mr. Davis, you're comfortable?" she asked me.

I had my head resting on the exam table and I mumbled, "Yeah, I'm fine."

To the student, "Okay, if you could apply a fair amount of K-Y to my left palm, please. Yes, that's good. We'll begin with a slow stroking of his penis with my left hand." I felt the cool K-Y as she grasped my penis near the glans and began to pull gently down on it, releasing her grip as she moved her hand back up each time. Continuing her stroke on my penis, she continued to the student, "Until he's more fully erect, we'll use a downward stroke only. Now, apply some K-Y to his anus and I'll show you a technique that generally will speed things up a bit." I felt the cool K-Y on my butt followed by her finger penetrating my rectum. "Is that uncomfortable, Mr. Davis?" she asked me as she worked her finger into my anus.

"I feel some pressure, but it's not bad," I told her.

"Good that's normal," she replied to me before continuing with the student. "Usually a bit of a prostate massage will improve the erection and shorten the time to orgasm." She was correct. What she was doing felt like it was arousing and I felt my erection get firmer. When she felt me stiffen more in her hand, she began to stroke with longer strokes up and down while her finger was applying changing pressure in my anus. "I don't know if you can tell, but he seems to have acieved full, or very nearly full erection and I'm stroking both up and down and longer now. It shouldn't take very long now. Would you like to try it before he releases? It's the best way to learn."

I heard the student agree and the nurse told her, "Here, come over here. Load up with the K-Y and you can take over for me." I felt hands change on me and a finger slide out of my anus to be replaced by another. The student's strokes were tentative until the nurse corrected her. "More authority, Christine. You're in charge." The student's strokes became more solid as her finger in my anus was alternately applying pressure and relaxing, driving me quickly to orgasm. "Mr. Davis, please let us know when you're nearing release so we can position the specimen cup." I nodded my head.

Within a couple of minutes, I blurted out, "I'm almost there."

"Here, I'll place the cup here, you remain steady with your stroking, and direct his semen into the cup," the nurse told the student. I rushed over the top, spurting repeatedly before the orgasm subsided. "There, you did a good job, Christine," the nurse congratulated the student. "You did, too, Mr. Davis," she told me, "You can get dressed and I'll be back in with your mother in a few minutes."

I climbed down off the exam table feeling a little wrung out. Pulling on my boxers I arranged myself then pulled on my cargo pants, socks, and T-shirt. As I was tying my shoes the nurse returned with Mom. "As I told your mother, Mr. Davis, unless the doctor gets in touch with you after she reviews the information you brought in, there will be no need to continue the regimen she ordered last week," the nurse told me. With a "have a nice day" she left the room.

On the way home Mom told me, "I'm almost disappointed that we're done collecting the specimen. I was enjoying the time with you. I feel like I'm losing something here."

I asked, "Well, what would you like to do about it. I liked it, too. I liked your touch. I liked being naked with you. Actually, do you think it would be okay if I spent more time around the house naked? It's just more comfortable for me, especially now that I have to stuff all this in my pants."

"I have no problem with it if Vickie doesn't and I assume she won't based on how close you two have apparently become," Mom replied. "I'm not so sure how I feel about that either."

"It's okay, Mom," I told her, "We're not doing anything wrong."

"I'm not so sure, Bobby," was all Mom said. Then she was quiet the rest of the way home.

Back home, I headed to my room and undressed, wanting to test Mom's reaction to me being naked more. Lying on my bed I was thinking about our trip to our grandma's house - Mom's mother. Vickie and I spent a couple of weeks there each summer for as long as I could remember. Mom would be taking us over on Saturday morning. She'd return home on Sunday since she had to work the next week. While I was lying there Vickie walked in. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just thinking about the trip," I told her.

"No, I mean why are you nude?" she pressed.

"Oh, I asked Mom if it was okay if I went naked more around the house. She said it was fine with her as long as it was okay with you. Well, okay with you?" I asked.

"Of course it is. Wonder how she'll react to my doing the same thing. We'll check it out," she told me as she headed out of my room. In a few minutes, she returned naked. "Let's go watch TV," she said. We headed down the hall to the den where we plopped down on the couch and turned on the television. We were still sitting there naked when Mom walked in.

"What, you, too, Vickie?" she asked.

"Sure, why not? I enjoy the freedom. Try it, Mom. You'll like it, too," she replied.

"we'll see," Mom answered without much commitment in her voice as she left the den. Vickie and I looked at each other and laughed.

We sat watching TV until Mom called us for dinner. Heading into the kitchen we found Mom standing in the kitchen wearing just an apron. It was a bib apron and her tits splooged out each side of the bib. Time to sit down to the table, she removed the apron, hung it on the oven handle, and joined us naked at the table. "Is this what you want, me naked with you all the time?" she asked us.

"Sure, why not?" Vickie asked. "Doesn't it feel nice. You have to admit it feels nicer than wearing clothes."

"Yeah, maybe. I just need to get used to it, I guess," Mom replied. "we'll leave about seven o'clock in the morning to drive to Mother's house. I want to get there early so I can return home tomorrow night rather than Sunday."

"Okay, Mom," I told her. "I'll be ready."

"Me, too," Vickie chimed in.

After dinner Vickie and I helped Mom clean up the kitchen, all three of us laughing and joking about our nakedness together. It could become very natural, very quickly. Finished in the kitchen, Vickie and I returned to the den and the television. Sitting next to one another on the couch, I put my arm around Vickie's shoulders. In return, she put her hand on my thigh. I felt my penis stir, lying on the couch between my thighs.

Soon Mom came in, still naked, and joined us. She sat down on my other side and patted my thigh. "There, how's that? I'm getting used to it already," she told us. With them so close on either side of me, my penis began to stir, first straightening itself then rising slightly off the seat cushion. Mom noticed it and commented, "It's waking up?" as she moved her hand from my thigh and lightly wrapped her fingers around my hardening penis. "Does it need some release, Bobby?" She began to stroke gently, elicited more rise from it. "I think it does, don't you, Vickie?" Vickie just giggled and agreed, suggesting that I stand up. Mom agreed with that suggestion and urged me to stand up in front of them.

Out voted on the matter, I stood up, facing them. Mom told Vickie, "Go get a paper cup from the kitchen." Vickie got up and left returning in a few moments with a Dixie cup. Mom began to stroke my penis in earnest, using both hands as Vickie began to cup my testicles in her hand and lightly massage them with her fingertips.

Vickie told Mom, "I just love the way his balls hang and roll around in my hand.

"Yeah, I like that, too. But I just can't keep my hands off this penis of his. I'm fascinated by it," Mom replied. "I've never seen or touched anything like it before in my life." I was pretty much ignoring their chatter as Mom stroked and Vickie fondled and I was becoming more and more aroused. Soon my legs were flexing involuntarily and I knew I was getting close. Mom stopped stroking with her left hand, continuing with just her right as she picked up the paper cup Vickie had set on the couch. I began to moan under my breath just before I peaked with an more audible groan. Mom raised the cup, aiming my penis into it just as I let go, penis pulsing in her hand, ropes of semen hitting the cup, Mom stroking more slowly the slowing to a stop along with the last few dribbles of cum. "There now, Bobby. Isn't that better?" Mom asked.

"Oh yeah," was about all I could manage to say as I sat back down on the couch. Mom set the paper cup on the end table and leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm going to bed now so I'm ready for the drive tomorrow morning," Mom said. "You two should probably do the same."

"Yeah Mom," we both echoed to her as she headed out of the den. Vickie and I sat there watching television for a few minutes before she quietly went down the hall and returned telling me, "Her vibrator is going. We won't be seeing any more of her tonight." With that she shoved me over on the couch and slid up my length until she was able lay a lip lock on me and probe for my tonsils with her tongue. As my penis engorged, it climbed from between my thighs to up between Vickie's as she lay on top of me.

I broke off the kiss telling her, "Roll off me. Let me on top." She rolled off me and I got up so she could lie down on the couch. I slipped on top of her and continued the deep kissing, my fully erect penis between our abdomens. "I want to kiss you all over," I told her as I began to slide down her body leaving a trail of wet kisses as I went. Finding her breast, I kissed and licked all around the nipple before gently sucking as much as could of into my mouth. Switching breasts, I did the same on the other side before continuing my trip down her body. Tongue tracing a track down from her chest to navel, I probed her naval gently before continuing down to her neatly trimmed bush. I licked and kissed all around it before scooting down and working my shoulders under her thighs, reaching around them to take a tit in each hand as I began to lick around her pussy lips, tracing their shape repeatedly, each time pushing in slightly more until I was probing as deeply as I could the length of her lips from front to back. She was beginning to squirm under my touch and murmur softly.

She said "Oh damn" several times before stiffening up and squeezing my head between her thighs in a tight clinch. As she settled, I popped up and crawled back up to kiss her, our tongues probing each other's mouth. I was between her thighs and Vickie reached down attempting to guide my penis into her pussy. I slipped back down a bit to help that effort then, as I felt it penetrate into the wet hotness of her passion, I gently advanced to slide in slowly without hurting her when I hit bottom. Gently I began to thrust, slowly letting it build. My immediate need to cum tempered by Mom jacking me off into the Dixie cup allowed me to prolong it, stroking slowly, bending down to suck on her breasts, kiss her cheeks, kiss her lips. We made love slowly and gently for a long time before I felt myself getting close to release and began to fuck faster, faster strokes until I felt my penis take over and begin to pulse semen into my sister. Stopping as deep as I could in her I felt her squeezing and releasing on my penis as its pulses faded and I collapsed on her. We kissed long and deep before rolling over onto our side, my penis still all the way in her as it began to soften. Lying there we continued to kiss until we fell asleep.


2006-08-21 23:02:01
nice stories


2006-08-21 02:51:05
Don't pay attention to any of these fuckers. Great series, keep it up.


2006-08-21 01:30:01
wasted potential. u mad?


2006-08-20 21:07:07
why is mom using a vibrater? while being aware of the both of her kids fucking? Is she going 2 tell her mother? Bet she'll get excited and get caught with his cock in her mouth. First daughter now my mother,I hope he wants to fuck me?


2006-08-20 14:03:09
yeah dude
this is pretty shitty stuff

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