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This is the first chapter of a high fantasy story. I use multiple first-person perspectives, sometimes in the same chapter. If a name is IN ALL CAPS, that means the story is being told from their perspective. If you're here for the sex and not the plot, I've indicated where the action starts and ends with a dashed line, this also includes physical deions of the characters. Plot points for each chapter will be summarized at the bottom if you don't want to read the plot portions.
Chapter One

Yavara sat upon a black throne, the hall filled with the screams and moans of her prisoners. Below her laid a spectacle of depravity; churning and writhing masses of flesh oscillating to some unheard cadence. Yavara smiled from the corner of her mouth as she savored the sight. Her hair as black as night, her skin bronze, her face structured with high cheekbones and full lips, and her eyes adorned with blazing orange irises. She wore a thin black corset that ended before her navel, and started just above her areolas, giving the appearance that her large breasts could burst from their constraints at any moment. Her thighs were thick and bare, and her modesty was barely kept by a thin black leather thong that disappeared between her shapely cheeks. Her legs ended into a pair of high boots that clung to her just above the knees.

Yavara sighed and pushed a strand of hair behind her pointed ear before slightly adjusted the crown that adorned her head. She was the Dark Queen, monarch of Alkandra, the realm of beasts. When Yavara was younger her complexion was much different; she had hair so blonde it almost appeared white, her skin was pale, and her eyes a piercing blue. She was a high elf once, part of a noble race that lived just beyond the Great Forest to the west. But that was before she was taken by the orc, before he had his way with her under the canopy of the Great Forest. Only the creatures of the woods heard her shrieks of terror and pain, only they witnessed as the shrieks of pain turned to cries of pleasure. Yavara’s fingers began to explore herself as she remembered the moment fondly…


I was on route to Castle Thorum, the cool fall wind gently blowing my dress against me, the dry leaves crunching beneath my sandals as I walked down the dirt road. I adjusted the bow that was slung across my shoulder and pulled a bottle from my satchel. I made my way to a nearby stream to quench my thirst and soak my aching feet. The stream was still and clear, the afternoon sun reflecting off it in such a way that the water acted as a perfect mirror. I took a moment to admire my reflection in the calm water.


My straight blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail, revealing two pointed ears on the sides of my head. My high cheekbones, full lips, thin, pointed nose and big, blue eyes had gotten the attention of many potential suitors in the past, though what distinguished me from my female peers was my body. My lanky teenage frame used to be a point of embarrassment for me, but my mother always told me I would grow into it. Her encouraging words turned out to be damn near prophetic, for as my late puberty bloomed within me, my lanky body transformed into the striking form of a woman. The sun beaming on my white dress gave it a translucent appearance, and I could see my large breasts and small nipples through the cloth. My bosom was pressed tightly against the fabric of my dress, which narrowed as it ran down my muscular torso before widening at my hips. I narcissistically turned my body to get a look at my best asset…my ass. The fabric of my dress creased at the peak of my backside, giving off the hint of posterior cleavage as the dress flowed down and around my thick, perfectly formed glutes.


You self-absorbed bitch. I thought to myself, smiling. I dipped the bottle in the stream, sending ripples from the point of contact. My distorted reflection stared back at me, my features flowing with the ripples. A ripple moved across the reflection of my eye, and for a brief moment my blue irises appeared orange before changing back to blue with the next ripple. I shook it off as a trick of the sun and stood up, taking a moment to drink from the bottle.

I continued down the path to Castle Thorum as the afternoon sun lowered in the sky. It was unusual for a princess of The Highlands to venture alone, but I had proven myself more than capable at dealing with threats. The council of elders objected to my plans of a solo venture, but my father came to my aid and waved them off. “Yavara is the most skilled bowman the kingdom has ever seen! I have witnessed her take down a platoon of orcs single handedly, which is more than any of your sons can say. She’s young, give her a chance to explore the world alone before the burdens of age confine her.”

Despite his defense of my choices, Father was curious about why I would not take a traveling companion. I told him that I wanted to test myself (and that was true) but the real reason I wouldn’t take a squire was because I did not expect them to remain loyal to me. My father jealously guarded his daughters, and being his second born, my only real value to the monarchy was my virginity. I did not need a squire running off to Father the moment I laid with a handsome stable boy or blacksmith. Father always wanted me wed to a high lord, but I refused all their advances. Lords were soft-handed men with no experience or backbone. I wanted a real man to take me because he wanted me as I am, not as some political prize.

I fantasized about my ideal lover while the sun started to sink behind the mountains. I stopped by a clearing and began to set up my camp as the last light of the day faded. I was staking my tent to the ground when I heard a crack in the woods. A tingling sensation shot up my spine, jolting my reflexes into action. I silently dashed behind the cover of a fallen tree and drew my bow. I raised my head from cover just enough to peer into the darkness as I notched an arrow.

Another crack, this time closer. I shifted my footing and looked for the source of the sound. Nothing, silence. The moon was obstructed by the clouds and visibility was bad at best.
Another crack, this one was only a few yards away. The clouds parted, revealing my target. I smiled to myself.


The arrow met its mark in the darkness, followed by the satisfying shriek of a mortal shot. The orc dropped, the thud echoing throughout the forest. I notched another arrow and approached my kill. The arrow was deep in the orc’s neck, black blood flowing from his nose and mouth. His eyes writhed frantically in their sockets before staring vacantly into the night sky.

A scout.

I silently packed my gear up and slipped into the forest, listening for the rest of the orcs that would soon be searching for their missing comrade. It wasn’t long before I found them; orcs aren’t known for their subterfuge. I climbed a large tree, preparing my ambush. There were ten of them, all heavily muscled, with the tallest one standing over eight feet high, and the smallest one just under seven.

“I fucking hate Gorg, do you think he’s out fucking a pig somewhere?” Said the smallest one.

“I bet he’s raiding the elven brewery, last time he got lost we found him porcupined with arrows and drunk as dwarf.”

“No, he’s probably got his foot stuck in another one of your bear traps, Dok. Fucking moron would forget to breathe if his lungs didn’t do it for him.”

“Silence!” Said the largest of the pack. The orcs stopped just below me. I breathed slowly, notching an arrow from my perch and aiming it at the large one’s skull. I focused on my heart rate, slowing it down. I waited, straddled atop the highest branch.

The large one sniffed the air, his head tilted toward the sky.



I let the arrow loose. It whistled through the air before stopping abruptly between the thumb and finger of the big orc, inches from his eye. I loosed three more arrows, this time striking out at the lesser foes. I was greeted with the sound of three gurgled shrieks. I notched another arrow and let it fly, this time through the skull of the smallest orc, before jumping to the branch of a nearby tree.
The orcs were in complete disarray, thrusting their spears wildly and shooting blindly into the canopy. The big orc launched his spear inches from my head before I jumped to the cover of another branch. I sat in cover for a while as the remaining orcs flailed through the brush. I waited as one of them ventured too far from the rest before putting an arrow through his heart. He fell silently to the forest floor as the other orcs rampaged through trees. Two of the orcs were standing a bit too close to me for comfort. I notched two arrows and loosed the string, sending the orcs to the ground. The big orc’s head whipped around and looked right at me. He launched another spear that would have blown through my head had I not ducked at the last second. I jumped to another branch as two crossbow bolts whistled passed my ear. I rapidly climbed the trunk of the tree to the highest branch and took cover, not moving a single muscle as my heart pounded in my chest. I once again focused on slowing my heartrate, waiting for the perfect moment between beats to fire. A gust of wind caused the tree to sway, and I risked a little movement to center myself. The branch I was perched on began to crack under my weight, and I leapt to another just as it gave out beneath my feet.

“There!” roared the big orc as he gestured to my figure, now plainly silhouetted against the moonlight. He launched another spear at me before I danced to another branch. Two orcs began to climb my tree at an alarming rate, forcing me to divert my aim from the large orc. I put an arrow in each of their eyes before staring down my final target. The big orc stood below me, staring up defiantly with his arms outstretched. I notched my arrow and aimed it at his chest, a little bewildered at the orc’s confidence. The branch beneath me gave way to a loud crack, I desperately grasped at the air for something to catch my fall as I tumbled into darkness.

I awoke to the blurred sight of a camp fire, the sounds of crackling wood and the smell of cooking meat. My hands were bound tightly behind my back, and my legs were bound together at the thighs, shins and ankles. A large foot thumped down inches from my face before the big orc squatted to meet gaze.

“Hello, she-elf. I am Brock, leader of the Terdini Orc Tribe.” Brock spoke with a deep, graveled tenor.

Brock was the biggest orc I’d ever seen, and not just in stature. His muscles bulged from every part of his body, his frame twice the width of an elf male. His hair hung in thick dreads from his scalp, his nose was wide and pierced between the nostrils, and his irises were completely black, blending in with his pupils. Two large canine teeth protruded from his jaw and rested across his upper lip. He wasn’t exactly ugly, but he was incredibly physically intimidating. I stared blankly stared back at the orc, trying my best to mask my terror. I kept my lips sealed and acknowledge him with a nod, afraid of giving away my fear with a shaky voice.

“It is rude to not introduce yourself, even to your enemies, she-elf. I have told you who I am, now you will tell me who you are.”

The massive orc twirled the arrow he snatched from the air between his thumb and forefinger.

“This arrow is made from the wood of a Nadi tree. Only highborn elves get to use such weapons. I threw it in the flames, but it did not burn. I tried to break it, but it would not yield. But if I throw you in the flames, she-elf, you will burn. And if I try to break you, you will snap. Now talk.”

The way Brock stared at me, I knew he wasn’t bluffing, I mustered all the strength within me to speak. Orcs respect strength, and kill weakness.

“I am Yavara, daughter of King Tiadoa, ruler of The Highlands.”

Brock looked at me with a bemused expression.

“Ha! What is a daughter of Tiadoa doing running through the woods by herself? I know bullshit when I smell it, elf. Most of my captives, they tell me they’re related to some lord or merchant, you know, to make it believable. You go straight to the fucking top!”

Brock roared with laughter at my supposed audacity, but I just stared at him calmly, waiting for him to settle down. When Brock’s laughter subsided, I looked him levelly in the eyes and spoke in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Brock, chieftain of the Terdini tribe, you will find my royal seal and letters of correspondence with my father, King Tiadoa, in my satchel. Now I know you can’t read bu-“

“I can read, she elf.” Brock cut me off before he rummaged through my satchel. He pulled out a few letters with his massive hands and held them close to his face. I suppressed a chuckle at the sight of this enormous orc adjusting the distance of the paper from his eyes like a cleric, all while mouthing the words he was reading. There was an intelligence to Brock that I had never seen before in an orc, and a small hope began to grow within me that I could reason with him.

Brock’s eyebrows raised with astonishment as the evidence of my identity became overwhelming. The orc put the letters down and looked me over, his eyes running across my body before staring daggers into my eyes.

“It’s very fortunate that you have these letters, Yavara. I don’t think you would like to know what I had planned for you after you slaughtered my men.” Brock rubbed his chin, pondering his situation. “I assume your father would pay a high price for you, maybe the highest ransom in the kingdom. And I suppose he would prefer you remain intact. Are you a virgin, Yavara?”

I winced in fear at the implication of his question. Brock’s eyes had begun to linger down my body, and I could see the hunger growing in them. I needed to dissuade the orc from taking this any further.

“I am a virgin, and as the second-born daughter of The Highlands, my virginity is my only real asset to my father. Elven marriages demand a virgin bride, and kingdoms are forged and strengthened through marriage. My father is a loving man, but he will pay you nothing if you return me a defiled woman.”

“That doesn’t sound like a loving man.”

“He’s a pragmatist.”

“Sounds like an asshole. And what a sad future he has set up for you. Highborn blood, but not to be a queen. A life of feasts and pageantry, but not one of power. Sounds boring, Yavara. A warrior like you, resigned to sucking off some lord’s cock and pumping out some little elves. I don’t think you want that; highborn ladies don’t usually run through the forest shooting at orcs.”

Brock’s demeanor changed rapidly, his calm eyes grew wide, and a greedy grin crept across his face. Before I could react, Brock’s arm shot out and grabbed my face, his sweaty palm pressed against my nose and mouth. I couldn’t breathe. He lifted me up so that I was now on my knees.

“No, highborn ladies don’t do that at all, but I guess you aren’t like them, are you? You’re a wild one, you want to get bloody with the beasts and stare death in the eye. I like that. Now, I’ve had my share of lowborn elves, but I’ve never tasted royalty before.”

I tried to scream, but Brock’s hand muffled my voice. His other hand reached forward and tore off my dress, the rags slipped down to my waste, exposing my breasts to the cold night. Brock leaned forward and put his mouth to my erect nipple, sucking and biting it roughly. I squirmed and thrashed, but my binds kept me still. Brock’s strength held my head up, forcing me to arch my back and press my breasts to his mouth. I could feel his tongue circling my nipple, his rough lips pulling at my areola. Brock’s other hand squeezed tightly upon my free breast, deforming it with his fingers before he released it to slide his palm down my stomach.

Brock’s massive fingers forced their way between my legs. I gasped as two of his fingers found my outer lips. He toyed with them before taking his thumb and pushing down onto my clit. I strained beneath his stinking hand to scream, but his grip remained air-tight. He took his index and ring fingers and spread my lips open before plunging his thick middle finger deep inside my pussy. Brock loosened his grip on my face as I shrieked in pain, tears streaming down my face.

Brock laughed “Don’t be so dramatic, Yavara. It’s just a finger, your father can at least compromise on that! Here, taste yourself.”

Brock shoved his fingers into my mouth, forcing me to taste the blood of my chastity. His other hand released my breast and pushed itself between my legs. Brock played with my clit while sliding two fingers into my pussy. A hot feeling began to stir in my nethers, and I began to feel a deep sensation building from within me. I felt wetness between my legs, some liquid saturating my loin cloth. My mouth started to work around Brock’s finger, no longer locking my jaw to avoid them. I started to lick his thick finger, my lips formed around it and instinctively sucking.

“Oh my, look at this. A highborn she-elf seduced by a disgusting orc. I wonder what your father would think about his precious noble daughter turning into a vulgar slut with just the motion of my hand.” sneered Brock.

No, Yavara, fight it! You must fight it!

But it feels so good. Why should I resist it? I should just give in to it, let the orc have his way with me.

A voice inside my head began to preach my carnal desires to me. The voice had the tenor of my own, but rang through my head with a seductive undertone. It was not the voice of someone else, it was my own but it was…different.

Who are you?!

I’m you, Yavara. I’m the part of us that’s been sleeping this whole time. I’ve been waiting the seventeen years you’ve been on this planet to have a voice in this head of ours, and now that I have my chance, and I’m never going away. My god do those fingers feel good! The way they move inside me... Maybe he’ll take my virginity? I’ve been saving it for so long…!


I bit down hard on Brock’s finger, I could taste the foulness of his blood as it poured from his knuckle. Brock grunted loudly and pulled his finger out. He struck me so hard I spun in the air before landing face down in the dirt.

“Oh you fucked up now, Yavara. I was going to have my little bit of fun and then ransom you back to your father. Now Yavara, I am going to hurt you.”

Brock tore the binds off my legs and pulled me off the ground, his thick hands pushing on my shoulders. He seated himself on the grass and pulled me on top of him, facing away. I felt a hard, throbbing sensation building up against my thighs. I looked down to see Brock’s one-foot long cock growing between my legs.

Oooooh, it’s so thick and veiny. I need that inside me, my god I’m so wet. The way it throbs between my legs…

No! I cannot lose my virginity to a disgusting orc!

“Please Brock, my father will do anything to get me back, but if you take my virginity, he will pay you nothing!” I whimpered between sobs.

“Your father sounds like he’s more wrapped up in your cunt than my finger was, but don’t worry, I’m not taking your virginity tonight.”

Brock’s fully engorged cock was rigidly standing between my legs, slowly moving back and forth between my drenched pussy lips. I could feel my heart beating fast, but I was no longer sure if it was from fear or excitement, the two sides of me were fighting over control.

“You’re-you’re not?” I asked, hopefully.

“No Yavara, I’m taking something else.”

And with that, Brock violently pulled my legs up, his arms forcing them spread, my heels swaying above my pointed ears. Brock locked my legs under his elbows and pushed his hands on the back of my head, forcing me to look down at what he was about to do to me. The head of his thick cock went from teasing the opening of my pussy, to prodding against my asshole. I could feel his hard tip throbbing against my sphincter.

“Brock stop!” I shrieked as the head slowly pushed against my rim. Brock didn’t listen, he proceeded to push the head harder and harder until it finally broke through. An intense blast of pain ripped through me as my anal virginity was taken. I screamed at the top of my lungs in agony, still forced to watch while his thick cock drove deeper into my asshole.

I could feel every bump and vein of his dick as he it pushed it inside of me. Every inch he forced deeper sent shocks of pain from my colon, compelling me to clench and grip him even tighter. I could feel the pressure in my gut from my insides being forced upward. My ass cheeks finally slammed onto his lap, his balls pushing against my still-frothing pussy. I tried to scream, but the intensity of the feeling only allowed a breathless gasp to escape my lips.

My eyes were wide open and trembling, tears were streaking down my cheeks. Brock lifted me up, my clenched sphincter clinging so tightly to his cock that it stretched from my body as he withdrew. He retreated his member all the up way to the head, letting my insides settle into their former places before he drove back in, even deeper than before. I violently arched my back as another blast of pain that shot through me. I stared down in horror to see a bulge in my abdomen where Brock’s head was protruding within me.

“Ah, I haven’t had a shit hole this tight in my whole life. God, the way you grip me Yavara, this is better than any pussy. I don’t think your father has enough money to make me give this up.”

Brock began to fuck my ass even harder, his thrusts becoming more and more powerful. Deeper and deeper he went, touching places inside me that I’d never felt before, his balls violently slapping my drenched cunt. My breasts were hitting me in the face with every thrust, my nipples so erect they were leaking. I could feel Brock’s penis moving behind my vaginal walls, stimulating my empty womanhood. Something strange was happening. The pain was still there, but the pain wasn’t causing me to suffer anymore; the pain was turning into something else. It was as though my body was adapting to the punishment, lowering my internal resistance and accepting the orc’s intrusion. My sphincter unclenched and began to relax, welcoming the penetration. Juices flowed freely from my pussy, running down my taint and lubricating my defilement. My shrieks of agony subsided, and an involuntary moan of pleasure escaped my lips.

There’s no way I can be enjoying this.

Oh my god this cock in my ass is so fucking good. Fuck me harder Brock, rape me!

Something is happening within me…am I aroused by this? This incredible pain and humiliation?

I’m nothing but an anal whore. Use me Brock, I’m just your little play thing.

My moans turned into screams of pleasure as Brock drove into me. The pain of my penetration was still prevalent, but the abuse accentuated the excitement that was growing within me. Every bit of the agony associated with my sodomy worked congruently with how good it felt, as though my pain and pleasure receptors were entwined. Brock seemed to know what was happening to me, because he started driving into me even faster, pounding me so hard it felt like my tail bone was going to break-but I didn’t care.

“Oh my, what a little anal slut you are Yavara. Do you like this thick cock tearing into your asshole?”

His degrading words somehow turned me on even more, but I didn’t respond. Somewhere in me there was still a shred of elven dignity that defied him.

No, I will not give in.

Brock’s methodical motions ceased. He lifted me up and withdrew his cock from my asshole, my exhausted anus stretching with it before retreating inside of me. Brock released my legs and gently let me down. I nearly collapsed in exhaustion before I supported myself on his thighs, my body trembling with need.

Oh please put it back in!

“Well Yavara, your punishment is over. I’ll send a message to your father in the morning. I have no doubt he will pay a high price to get you back.”

I sat on top of Brock, his hard cock resting between my ass checks, throbbing and wet with my juices. He looked at me inquisitively, his head titled to one side, a knowing smile stretched across his lips.

Just tell him I want it.


Nobody in the kingdom will ever know about this. I can do what I want out here. Isn’t that why I came out here in the first place?

It did feel good…

Unbearably good. The best feeling in the world!

Oh god, I want it so bad!

I just need to shred that last piece of elven pride. No one will ever know.

I need that cock now!

I started to grind my hips up and down the length of his cock. I savored the feeling as the shaft slid between my ass cheeks, pulsating against my soaked pussy and asshole. I looked back at Brock with the sluttiest expression I could muster, my eyes pleading for more.

“Put-put it back in.”

Brock grinned from ear to ear. “Beg me to.”

I grinded my ass as hard as I could onto his thick dick. A shot of pre-cum splattered onto my inner thighs. I moaned with need as I pressed my ass onto him. The feeling of emptiness was becoming unbearable, I needed to be filled, and it was disturbingly easy for me to abandon dignity in the face of this craving.

“Please Brock,” I gasped, looking over my shoulder, “please put your cock in my slutty asshole.”

Brock cut the restraints I had around my wrists. I grabbed his cock with both hands and began to place it to my sphincter, but Brock grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“What! But I-“

“I’m not going in dry again you stupid slut. Make it wet for me.”

I grinned at the orc’s degrading words, “Does the mighty orc chieftain want me to suck his cock?”

Brock ran a hand through my golden hair and smiled back, “Now you’re getting it.”

I turned over and laid between Brock’s legs, gently holding his cock in my hands. I brought the head to my mouth and began to lick down the length of the shaft. I savored the taste while I worked my way down, enjoying every bump and vein of his massive cock. I got to his balls and began licking between them before taking one of his heavy nuts and placing it in my mouth, sucking gently. I lingered there for a while, sucking them and licking the space between them. I withdrew his testicle from my mouth and held both in my hand, gently massaging them as I licked his shaft from the base to the head.

It tastes so good!

I love the taste of my asshole on his cock!

I could feel the juices flowing from my pussy as I brought the head of his cock back to lips. I opened my mouth so wide that my jaw began to ache, and brought as much of him as I could into me. I tongued the underside of his dick while slowly bobbing my head up and down, my lips sealed tightly. I gave Brock a grateful expression while I gazed up into his eyes. Brock met my gaze with a look of disappointment.

“I would have thought that you would have at least given head before. Here, let me teach you.”

Brocks hand pushed the back of my head forward, forcing his thick cock down my throat. He kept pushing until his balls pressed against my chin. I gagged and choked around his cock, my esophagus clinging tightly to his shaft. I panicked for a moment as I thought I was going to puke, but I regained control of my gag reflex at the last second. Brock moaned with pleasure as he forced himself down my throat. My eyes began to water with the pain, but I was turned on by it. As the agony turned to pleasure, I ventured forward, taking him deeper and deeper down my throat. Spit started to leak from lips and ooze down my chin, hanging in strings from my defiled mouth. My juices were flowing so much that my thighs were soaked with them, and I could feel Brock’s dick pulsating and throbbing like it hadn’t before. Without any warning, Brock shoved my head so far forward, my face pushed against his groin. The sweet stink of his loins wafted into my nose while Brock threw his head back and thrust into me.

Thick cum gushed down my throat and filled my belly. A feeling rose inside of me so intense that I collapsed on the ground, shaking in pleasure. I grinded my thighs together and thrashed in ecstasy while Brock showered me with his cum. I enjoyed the degrading nature of Brock marking me as his while I writhed in ecstasy, his hot spunk drenching my body. When the feeling subsided, I looked up at Brock’s grinning face, my expression a portrait of slutty desire. I wasn’t satisfied yet and he knew it.

I crawled on all fours to Brock, my eyes fixated on his bulging erection. He laid down on the grass and beckoned me forward. I climbed up his legs and squatted on top of him, positioning the head of his hard cock to my re-tightened sphincter. I looked into his eyes and smiled deviously while I slowly took him in, biting my lip and savoring every inch as his cock drove deep inside me. When I felt his balls pressing against my tailbone I rose up again, and then came down quicker than before, my asshole now fully trained for his cock. I worked my way up and down the orc’s shaft, my hands resting on Brock’s chest while I stared into his eyes, moans of pleasure escaping my lips as his girth stretched me. Brock enjoyed my solo efforts before grabbing me by the hips and lifting me up. He stood up with his cock half way inside me before spinning me away from him and pushing me down on my knees. The orc thrust harder than ever before, forcing an involuntary scream of pain and pleasure from my mouth as he started fucking me while I was on all fours like a bitch. Brock drew his hand back and ferociously slapped my ass. I let out a scream as my cheek rippled from the strike, sending a sweet stinging sensation deep into me. I purred and arched my back as I enjoyed the residual bit of pain from the blow, my eyes looking lustfully back at the orc.

“Oh, you little masochist.” Brock growled as he wrapped a strong hand around my throat, squeezing so tightly I could barely breathe. I loved it.

Oh god, abuse me more!

Brock fucked my asshole so hard my body was being lurched forward with each thrust. He took his free hand and stuck four fingers into my dripping pussy. My eyes rolled back and my tongue hung loose from my mouth as I felt the orgasm building up inside of me. I could barely breathe, but with each powerful thrust I managed to squeak out a constricted scream.

“What are you Yavara?!” Roared Brock as I felt the orgasm taking over me.

God, I love to be degraded.

I’m a slave to this cock, nothing could be better than this!

“I’m nothing but a filthy anal whore!” I cried through delighted gasps.

“That’s right you fucking slut! You’re my little anal bitch! I should make you sleep with the pigs you disgusting animal!”

“Oh god! I’m just fuck-meat! Turn this little slut inside-out, Brock!”

Brock lifted me off the ground by my neck and crotch, my dripping pussy clenching around his fingers. Vicious contractions rocked my body as a wave of pleasure crashed down upon me. I convulsed violently, tears streaming down my cheeks as Brock’s dick brought me past my limit. I shrieked to the night sky as the orc’s cock throbbed and pulsated until it erupted a gushing spout of cum deep into my ass. It flowed through my insides, a sweet burning sensation radiating from my belly.

The orgasm came as a deep pressure building to great heights and then exploding, sending bolts of hot pleasure arcing through my body. My eyes rolled back as my mind went blank, the ecstasy so intense that my entire being was consumed by it. Spasms jolted through me as the feeling extended from my center to the tips of my fingers and toes. I gasped and screamed with delight until I final collapsed on the ground, Brock’s half-hard cock pulling out of me, turning my battered sphincter inside out. My body trembled as the orgasm subsided, and I took a moment to savor the feeling of Brock’s cum leaking from my ass and running down my legs. I laid on the ground in exhaustion, dopamine warmly soaking my mind as my body rewarded me for fulfilling its desires.

I found the last bit of strength I had to turn on my back, and gaze upon the beast that so thoroughly satisfied me. Brock gazed back into my eyes with a perplexed expression. His demeanor changed from confusion to awe, and he dropped to a knee before me.

I chuckled and placed a hand atop his head. “Brock, there’s hardly a need to stand on ceremony now.”

Brock looked up at me, his eyes glazed over. “My queen.”

I stared back in disbelief. Brock retreated to a nearby tent. I heard the sound of tools and weapons being moved violently as the orc rummaged through his belongings. Brock returned to me with some trinket in his hand. He presented me with a golden mirror, something he most definitely took from the corpse of an unlucky merchant. I looked into the glass and gasped.

Staring back at me were two blazing orange eyes. My pale skin still shown in the moonlight, but a streak of black hair now cut through the blonde from the crown of my head, down my left temple and to the tip.

Brock looked at me, beaming with admiration. “You have returned.”


Yavara is the second born daughter of the elf king Tiadoa, of the Highland Kingdom.

Yavara's status in her kingdom depends on her keeping her virginity for her husband, as elf marriages demand a virgin bride.

Yavara kills a band of orcs, but is captured by their leader: Brock Terdini

Yavara gets raped in the ass, but convinces Brock not to take her virginity, or her father will not pay the ransom if she is impure.

As Yavara is getting raped, a voice in her head begins to convince her she likes it.

Yavara begins to like getting raped in the ass.

Eventually Yavara accepts that she is an anal whore, and the rape just turns to sex.

After Yavara climaxes, her hair starts to turn black and her eyes turn orange. Brock believes this indicates she is a queen.
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